Finding the Perfect Dog House at Tractor Supply

My Journey to Give My Furry Friend the Best Home

As a proud dog mom to a 75 pound Golden Retriever named Bailey, I want to make sure I provide her with the best care possible. That includes giving her a cozy and comfortable place to call her own outside. After moving to a new home with a big backyard, I decided it was finally time to invest in a premium dog house for Bailey rather than just having her sleep on the porch. I wanted to make sure I found a durable, weatherproof option with plenty of space that would keep her warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

With so many choices out there, I wasn’t sure where to start my search. Then I remembered there was a Tractor Supply store just 15 minutes from my house. I’ve shopped there before for other farm and pet supplies, so I figured they would have a great selection of dog houses to choose from. I decided to spend an afternoon exploring all of the options at my local Tractor Supply to find the perfect dog house for my Bailey.

Dog Houses Galore

When I arrived at Tractor Supply, I was overwhelmed by the huge assortment of dog houses available. They had everything from basic plastic models to elaborate wooden cottage-style homes. I saw they offered dog houses made from a variety of different materials including:

  • Wood – Made from solid cedar, pine or composite wood to be weatherproof and durable. Offers insulation against heat and cold.
  • Plastic – Less expensive lightweight and waterproof plastic kennels that are easy to clean. May lack insulation.
  • Metal – Durable steel or aluminum houses that resist weather and chewing. Can get hot in summer.
  • Soft-Sided – Portable designs with a water resistant canvas shell and cozy faux fur lining.

There were so many sizes too – from tiny houses for small dogs up to giant options for Saint Bernards and Great Danes. Some were big enough to fit multiple dogs! I saw basic small, medium, large and extra large sizes, along with exact dimensions. There were also some dog houses specially designed for large breeds including Mastiffs and Dobermans that need extra interior space.

I was so excited to see a section with insulated dog houses made for colder climates. These has thick foam cores and draft-stopping features to prevent heat loss in winter. Bailey loves to spend time outside even when temperatures drop, so insulation would be key.

Time to Start Shopping

Browsing all the choices only took me so far. It was time to start seriously evaluating which Tractor Supply dog house would work best based my own needs and preferences. Here were my top priorities and must-haves:

  • Big enough size – Had to comfortably fit a 75 pound dog plus allow room to move around
  • Weatherproof – Durable materials that could withstand all kinds of weather
  • Insulation – To keep Bailey warm in cooler months
  • Raised floor – Gets Bailey up off the ground away from dirt and moisture
  • Easy to clean – Prefer smooth surfaces that won’t trap hair and dirt
  • Ventilation – Good airflow to prevent overheating in summer
  • Style – Needed to coordinate with my backyard landscape design

I also had a budget limit of preferably $300 or less. And assembly would need to be straightforward – my DIY skills only go so far!

Armed with my shopping criteria list, I started browsing all the options at Tractor Supply to narrow down the choices.

Plastic Kennels

First I looked at the plastic dog houses which were the most affordable, ranging from $50 to $150. These were a simple snap together design made from heavy duty poly resin. The plastic would hold up outside and was easy to wipe clean. But the plastic houses were only available in smaller sizes, nothing big enough for Bailey. They also lacked insulation and character.

The soft sided houses were an interesting option starting around $100. The canvas shell seemed durable and waterproof with a cozy faux fur lining Bailey would love. But I was concerned they wouldn’t be as insulating and protective as a solid house.

All Things Wood

That led me into the wood dog houses section. There were so many charming and gorgeous options that looked great in backyards. The wood construction promised good insulation too.

The basic economy wood houses ranged from $80 to $200. They were made of fir plywood coated in paint or stain. Simple and affordable, but I worried about the thin plywood holding up over time outside.

For a bit more, around $250 to $350, they had some beautiful cottage-style homes made from solid cedar and pine. The craftsmanship was really impressive on these upgraded models. I saw lovely decorative trim details, covered porches, shingled roofs – even flower boxes! Bailey could have a charming wood cottage just like the big house.

At the higher end, up to $500, Tractor Supply had luxury wood houses made of thick Brazilian redwood. They were like miniature mansions for dogs with solid wood construction and hand-crafted details. Stunning but alas, out of my budget!

Durable Steel Designs

Finally I came to the metal dog houses made from galvanized or stainless steel. Ranging from $200 to $400, these were the most durable and indestructible option. The heavy gauge steel would never rot, warp or crack. With good insulation and ventilation, metal houses could work in any weather. I saw some nice models with both wood and metal components for character. But the all-metal interiors worried me – no place Bailey could snuggle into soft bedding. Still an option to consider though.

Decision Time

After reviewing all the pros and cons of each type of dog house, I finally decided on the pine cottage-style model with vinyl roofing for $329. It met all my criteria:

  • Spacious 4 foot by 4 foot design perfect for Bailey
  • Solid wood construction with insulation for all weather
  • Attractive shingled roof and charming design
  • Raised floor to avoid dampness
  • Plenty of ventilation and airflow
  • Easy to wipe down and keep clean
  • Coordinated beautifully with my backyard style
  • Just under my $300 budget limit
  • Assembly required but straight-forward with provided instructions

This adorable cottage-style pine dog house really would complement the backyard. The craftsmanship seemed top-notch and it checked all my functional boxes. I imagined Bailey happily snoozing inside on cold winter nights. Time to take it home!

Set Up and Customization

The friendly Tractor Supply staff helped load the large boxed-up dog house into my SUV. Once home, my husband and I assembled it in a few hours using the included instructions and hardware. Step-by-step it went together neatly.

The natural pine wood had a lovely varnished finish that looked like it could handle exposure to the elements. And the composite shingled roof meant it would shed rain and snow easily.

To make the dog house extra cozy for Bailey, I added in a few personal touches:

  • A monogrammed fabric cover for the foam mattress pad
  • Waterproof outdoor rugs along the floor
  • Flannel blankets for snuggling into
  • Wire heat lamp for extra warmth in winter
  • Battery powered fan to circulate air in summer
  • Custom food and water bowls secured to the front porch
  • Solar string lights around the roof for ambient lighting
  • Personalized name tag on the door

With all the additions, this dog house really felt like Bailey’s own cottage tailored just for her. I could tell she loved it as soon as I brought her to check it out!

Durable and Weatherproof

It’s been about six months now since I set up Bailey’s dog house in the backyard. So far, it has held up amazingly through all types of weather and seasons.

This past winter we had sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowstorms. But the insulation and draft blocking design kept the interior quite warm. Between the foam mattress, flannel blankets and heat lamp, Bailey stayed toasty on those frigid nights.

When torrential downpours hit this spring, the shingled roof protected the inside from outdoor elements. Even though the yard flooded, the raised floor kept everything clean and dry indoors.

Now in the heat of summer, the ventilation windows and fan help air flow to prevent overheating. And the covered porch lets Bailey relax outside even in the blazing sun.

I’ve been diligent about cleaning and protecting the pine wood with sealants. So far no major damage or wear – it still looks beautiful as ever!

No Regrets on This Investment

As expected, purchasing the premium cottage-style dog house from Tractor Supply was a bigger investment than a basic plastic or plywood kennel. But seeing how cozy, safe and happy Bailey is makes every penny worth it. Her health and comfort are my biggest priority.

I have absolutely no regrets about choosing this high-end wood dog house. The materials and craftsmanship are top-notch, made to last. And I love that it adds charm and character to the backyard.

Watching Bailey sprawl out snoozing on her front porch on a sunny day makes my heart melt. She certainly feels like the queen of the castle in her own little cottage!

I’d recommend these cottage-style pine dog houses from Tractor Supply to any pet owner looking to splurge on a custom habitat for their furry friend. The options for personalization and add-ons let you tailor it perfectly to your pet’s needs. I have a feeling this will be Bailey’s beloved home for many years to come. Thanks Tractor Supply for offering such high quality and unique dog houses!

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