Find the Best Stackable Resin Patio Chairs for Your Outdoor Living Space

Spending time outdoors is one of life’s great joys. Lounging with a cool drink, dining al fresco with friends, or just soaking up the sun—your patio or deck provides the perfect spot for it all. To furnish your outdoor living space in style, today’s most popular option is stackable resin patio chairs.

With their sleek designs and weather-resistant durability, resin chairs are ideal for creating a comfy and stylish spot to enjoy the open air. And when not in use, resin chairs can be quickly stacked away, making storage easy when space is limited.

But not all resin patio chairs are created equal. With so many models on the market, how do you decide? Don’t just choose the cheapest set—investing in quality ensures your chairs will last for years.

This guide shares what to look for when shopping for stackable resin chairs. We’ll also reveal our top five patio chair picks and provide tips to help you select the right set for your needs. Read on to discover how to create your dream outdoor oasis with comfortable, durable and easy-to-store resin seating.

What to Look for in Stackable Resin Patio Chairs

When evaluating resin patio chairs, keep the following factors in mind:


Look for chairs made from double-walled or premium resin rather than cheaper, thinner plastic. Quality resin won’t crack, peel, rot or rust like wood, wicker or metal chairs. It stands up well to sun, rain and temperature swings for lasting performance.


Basic resin chairs may feel too stiff and slippery. Seek out options with contoured seats, angled backs and curved armrests for ergonomic support. Subtle texturing on the chairs can also prevent sliding and improve comfort.


While resin chairs were once limited to basic white, manufacturers now offer countless colors and patterns. Choose chairs in hues and designs that complement your patio décor. Coordinating your seating creates a cohesive, stylish look.


Ensure chairs can be easily stacked for compact storage. Some nest inside the chair below while others simply stack. Measure to ensure your storage space can accommodate the stacked chair height.


In most cases, lighter chairs are easier to move and carry but may sacrifice some stability. Heavier resin chairs made with more material feel more substantial. Consider your needs for mobility versus sturdiness.


Standard resin chairs work for many people but if you need wider or higher seat dimensions, oversized and high-back options are available. Measure for adequate seating, clearance and comfort.


While resin chairs are generally simplest in design, some include handy extras like cupholders, ottomans, wheels or gliders. If these appeal to you, look for chairs offering your preferred features.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you select durable, comfortable resin chairs that meet your needs and suit your outdoor space. Next, we reveal our top five recommended stackable resin patio chair picks.

The Top 5 Stackable Resin Patio Chair Picks

After extensive research on hundreds of stackable resin chairs, we narrowed down the options to these top five recommended models.

1. Best Overall: Moderna Stackable Armchair

The Moderna Stackable Armchair is our #1 overall pick for its perfect balance of value, comfort, durability and appearance.

This chair measures 25” wide by 29” deep by 33.5” high with a seat height of 18” and width of 20.5”. The dimensions accommodate most people comfortably.

Choose from on-trend color options like navy blue, gray stone and olive green for the plastic chair frame. Seat and back cushions come in fade- and stain-resistant Sunbrella fabric in solids, stripes and floral prints to match your style.

With its gently curved back, contoured seat and tilted armrests, the Moderna chair promotes relaxation while maintaining proper posture. The textured surface helps prevent sliding for optimal comfort and stability.

Despite its light 23 lb weight, the double-walled resin construction is quite strong, with a weight capacity of 300 lb per chair. The chairs stack four high for compact storage.

At around $80 per chair, the Moderna provides an outstanding value for a stylish, comfortable resin chair built to last. The 3-year residential warranty provides added peace of mind.


  • Attractive, on-trend styling
  • Textured for comfort and stability
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Great value for the quality


  • Sunbrella cushions must be purchased separately
  • Resin could fade over time from sun exposure

2. Most Stylish: West Hill Square Back Chair

If designer looks are what you seek, the contemporary West Hill Square Back Chair brings chic style to your patio.

This resin chair measures 26.5” wide by 25” deep by 33” high with a seat height of 18”. The chair frame comes in a range of solid color options like gray oak, dusty blue and ruby red.

The square seat back and clean lines create a modern look. But the chair doesn’t sacrifice comfort thanks to the gently curved, textured seat and angled rear legs that tilt the chair slightly.

Each sleek chair weighs 9 lb and can stack up to 8 chairs high for storage. With its 250 lb weight capacity and durable polypropylene resin construction, the West Hill chair is built to last season after season.

Expect to invest around $120 per chair. Some may balk at the price but the West Hill chair’s sophisticated style and quality make it worth the splurge.


  • Modern, minimalist design
  • Wide range of colors
  • Textured seat for comfort
  • Stores easily stacked up high
  • Made from thick, durable resin


  • On the pricey side
  • Seat lacks contoured shaping

3. Most Comfortable: Hampton Bay Curveback Stack Chair

When comfort is your top priority, choose the aptly named Hampton Bay Curveback Stack Chair.

This resin patio chair measures 27.5” wide by 33” deep by 38” high with a seat height of 17” and width of 20.5”. The medium brown frame coordinates with any décor.

The Brighton sets itself apart with its deep, curved back with lumbar support that cradles you in comfort – perfect for relaxing with a good book or conversation.

The contoured, textured seat adds to the comfort, along with wide armrests. And the rear legs angle back to encourage a natural reclining posture.

The chair weighs 12 lb and has a 225 lb weight capacity. Despite its generous size, it still stacks 4 chairs high for storage.

At a bargain price around $55, you’d expect the Hampton Bay chair to look cheap but its quality appearance defies the low cost.


  • Supremely comfortable curved shape
  • Textured seat with contoured cushions
  • Generous proportions for ample support
  • Surprising quality for the price
  • Stacks for storage despite large size


  • Only available in one color
  • Lumbar curve may not suit all body types

4. Best Value: Devoko Stackable Patio Chairs, Set of 4

For furnishing an entire patio affordably, the Devoko Stackable Patio Chair 4-pack delivers outstanding value.

Each chair in this set measures 22” wide by 23” deep by 33” high. The seat height is 17” and the chairs have straight backs and flat seats.

The white resin chair frames feature UV protection to prevent fading and cracking. While simple in design, the chairs still provide decent comfort.

Despite the low $160 price tag for four chairs, the Devoko hasn’t sacrificed durability, made from heavy-duty polypropylene resin. Each lightweight 7 lb chair supports up to 300 lb.

The chairs stack up to 3 high, or you can fold them flat for ultra-compact storage. They’re also easy to wipe clean after use.

For outfitting a large patio or deck affordably without skimping on quality, the Devoko 4-pack fits the bill.


  • Great bargain for 4 quality chairs
  • UV-protected resin prevents fading
  • 300 lb weight capacity per chair
  • Stack or fold flat for storage
  • Easy to clean


  • Basic design lacks contours
  • Only available in white

5. Most Durable: POLYWOOD Chippendale Stackable Chair

If longevity is your priority, choose the POLYWOOD Chippendale Stackable Chair for exceptional durability.

This resin chair measures 29” wide by 28” deep by 35” high with a seat height of 17.25” and width of 20.5”. The classic painted wood look is attractive on any patio.

Each seat and back pattern features contoured slats for comfort and drainage. Textured polyurethane cushion sets are optional.

What makes the Chippendale stand out is its heavy-duty HDPE POLYWOOD lumber. This proprietary wood-alternative resin maintains its color and resists damage from sun, water and weather.

The sturdy construction supports up to 300 pounds while weighing just 19 lb. The chair conveniently stacks 4 high.

Expect to invest around $160 per chair. POLYWOOD offers excellent value for a chair that should outlast standard resin models. Its 20-year limited residential warranty provides peace of mind.


  • Extremely durable POLYWOOD resin
  • Contoured HDPE slats for comfort
  • Painted wood look suits any decor
  • 20-year limited warranty
  • Holds up to 300 pounds


  • Higher price point
  • Optional cushions sold separately

With their range of colors, styles and features, these five outstanding stackable resin chairs fit a variety of needs. Be sure to fully consider your priorities before deciding which model works best on your patio.

Tips for Choosing the Right Stackable Resin Patio Chairs

Besides considering the factors above, keep these tips in mind when selecting resin patio chairs:

  • Measure your outdoor space beforehand so you choose chairs that fit without overcrowding. Leave enough clearance on all sides of chairs when pushed out from tables.
  • Think about how you plan to use the space. For dining and parties, chairs with arms facilitate easy egress. Loungers without arms are great for sunbathing.
  • Pick chairs in hues that complement your patio décor—bright solids for a cheerful vibe or neutrals for flexibility. Coordinate with table colors for a cohesive look.
  • Test chairs in the store for comfort and ease of getting in and out of the seat. Armrests should support you without digging into sides.
  • Compare how much weight stacked chairs take up. Measure to ensure they’ll fit in your storage area, while providing needed stability.
  • Read reviews of specific brands and models to learn real users’ experiences with quality, durability and comfort over time.
  • Shop around—store pricing can vary widely for the exact same chairs. Set a budget and look for sales to maximize value.
  • Review warranty terms, return policies and online customer service ratings in case any issues arise.
  • Follow assembly directions carefully. While resin chairs are easier to put together than wood furniture, safety and stability depend on proper installation.

Investing the time upfront to assess your needs and select the right resin chairs for your space ensures you’ll enjoy durable, comfortable seating for years of parties, meals and memories ahead.

Stacking and Storing Resin Patio Chairs

One of the key advantages of resin chairs is their easy stackability for compact storage when not in use. But safe stacking takes some care.

Here are a few tips for properly stacking chairs and keeping them in good condition:

  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe, secure stacking. This varies between chair models. Exceeding recommended stack limits can lead to damage and accidents.
  • If possible, stack chairs in their original packaging for optimal protection. Otherwise, stack neatly and evenly to maximize stability.
  • Use the provided plastic plugs/caps on the bottom of chair legs each time you stack them. This prevents scratching or scuffing of leg ends after repeated use.
  • Avoid placing extremely heavy items on top of stacked resin chairs, which could lead to cracking. Manage weight carefully.
  • Before stacking, check chairs are level on all legs without any wobbling. Unstable stacking risks collapse.
  • Store resin chairs indoors or use water-resistant furniture covers or storage bags. This protects chairs from sun damage, dirt buildup and weathering.
  • Wipe down chairs with a soft cloth before stacking them away. Dust, debris and moisture trapped between stored chairs can lead to scratches.

Taking a few minutes to properly stack and stow your resin chairs keeps them looking like new for many years of enjoyment in your outdoor living space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Stackable Resin Chairs

If you’re still unsure about choosing resin patio chairs, read on for answers to common questions:

Are resin chairs durable outdoors?

Yes, quality resin is engineered to withstand sun, rain and temperature extremes. Materials like polyethylene and polypropylene resist cracking, rusting and rotting. Premium resin chairs often carry warranties of 10 years or more.

How much weight can resin patio chairs hold?

It depends on the specific chair, but most quality resin chairs support 225 to 300 lb per seat. Some extra sturdy models accommodate up to 500 lb capacity. Check manufacturer specifications to ensure the chair meets your needs.

Can you leave resin patio chairs outside year-round?

While resin holds up well to weather, leaving chairs outside through harsh winter conditions isn’t recommended. Icy rain and heavy snow can eventually degrade resin. Storing chairs in a shed or garage over winter prolongs their life.

Do resin chairs fade in the sun?

All plastic resin will fade eventually with sun exposure, but premium resin formulated with UV-inhibitors minimizes fading for years. Look for UV-protected chairs rated for commercial use to get the most sun protection.

Are resin chairs comfortable without cushions?

Basic flat resin chairs can feel hard and slippery. But many feature subtly textured seats and ergonomic contours for comfort, even without pads or cushions. Lounge chairs tend to offer the most integrated comfort features.

How do you clean resin patio chairs?

Just spray resin chairs with the hose or wipe down with soapy water and a soft cloth. For tougher grime, use a pressure washer on low settings. Cleansers and Magic Erasers also work well. Avoid abrasive brushes or bleach that could scratch or discolor resin.

Can resin chairs crack or break?

Quality resin is quite durable, but it can crack or break if excessive force is used. Don’t exceed weight limits, stack chairs too high or place extremely heavy objects on chairs. Avoid dropping chairs on hard surfaces as impact can damage resin.

Should resin chairs be assembled professionally?

Not usually required. Resin chairs are designed for easy do-it-yourself assembly. As long as you follow included directions, most patio chair kits can be put together in less than 30 minutes using common household tools.

How long do resin patio chairs last?

With proper maintenance, quality resin chairs typically last 5-7 years or longer. More expensive models made with commercial-grade UV-protected resin may function well for a decade or more. Cushions and fabrics wear out faster than resin.

Are resin patio chairs recyclable?

In most cases, yes. Look for resin marked with recycling codes 2 (HDPE) or 5 (PP) on the underside. While not biodegradable, resin patio furniture can usually be dropped off at local recycling facilities to reduce landfill waste.

The Takeaway

Creating an inviting outdoor living space starts with comfortable, durable patio chairs you’ll want to relax in and enjoy for years. Stackable resin chairs offer weather-resistance, easy storage and sleek styling at affordable prices.

Keep this guide’s tips in mind as you shop for the perfect chairs to suit your needs. Take time to evaluate quality, comfort and appearance to select seating you’ll truly love. With the right stackable resin patio chairs, you can spend your whole summer outdoors enjoying backyard barbecues, lounging poolside or just soaking up the sun with family.

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