5 Best Folding Sideline Benches for Sports Teams and Outdoor Events

If you have ever served as a coach for a youth team, you probably know the value of having a portable soccer bench. This bench serves as a particularly helpful tool during matches and tournaments, allowing you to keep all of your players nearby and parents away from the players’ area. You can also remind everyone not to stand too close to the sidelines, ensure that every player gets equal playing time, and encourage the team to cheer each other on. By organizing the player area with a portable soccer bench, you can easily solve most of these issues.

Kwik Goal 6-Seat

With a durable steel frame and sturdy nylon construction that can withstand various weather conditions, the Kwik Goal 6-Seat (priced at around $110) is a reliable choice. It is available in three color options and comes with a convenient carrying tote for hassle-free transportation. Additionally, its 16-inch high backrest ensures comfortable seating, while its easy-to-use design makes it effortless to open and close, allowing it to last for years.

$80 and up QuickPlay PRO Folding Bench

The highly durable bench provides a comfortable seat for your entire family, yet is as easy to transport as a typical folding chair. It is available in 4, 6, or 9 seat options, making it perfect for large gatherings of dedicated sports fans, including grandma and grandpa. This bench is not just ideal for sports events, but can also be used for additional seating at parties or around a fire pit during cool September evenings. With an impressive track record of rave reviews on Amazon, this bench is definitely worth investing in.

BangTong&Li Foldable Flat Utility Weight Bench

For those who are not in need of complex features such as incline, decline, adjustable seat height, and rollers, the BangTong&Li Foldable Flat Bench can be a great option. Despite its simplicity, the bench can hold up to 660-pounds and ensure a comfortable and stable workout with its heavy-duty steel frame and thick pad. Its foldable design is another practical feature that allows it to be easily stored under a bed, with a height of only 6.3″ when folded. At a reasonable cost of around $120, this bench is a sensible choice for fitness enthusiasts with limited space.

Coleman Cooler Quad Chair

You can find camp chairs with a design similar to the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair With Cooler at any big-box or outdoor-equipment store. However, after using the chair for three group camping trips and six months in the backyard, we discovered that the Coleman chair outlasted cheaper alternatives. Not only is it more durable, but it’s also more comfortable and functional than chairs that cost double the price. Testers of all sizes appreciated the spacious seat and plentiful beverage storage. In short, the Coleman chair is like the Ford F-150 of camp chairs – a beloved icon that’s tough, reliable, and affordable.

Living and More 6ft Fold-in-Half Bench

The Living and More 6 Foot Fold-in-Half Bench is a versatile bench that is perfect for entertaining guests. It boasts a robust powder-coated steel frame and a UV-protected high-density polyethylene board, making it waterproof, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant. With a lightweight frame and a clever locking mechanism, it is effortless to set up and store in seconds. It features a timeless white bench top that complements any ambience, making it ideal for both informal and formal events.

Our Favourite Features:

– Robust steel frame

– Lightweight and effortless to store

– Waterproof and scratch-resistant

– Folds down for space-saving storage

– Classic white bench top


Sideline Bench Construction: Durability is crucial when choosing a folding sideline bench intended for outdoor use. The frame and seating material must be inspected closely to ensure they can withstand various weather conditions. The frame material should be sturdy, with a steel frame being the best option that can support up to 1,200 pounds or 4 to 8 adults. The addition of a powder coating will provide greater protection from the elements. It is also recommended to search for benches with vertical support poles and nonslip, foot-like features at the bottom of the pole intersections. As for the seating material, both nylon and polyester are durable options that can maintain their quality regardless of the weather. A double-layered, double-stitched design and use of UV resistant materials are signs of quality. 

Weight: Folding sideline benches should be lightweight for easy transportation, typically weighing 15 to 25 pounds. 

Appearance: Although most folding sideline benches look similar, there are some color choices available. Check with the manufacturer to see if your team’s color is available. If not, most benches come in basic black. 

Comfort: While these chairs may not be the most comfortable option, any bench purchased should be able to provide ample comfort for a two to three hour stretch. The widest available individual seats will significantly enhance comfort, despite adding to the weight and size of the bench. Backrests and armrests are other options that can improve comfort levels. 

Seating and Weight Capacities: The recommended number of users and the maximum weight capacity vary by bench. Folding sideline benches generally hold four to eight people, with six being the most common number. The weight the bench can hold per seat ranges from 200 to 250 pounds per person. 

Setup and Assembly: Folding sideline benches typically come folded and lock into a seating position, requiring no assembly or tools. 

Storage and Transport: The bench should collapse quickly and easily fit comfortably into a car trunk or backseat. A bag for transport and storage is included with most benches. 

Back and Armrests: Some of these benches come with built-in backrests for improved comfort and support. Armrests are less common but may be included on the end seats. 

Cup Holders and Other Options: Some folding sideline benches include built-in storage options such as mesh bags and cup holders. 

Prices: Folding sideline bench prices range from $45 to $120, with a $65 median price range. Less expensive benches have fewer features and generally accommodate four individuals. As the price increases, larger and more durable benches accommodating more individuals with added features such as backrests and built-in storage options become available.


Q. How do I clean the nylon on the seating area?

A. Don’t try to remove the nylon fabric, as this could damage the bench. You can use a hose, a soft-bristled scrub brush, and a little bit of dish soap to clean spots with the fabric attached to the frame.

Q. How do I get shade over the top of the bench?

A. Don’t expect to attach large umbrellas or shade tarps to the back of the bench, as the entire unit could tip. Your best hope is to find a tree and sit under it or to use a freestanding umbrella.

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