Cozying Up to the Perfect Fire Pit from Tractor Supply

My Journey to Find the Ideal Backyard Fire Pit for My Family

Sitting around a crackling fire pit in the evening with family and friends is one of my favorite ways to spend time together. There’s just something magical about gathering around flickering flames while roasting marshmallows or sipping hot apple cider. When my husband and I moved into our new home last year with a big backyard, I knew I wanted to create a cozy fire pit area for us to enjoy. That meant it was time to start researching the perfect fire pit to buy from Tractor Supply to match our style and budget.

After browsing their options online and even visiting my local store, I have to say that the selection of fire pits at Tractor Supply impressed me. From portable pits for camping to giant wood-burning models, they really do have something for everyone. Here’s what I discovered while on my quest to find the ideal backyard fire pit from Tractor Supply for my family.

The first thing I learned is that there are two main types of fire pits available at Tractor Supply: wood-burning and gas. The wood-burning models use natural firewood as fuel to create a traditional campfire experience. These fire pits are usually made of durable steel or cast iron. I love the smell and crackle of a real wood fire, but the extra work of having to gather firewood and clean up ashes does add hassle.

That’s why I also considered propane gas fire pits from Tractor Supply. They are fueled by a hidden propane tank and allow you to control the height of flames with an adjustable knob. With just the push of a button, you can quickly light these fire pits. There’s no smoke or ashes to deal with later. Tractor Supply carries both sturdy steel gas fire pits as well as portable tabletop models made from ceramic, copper or cast iron. These smaller portable fire pits are a great option for small patios.

In terms of prices, there are budget-friendly options under $150 as well as luxurious fire pits over $500 at Tractor Supply. The material used in construction plays a big role in determining cost. For instance, you can find inexpensive portable steel fire pits starting at just $59.99. But the more high-end cast iron fire pits using premium materials range from $299.99 up to $599.99.

I eventually decided on the American Fyre Designs wood-burning fire pit for $399.99. I liked the sturdy yet stylish look of this dark charcoal-colored steel pit. It comes with a dome spark screen and fire poker tools. There are ventilation holes around the bottom to allow airflow. This model can hold a substantial amount of wood, perfect for keeping a fire going for hours.

Setting up my new fire pit was quick and easy thanks to the detailed instructions. I chose a flat spot on my patio with about 5 feet clearance all around for safety. One nice extra is that the bottom of the American Fyre fire pit has four removable rubber leg levelers. So even though my yard is uneven, I was able to adjust the legs to stabilize the fire pit. This also raises it just enough off the ground for proper ventilation.

I’m also glad I browsed the fire pit accessories Tractor Supply offers while I was picking up my new fire pit. In the same aisle, they have handy items like firewood racks, protective covers, roasting sticks and even flame colorants to change the fire’s hue. I decided to grab a heavy-duty vinyl fire pit cover for just $29.99. It fits my fire pit perfectly and will shield it from rain and snow when not in use.

On my first night using my new fire pit, the simple push-button ignition system had a roaring fire going within minutes. The flames rose over 2 feet high at their peak! Yet the mesh dome screen contained sparks safely while still letting me enjoy the mesmerizing sight. I was impressed by how well-designed this Tractor Supply fire pit is for both heat output and safety.

Over the past few months, my family has made so many wonderful memories around this fire pit. My kids love roasting marshmallows on the included roasting rods and making s’mores. I’ve hosted friends for bonfires where we chat into the night with merlot by the firelight. On chilly fall evenings, my husband and I snuggle up next to the fire just enjoying each other’s quiet company and watching the sparks fade into the night sky.

Owning this fire pit has definitely made our family’s time together more fulfilling. I’m so glad I opted to purchase from Tractor Supply because their options provided the perfect combination of quality materials, safety features, and cozy ambiance at a reasonable price. Their customer service was also friendly and helpful when I had questions about selecting the right model.

If you’re thinking about adding a fire pit to your backyard too, I highly recommend browsing the selection at your local Tractor Supply store. The knowledgeable staff can advise you on choosing the right style, fuel type, safety accessories, and placement tips. Don’t forget to grab some roasting sticks while you’re there!

I hope this overview gave you a better idea of the impressive range of fire pits Tractor Supply sells for every preference and budget. With proper use and care, your new fire pit can provide your family decades of warm memories together. So visit Tractor Supply today to find your ideal fire pit. Then get ready to relax next to the mesmerizing glow of your own personal fire pit oasis in your backyard.

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