Finding the Perfect Bird Seed at Tractor Supply

A Bird Watcher’s Guide to Seeding Success

As an avid bird watcher who loves seeing a variety of species flock to my backyard, discovering the perfect bird seed is incredibly important. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select the right seed blend to attract your favorite feathery friends. That’s why I always turn to Tractor Supply for the best selection of bird seed to satisfy even the pickiest of avian pallets.

On my last trip to Tractor Supply, I was astounded by the diverse array of bird seed varieties available. From tried and true favorites like black oil sunflower seeds to region-specific blends, they have something to entice birds of all types. Here’s an in-depth look at what Tractor Supply has to offer to help you make the right choice for the beautiful birds in your backyard.

Standard Seed Favorites

Some seeds are backyard bird favorites no matter where you live. At Tractor Supply, you’ll find all the classic bird seed varieties that will attract the widest variety of birds to your feeders.

Black oil sunflower seeds are one of the most popular options, providing lots of nutrition in an easy-to-eat shell. Tractor Supply stocks several sizes like the Sunflower Seed Kernels, which offer a no mess treat. I prefer to buy my sunflower seeds in larger bags up to 40 pounds for big savings.

Another favorite are striped sunflower seeds with their distinctive black and white striped shell. Birds like cardinals, finches and chickadees can easily crack these open. Tractor Supply has striped sunflower seeds in 5 and 10 pound bags.

No bird seed mix is complete without millet. The tiny seeds are perfect for small birds like finches and sparrows. Tractor Supply has millet in bulk bags up to 25 pounds so I can keep my feeders stocked up.

Of course, birds need more than just seeds in their diets. That’s why I pick up suet cakes and nuts like peanuts and tree nuts in bulk cans up to 7 pounds when I shop at Tractor Supply. They provide essential protein and fat for winter birds and migrating species.

Specialty and Regional Bird Seed Blends

In addition to standard seed varieties, Tractor Supply offers specialty seed blends for attracting certain backyard birds common to different regions.

For example, in my home state of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Blend features seeds preferred by mountain birds like Clark’s nutcrackers, mountain chickadees and Steller’s jays. It contains peanut hearts, pine nuts and sunflower seeds native birds crave.

You can also find region-specific mixes for the Pacific Northwest, Nevada, California and other areas tailored to local bird tastes. Tractor Supply really does their research to cater to birds across North America.

There are also mixes designed to attract specific species like the Audubon Park Songbird Blend with seeds and fruits to lure in colorful Tanagers, Orioles, Grosbeaks and more. Hummingbird lovers will find Nectar bird seed for enticing these tiny dynamos.

No matter what part of the country I’m visiting, I can stop in Tractor Supply and discover a signature bird seed mix to attract backyards birds to delight in.

Alternative Bird Seed Options

In addition to standard seed mixes, Tractor Supply offers some alternative bird seed options that provide variety and nutrition.

For birds that relish oily rich seeds, look for bags of Nyjer seed, a favorite of finches and Pine Siskins. The ultra-thin shells make for easy snacking. Tractor Supply carries Nyjer in sizes up to 20 pounds.

Fruit and berry lovers like Robins and Waxwings flip for the Dried Fruit and Berry Blend. This tangy, sweet mix is infused with dried cranberries, cherries, raisins and blueberries. The Safflower Seed is another nice addition that attracts Cardbinals but discourages squirrels.

I also appreciate the organic bird seed options available in 5 and 10 pound bags. They are grown without pesticides or chemicals. For avoiding GMOs, check for bags labeled non-GMO verified like the Pure Harmony blend. It’s great to have healthy seed options at Tractor Supply for my backyard buddies.

Bird Seed Brands

With all these varieties to pick from, you may be wondering what brand of bird seed to choose at Tractor Supply. I’ve tried several over the years and found these to be prime picks:

Pennington – This popular brand offers time-tested blends loved by birds across North America. Their black oil sunflower is top choice to stock my feeders.

Kaytee – For wild bird and finch mixes, Kaytee is my go-to brand. Their blends have lots of variety to entice picky birds.

Wagner’s – Specializing in Nyjer and safflower seed, Wagner’s products will lure in finches, cardinals and other speciality birds. Their Four Seasons Wild Bird Food is a premium blend.

Audubon Park – Bird enthusiasts will recognize the famous Audubon name. They offer natural seeds and fruit blends to attract a diverse flock.

With these reputable brands at my local Tractor Supply, I have lots of selection for quality seeds that will have neighborhood birds singing.

Storing and Maintaining Fresh Bird Seed

Bird seed can go stale quickly if not stored properly. Here are some tips for maintaining freshness once you get your seed bags home from Tractor Supply:

  • Store bags in cool, dry location away from moisture
  • Use sealable plastic bins or buckets to store smaller amounts
  • Place packets of silica gel in storage containers to absorb excess moisture
  • Store away from rodents in secure metal garbage cans or bins
  • Use older seed first and add fresh batches on top to rotate
  • Check for expiration dates and use within timeframe
  • Freeze extra seed in airtight bags to prolong freshness

With proper storage, I find I can keep most Tractor Supply bird seed fresh for two to six months. Checking for molded, compacted or insect-infested seeds periodically allows me to discard any gone bad so my bird buffet stays delicious.

Additional Bird Feeding Supplies

A quality bird seed source like Tractor Supply is just the start of attracting feathery friends. You’ll also find lots of bird feeding accessories to create an avian paradise.

Feeders are available in styles from basic tube feeders to elaborate hopper feeders. There are also unique options like the Oriole jelly feeder. Match the right feeder with the appropriate seed blend.

Don’t forget essentials like bird baths, houses and perches to give birds places to splash, nest and rest. I always stock up on suet feeders and peanut hanging logs too for supplemental nutrition.

The bird watching guides at Tractor Supply are very knowledgeable if you need any advice pairing the proper feeders and seeds for your yard. They also share tips on deterring pesky squirrels without harming birds.

Tractor Supply makes keeping backyard birds satisfied easy and affordable. With the right bird seed blend, feeders and accessories, you’ll have a lively aviary atmosphere in no time. I always have a rewarding birdwatching experience after a trip to my local store.

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