Finding the Best Chicken Feed at Tractor Supply

A Chicken Owner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Feed

As a new chicken owner, I’ve learned that keeping my flock healthy and productive starts with giving them a quality feed. The feed provides them with the nutrition they need to thrive and lay delicious, nutrient-dense eggs. But with so many options for chicken feed out there, it can be tricky to choose the right one. That’s why I love shopping at Tractor Supply for my chicken feed—with their wide selection, I can find just what my flock needs.

On my last trip to Tractor Supply, I took the time to really explore all the chicken feed choices they have in stock. I wanted to see what brands they carried, if they had organic or non-GMO options, and the variety of feeds tailored to different types of chickens and their life stages. As both a chicken owner and a bargain hunter, I also paid attention to prices and any possible bulk purchase discounts available.

After spending some time in the poultry section of my local Tractor Supply store and doing a bit more research online, I discovered they offer an impressive range of chicken feeds to meet the needs of small backyard flocks like mine or larger operations. Here’s an overview of what I learned:

Types of Chicken Feed

Tractor Supply carries chicken feed specially formulated for each life stage and productive state. This includes:

  • Starter feeds with 20% or higher protein content for baby chicks under 18 weeks old.
  • Grower feeds with 16-18% protein to support pullets and cockerels from 6-18 weeks old.
  • Layer feeds with 16-18% protein and extra calcium to support egg production in mature hens over 18 weeks old.
  • Flock raiser feeds with around 16% protein for mixed flocks of chicks, pullets, and laying hens.
  • Scratch grains as a supplement for adult chickens.
  • Turkey starter for young poults.
  • Duck feed for ducklings and mature ducks.

No matter what type of poultry you raise, you can likely find a feed formulated for their needs at Tractor Supply. I like being able to choose the optimal feed for where each of my chickens are at developmentally.

Feed Formulas and Quality

In addition to having distinct feeds for each life stage, I was pleased to see Tractor Supply offers several formats and formulas to suit different flocks. Some of the options I found include:

  • Organic chicken feed made from all natural, organic ingredients for birds raised organically.
  • Vegetarian feed made with plant-based proteins for owners who want to avoid animal byproducts.
  • Soy-free feed made without soy for flocks with soy allergies.
  • Non-GMO feed made from non-genetically modified grains for owners who want to avoid GMOs.
  • Medicated feed containing targeted medications to help prevent common poultry diseases and infections.
  • Probios feed with added probiotics to support digestive and immune system health.

The feed is also available as pellets, crumbles, or mash to suit different breeds’ preferences. I make it a point to choose non-medicated and vegetarian feeds for my flock. It’s great having so many options to find a high-quality feed that matches my chickens’ needs and my care standards.

Popular Brands

Tractor Supply has partnerships with some of the top national brands manufacturing poultry and livestock feeds. Some of the brand names I recognized on the shelves and feed sacks included:

  • Purina – A widely available and affordable standard brand.
  • Nutrena – Their Country Feeds line offers non-GMO verified, vegetarian, and organic feeds.
  • Dumor – Tractor Supply’s private label brand known for reasonable prices.
  • Hiland – A popular brand offering both medicated and non-medicated formulas.
  • NutriSource – Offers premium chicken feeds with probiotics and prebiotics included.
  • DuMOR – Budget-friendly feed without compromising on quality.
  • Mana Pro – Specializing in organic, non-GMO, and premium poultry feeds.

With trusted names like these, I feel good about picking up my chicken feed from Tractor Supply. There are options to suit every budget and priority.

Bag Sizes and Quantity Options

One major perk of shopping at Tractor Supply for chicken feed is the variety of bag sizes available. They sell feed in small 5-15 pound bags all the way up to bulky 50 pound bags. As a small-scale chicken keeper with just a backyard flock, I appreciate that they offer smaller bag sizes so I can easily carry and store the feed at home. But they also cater to large-scale chicken farmers with bags big enough to feed hundreds of birds at a time.

Some of the bag size options include:

  • 5 lb bags for chicks or sampling a new feed
  • 10 lb bags for less than 25 chickens
  • 15-25 lb bags for 25-75 chickens
  • 40 lb bags for bigger flocks
  • 50 lb bags for large operations

Beyond individual bags, Tractor Supply also allows bulk purchases on many feeds if you call ahead and special order. For commercial growers or chicken owners like myself who go through a lot of feed, bulk buying can save quite a bit per pound. It’s worth looking into if you have the storage space.

Prices and Discounts

With the skyrocketing costs of poultry feed lately, I’m always looking for ways to cut costs on this major chicken-keeping expense. Tractor Supply offers very competitive pricing on their chicken feeds across brands, formulas, and bag sizes.

As a reference, here are some example prices I found on my recent visit:

  • Dumor Chick Starter Mash, 25 lb bag – $15.99
  • Nutrena Naturewise Layer Crumbles, 25 lb bag – $24.99
  • Purina Flock Raiser, 16% Protein, 50 lb bag – $27.99
  • Hiland Naturals Non-GMO Layer Pellets, 40 lb bag – $31.99
  • Mana Pro Organic Layer Mash, 25 lb bag – $39.99

Compared to other feed suppliers in my area, these prices are right in line or even a few dollars cheaper. Tractor Supply also regularly runs promotions like “Buy 6 bags, get the 7th free” that can add up to big savings. It’s worth timing bigger purchases around these feed sales.

I also appreciate that they offer price matching if you find a competitor selling the same feed for less. Just bring proof of the lower price to the counter. This gives me confidence I’m getting the best deal possible on feed.

Online Ordering and Delivery

While I like picking up my chicken feed in person so I can examine bags for damage and expiration dates, Tractor Supply does give customers the option to buy feed online.

Most feeds on their website can be ordered for free in-store pickup within 2-4 business days. You simply place the order online and then pick up at your local store when ready. This is a great option if you want to secure pricing or availability ahead of a trip to the store.

For those who need feed delivered directly to their farm or coop, Tractor Supply also offers delivery services in select areas for an added fee. The minimum order size and delivery fees vary by location.

I hope to see Tractor Supply expand their delivery options in the future. But for now, in-store pickup allows me to buy feed online while avoiding the hassle and cost of delivery.

Choosing the Right Feed

With so many options to sort through, choosing the right chicken feed for your flock isn’t always straightforward. Here are a few tips I’ve learned for picking out feed at Tractor Supply:

  • Match feed type to your chickens’ life stage (starter, grower, layer).
  • Read labels closely and avoid feeds with ingredients your birds can’t tolerate.
  • For layers, look for at least 16% protein and 2-4% calcium.
  • Organic, soy-free, non-GMO, and vegetarian feeds are clearly labelled.
  • Compare nutritional analysis if unsure which brand to pick.
  • Ask store employees for advice if you have specific questions.
  • Stick to what your chickens do best on. Switch feeds gradually if needed.
  • Buy smaller quantities when trying a new feed for the first time.

The employees at my local Tractor Supply are happy to offer feeding guidance and recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Supplements and Additional Supplies

In addition to the wide selection of feed, Tractor Supply offers all the other essentials I need for my flock. Their poultry supply section has:

  • Feeders and waterers
  • Feed scoops and storage containers
  • Chicken treats, supplements, oyster shell and grit
  • Incubators, brooders, and heat lamps
  • Coops, runs, netting, and fencing
  • Health care products like vitamins and insecticides
  • Egg baskets and cartons

One-stop shopping for all my chicken raising needs is super convenient. I can purchase calcium supplements and scratch grains to complement their regular feed. And they have every tool and supply to help feed, house, and care for my flock from chick to mature hen.

Customer Reviews

I like to read customer reviews on the Tractor Supply website before trying a new brand or type of feed. Previous chicken owners often share their birds’ experience with how well the feed supported egg laying, feather quality, energy levels, taste preference, and more.

While experiences vary from flock to flock, customer reviews can provide helpful insight on what to expect from a particular feed. I take them with a grain of salt but appreciate the firsthand accounts.

Return Policy

Tractor Supply makes it easy to return or exchange chicken feed if my flock doesn’t take to a new brand or formula. Unopened bags can be returned for a full refund within 30 days as long as you saved the receipt.

Even opened bags can be returned or exchanged as long as they are at least half full. I feel comfortable trying different feeds knowing that I’m not stuck with a whole bag if it doesn’t work out. This gives me flexibility as I learn my flock’s preferences.

Checking Inventory and Availability

With spotty chicken feed availability in recent months, it’s smart to call your local Tractor Supply ahead to check if the feed you want is in stock. The employees I’ve talked to are always friendly and happy to look up inventory levels over the phone.

You can also check the website or mobile app to view availability at your store. Items will show as “In Stock” or give an expected delivery date if temporarily out of stock. I make a habit to check back regularly as supplies fluctuate frequently.

The Ideal Chicken Feed Source

After exploring all the options at my store, I’m convinced Tractor Supply is my go-to source for chicken feed. The combination of extensive product selection, competitive pricing, bulk purchase discounts, handy online ordering, and flexible return policy can’t be beat. I know I can find high-quality feed at a great value for my flock.

I encourage all chicken keepers, whether you have a small backyard herd like me or a large commercial operation, to check out the chicken feed selection for yourself at your local Tractor Supply store. Their knowledgeable staff and variety of feeds to suit every budget and need make them my top choice. My chickens happily gobble up their Tractor Supply feed mix every morning!

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