5 Best Dog Pools for a Refreshing and Fun Summer!

If you have a furry friend who enjoys spending time outdoors during the summer season, consider purchasing a dog pool to keep them cool and content while enjoying nature. While a regular pool might suffice for your pup (if you don’t mind them sharing it with you), a dog pool is designed specifically for wading and lounging and is smaller in size.

Don’t be fooled by their resemblance to kiddie pools – dog pools are built with durable PVC material that is capable of withstanding your pet’s sharp nails. Additionally, although the water in these pools may not be deep, it is important to supervise your furry companion whenever they are near water to prevent any mishaps.

We’ve rounded up the best dog pools to make sure your pet can have a blast this summer, even during the hottest days.

Petmaker Pet Dog Pool 

If you’re searching for a reasonably priced dog pool that won’t break the bank, consider the Petmaker Pet Dog Pool, which comes with a convenient carrying case. This foldable pool is constructed of industrial-grade PVC material, reminiscent of the Jasonwell model. However, there are a few contrasting features. The pet pool comes in an appealing bright hue that adds color to your backyard, and it’s also a little less expensive. But, it only comes in two sizes, medium (30.5 inches) and large (47 inches), while Jasonwell offers more options, making it a better choice if you’re planning to host canine pool parties.

The Petmaker Pet Dog Pool is a breeze to use, whether you’re setting it up or putting it away, thanks to the wide-mouth drain on the side, which makes drainage easy. Additionally, the pool comes with a handy carry bag, allowing you to transport it to a pal’s place for impromptu pool fun or even use it on the go to serve as a doggie bathtub.

This super dog pool is equipped with all the qualities you’d expect from a high-quality dog pool, including colorful, sturdy, portable, and budget-friendly features. The lone caveat we discovered is that large dogs weighing over 80 pounds may not find it ideal. 


Constructed with PVC, the pool is less likely to get scratched or punctured by your dog’s nails. It’s not suitable for large dogs and using it for more than one dog at a time may prove challenging.

The pool’s bright color ads a pop of excitement to your backyard. The pool only comes in two sizes.

Easy to put up and take down, and comes with a carrying bag for easy storage and transportation.

This pool is more affordable than several other options on the market.

A wide-mouthed drain on the side facilitates easy water drainage.

Frisco Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool, Hawaiian Print

Who says dog pools can’t be both durable and stylish? Frisco’s dog pool offers a charming Hawaiian pattern and impressive sturdiness that can withstand the most aggressive of canine claws. The pool is made of a PVC and nylon mesh core, ensuring it holds its shape when empty or partially filled – a feature that sets it apart from other foldable pools. Pet parents can introduce their nervous pups to swimming with ease. Plus, the pool’s solid design is versatile and can be used as a dig pit or playpen. If Hawaiian isn’t your thing, Frisco offers fun designs such as flamingos and rubber duckies. The pool’s foldable design makes unpacking and storing it a breeze. Its edges are wrapped to prevent wearing and punctures, and it comes with a patch kit for future repairs. It is only available in X-Large & XX-Large sizes.

Toozey Dog Pool

Emptying pool can be a hassle

  • Toozey’s dog pool offers four colors and five different sizes at an affordable price point. Although smaller in size, it ranges from 32 to 53 inches and has proven to be a great option for dog owners. Made from durable PVC material, high-strength compression fiberboard, and a double-thick, non-slip bottom, this pool is strong enough for pets and children to enjoy. Customers appreciate its compact design, but have noted that folding can be a little difficult. The drain plug position can also make emptying the pool more challenging than other options.

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

The Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool is an innovative foldable pool that prioritizes portability without compromising quality or effectiveness. The soft side panels provide your dog with comfort, while also ensuring stability with its great rigidity. It comes with a plastic drain plug, making it effortless to collapse and empty. Built from premium quality PVC, it has a thick non-slip bottom that ensures your dog’s safety. It folds flat and weighs only 15 pounds, making storage easy. It is available in six different sizes, ranging from small to XXX-Large, allowing you to choose the best one for your pooch. The foldable design is a significant feature of this pool. Despite the great variety of size options and the durable material, a few owners reported tears after using it for an extended period.

Zacro Foldable Dog Pools

The Zacro Foldable Dog Pool bears a resemblance to our fourth pick, but with a smaller diameter of 47 inches. Zacro boasts the use of eco-friendly materials, namely durable PVC and a thicker non-slip base. With a side plug for easy draining and a wipeable surface, cleaning becomes a breeze. Its collapsible feature makes it a handy, portable choice, albeit not for larger breeds. Nonetheless, this design proves to be sturdy, unless your dog is prone to chewing on the edges.


– Eco-friendly material

– Thick non-slip base

– Collapsible


– Prone to damage from destructive dogs

– Not ideal for larger breeds.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Dog Pool

When choosing a dog swimming pool, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Firstly, you should consider the size and shape of the pool, ensuring that it is large enough for your furry friend to enjoy comfortably. It’s also important to have enough space in your outdoor area to accommodate the pool. Secondly, you should choose a pool made from durable materials that can withstand scratches from dog nails and maintain its shape even when a dog climbs on the sides. Inflatable pools are generally not recommended as they can easily pop. Lastly, checking product reviews from other dog owners can help you make an informed decision regarding the best pool for your pet. By checking reviews and examining photos, you can verify the product’s size and quality, and ensure that it meets the needs of your pup.


How can I help an orphaned puppy regulate its temperature?

You can help an orphaned puppy under seven weeks old regulate its body temperature by providing them with a heat source and lots of bedding, along with maintaining an ambient temperature of 75° – 85°F. 

What are the signs of an overheated puppy?

When puppies get too hot, they may sleep away from their littermates and mothers. In this case, you should either turn up the air conditioning (in moderation) or move them to a cooler room. 

Whatever you do, avoid pointing a fan or air conditioner at your puppies. Doing so could cause them to become too cold, giving you a new problem to tackle.

What are the signs of a cold puppy?

A cold puppy will shiver and seek warm places. If they don’t have access to other dogs to exchange body heat, you’ll likely find them burrowing under blankets, pillows, or cuddling up to heaters.

Ideally, you should rely on air temperatures to help your puppies maintain warmth. Otherwise, they could burn themselves on an unnatural heat source in an attempt to get warm.

What’s the best room temperature for puppies?

The best room temperature for puppies is between 75° – 85°F. Puppies require the warmer end of this range up until one week old. 

After that time, they can remain comfortable at the lower end of that spectrum, provided they always have access to their mom for added warmth.

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