Get Cozy with the Best Hanging Cocoon Chairs

Have you ever wanted to curl up and relax in a comfy nest hanging in the air? That’s exactly what you get with a hanging cocoon chair! These cozy egg-shaped seats are becoming incredibly popular for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Hanging cocoon chairs allow you to gently rock and sway while snuggled inside a soft, enveloping shell. The cocoon shape provides a supremely comfortable seated position and a sense of privacy while also supporting your back. Plus, they add a fun and inviting feature to any room or outdoor area.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of owning a cocoon chair and review the top 5 highest rated models on the market. You’ll learn how to choose the best cocoon chair based on your needs, get tips on setup and use, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Let’s get cozy!

Why Choose a Hanging Cocoon Chair?

What makes cocoon chairs so special? Here are some of the best features:

  • Total comfort – The cocoon shape cradles your body for superior comfort and support. The angled seat allows you to sit back and put your feet up.
  • Relaxation – Gentle rocking and swaying motions are naturally soothing. The enclosed feeling creates a private oasis.
  • Versatility – Cocoon chairs work for indoor and outdoor use. Their portable, lightweight design lets you hang them anywhere.
  • Affordability – Quality cocoon chairs are available at affordable prices, unlike more expensive hanging chairs like egg chairs.
  • Style – Cocoon chairs add a playful, fun touch to your space. They come in vibrant colors and patterns to match your style.

Hanging cocoon chairs provide a cozy spot to retreat to alone or share with a partner or child. There’s no better place to read, nap, cuddle up, or sway in the breeze. Let’s explore the top options!

Selecting the Best Hanging Cocoon Hammock Chair

When choosing a cocoon chair, there are a few key factors to consider:


  • Single – Perfect for one adult or child. Best for small spaces.
  • Double – Designed for two people. Allows cuddling! Ideal for outdoor use.

Make sure to check the weight capacity to ensure the chair can handle you or multiple occupants.

Weight Capacity

  • 200-300 lbs – For single adult use. Look for higher capacity if sharing.
  • 400+ lbs – Best for two adults or larger individuals.


  • Cotton – Natural material that’s soft and breathable. Requires protection from weather.
  • Polyester – Synthetic fabric that is weather-resistant and durable.
  • Canvas – Heavier woven cotton material that is very sturdy. Good for outdoor use.

Hanging Style

  • Rope – Typically comes with a hanging kit with ceiling hooks for indoor use. Easy to install.
  • Stand – Free standing steel stand that lets you hang the chair anywhere without installing hardware. Provides more stability.
  • Ceiling hook – Requires drilling eye bolts into a beam to hang from. Most secure indoor option.
  • Tree limb – Rope or straps can be tossed over a sturdy tree branch outdoors. Portable option.

Additional Features

  • Removable pillow – For extra neck and lumbar support.
  • Pockets – Handy for storing items securely as you lounge.
  • Footrest – Small hammock or sling for resting your feet on.
  • Canopy – For shade from sun or rain.

Once you know what to look for, it’s time to check out the top cocoon chairs on the market! Here are 5 of the best selling and highest rated options:

Top 5 Hanging Cocoon Chairs

1. alphatrek Cocoon Chair

With over 5,000 reviews, the alphatrek cocoon chair is a customer favorite for its quality and comfort.

The alphatrek is made of soft, breathable cotton canvas with reinforced stitching. It’s generously sized to accommodate adults up to 265 pounds.

This hanging chair includes a free standing steel frame so no need to install hardware. The frame lets you rock and rotate a full 360 degrees. It’s also portable to move anywhere.

Padded head and lumbar pillows provide extra support. Side pockets give handy storage. This cocoon chair comes in 13 colors like turquoise, magenta, and gray.

Pros: Sturdy stand, breathable cotton, great padding, high weight capacity, portable, lots of color choices

Cons: Stand takes up more space, canvas may stretch over time

Best for: Indoor and outdoor use, ability to move/rotate chair, padding support

2. Island Bay Rio Hanging Chair

Another top seller, this Island Bay chair has a more affordable price point while still delivering quality and comfort.

It’s crafted from soft yet durable polyester with triple-stitched seams. The fabric is UV-resistant to prevent sun damage.

With a 300 pound weight capacity, it easily fits one adult or two kids. The single size cocoon provides intimacy without taking up much room.

This chair includes a hanging kit with reinforced straps and ceiling hooks. Easy to set up indoors from a beam or outdoors on a patio. Doesn’t come with a stand.

Matching polyester pillows give added comfort. Available in gray, green, blue and purple solids to match any decor.

Pros: Inexpensive, weather-resistant polyester, decent weight capacity, comes with full hanging kit

Cons: No stand option, materials not as breathable

Best for: Budget choice, easy indoor or outdoor setup, hanging over stand

3. ACCME Hanging Chair

Get a spacious and sturdy chair handmade from 100% natural Brazilian cotton.

This quality cocoon holds over 400 pounds yet weighs just 6 pounds. The breathable cotton conforms to your body for superior comfort.

It ships with strong hanging ropes and carabiners for easy installation. Sturdy enough for outdoor use too.

This single chair is generously sized. Great for taller or larger adults. The off-white color works anywhere.

Matching ottoman and armrests provide additional relaxation options!

Pros: 100% cotton, very high weight capacity, roomy single size, includes installation hardware

Cons: Not stand or frame option, plain color

Best for: Indoor or outdoor use, very durable material, larger individuals

4. Inspired Home Willow Hanging Chair

The Inspired Home cocoon chair offers an extra roomy seat with an elegant look.

Expertly crafted from handwoven natural wicker over a steel frame, it provides durable support. The frame allows gentle rocking motions.

Designed to hold over 300 pounds, this spacious, rounded cocoon provides premium comfort.

Foam cushions line the back and headrest. The wicker helps airflow while giving privacy. Includes ceiling hooks and hardware for hanging.

With its neutral wicker look, this hanging chair works anywhere from the patio to the bedroom.

Pros: Handwoven wicker is breathable and durable, large size, includes hardware

Cons: More expensive, wicker may fray over time

Best for: Indoor/outdoor use, elegance and style, larger individuals

5. FineGood Chair

For a hanging cocoon on a budget, the FineGood chair delivers comfort at just over $100.

The removable cotton cover is soft, breathable, and machine washable. Inside, the polyfill cushioning provides pillow-like support all around you.

This single cocoon holds up to 265 pounds yet folds down compactly. Great for traveling or storing out of season. Sets up anywhere with included straps.

Choose from colored cotton covers like blue stripe, grey stripe, or white polka dot. Add a touch of boho flair to your space.

Pros: Very inexpensive, soft cotton cover, portable and compact, fun patterns

Cons: Lower weight capacity, cover needs washing, less durable

Best for: Very budget friendly, portability, seasonal or part-time use

As you can see, cocoon chairs offer versatility, durability, and cozy comfort – all at an affordable price! By evaluating your needs, space, and style you can find the perfect fit from these top rated options.

How to Hang and Use Your Cocoon Chair

Once you’ve purchased a cocoon chair, it’s time to hang it up and enjoy! Here are some tips for getting set up:

When choosing the location, make sure there is enough open space around the chair so you don’t bump walls or furniture when rocking. Select a stud or beam that can properly support the weight.

For indoor setup, install strong ceiling hooks or eye bolts into a sturdy beam. For concrete ceilings, use anchors. Leave space between screw points for straps. Follow all included hanging directions.

Outdoors you can hang cocoon chairs from patio roofs, beams, or tree branches. Make sure the branch is alive and healthy, at least 6 inches thick, and hangs at least 3 feet from the ground. Use weatherproof hardware like coated eye bolts.

With a free standing frame or stand, simply place in the desired spot, insert the chair, and enjoy! Rotate or swivel it as desired.

To get in and out, sit backwards with one leg in, slowly lower yourself, then swing your other leg inside. Reverse to get out. Move slowly to keep the chair stable.

Many chairs come with handy extras like pockets, pillows, ottomans, and canopies – use them for added comfort!

Follow care instructions to clean the fabric as needed and keep chair ropes and hardware in good condition. With proper use, a quality cocoon chair will last for years.

Now that your chair is set up, it’s time to enjoy your new favorite relaxing cocoon!

Frequently Asked Cocoon Chair Questions (FAQs)

Are cocoon chairs suitable for outdoor use?

Many cocoon chairs are designed for indoor or outdoor use, provided the fabric is fade and weather resistant like polyester canvas. Look for models specifically made for outdoor spaces.

What is the weight capacity?

Weight capacities range from about 200 to 400+ pounds. Single chairs around 250 pounds are common. Double chairs often hold up to 400 pounds for two people. Check manufacturer specs.

How long do they last?

Quality cocoon chairs can last 5 years or longer with proper care and materials like thick cotton, sturdy polyester, or tough wicker. Check reviews and warranties.

Can you sleep overnight in a cocoon chair?

Some models may be comfortable for napping but overnight sleep is not really recommended – you likely won’t wake up feeling very refreshed!

Are cocoon chairs difficult to get in and out of?

It can be challenging the first few times but you get the hang of it! Move slowly, sit backwards first before lowering yourself in. They are easier than sling chairs.

What is the best way to install them?

Hanging from ceiling hooks is easiest for indoor use. For outdoors, trees, beams or freestanding stands work well. Follow the manufacturer’s exact directions.

How do you clean them?

Spot clean stains gently with a damp cloth. Removable covers can be removed and washed. Do not immerse chair in water or use harsh cleaners.

What brand is the highest quality?

Some top rated brands are alphatrek, Island Bay, ACCME, Inspired Home, and FineGood. Compare materials, weight limits, and reviews.

Where can I buy them?

Major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target carry cocoon chairs, along with specialty online stores. Browse options and colors online or in-store.

Can I return if I don’t like it?

Most retailers accept returns within 30 days as long as the chair is undamaged in original packaging. Always check return policies.

Relax in Style and Comfort

After learning all about the benefits, top brands, setup, and commonly asked questions, you’ll be ready to buy your dream cocoon chair!

These hanging seats provide a comfy escape whether placed indoors in your family room or outdoors on the patio. Their cozy vibe and gentle motions encourage relaxation.

With proper use and care, a quality cocoon chair can be enjoyed for years to come. So go ahead – treat yourself to a lovable cocoon of your very own. Your new favorite reading, napping, swinging, and cuddling spot awaits!

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