Add Style and Greenery to Your Balcony with the Top 5 Hanging Planter Brackets

Whether you have a small apartment balcony or a spacious patio, hanging planters allow you to decorate and add gorgeous greenery without taking up valuable floor space. Hanging planters instantly add charm and personality to an outdoor space. Plus caring for plants in hanging planters is easy with proper watering and fertilizing.

The biggest decision is which hanging planter bracket to choose for displaying your plants. There are so many options available online and in stores, so it can be tricky to select the best bracket for your needs. The bracket must be strong enough to hold the weight of a filled planter, yet match the style of your space. Factors like adjustability, weight capacity, size, and installation method should be considered.

In this blog, we will uncover the top 5 best balcony hanging planter brackets on the market right now. You’ll get information on each bracket’s key features, pros and cons, and the ideal situation for each one. We’ll also provide helpful tips for selecting and installing a hanging planter bracket, caring for plants in hanging planters, and maintaining your bracket through the seasons.

Let’s explore the wonderful world of hanging planter brackets! Here’s everything you need to pick the perfect bracket display and care for thriving hanging plants on your balcony.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Hanging Planter Bracket

When selecting a hanging planter bracket, there are a few key factors to evaluate so you choose the right one for your needs:

Strength and Durability

The bracket must be sturdy enough to securely hold the weight of your hanging planter when completely filled with soil and plants. Look for heavy duty brackets made from wrought iron, steel, thick plastic, or other durable materials. Check the weight capacity and choose a bracket rated for slightly more weight than your planned filled planter.


Look for adjustable hanging planter brackets that allow you to raise or lower the height of a hanging planter easily. Adjustability provides flexibility as plants grow or you want to reposition the planter on your balcony.


Make sure to choose a bracket size that fits the dimensions of the planter you want to hang. Measure your planter width and depth and match it to a bracket specifically designed for that sized planter for a secure fit.

Ease of Installation

Consider how you will install the bracket on your balcony – on the wall, ceiling, banister, etc. Then select a bracket with easy installation hardware and instructions for that type of surface mounting. Brackets that require drilling into concrete, wood studs, or railings will be more secure.


For visual appeal, select a bracket finish and style that matches your outdoor space. For a modern balcony, choose sleek metal brackets in matte black or silver. For a French Quarter balcony, vintage bronze fleur de lis brackets add flair.


Hanging planter brackets range widely in price from $10 – $100+. Evaluate the quality and features and choose the best bracket you can afford that meets your needs. Higher priced brackets typically offer better durability, weight capacity, materials, and design.


Before purchasing a bracket, determine precisely where you want to hang the planter on your balcony – on the wall, ceiling, banister, etc. Measure the location and ensure the bracket style or mounting equipment will work for that particular spot before ordering.

Now that you know what to look for in the ideal hanging planter bracket, let’s reveal the top 5 brackets available right now!

Top 5 Balcony Hanging Planter Brackets

Bracket #1: Twine Large Heavy Duty Hanging Planter Bracket

If you need an extremely sturdy bracket that can handle a large heavy planter, the Twine Large Heavy Duty Hanging Planter Bracket is an excellent choice. This rugged wrought iron bracket has a gorgeous spiral metalwork design with matte black finish that adds an architectural detail to any space.

The Twine bracket is available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large – so you can find the perfect fit for your planter. The large bracket can hold up to 50 pounds and is adjustable from 28 – 44 inches long.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty wrought iron construction
  • Beautiful spiral metalwork design
  • Matte black finish
  • 3 size options for small, medium and large planters
  • Holds up to 50 lbs weight capacity
  • Adjustable height range
  • Easy installation into walls and ceilings


  • Very strong and stable for heavier planters
  • Lovely spiral design adds decorative detail
  • Adjustable height range provides flexibility
  • Durable wrought iron built to last for years


  • More expensive than other brackets but worth it for quality
  • Limited color and finish options

Ideal For:

The Twine bracket is perfect for medium to large planters that weigh 35-50 lbs when filled. It pairs beautifully with matching matte black decor and furniture. The gorgeous design deserves to be showcased!

Bracket #2: Ilyapa Wall Mounted Cast Iron Hanging Bracket

Add a touch of New Orleans architectural charm to your balcony with the Ilyapa Wall Mounted Cast Iron Hanging Bracket. This iron bracket has a gorgeous vintage bronze finish with decorative fleur de lisaccents inspired by the French Quarter.

The durable cast iron construction provides excellent strength and stability for medium to large planters weighing up to 40 lbs. The height is adjustable up to 30 inches to position your planter perfectly. Installation is easy with included hardware for attaching to walls and ceilings.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy cast iron construction
  • Vintage bronze finish with fleur de lis accents
  • Holds up to 40 lbs weight capacity
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Easy installation hardware included


  • Very sturdy cast iron build
  • Stunning antique-looking vintage bronze finish
  • Decorative fleur de lis accents add flair
  • Can handle heavier planters
  • Adjustable hanging heights


  • Only comes in vintage bronze color option
  • Heavy bracket weight makes installation harder

Ideal For:

This bracket matches beautifully with French Quarter or New Orleans inspired balcony decor. For patio and balconies seeking a vintage, antique bronze aesthetic, the Ilyapa bracket adds gorgeous detail.

Bracket #3: Uncommon Hanger Adjustable Planter Hanger

The Uncommon Hanger Adjustable Planter Hanger is an affordable bracket with simple modern design. Made from sturdy steel with a matte black finish, this minimalist bracket has a double twisted metal ring design to suspend your planter.

The Uncommon Hanger adjusts in height up to 30 inches and can hold plant weights up to 25 pounds. It comes with screws and anchors for easy do-it-yourself installation into walls, ceilings, or strong railings.

Key Features:

  • Steel construction with matte black finish
  • Twisted double metal ring design
  • Holds up to 25 lbs
  • Adjustable height up to 30 inches
  • Comes with hardware for installation


  • Very affordable price point
  • Sleek, minimalist contemporary design
  • Easy to install and adjust height
  • Good weight capacity for small to medium planters


  • Lower weight limit than other brackets
  • Best suited for smaller, lighter planters

Ideal For:

The Uncommon Hanger is ideal for small to medium sized planters in the 15-25 lb range. Its modern design fits beautifully in contemporary, modern balcony spaces and is budget-friendly.

Bracket #4: Mkono Macrame Hanging Planter Holder

If you love natural bohemian style, the Mkono Macrame Hanging Planter Holder offers a cute macrame hanger for your planter. This handmade cotton rope holder cradles your planter in an earthy netting of knots and woven strands.

The Mkono comes in different sizes with color options like white, green, brown, blue, and more to match your space. Designed for lightweight plastic and ceramic planters, it hangs from included ceiling hooks.

Key Features:

  • Handmade from cotton macrame rope
  • Variety of colors including white, green, brown, blue
  • Different size options fit small to large planters
  • Cradles lightweight planters in woven netting
  • Hangs from hooks or hanging kit


  • Cute bohemian style with natural flair
  • Made of breathable cotton to let soil air out
  • Inexpensive hanger option
  • Colorful design choices


  • Only for lightweight, small planters
  • Not adjustable, set hanging length
  • Must purchase hooks/hanging kit separately

Ideal For:

The Mkono macrame hanger is perfect for small, lightweight plastic or ceramic planters in boho chic styled spaces. Best used indoors or in covered outdoor spaces protected from weathering.

Bracket #5: Flowerpocket Self Watering Planter Bracket

For effortless watering, the Flowerpocket Self Watering Planter Bracket allows weeks of carefree plant care. This plastic bracket is designed specifically for Flowerpocket brand self-watering planters.

The built-in water reservoir provides water to your plants through a wick system as needed for weeks without watering. The tray catches drips for no mess. Brackets are available for various Flowerpocket planter sizes and hold around 5 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Made specifically for Flowerpocket self-watering planters
  • Built-in water reservoir for self-watering plants
  • Drain tray prevents leaks and drips
  • Custom sizes for each Flowerpocket planter size


  • Keeps plants watered automatically for weeks
  • No spills, leaks or drips to deal with
  • Designed perfectly for Flowerpocket planters
  • Very lightweight bracket


  • Can only be used with Flowerpocket planters
  • Low 5 lb weight capacity
  • Cannot use other planter styles

Ideal For:

If you want completely fuss-free watering, the Flowerpocket brackets are ideal for use exclusively with Flowerpocket self-watering planters. Perfect for small space balconies where you want automated growing.

Now that you’re familiar with the top 5 best hanging planter brackets, let’s go over some tips for installing and caring for your bracket and plants for success!

Hanging a Planter – Installation Guide and Tips

Once you’ve selected the perfect bracket for your space and needs, it’s time to get it installed properly to safely display your plants. Follow this guide for smooth installation:

Choose bracket location carefully

Examine your balcony or patio to determine the optimal spot to install your hanging planter bracket. Consider an area with these qualities:

  • Strong enough ceiling, wall or railing to securely hold the filled planter weight
  • Allows you to easily access the planter for watering, pruning and care
  • Visible location that suits your aesthetic and allows you to enjoy the plants

Measure to make sure you have enough clearance so that the planter will not hit you in the head as you walk under it! also measure your chosen planter dimensions to ensure it fits the bracket.

Install bracket correctly

Once you’ve determined the spot, install the bracket according to the manufacturer’s instructions using the provided hardware and any tools needed. Ensure you attach securely into strong ceiling beams, wall studs, or railing posts. Use the proper hardware like screws and anchors for your surface material – brick, wood, concrete etc.

Having a helper makes this easier and safer. Take your time and make sure the bracket is fully stable and level before hanging your planter.

Adjust height thoughtfully

Hang your planter on the bracket and adjust the height by raising or lowering to your desired placement. Consider adjusting so you can easily reach the soil and plants for care. Also adjust for the visual look you prefer in your space.

Choose a sturdy planter with drainage holes

Select a sturdy planter made of ceramic, metal or thick plastic that won’t bend or crack when filled with soil. Make sure it has adequate drainage holes in the bottom to prevent soggy soil that can drown plant roots. Add a saucer or liner inside if needed to protect from drips.

Use proper potting soil

Fill your planter with a quality potting soil or potting mix, not ground soil. Potting mix is sterilized and perfect for container use as it’s lighter and provides better drainage than regular garden soil. Follow instructions on the bag for how much to use in your size planter.

Plant flowers and greenery

You can plant flowers, herbs, succulents, trailing vines and more in a hanging balcony planter. Choose plants that tolerate some drying between waterings and won’t need constant hydration. Great choices include petunias, million bells, ivy, ferns, thyme, and decorative cabbage.

Water carefully

Water your plants thoroughly until water drains from the bottom drainage holes, then stop. Take care not to overwater. The bracket may drip water runoff onto surfaces below when watering, so measure this when installing. Place a drip tray on surfaces below to protect if needed.

Fertilize when necessary

Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer to plants in your hanging planter once every 2-3 weeks during the active growing season for healthy growth. Dilute it to half or quarter strength before fertilizing.

With proper installation and care, your hanging planter will thrive all season long for ultimate enjoyment of your balcony!

Hanging Planter Care and Maintenance Tips

Caring for plants in hanging planters and maintaining your bracket just takes a few simple tasks. Follow these tips and you’ll have gorgeous plants to admire:

Water carefully based on plant needs

Plants in hanging planters will dry out faster than in-ground plants. Check the soil frequently and water thoroughly any time the top few inches become dry. Water less often in cool weather when plants aren’t actively growing.

Adjust watering for self-watering planters

If you have a self-watering bracket you’ll need to fill the water reservoir less often – possibly every 2-3 weeks. Monitor water levels and refill the reservoir when low.

Water gently for macrame hangers

With macrame hangers, water gently and evenly to prevent the macrame from becoming oversaturated. A spray bottle is helpful for controlled watering.

Watch for leaks and drips

If bracket drips excess water, add a small saucer inside the planter to absorb. Trim back plants that block drainage holes and cause overflow.

Clean salt buildup

Wipe any white mineral deposits that build up on the bracket with vinegar. Rinse out planters periodically to prevent salt accumulation.

Fertilize regularly

Feed plants every 2-3 weeks with a diluted liquid fertilizer during the spring through fall growing season for beautiful blooms and healthy growth.

Inspect for pests

Check leaves and soil for tiny bugs like aphids or spider mites which can infest plants. Use insecticidal soap sprays to treat.

Prune overgrown foliage

Trim back wandering tendrils, pinching off dead blooms, and removing yellow leaves will keep your planter neat.

Remove fallen debris

Wipe or shake off fallen leaves, petals and other debris that collect in the planter bracket to keep it looking fresh.

Rotate planter

Periodically rotate the direction the planter is facing so all sides get even sunlight for symmetrical, balanced plant growth.

Repot plants when rootbound

Plants that outgrow their containers become rootbound. Repot them in a larger planter with fresh potting mix.

Overwinter plants indoors

In colder climates, bring hanging planters indoors before the first frost to save tender plants. Store inside in a sunny spot over winter.

Caring for your hanging planter really only takes minutes a week. The end reward is baskets and brackets overflowing with beautiful flowers, vines, herbs and greenery all season long to enjoy!


Adding a hanging planter bracket lets you decorate your balcony with gorgeous plants and greenery without taking up valuable floor space. Hanging planters add so much charm and personality to any outdoor area. There are many types of brackets available to match your planter size, weight, style and installation needs.

The key is choosing the right durable bracket and arrangement of plants suited for hanging containers. With the proper soil, drainage, watering and fertilizing your plants will thrive in their suspended pot. A maintained bracket will last for seasons to come.

Take time to consider the look you want to achieve on your balcony and select both a bracket style and mix of plants that expresses your personality and decorating spirit. The options are endless!

Change up plantings seasonally or reposition brackets occasionally to keep your space fresh. Creatively styled hanging planters let you enjoy the beauty of nature’s greenery and flowers right from your own balcony railing.

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