Finding the Perfect Wood Stove at Tractor Supply

My Journey to a Cozy and Efficient Home Heater

As autumn approaches, my thoughts turn to the upcoming cold weather and how I’ll keep my home warm and cozy through the winter months. I’ve been considering investing in a wood stove, both for the ambiance a wood fire brings, as well as the independence of heating my own home with a renewable fuel source. With energy costs fluctuating wildly, having a reliable wood stove as a backup heat source brings me great peace of mind.

After doing some initial research online, I decided that Tractor Supply would be my first stop in the hunt for the perfect wood stove. With over 1800 stores across 49 states, Tractor Supply is like a local country general store on a national scale. Beyond their name, they offer an incredible selection of homesteading supplies, hardware, pet care items, and of course – wood stoves and accessories.

Excited to see the wood stove options at my local Tractor Supply, I grabbed my notebook and headed out on a blustery Saturday morning. Stepping into the store, I was greeted by the comforting scents of hay and hardware that took me right back to my grandfather’s farm. I headed past the horse stalls and bags of chicken feed until I reached their large heating department stocked floor to ceiling with wood stoves, pellet stoves, chimney pipe, and any heating accessory I could ever need.

Brand Selection

Browsing the wood stove offerings, I was pleased to find that Tractor Supply carries a diverse range of brands and styles:

  • US Stove Company – One of the largest wood stove manufacturers in the industry, with a range of wood and pellet burners.
  • Pleasant Hearth – Tractor Supply’s in-house brand, with very affordable and efficient wood stove models.
  • Englander – Known for their innovative stove designs and realistic, rolling flame effect.
  • Timber Ridge – Specializing in heavy-duty stoves that can heat larger spaces.
  • Vogelzang – Offering unique wood stoves with Old World styling and extra-large fireboxes.

With top brands like these, I knew I would have plenty of options to find the perfect wood stove for my space and needs. The knowledgeable sales associate helped me narrow my search by asking questions about the size of my home, my heating needs, and preferred aesthetic.

Cost Considerations

One of the biggest factors in choosing a wood stove is the price. Wood stoves can range from just a few hundred dollars for small, basic models, up to several thousand for larger, high-end stoves with all the bells and whistles. Fortunately, Tractor Supply has wood stoves at every price point.

On the lower end, the Pleasant Hearthstowe models run between $300-500. With more standard sizes and features, I saw mid-range options like the Englander 30-NCL30 for $700 and the US Stove 2002 for $900. For those with more space to heat, premium wood stoves like the Timber Ridge 1,500 sq. ft. model cost around $1,500.

While I didn’t need the largest wood stove, I appreciated the range of options and ability to find a stove that fit my budget. Between Tractor Supply’s everyday low prices and frequent sales, I was confident I could find an efficient, safe wood stove while sticking to my budget.

Perfectly Sized for Small Spaces

One of my concerns when shopping for a wood stove was finding one the right size for my cozy home. I worried standard wood stove dimensions would overwhelm my living room. Thankfully, Tractor Supply offers a nice selection of small wood stoves perfect for tiny homes, cabins, or just heating smaller spaces more efficiently.

Some of the compact wood stove models I saw included:

  • Pleasant Hearth Huntsville – 25,000 BTU capacity
  • Englander NCL20 – 1,500 square feet of heating coverage
  • Vogelzang TR002 – 24” width x 25.75” depth
  • US Stove 2000 – 564 square inch firebox

With their smaller fireboxes and heating capacities, these mini wood stoves could provide big warmth without dominating the room. The Pleasant Hearth Huntsville especially caught my eye with its cute, almost miniature appearance while still packing an impressive 25,000 BTU heating power.

While it never hurts to have extra heating capacity, I was relieved to find right-sized wood stove options for small home dwelling.

Efficiency and Certifications

Beyond size and price, key factors like efficiency ratings and EPA certifications help guarantee your wood stove performs reliably for years to come. I made note of the following efficiency details at Tractor Supply:

  • Englander 30-NCL30 – 72% efficiency
  • Pleasant Hearth 1,800 sq. ft. model – 69% efficiency
  • US Stove 2002 – 75% efficiency

Timber Ridge 1,500 sq. ft model – at least 80% efficient

With their tight door seals, precision air controls, and convective heat circulation, most modern wood stoves reach 70-80% efficiency. This means around 3/4 of the fire’s heat gets transferred into warming your home. Look for the highest efficiency rating you can afford to maximize your fuel savings.

I also made sure to check each stove’s spec list for EPA certification. This ensures the stove meets the US Environmental Protection Agency’s emissions standards for particulate matter. Burning clean is not only better for the environment, but keeps more heat in your home rather than sending it straight up the chimney. Tractor Supply predominantly carries EPA-certified stoves, so I can find an eco-friendly option that burns clean and efficient.

Installation and Beyond

While Tractor Supply doesn’t offer wood stove installation itself, they do carry every part and tool needed for a DIY install. This includes:

  • Chimney pipe
  • Heat shields
  • Floor pads
  • Stove boards
  • Chimney brushes
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Stove thermometers

Between their clear instruction manuals and how-to videos online, they provide all the guidance needed for a safe installation. For a bit of extra confidence, I may hire a professional installer and know I can get all the necessary supplies at Tractor Supply.

Once the stove is set up, Tractor Supply has every accessory to help keep it running in tip-top shape for years to come. This includes:

  • Fireplace blowers – to maximize heat circulation
  • Stove polish – makes that cast iron shine
  • Firestarters – safe chimney cleaning tablets
  • Moisture meters– monitor your firewood
  • Stove brushes – keep that glass spotless

With the right supplies and maintenance, my new Tractor Supply wood stove will be warming my home for many winters to come.

Pellet Stove Options

While most of Tractor Supply’s selection focuses on traditional wood stoves, I did spot a few pellet stove options tucked in the back corner. Pellet stoves offer a more automated, mess-free alternative by burning compressed wood pellets fed from a storage hopper.

The US Stove 5660W Wiseway pellet stove caught my attention with its 120,000 BTU output and convenient thermostat control. For larger homes, the Timber Ridge 2500 sq ft pellet stove truly impressed with its massive 70-pound pellet hopper and radiant ceramic glass for an inviting view of the rolling flames.

While pellets may cost more upfront than cordwood, the ease and efficiency of these stoves balance out the costs over time. The pellet models at Tractor Supply range from $1200 on the low end to $1900 for the high-capacity Timber Ridge model. For anyone seeking convenience along with their cozy stove warmth, the pellet options are worth considering.

Bargains and Deals

While Tractor Supply’s everyday prices are quite reasonable, I was excited to see options for saving even more on my wood stove purchase:

  • Weekly/holiday sales – Worth timing your purchase around for 10-20% off.
  • Special Buys – Deep discounts on closeout floor models and last year’s models.
  • Open box deals – Lightly used displays often discounted over 50% off retail.
  • Bundled packages – Stove, pipe, and accessories grouped to save up to 15%.

By pairing an Open Box wood stove with a holiday sale, I could potentially save hundreds of dollars! As long as I inspect the stove thoroughly and verify the warranty, an open box unit could be an incredible value.

Between the everyday low prices, frequent promotions, and bundled packages, Tractor Supply offers wood stoves at discounts rivaling even Amazon or big box stores. I walked out that day with pages of notes, brochures, and four different stove models on my shortlist. Now I can review the specs, watch online demos, and choose the perfect discounted wood stove for my home.

Online Convenience

Once I narrowed down my preferred wood stove models, I discovered Tractor Supply makes the ordering process quick and easy through their website or mobile app. Most wood stoves ship free to your local store for convenient pickup.

If you need it faster, next day delivery is available for an additional fee. Otherwise, standard free shipping takes just 4-7 business days. All stoves come with clear assembly instructions and how-to videos if needed.

I love the ability to read customer reviews, compare specs, and order online while still having the ability to see display models in person and get assistance loading my purchase. Tractor Supply’s seamless online to in-store experience lets me get the right wood stove fast while avoiding the hassles of home delivery and curbside pickup.

Maintenance Tips

One of the sales associates shared some helpful tips on keeping my new wood stove looking and burning like new:

  • Sweep the chimney yearly – Reduces risk of chimney fires.
  • Clean the glass weekly – Prevents soot buildup.
  • Empty the ash pan regularly – Helps airflow and efficiency.
  • Inspect door seals annually – Check for leaks or gaps.
  • Clean the blower annually – Remove dust buildup.
  • Blacken the stove – Coat with high temp stove polish.

By following a simple maintenance routine, my wood stove will provide safe and reliable heating for years. Tractor Supply has every cleaner, brush, and replacement part I may ever need for seasonal upkeep. With the right care, my stove will become a warm and welcoming fixture in my home.

Customer Reviews

While seeing the wood stoves in person is invaluable, I also wanted to read feedback from those living with these stoves day to day. Using Tractor Supply’s website, I could easily browse customer reviews for the stoves I was considering.

Overall, most customers seem extremely satisfied with their wood stove’s heating capabilities and value. Many remarked how the stoves “heat their whole home” on just a couple logs and “keep the house toasty” even in the coldest winter nights.

One Pleasant Hearth owner said the stove’s “simple, classic design looks beautiful” in their living room, even with years of use. Others commented that their Tractor Supply stove was “easy to assemble and install”.

Negative reviews were far and few between. A couple mentioned issues with warped parts but said Tractor Supply handled the warranty replacement “no questions asked”.

Reading these firsthand experiences from real owners gave me confidence I would find a reliable, efficient wood stove perfect for my home. Tractor Supply’s stellar customer service would also have my back in the unlikely case of any defects.

Shipping and Availability

Whether I purchase online or in store, Tractor Supply offers flexible shipping to get my new wood stove home. As I’ve mentioned, online orders over $50 ship free to your local store for convenient pickup within 4-7 business days.

Faster home delivery is available for a fee, arriving in just 1-3 days. In-store pickup also lets you avoid the headaches and fees of residential shipping.

If an item is out of stock online, you can check local store availability before making the trip. For extra assurance, products can be ordered online for in-store pickup to lock in the sale price and guarantee availability.

Between their website inventory lookups, fast free shipping to stores, and online ordering for in-store pickup, Tractor Supply makes getting my dream wood stove fast and frustration-free.

Safety First

Bringing a wood stove into your home requires taking the proper safety precautions. That’s why I was thrilled to see Tractor Supply offers everything needed to safely install and operate a wood stove. This includes:

  • Hearth pads – Protect floors from stray embers
  • Heat shields – Prevent combustible walls from igniting

Fire extinguishers – Crucial to have on hand

  • Carbon monoxide detectors – Monitor air quality
  • Chimney pipe thermometers – Check for dangerous flue temps

With these necessary safety accessories, I can install my new wood stove with total peace of mind. Tractor Supply wants customers to enjoy years of cozy, comfortable wood heat – not end up on the evening news!

Heating Large Homes

For those with sizable households to keep warm, Tractor Supply offers several extra-large wood stove options. Stepping up in price but also heating capacity, these heavy-duty stoves include:

  • Timber Ridge 1,800 sq ft model
  • Pleasant Hearth 3 cubic foot model
  • US Stove 6041 Warm Morning
  • Vogelzang Colonial EPA

With their 6-8 inch flue collars and 70,000+ BTU outputs, these monsters can heat an entire 2,000+ square foot home. Their secondary combustion technology allows for over 80% efficiency – converting nearly every shred of wood into home heating heat.

While these wood stoves represent a bigger investment, their ability to drastically reduce your heating bills offsets the cost over time. For anyone needing to heat a large home or space, check out the high-capacity wood stove options at Tractor Supply.

Returns and Warranties

Hopefully everything goes smoothly, but it’s reassuring to know Tractor Supply allows wood stove returns within 30 days if needed. Stoves must be in original condition with all parts and packaging to receive a full refund.

If an issue pops up down the road, most new wood stoves come with a 1-year warranty against defects and workmanship errors. Be sure to register your stove warranty within 30 days of purchase. Tractor Supply also offers extended protection plans for 2, 3, or 5 years of peace of mind.

Between their streamlined returns and solid warranty coverage, I can shop at Tractor Supply with complete confidence in my purchase. I’ll hopefully never need to exercise the warranty, but rest easy knowing I’m covered if anything goes awry.

Eco-Friendly Options

With wood heat making a big comeback, I love seeing companies like England’s Stove Works pushing the technology forward in cleaner, greener ways. Their E-ZWood stove innovation stood out for its ultralow emissions and 95% overall efficiency.

By harvesting heat from the smoke itself before it exits the chimney, the E-ZWood losses scarcely any usable heat energy. This also results in 90% lower particle emissions for a healthier, more eco-friendly wood fire.

While this patented technology carries a higher price tag, the fuel savings and environmental benefits make it well worth the cost over time. It’s exciting to see cutting-edge innovations at Tractor Supply offering even greener options for responsible heating.

Fully Stocked

Given Tractor Supply’s prominence as a leading homesteading resource, I wasn’t surprised to find they keep their wood stove shelves consistently well stocked. When a big cold snap hits, other local stores often sell out of the most popular stove models quickly.

The sales associate assured me Tractor Supply keeps ample inventory at their distribution centers year-round. So even in the throes of winter, they can replenish low supplies across their stores in just days or weeks.

Knowing they stay on top of stock levels is a big relief, as the last thing I want is to wait until next season for a backordered stove. Thanks to Tractor Supply’s readiness, I can purchase with confidence knowing my chosen model will be ready to pick up or ship without delay.

Personal Consultations

While doing ample online research, I still wanted the in-person expertise of a Tractor Supply sales associate. I was pleased to find they offer one-on-one consultations to ensure you purchase the ideal wood stove for your specific needs.

By thoroughly assessing factors like your home’s square footage, layout, heating needs, and budget, their team can recommend the perfect wood or pellet stove solution. They’ll suggest ideal sizes, BTU outputs, locations, chimney requirements, and necessary accessories.

Some key details we covered during my consultation included:

  • Exact room dimensions and house layout
  • Areas we struggle to heat
  • Average winter temperatures and climate
  • My heating budget and considerations
  • Preferred stove fuel source

With this comprehensive overview, their stove pro could pinpoint an appropriately sized, top-rated, and fairly priced model suited for my home. I walked out feeling fully equipped to make the best wood stove purchase decision.

After a long yet rewarding day browsing top brands and weighing the options, I’m now confident I’ll find the perfect wood stove for my needs this winter at Tractor Supply. Their unbeatable selection, bargains and promotions, stellar customer service, and wealth of stove expertise provide everything needed to make a well-informed, satisfying purchase. Soon I’ll be cozying up next to the warmth and beauty of a new wood stove fire this season.

Hello, everyone! I'm David Henry, a dedicated customer and enthusiastic reviewer of Tractor Supply Company. As a farmer and agriculture enthusiast, I frequently visit Tractor Supply Company to explore and purchase a wide range of agricultural supplies, tools, and equipment. Over the years, I have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in shopping at Tractor Supply Company, and I aim to help others make wiser choices through my sharing. I understand the importance of selecting the right products for farmers, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. That's why I enjoy sharing my insights and recommendations to assist individuals in finding the best-suited products for their needs. Join me as we embark on a journey of discovering quality products and making informed decisions at Tractor Supply Company. Together, let's enhance our farming and outdoor experiences through valuable insights and practical advice.