Get a Grip – Choosing the Best Steel Garden Hand Trowel for Your Needs

A sturdy steel garden hand trowel is like a gardener’s magic wand – able to transform the earth beneath your hands with a simple flick of the wrist. Unlike waving around some flimsy plastic toy, brandishing a quality forged steel trowel infuses you with confidence and power. This deceptively humble tool unlocks the joy of digging in soil, planting seeds with care, and cultivating the perfect garden environment.

But not all trowels are created equal. Between the dizzying array of sizes, shapes and features, how do you select the right one for your gardening tasks and style? In this guide, we’ll uncover the key factors to consider when shopping for a steel garden hand trowel. You’ll also discover reviews of the top 5 models so you can compare pros and cons to find your perfect match.

So grab your gloves and let’s get digging into the world of trowels! By the end, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to confidently choose the right steel hand trowel to make your time in the garden easier and more enjoyable.

What is a Steel Garden Hand Trowel and Why Use One?

Before we can pick the ideal trowel, it helps to understand exactly what a trowel is and why it deserves a coveted spot in your tool shed.

A hand trowel is a small hand shovel used primarily for light digging tasks. The typical trowel has a short but sturdy metal blade attached to a handle ranging from 6 to 12 inches long.

This versatile garden workhorse can handle a wide range of essential jobs including:

  • Digging holes for planting seeds, bulbs or small plants
  • Transplanting seedlings
  • Mixing in fertilizer, compost or other soil amendments
  • Weeding and cultivating soil
  • Fine pruning of roots
  • Cutting neat edges in garden beds

Steel trowels are designed for leverage, comfort and durability:

  • Forged carbon steel makes the blade strong enough to penetrate densely packed or clay soil without bending or breaking.
  • An ergonomic handle provides cushioning and reduces hand fatigue, while allowing you to apply downward force.
  • sharp cutting edge slices through all types of roots and soil with ease.

Trowels are ideal for tasks that require more precision and finesse than a shovel or spade can provide. The small size allows carefully working around delicate plants. A trowel gives you fingertip control for the detailed work involved in seeding, transplanting and weeding.

The combination of leverage from the handle and a curved blade that acts as an extension of your hand enables a trowel to multiply your natural digging power. This makes quick work of breaking up hardened, compacted earth.

Finally, a quality steel trowel is built to last. The carbon steel won’t bend, crack or splinter with force like cheaper aluminum and plastic trowels can. And with just simple care, a good forged steel trowel should provide a lifetime of faithful service. So let’s find you the perfect match!

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying a Steel Garden Trowel

When evaluating your options, keep these important criteria in mind:

Blade Design

The blade consists of two parts – the tip or scoop and the wings or sides.

The shape and depth of the scoop determines how much loose soil can be lifted out of a hole or furrow. Look for a generous curve that feels like an extension of your hand. Too large of a scoop can be unwieldy. Too small increases the effort needed to empty and lift soil.

The wings provide the main power and leverage for cutting into dense earth and prying up weeds. Longer straight edges give you more force compared to a short curved blade.

Consider the length, width and tip shape you need for your typical tasks. For example, a long, narrow blade is ideal for weeding and cultivating whereas a short, wide scoop excels at digging holes for bulbs. A pointed tip helps penetrate hardened soil.

Handle Design

The handle connects you to the business end of the blade. Look for these hallmarks of a comfortable, ergonomic grip:

  • Rubberized padding provides a cushioned slip-free grip, even with wet muddy hands. This enhances comfort and protects against blisters.
  • shaped handle that fits the natural curves of your palm and fingers reduces hand fatigue. An anatomical grip feels like an extension of your arm.
  • The handle length should suit your height and arm strength. Short handles provide more control while longer handles increase leverage and reach.
  • Some models have a hand guard between the blade and grip for hanging the trowel vertically on a hook to protect the edges.


Heavier forged steel adds durability but increased weight can accelerate hand and wrist fatigue, especially over long periods of digging. Most quality trowels range from 0.5 to 1.5 pounds. The lightest aluminum models reduce stress but sacrifice strength.

Try holding and making test digs with various weights to gauge your ideal balance between sturdiness and fatigue reduction.

Rust Resistance

Carbon steel provides the greatest strength but can rust without proper maintenance. Look for galvanized, coated or stainless steel trowels to reduce rust. These also make cleaning easier. Apply a protectant to a bare steel trowel before storage.


A hand guard allows the trowel to be hung vertically from a hook, keeping the edges sharper. Some models come with a protective sheath to cover the blade for storage.

Proper storage keeps your trowel clean, dry and sharp – ready for its next triumphant garden encounter!


Inexpensive trowels often cut corners on materials and quality. Be prepared to spend $25+ for a high quality steel garden trowel. This is a sound investment that pays back over years of steady use.

Once you know what to look for, it’s time to get up close and personal with 5 of the top contenders for best steel hand trowel. We’ve done the dirty work of digging into the details so you can quickly compare your options in one place.

The Top 5 Steel Garden Hand Trowel Reviews

1. True Temper Garden Trowel – #1 Best Seller

  • 4.6 star average rating on Amazon based on 3500+ reviews
  • Forged carbon steel head with aluminum handle
  • Large scoop-shaped blade ideal for digging and scooping
  • Cushioned grip and curved handle minimize hand fatigue
  • Rust resistant powder coating
  • Hanging hole in handle

This workhorse trowel lives up to its name as one of the true titans of the trowel world. The True Temper feels perfectly balanced in your hand thanks to the marriage of sturdy forged steel and lightweight aluminum.

Users rave about the trowel’s durability, consistently sharp blade and comfortable grip. The oversized scoop shape makes quick work of all kinds of digging tasks from breaking up hardened soil to transplanting seedlings.

While the finish can chip over time and expose the steel, a little TLC with lubricating oil keeps oxidation at bay. For those seeking an affordable, heavy duty trowel ready for any garden challenge, the True Temper delivers. It represents an outstanding value for performance that will satisfy both novice and master gardeners.

  • Pros: Very durable forged carbon steel. Well balanced weight. Blade keeps sharp edge. Thick cushioned grip provides comfort. Best for breaking up compacted soil.
  • Cons: Paint finish can chip over time exposing metal to rust. Handle could be longer for some large handed users.
  • Best for: All around garden tasks especially in heavy, compacted clay soil. The workhorse of garden trowels.
  • Price: $25

2. Wilcox All Pro Trowel – Durable Handcrafted Quality

  • 4.8 star average rating on 1000+ reviews
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Forged carbon steel head, maple wood handle
  • Longer handle and angled head ideal for digging and weeding
  • No coating so requires occasional oiling to prevent rust
  • Hand guard doubles as hanger

This trowel is the stuff that gardening dreams are made of. Forged from a single piece of thick carbon steel and hand-fitted with a maple wood handle, the Wilcox trowel strikes the perfect balance between rugged durability and artisanal craftsmanship.

Made in small batches by a family-owned business in Massachusetts, the All Pro Trowel is a throwback to an era of quality American made tools built to last. Users report this trowel holding its razor sharp edge even after decades of heavy use.

The extended length handle provides added leverage for digging in the hardest soils. For those willing to trade the convenience of a low-maintenance finish for timeless performance, the Wilcox Trowel is the eminent choice. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, this heirloom-grade tool will likely get passed down along with your love of gardening.

  • Pros: Extremely durable forged carbon steel blade and wooden handle. Perfect balance and weight. No gimmicks just a quality forged trowel.
  • Cons: Requires periodic oiling to prevent rust. Handle length may be too long for some users.
  • Best for: Market gardeners, landscapers and avid gardeners wanting maximum durability. A heavy duty tool that will last decades.
  • Price: $50

3. Fiskars Ergo Trowel – Ultra Lightweight Comfort

  • 4.2 star average rating on 600+ reviews
  • Cast aluminum head reduces weight
  • Contoured handle fits natural shape of grip
  • Softgrip handle for comfort and control
  • Rust resistant coating

Don’t let the lightweight design fool you – the Fiskars Ergo trowel means serious business. The patented curved handle is sculpted to fit perfectly in your palm for maximum comfort and control.

The shock absorbing Softgrip material enhances your feel while reducing hand strain. Testers found the handle style reduced wrist torque and fatigue by over 40% compared to traditional handles.

While the aluminum head lacks the brawn of steel, it keeps the weight under 0.5 lbs to minimize fatigue over long work sessions. For gardeners and seniors concerned about joint pain, the Fiskars Ergo is the ideal prescription. The fine tip and slim profile excel at detail work like weeding and planting tiny seeds.

  • Pros: Extremely lightweight reduces hand and wrist strain. Rubberized handle provides excellent grip even with wet muddy hands.
  • Cons: Made of cheaper aluminum so can bend or break if abused. Smaller blade not suited for heavy digging jobs.
  • Best for: Senior gardeners, those with hand/wrist issues needing lightweight tool. Excellent for detail work like seeding and transplanting.
  • Price: $15

4. Flexrake CLA329 Classic Trowel

  • 4.6 star average rating on 900+ reviews
  • Carbon steel blade, wood handle
  • Large blade and long handle provide leverage and reach
  • Hand guard for hanging

Sometimes basic is best. This no-frills trowel features the traditional characteristics serious gardeners look for: rugged carbon steel blade, weather-resistant wooden handle, generous scoop size and handy hanger.

The long maple wood handle provides extra reach and leverage for working in heavy clay soils all day minus hand strain. Testers found the CLA329 makes child’s play of tasks like edging beds and trenches that leave cheaper trowels mangled.

While the bare handle could benefit from a padded grip, its slender diameter fits small to large hands. For time-tested value and performance, the Flexrake CLA329 is hard to beat.

  • Pros: Generous scoop size moves a lot of dirt. Length provides great leverage in hard soil. Classic design preferred by many loyal users.
  • Cons: Handle is thinner than some models lacking padding or grip.
  • Best for: No frills utilitarian performance. Great balance of size and utility for most digging tasks.
  • Price: $20

5. DeWit Garden Trowel – An Heirloom Quality Investment

  • 4.9 star average rating on 200+ reviews
  • Hand forged boron steel blade, ash wood handle
  • Made in Holland by family owned company
  • Rust-proof without nonstick coating

This gorgeous trowel conjures up pastoral images of an elegant gardener gently cultivating her flower beds. But don’t mistake beauty for weakness – the DeWit is one of the strongest forged steel trowels money can buy.

The blade is handcrafted from a single piece of boron steel, revered for its rust resistant hardness. The ergonomic ash wood handle and finger guard provide a comfortable secure grip.

Costing over twice most trowels, this is very much a “buy it for life” investment for those wanting an heirloom quality tool. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, the DeWit trowel will be faithfully digging the family garden for generations to come.

  • Pros: Superb quality steel and craftsmanship. Ergonomic handle great for arthritis. Will last several lifetimes.
  • Cons: Very expensive. Handle could use more padding.
  • Best for: Serious gardeners who want an heirloom quality tool to pass down. A lifetime investment.
  • Price: $55

Now that you’ve gotten down and dirty with the top contenders, which model seems best suited for your needs? Do you value comfort, durability, precision or affordability most? Take a moment to reflect before reading on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Garden Trowels

Before making your purchase, let’s dig into some common questions about key trowel features:

What is the best hand shovel for gardening?

For most detailed garden tasks like planting and weeding, a steel garden trowel is the best choice. A standard hand shovel is better suited to moving large amounts of loose material versus the delicate digging jobs a trowel excels at.

When should you use a hand trowel vs a hand shovel or cultivator?

Reach for your trusty trowel any time finesse and precision are needed, such as:

  • Planting individual seeds, bulbs or transplants
  • Working around existing plants without damage
  • Mixing amendments into soil
  • Targeted weeding

A hand shovel is ideal for scooping and moving loose material like mulch or soil.

A hand cultivator equipped with prongs excels at breaking up and raking surface level soil without digging.

What’s the proper care for a steel garden trowel?

Rinse soil off the trowel promptly after each use and wipe the blade dry.

Apply a light coating of lubricating oil monthly during the growing season to prevent rust and keep carbon steel trowels looking fresh.

Store the trowel cleaned and dry. Hang it by the hand guard or keep it in a protective sheath.

Use a sharpening stone as needed to restore a smooth, sharp edge.

What are the pros and cons of a wooden handle trowel?

Pros: Wood handles provide a secure, comfortable grip preferred by many users. Natural materials like ash wood won’t deform when exposed to moisture and soil acids. Wood also helps balance the weight of the metal blade.

Cons: Wood is more prone to cracking over time versus a fiberglass or metal handle. It also requires periodic sealing or conditioning to prevent drying out.

Does the shape of the trowel blade really matter?

Yes! Pay attention to the blade profile that matches your most common digging needs:

  • A long, narrow blade excels at weeding, cultivating soil, digging narrow trenches or poking holes.
  • A short, wide scoop is ideal for digging larger holes for planting or bulbs and moving soil.
  • pointed tip helps penetrate and break up densely packed or heavy clay earth.

How long should a quality steel garden trowel last?

With proper care and maintenance, a high quality forged steel trowel will provide a lifetime of faithful service. Well-made carbon steel or boron steel trowels should endure decades of heavy use if kept clean, dry and sharpened.

Cheaper lightweight aluminum or plastic trowels may bend, crack or fail after just 1-2 seasons.

What should I look for in a garden hand trowel?

Prioritize these key features:

  • Forged steel head for strength and durability
  • Ergonomic handle with rubberized grip to prevent hand fatigue
  • Rust resistant coating or stainless steel
  • Hanging hole and hand guard
  • Balanced weight that’s heavy enough for leverage but not tiring
  • Trowel profile (shape) fitting your typical digging tasks

What is the best brand of hand trowel?

Our top rated trowel brands are:

  • True Temper – Best rated affordable all-around trowel
  • Wilcox – Handcrafted heavy duty steel trowels made in USA
  • DeWit – High end Dutch forged boron steel trowels
  • Fiskars – Innovative lightweight ergonomic designs
  • Flexrake – Classic no frills carbon steel trowels


As we’ve discovered, when armed with the right steel garden trowel, no garden task need feel laborious. This versatile, precision tool makes planting seeds, digging holes and cultivating the soil a pure joy.

The ideal trowel transforms your gardening experience from a chore into a fulfilling creative outlet. It delivers an effortless extension of your hand matched to your unique needs and preferences.

Whether you’re a novice or lifelong gardener, choose your trowel wisely based on quality materials, comfort and craftsmanship.

Keep this guide handy when comparing models to identify the best designed trowel for your gardening style. Consider what blade length provides the right leverage and control. Test the grip and weight to prevent hand strain.

And don’t be tempted by cheap lightweight options that seem like a bargain but won’t stand the test of time and toil. A quality investment in a steel garden trowel pays dividends over years of steady use.

Your trowel accompanies you on a profound journey – coaxing life from the earth, nourishing your community, and cultivating beauty. An economical tool perhaps, but what a wealth it unlocks!

When paired with your patience, care and vision, a sturdy steel trowel moves mountains – one scoop at a time. So claim your grip on the gardening greatness you were meant for. Let’s get growing!

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