Cattle Panels from Tractor Supply Co. – The Lowdown for Ranchers and Homesteaders

When you need quality cattle panels for your farm, ranch, or homestead, Tractor Supply Co. should be your first stop. As the largest farm and ranch retailer in the U.S., Tractor Supply carries a wide selection of cattle panels to meet the fencing needs of cattle owners of all types.

I recently visited my local Tractor Supply store to check out their cattle panel offerings. As both a rancher and a homesteader, I know that finding the right type and size of panel is crucial for keeping animals secure. In this blog post, I’ll share everything you need to know about cattle panels from Tractor Supply Co. – from sizes and prices to materials and customer reviews.

Sizes of Cattle Panels at Tractor Supply

One of the great things about Tractor Supply is the variety of cattle panel sizes they offer. This makes it easy to find the perfect panels for your specific needs. Here are the main size options available:

  • 16 ft cattle panels: These extra-long panels are ideal for spanning large enclosures. They are generally 4 ft to 6 ft tall.
  • 12 ft cattle panels: The most common size, these 12 ft panels provide good versatility for small or mid-size spaces. Heights range from 4 ft to 5 ft.
  • 10 ft cattle panels: Great for smaller pens, paddocks, and exhibition pens. They share the same height range as 12 ft panels.
  • 5 ft and 6 ft cattle panels: Tractor Supply stocks shorter cattle panels in 5 ft and 6 ft lengths. These are convenient for subdividing pens and creating alleys.
  • 8 ft cattle panels: For added flexibility, Tractor Supply also offers 8 ft long cattle panels in some styles. This in-between size fills many needs.

No matter your specific requirements, chances are Tractor Supply has a cattle panel size that will work for you. From small hobby farms to giant cattle ranching operations, they’ve got it covered.

Cattle Panel Prices at Tractor Supply

In terms of pricing, cattle panels at Tractor Supply are very reasonably priced in my experience. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to pay:

  • 12 ft cattle panels: These cost $79.99 to $149.99, depending on the style. This works out to around $6.50 to $12.50 per linear foot.
  • 16 ft cattle panels: Prices run from $109.99 to $199.99, or $6.75 to $12.50 per linear foot.
  • 10 ft cattle panels: Expect to pay $69.99 to $139.99, averaging $7 to $14 per linear foot.
  • Shorter cattle panels: The 5 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft panels typically run $30 to $70 each.

Sale prices and promotions can bring these costs down further. It’s worth timing your purchase with a sale event if possible. Tractor Supply often runs 10% to 20% off sales both online and in-store.

Given the quality and durability of their cattle panels, I’ve found these prices to be very affordable compared to alternatives. The savings really add up when buying large quantities to fence a full pasture or property.

Discount Prices and Sales on Cattle Panels

Tractor Supply does a good job at running regular sales and promotions to help offset the cost of big cattle panel purchases.

Some current deals I found on their website include:

  • Get 10% off your online purchase: Use code TENOFF to save 10% on cattle panels and other items ordered online at
  • Join their Neighbor’s Club: You can sign up for their free loyalty program to receive Neighbor’s Club coupons and additional discounts.
  • Check the weekly ad circular: Tractor Supply prints new sale catalogs each week with different discounted items. These sometimes include markdowns on cattle panels and livestock supplies.
  • Buy in bulk: When purchasing cattle panels by the pallet, you can often negotiate an additional bulk discount off the regular per-panel pricing.
  • Time it with occasional tent sales: Limited time tent sale events will occasionally take place with deep discounts on all products, including livestock equipment.

With the right timing and stacking of promo codes, I’ve been able to get cattle panels for as much as 25% off the everyday prices at Tractor Supply. A little planning goes a long way!

Ordering Cattle Panels Online from Tractor Supply

For convenience, Tractor Supply makes it easy to order cattle panels online and have them shipped directly to your location. This saves the hassle of transporting them yourself from the store.

To order panels online, just visit and search for cattle panels. You’ll then select your desired size and style. Once in your cart, you can enter your delivery zip code to calculate available shipping options and costs.

Standard curbside delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks for most areas. You’ll want to have an extra set of hands ready to unload the panels upon delivery, as each one can weigh 100-200 lbs. Some key notes about online ordering:

  • Shipping costs: Panel shipping rates can be high due to weight/size, so factor this in. Pickup from a store is free.
  • Order tracking: You will receive email updates on the status of your order from the time it ships until delivery completion.
  • Damage inspections: Inspect panels upon arrival and note any damage for potential return/refund.

Purchasing online allows you to lock in sale prices even if panels are out of stock locally. Just remember to account for shipping costs in your budget.

Cattle Panel Specifications at Tractor Supply

When selecting cattle panels, you’ll want to consider the key specifications:

  • Dimensions – Height, length, and spacing between horizontal wires.
  • Materials – Typically either welded steel or poly-coated steel. Durability varies.
  • Gauge – The thickness of steel wire used. Thicker wire is more heavy-duty.
  • Coating – Most panels feature galvanized or other weather-resistant coatings to reduce rust over time.

Here are some of the main specifications on popular Tractor Supply cattle panels:

  • Livestock Panels – 5 ft x 16 ft, 4 in. horizontal wire spacing, 13 gauge galvanized steel wire.
  • Continental 47-in Livestock Panels – 4 ft 7 in x 12 ft, 4 in. spacing, 15 gauge hi-tensile steel wire with galvanized zinc coating.
  • Feedlot Panels – 6 ft x 16 ft, 6 in. spacing, 15 gauge galvanized wire.
  • Continental 52-in Livestock Panel – 5 ft x 12 ft, 6 in. spacing, 15 gauge galvanized wire.
  • Continental Cattle Panels – 5 ft x 20 ft, 12 gauge galvanized steel wire with minimum 5 in. spacing.

Carefully reviewing the specs will ensure you choose panels suited for your particular livestock. The team at your local Tractor Supply can also guide you in picking the right products.

Tractor Supply Cattle Panel Delivery Options

For large orders, having your cattle panels delivered directly from Tractor Supply can be a huge help. This spares you from needing to transport the heavy, bulky panels yourself.

Tractor Supply offers a few delivery methods and services:

  • Standard curbside delivery – Panels arrive via truck and are offloaded at the end of your driveway. This is the most affordable option starting at $20.
  • Lift gate delivery – For an added fee, panels can be unloaded using a lift gate and placed in your designated spot.
  • Commercial / farm delivery – For bulk commercial deliveries, they can make use of tractor trailers and lift gates for easy offloading onto your property.
  • Delivery to store – Alternatively, you can have panels shipped to your nearest Tractor Supply store for free and pick them up there. This avoids residential delivery charges.
  • Pickup – For smaller orders, you can always make arrangements to pickup panels yourself directly from one of their stores at no charge.

With 1000+ store locations nationwide, Tractor Supply makes the logistics of getting cattle panels to your property about as convenient as can be. Put that delivery address to use!

Galvanized Cattle Panels at Tractor Supply

An extremely popular option at Tractor Supply is their lineup of galvanized cattle panels. These feature a protective zinc coating to prevent rusting and corrosion over the lifespan of the panels.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing galvanized panels:

  • Weather resistance – The galvanized coating prevents rust caused by rain, snow, and moisture. This allows panels to last for decades without degradation.
  • Zero maintenance – No need to periodically paint or treat the metal to prevent corrosion like with bare steel. Set it and forget it!
  • Stronger welds – The zinc coating also protects the welds between horizontal and vertical wires from moisture damage.
  • Cost effective – Galvanized panels may cost slightly more upfront but end up being cheaper long term than replacing bare metal panels.
  • Safety – Eliminates concerns of wires breaking over time due to rust weakening the steel.

For longevity and reliability, I highly recommend opting for galvanized cattle panels from Tractor Supply. The extra investment is well worth it when it comes to infrastructure that needs to last.

Installing Cattle Panels from Tractor Supply

Once your shiny new cattle panels from Tractor Supply arrive, it’s time to get them installed. Here are some tips for properly setting up your cattle panels:

  • Dig post holes at least 2 ft deep. Deeper is better for maximum stability. Space holes 8 ft to 10 ft apart.
  • Insert 6 ft to 8 ft metal or wood posts into holes. Fill holes with concrete around posts for durability.
  • Leave posts 4 ft to 5 ft above ground. This allows proper clearance to attach panels.
  • Clamp panels to posts with heavy-duty panel clamps. Allow slight spacing between panel edges.
  • Consider using tension bands or braces. This prevents panels from bowing outward over time.
  • For corners, use specialized attachment plates or clamps. Look for “180 degree” style clamps.
  • Install a cattle gate for entry/exit. Gates and panels must have compatible specs for a flush fit.
  • Wear gloves when handling panels to prevent cuts. The cut ends of wires are sharp!

Follow safety precautions, enlist helpers, and take time to install panels correctly – your cattle will thank you!

Cattle Panel Wire Gauge from Tractor Supply

The thickness and durability of the steel wire used in cattle panels is measured by its wire gauge. This is an important specification to understand.

In general, thicker wire with a lower gauge number is stronger and more heavy duty. Tractor Supply cattle panels commonly use these wire gauges:

  • 11, 12 or 13 gauge – Highest strength and durability for long spans and aggressive livestock. Used in premium panels.
  • 14 or 15 gauge – A good mid-range gauge suitable for most cattle confinement needs at a lower cost.
  • 16 or 17 gauge – More lightweight and better suited for small to medium sized livestock like calves, sheep or goats.

Heavier cattle and high-pressure fence lines are best served by opting for thicker 11 to 13 gauge wire in panels. This provides extra strength and reduces risk of failure.

For most ranchers though, 14 or 15 gauge offers the ideal balance of affordability, strength, and weight for everyday duty. Discuss your needs with Tractor Supply staff to narrow down the right gauge choice.

Small Livestock Cattle Panels at Tractor Supply

In addition to full-size cattle panels, Tractor Supply also offers shorter panels well-suited for smaller livestock like sheep, goats, calves, and llamas.

These smaller panels are designed with closer horizontal wire spacing to contain smaller animals. Here are some of the options:

  • Sheep & Goat Panels – 4 ft x 16 ft with 4 in. wire spacing, 17 gauge steel wire.
  • ** SHEEP & GOAT PANEL** – 5 ft x 16 ft, 3 in. wire spacing, 14 gauge galvanized wire.
  • Deer Fencing Panels – 5 ft x 10 ft, tapered vertical wire spacing from 4 in. at bottom to 8 in. at top. Ideal for deer and calves.
  • Hog Panel – 34 in. x 16 ft., vertical wire spacing tapered from 4 in. to 8 in. Designed for pigs and piglets.

When fencing in smaller species, be sure to choose panels with appropriate dimensions and spacing. This will prevent escapes while keeping your animals safe from injury. Tractor Supply has all the specialty options covered.

Cattle Panel Gates at Tractor Supply

No cattle panel system is complete without a matching livestock gate for access. Tractor Supply stocks compatible cattle gates in a variety of sizes:

  • 12 ft livestock panel gate kit – Frame plus hinge kit for building a 12 ft cattle gate.
  • 16 ft livestock panel gate kit – Frame and hardware to construct a 16 ft cattle gate. Easy to assemble.
  • Pre-made livestock gates – Pre-welded galvanized livestock gates in 10 ft, 12 ft and 16 ft lengths, ready to install. More expensive but very convenient!

They also offer small livestock gates for sheep, goats, and hogs in 4 ft to 6 ft lengths. Having a properly sized gate makes daily chores easier and safer.

Pro Tip: When installing cattle gates, allow a 6 ft to 8 ft opening for the gate itself to prevent crowding or collisions during entry and exit.

Customer Reviews of Tractor Supply Cattle Panels

Based on customer feedback, Tractor Supply receives high marks for their cattle panel offerings. Here’s what real buyers had to say:

  • “Sturdy quality and easy to put up” – Simple DIY installation. Panels feel strong and well-made.
  • “Much cheaper than having a fence company install” – Major cost savings doing it yourself with TSC panels.
  • “Heavy duty and will last years” – Galvanized coating really resists rust and corrosion over time.
  • “Bought the combo cattle panel kit and it worked perfectly” – Package deals with posts, gates, and clips make project easy.
  • “Panels worked great for my goats!” – Appropriate small livestock panels contain goats and sheep securely.
  • “Quality panels at a reasonable price” – Affordable pricing compared to farm supply stores for the same products.

The consensus seems to be that Tractor Supply cattle panels deliver outstanding durability, reliability, and value for your fencing dollar. And with their wide availability, they’re incredibly convenient for nearly any rancher, farmer, or homesteader to acquire and install.

Returns and Warranties on Tractor Supply Cattle Panels

Tractor Supply stands behind the products they sell with flexible return policies in case a problem arises:

  • Standard returns – Unused panels in new condition can be returned within 90 days for a full refund. You will need to provide proof of purchase.
  • Warranty – Many cattle panels carry a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Damaged panel return – If panels arrive damaged, contact Tractor Supply right away to arrange a replacement or refund. They’ll make it right.
  • Installation concerns – If issues come up after installing panels, the store management may be willing to work with you on a reasonable resolution.

As with any large purchase, be sure to inspect panels closely upon arrival and during installation. But you can feel confident that Tractor Supply will fairly address any quality complaints that may emerge down the road.

Cattle Panel Materials at Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply cattle panels come in two main types of steel construction:

  • Welded wire cattle panels – These consist of vertical and horizontal steel wires welded together in a grid pattern. The most popular and affordable style.
  • Hi-tensile cattle panels – Formed using a single continuous piece of tensioned wire woven in a rectangular pattern and crimped. Premium strength but higher cost.

In terms of coatings, galvanized zinc-coated steel is the most common by far for its resistance to corrosion. But you may also find options like:

  • Powder-coated panels – Offer stylish black or green color options in addition to corrosion protection.
  • Polyurethane-coated – Very thick coating layer that seals out moisture completely. More expensive.

No matter the exact construction or coating, you can trust cattle panels from Tractor Supply to be made from only quality, durable materials built to endure the elements.

Portable Cattle Panels at Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply understands that flexibility is key for many farming operations. That’s why they offer portable cattle panels that can be easily moved and reconfigured as needed:

  • Temporary fencing panels – Lightweight steel or plastic panels as temporary barriers or dividers for rotational grazing.
  • Folding livestock panels – Hinged panels that fold down easily for storage or relocation. Made from tubular steel.
  • Panel extension kits – Use extension brackets to combine and extend the length of adjoining panels for custom sizes.
  • Drive-in livestock panels – Feature anchor spikes on feet that allow for driving panels into the ground with T-posts. Convenient for subdividing pastures.

With creative use of brackets and connectors, the possibilities are endless for setting up movable fencing solutions using the standard panels. Being able to adapt and modify pens on a budget is a huge perk of the Tractor Supply selection.

How to Select Cattle Panels

When it comes time to choose your cattle panels, follow this decision process:

Step 1) Determine intended use – perimeter fencing, pens, chutes, etc. Consider the type of cattle being contained.

Step 2) Decide on length based on enclosure size and layout. Measure your space or sketch a plan.

Step 3) Pick panel height based on cattle size. Aim for 4-6 inches above their back height.

Step 4) Consider your budget. Heavier gauge welded panels are most economical overall.

Step 5) Select options like galvanized coating and smaller livestock wirespacing for added durability and security.

Step 6) Compare specs of different panels at Tractor Supply to get the right balance of strength, safety and value.

Step 7) Ask store staff if you need advice to match the panels with your needs and zone/climate.

Doing some upfront planning will ensure you get the right cattle panels for your particular fences and livestock. Tractor Supply makes the process easy.

Exclusive Cattle Panels at Tractor Supply

In addition to major national brands, Tractor Supply also offers some exclusive cattle panel options under their private label brands:

  • Groundwork Livestock Panels – Available in 12 ft and 16 ft lengths, these 4 ft tall panels feature thick 14 gauge galvanized wire and lightfoot button ends for easy installation. An affordable Tractor Supply exclusive.
  • Groundwork Cattle Gates – These universal walk-through and drive-through cattle gates are designed to pair perfectly with Groundwork livestock panels.
  • Traveller Livestock Panels – Another Tractor Supply brand featuring 12 ft, 16 ft and 20 ft options made with heavy duty 13 gauge hi-tensile wire and a tension-curve design. Durable and rust resistant.
  • Traveller Cattle Gates – Matching universal cattle gates sized for convenient access when using Traveller panels.

The quality and reliability of their proprietary panel brands lives up to the Tractor Supply reputation. And the gate and panel pairings ensure full compatibility and alignment. Definitely worth considering for simplified shopping.

Cattle Panel Accessories at Tractor Supply

For streamlined installation, Tractor Supply stocks a full range of cattle panel brackets, connectors and accessories:

  • Panel clips – Heavy duty clips securely fasten panels to T-posts without tools or welding.
  • Hinge joint kits – Allow joining two panels together at angles for corners. Created hinged access points.
  • Panel extension kits – Use extension brackets to combine and extend the length of adjoining panels.
  • Tension bands – Prevent panels from bowing outward under pressure using tension bands or cables.
  • T-posts – Sturdy steel posts in 6 ft and 8 ft lengths for installing cattle panel fencing.
  • T-post drivers – Tools to drive T-posts into the ground without need for pounding. Protects posts from damage.

Purchasing a package bundle with all the installation accessories included helps make setup foolproof. No need to run to the hardware store for supplies halfway through the job.

Agricultural Tax Exemptions on Cattle Panels

The large quantities of cattle panels required for ranching operations has the potential to add up tax-wise. Luckily, certified agricultural producers can often qualify for tax exemptions or reduced rates.

When purchasing materials for farm use, be sure to:

  • Bring documentation – Have your agricultural tax ID certificate, farm registration paperwork, or other proof available.
  • Ask about exemptions – Request the tax exemption form and submit to the store along with your documents.
  • Fill out any required forms – Follow all instructions from the store to claim qualified exemptions at checkout.
  • Apply savings – Provide exempt status early in the purchase process to ensure tax savings on the full order.
  • Submit rebate requests – If tax was charged initially, file for rebate of taxes paid on exempt purchases.

With proper documentation, farmers can avoid thousands in unnecessary taxes on essential supplies like cattle panels. Be sure to take advantage of every savings opportunity.

Wrapping Up

I hope this overview provides valuable insights into the world of cattle panels from Tractor Supply Co. Their extensive selection takes the guesswork out of choosing high-quality, durable panels for all types of cattle and livestock.

With fair everyday pricing, regular discounts, and farm tax exemptions, Tractor Supply makes adding or upgrading cattle fencing surprisingly affordable. And the sheer convenience of finding all your livestock infrastructure needs in one place cannot be overstated.

So next time you’re in the market for top-notch cattle panels or supplies, pay a visit to your local Tractor Supply store. Or place an order online and have products conveniently shipped to your farm or ranch. Either way, you can feel confident finding solutions that perfectly match your needs and budget. Happy shopping!

Hello, everyone! I'm David Henry, a dedicated customer and enthusiastic reviewer of Tractor Supply Company. As a farmer and agriculture enthusiast, I frequently visit Tractor Supply Company to explore and purchase a wide range of agricultural supplies, tools, and equipment. Over the years, I have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in shopping at Tractor Supply Company, and I aim to help others make wiser choices through my sharing. I understand the importance of selecting the right products for farmers, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. That's why I enjoy sharing my insights and recommendations to assist individuals in finding the best-suited products for their needs. Join me as we embark on a journey of discovering quality products and making informed decisions at Tractor Supply Company. Together, let's enhance our farming and outdoor experiences through valuable insights and practical advice.