5 Best Floor Machines for a Spotless Home or Office

Maintaining hard floors can be a challenging task, but with the right hard floor cleaner, it can become much easier and less time-consuming. Our selection of recommended hard floor cleaners includes models that are specifically designed to effectively clean hard floors and leave them looking streak-free. We have handpicked the top four cleaners, with options for both plug-in and battery-powered models. Our selection includes a range of cleaners, such as polishers, vacuums, and roller systems, to cater to your specific needs. We have rigorously tested each product in our lab to ensure that we only recommend the best performing cleaners. With our recommended hard floor cleaners, you can trust that your floors will look their best with minimal effort.

Karcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner

Looking for a hard floor cleaner that can easily remove tough stains and dried-on mud? Look no further than the Karcher FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner. This plug-in model dispenses cleaning detergent onto two microfiber rollers that spin at high speed, quickly cleaning and buffing out stains. It also has a vacuum action that sucks up dirty water and stores it in a tank at the back of the machine, resulting in a visibly clean and bacteria-free floor.

While the FC 5 is a bit heavy to handle, it’s a great tool for any home with a lot of hard flooring. It works on a variety of floor coverings, including sealed wood floors, and is compatible with most floor cleaners. However, keep in mind that the floorhead doesn’t have a tilt action, and the waste water tank is relatively small. Additionally, no cleaning fluids are supplied with the machine. But with its excellent performance and the convenience of easily removable and washable rollers, the Karcher FC 5 is a top pick for serious hard floor cleaning.

Bissell SpinWave Cordless PET Hard Floor Spin Mop

If you’re in need of a lightweight and efficient hard floor cleaner, the Bissell SpinWave mop is a great choice. With its cordless electric design, it resembles a stick vacuum and comes with a swivel head that makes cleaning easier. This electric mop is equipped with two rotating microfiber mop pads that are perfect for removing dirt and buffing floors to restore their shine. It also features an on-demand sprayer that lets you control the amount of spray you need. The mop comes with two sets of pads that cater to different cleaning needs: soft-touch pads for daily cleaning and scrubbing pads for deep cleaning. With a single charge, the mop provides up to 20 minutes of runtime, enough to clean sealed hard floors, including wood, tile, and linoleum. This electric mop also comes with a trial-size cleaning formula and extra mop pads. Although it may require multiple charges for larger areas, the Bissell SpinWave mop is perfect for frequent deep-cleaning sessions and reaching into hard-to-clean spaces. Overall, it’s a great choice for anyone in need of a versatile and efficient hard floor cleaner.

Eureka Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Filter Review

The Eureka Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight and affordable option, weighing less than 5 pounds and costing around $40 for the aqua blue model (also available in red). While quite powerful and ergonomic, it is best suited for households that do regular light vacuuming, rather than as the main vacuum for a busy household in need of a more robust machine.

It can be converted from a stick to a handheld vacuum, and is suitable for use on carpets, rugs, and hard floors with decent suction for everyday cleaning. The vacuum comes with washable dirt cup and filters, and a removable bagless dirt cup for easy cleaning and emptying. It is also free-standing, making it easy to store.

However, it is not cordless and comes with a 15-foot cord, so it may require switching sockets to clean larger homes. Additionally, while marketed to tackle pet hair, it may not be robust enough for households with multiple or heavy shedding pets.

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

At a price point of just $250, this upright cleaner is a great value and ticks all the right boxes. Its cleaning power is impressive, thanks to automatic shampoo release and mixing, a half-gallon dirty water tank, and a one-gallon clean water tank. Though it is not the lightest cleaner out there, it handles like a standard upright vacuum and comes with a dry-only feature for quicker drying times. Additionally, its pre-measured tank allows for automatic mixing and dispensing of cleaning solution, and its removable nozzle makes for easy access to brushes when cleaning. This machine is well-designed and effective, making it an excellent choice for most households. The editor notes that simple and regular cleaning and maintenance can be done without tools, which is a definite plus. However, those with limited storage space may find the size of the cleaner to be a bit cumbersome.

Vax ONEPWR Glide: Best hard floor cleaner for speedy cleaning

If you’re tired of waiting for your floors to dry after vacuuming and mopping, Vax’s ONEPWR Glide may revolutionize your deep-cleaning routine. This hard floor cleaner can vacuum, mop, and dry at the same time, saving you time and minimizing effort. It’s suitable for all sealed hard flooring, including wood floors, laminate, lino, vinyl, stone, and tiles. The Glide was able to pick up large chunks of food, such as cereal and pasta, as well as smaller bits of dirt and debris, leaving the floor almost dry within just a minute or two. The compact cleaner also comes with LED front lights for hard-to-see areas, and its self-cleaning system flushes the machine with water to keep it mess-free. While it’s not the most powerful cleaner, with a 30-minute runtime and a 0.6-liter tank capacity, it’s perfect for small to medium-sized households.

Key specs: Capacity: 0.6 liters; Runtime: 30 minutes; Charge time: 3 hours; Weight: 4.9 kg (without battery); Dimensions (WDH): 290 x 250 x 1,110 mm.


Maintaining clean floors, whether at home or in a business setting, can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Even with sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, tough and sticky stains can still be a challenge to remove. However, with the use of a floor machine, you can effortlessly scrub and buff hard surfaces such as wood, tile, vinyl, and even loosen dirt from carpets for a thorough clean. Investing in a floor machine can be expensive, which is why it’s crucial to select the appropriate size, power, and features to ensure you have the most effective model available.


What Does A Floor Scrubber Do?

Floor scrubbers use high-powered, rotating scrubbing pads to scrub and buff floors clean. Machines usually also release water and cleaning solutions onto the floor as they work in order to maximize cleaning capacity.

How Often Should Floors Be Scrubbed?

Domestic floors should be scrubbed once every two weeks in order to kill germs and bacteria. Floors in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms could be scrubbed more often, for example weekly, as they are more exposed to moisture that can cause mold, as well as food contaminants.

How Do You Use A Floor Scrubber Machine?

When you think of a floor scrubber, you might think of the ride-on machines you often see in factories. But domestic scrubbers are more the size of vacuum cleaners, and they work in much the same way, with the user standing behind the machine and pushing it to cover the desired area.

How long do floor scrubber batteries last?

Most floor scrubber batteries last between two and five years. This lifespan is dependent on how often the floor scrubber is used and whether it’s regularly maintained. Proper maintenance of the batteries allows the machine to last longer. If the electrolyte level in the lead acid batteries is allowed to go too low at any time, the floor scrubber battery lifespan will decrease quickly.

What is the best hard floor scrubber?

The best hard floor scrubber is one that includes electric spinning pads, an adjustable handle for height, and is cordless so that it can reach places away from an electric source. A large tank capacity is also essential, as well as an auto-spray cleaning liquid dispenser. A decent-sized mop head is also useful along with buffing pads.

The BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner is our top pick for a hard floor scrubber.

How much does it cost to rent a floor scrubber?

Floor scrubber rentals vary depending on whether the rental is for residential or commercial purposes. The daily rate is also different for walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubbers. Most rentals range from $150 to $650 per day.

How do you charge a floor scrubber?

Floor scrubber batteries should be fully charged after each use. Ideally, a floor scrubber should charge at least four hours before being used again. This allows the batteries to cool down before being discharged. When plugging the charger into the floor scrubber, make sure it’s charging properly. 

Check the water level in the battery and each cell every month to ensure it hasn’t dropped down below the required level. Top up with distilled water when necessary.

How do you operate a floor scrubber?

Before operating a floor scrubber, ensure the tank is filled with water and detergent. Check to make sure that the scrubber pads are fastened securely. Switch on the machine according to the user manual and activate the cleaning solution flow. 

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