Grow Up! Create Your Own Vertical Garden with Wall-Mounted Plant Hangers

Gone are the days of just placing houseplants on tables and shelves! More plant parents are discovering the beauty and benefits of displaying their leafy green friends on walls and other vertical spaces. Welcome to the wonderful world of wall-mounted plant hangers!

Vertical gardens are soaring in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Hanging plants on walls or fences frees up valuable floor and shelf space. It creates chic and unique green artwork throughout your indoor and outdoor living areas. Displaying plants at eye level makes it convenient to care for and enjoy them.

If you’re ready to maximize your vertical real estate, read on to discover the top picks for wall-mounted plant hangers. We’ll also share key factors to consider when selecting hangers, plus tips for setting up, maintaining, and choosing optimal plants for your living wall garden. Let’s go vertical!

Top 5 Vertical Wall Plant Hangers

When shopping for wall-mounted plant holders, you’ll find there are lots of excellent options to choose from. Here are 5 of the top-rated vertical garden hangers loved by indoor gardeners:

Umbra Trigg Wall Planter

This popular metal hanger provides a chic way to display your plants. The Trigg Wall Planter features a powder coated steel frame with adjustable leather straps that convert it from wall mount to tabletop use.

  • Photo of Umbra Trigg Wall Planter
  • Comes in white, black, green, and natural brown color options
  • Holds pots up to 6 inches wide
  • Handles up to 15 pounds
  • Arms extend up to 34 inches wide
  • Budget-friendly price point under $25

Pros: Very affordable, modern aesthetic, convertible from wall to tabletop

Cons: Only accommodates smaller pots, leather straps may stretch over time

Best for: Small to medium potted plants, herbs, trailing vines

Urban Trends Metal Wall Grid Plant Holder

This classic grid frame is an inexpensive way to hang multiple pots in organized rows. The Urban Trends Metal Wall Grid offers versatile configurations for plants of many sizes.

  • Photo of Urban Trends Metal Wall Grid
  • Durable powder coated steel construction
  • Holds up to 9 pots depending on size
  • Weight capacity of 26 pounds
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Grid openings range from 7-11 inches wide
  • Retail price around $35

Pros: Sturdy, adjustable openings, holds many pots

Cons: Bulky metal visual, lacks modern aesthetic

Best for: Heavier plants, customized arrangements

Sorbus Geometric Metal Planter Holder

Add a contemporary vibe to your vertical garden with these hexagon-shaped geometric plant hangers. The Sorbus Geometric Metal Planter Holder offers a modular, honeycomb-style wall display.

  • Photo of Sorbus Geometric Hangers
  • Set includes 3 hexagons made of powder coated iron
  • Each holds 1 pot up to 6 inches wide
  • Extends 14 inches off the wall
  • Holds up to 10 pounds per hexagon
  • Sells for around $27 for a set of 3

Pros: Cool modern design, convenient modular pieces

Cons: Limited weight capacity per hanger

Best for: Creating a graphic wall arrangement

MKAMO Adhesive Wall Planter Hooks

These practical epoxy resin mounts provide an easy peel-and-stick way to hang lighter plants. The MKAMO Adhesive Wall Planter Hooks offer a simple approach for small vertical gardens.

  • Photo of MKAMO Adhesive Hangers
  • Set of 4 white plastic hangers with adhesive backing
  • Holds pots up to 6 inches wide
  • Rated for 3-5 pound weight capacity
  • Adhesive can be reused 4-5 times
  • Budget buy at around $12 per set

Pros: Super easy to install, very affordable

Cons: Only for light plants, adhesive has limited uses

Best for: Air plants, small potted herbs and foliage

Totally Bamboo Wall Mounted Hanging Planter

For an eco-friendly vibe, this bamboo hanger adds natural style. The Totally Bamboo Wall Mounted Hanging Planter provides an attractive option for a single dramatic plant.

  • Photo of bamboo hanger
  • Sustainably harvested bamboo construction
  • Rustic design with integrated mounting bracket
  • Holds 1 pot up to 8 inches wide
  • Accommodates plants up to 40 pounds
  • Priced around $30

Pros: Stylish natural design, generous weight capacity

Cons: Only holds 1 pot, pricier than other options

Best for: Statement plants like large trailing philodendrons

How to Choose the Best Vertical Wall Plant Hanger

With so many wall-mounted plant holder designs available, it can be tricky to select the right option for your needs. Here are the key factors to consider while shopping:

Weight capacity is critical. Choose hangers that can comfortably support the mature size of the plants you want to display. Check manufacturer specs on how much weight each style safely holds.

Materials like powder coated metal and wrought iron tend to offer the most durability for heavier plants. Plastic, resin, and bamboo work well for lighter, smaller plants but may not have as long of a lifespan.

Look for models with adjustable arms or openings that allow you to customize the width between multiple hanging pots. Flexible hangers that let you arrange plants at your preferred heights are also nice to have.

Carefully review the mounting system on any hangers you’re considering. Make sure it will properly work with the material of the wall you want to display plants on. Some attach with screws, some use adhesive, and others have magnetic bases.

And of course, choose options that fit your decor style! Mixing modern geometric, rustic bamboo, or sleek contemporary hangers creates an expression unique to you.

Take measurements of the wall area you have in mind for a vertical garden. This will help you select appropriately sized hangers and pots for the space.

Overall, opt for high-quality, sturdy materials to ensure your hangers securely and safely display your treasured plants. With proper care, the right hardware can support your living wall garden for many years to come.

Setting Up Your Vertical Garden

Once you’ve selected fabulous wall-mounted plant hangers, it’s time to put them to use! Follow these steps for installing and arranging your new vertical garden:

Choose a well-lit indoor or covered outdoor wall space with adequate room to grow. Most plants will thrive best with some natural sunlight. Just avoid harsh direct light that can scorch delicate leaves and roots.

Make sure the wall itself can structurally support the weight of mature plants in hanging pots. For heavy displays, look for solid mounting points like wall studs or use special anchors.

Carefully follow manufacturer directions to correctly install each hanger. Proper use of provided hardware like screws or adhesive is crucial. Reinforce with additional anchors if needed for very heavy plants.

Get creative and play with arranging mixed sizes and shapes of plant pots! Combining round, square, symmetrical and asymmetrical forms makes for visually pleasing design.

Use trailing vine plants, climbing flowering plants, cascading ferns and other greenery to get multi-layered hanging arrangements. Go for a jungle look!

Place each plant in its pot and situate them into the hangers. Step back occasionally to ensure you’ve allowed enough space between plants for future growth.

Water thoroughly once all plants are mounted. Check that nothing leaks or drains oddly at this stage. Make any adjustments needed.

Finally, stand back and admire your vertical plant wall garden! Finding creative ways to display plants lets you appreciate their tranquil beauty every day.

Caring for Wall-Mounted Plants

Plants perched on wall mounts will thrive with the same basic care as their floor-dwelling friends. But their positioning does mean focusing special attention on:

Light: Supplement with grow lights if your vertical garden area lacks natural sunlight. Rotate or prune plants to ensure all foliage gets evenly lit.

Water: Check soil frequently and water whenever the top layer feels dry. Take care not to overwater and cause drips.

Fertilizer: Use a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength. Feed plants about once a month during the growing season.

Pruning: Trim back wandering tendrils, vines or stems to keep plants from overtaking nearby pots.

Dusting: Wall plants attract dust! Wipe leaves gently with a soft cloth to remove buildup.

Repotting: Shift rootbound plants into larger pots. Trim back roots if heavily tangled before repotting.

Pests: Check closely for any bugs and treat early with organic sprays if found. Quarantine infested plants.

Safety: Ensure all hangers are securely mounted and attached properly to the wall at all times.

Best Plants for Vertical Wall Gardens

When selecting plants, consider factors like growth rate, maximum size, sunlight needs, watering requirements and growing habits. Here are great options to grow happily on walls:

Trailing vine plants like ivy, pothos and philodendrons are natural choices with their beautiful draping stems. Heartleaf philodendron and silver satin pothos cascade wonderfully.

Climbing flowering plants can wind their way up walls next to compatible trailing plants. Floriferous picks like mandevilla, passionflower, and clematis vines bloom prolifically.

Add unique color and texture with polka dot plants, purple waffle plants, nerve plants and more. Let them contrast with trailing green vines.

Succulents and cacti are no-fuss options perfect for beginners. Hens-and-chicks, burro’s tail, echeveria and prickly pear are low maintenance.

Vary your greenery with the lacy fronds of small ferns or interesting leaves of herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano. Let them fill in around other plants.

Mix and match plants with different growth habits for a lush multi-layered look. Cascading, mounding and vining plants combined create visual depth.

Play around with plant sizes, leaf textures, colors and shapes to design your own unique living artwork. The options are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall-Mounted Plant Hangers

If you’re new to the world of vertical gardening, chances are you have plenty of questions. Here are answers to some of the key FAQs about wall-mounted plant hangers:

How much weight can wall plant hangers safely hold?

This varies widely by hanger design and materials. Check manufacturer specs, but typically metal hangers hold 25-40 lbs, plastic/bamboo hangers 10-15 lbs, and adhesive hooks under 5 lbs.

What’s the best way to mount hangers on drywall vs. brick walls?

For drywall, use screw-mounted hangers and anchor into wall studs when possible. For brick, epoxy or silicone adhesive hangers form the strongest bond.

How often do I need to water wall-mounted plants?

Check soil daily and water whenever the top inch is dry. Plants on walls dry out faster than floor plants. Prompt watering prevents wilting.

What types of plants thrive best in wall-mounted pots?

Vining, trailing, cascading and climbing plants are naturals. Choose plants suited to the light level and water frequently to avoid drying out.

Should I choose plastic or metal hangers? What are pros and cons?

Metal is stronger and looks sleek, but plastic costs less. Buy metal for big/heavy plants, plastic for small/light ones. Bamboo is also nice for a natural look.

Do I need to install grow lights for my wall-mounted plant collection?

It depends on the natural sunlight in your space. If plants show signs of low light like leggy growth, supplement with LED grow lights.

How far apart should I space multiple hangers on one wall?

Leave at least 2 feet between hangers so plants have room to spread out. More for large/fast growing plants. Arrange creatively!

How can I prevent water from dripping on floors from wall-mounted plants?

Choose hangers with built-in saucers or place pots in decorative cachepots with saucers. Water carefully and not in excess.

Is it safe to mount plant hangers above appliances or electronics?

It’s best to avoid mounting directly above electronics in case of leaks. An outlet cover helps if needed nearby.

What’s the best way to clean dust and leaves from wall plant displays?

Use a soft brush or duster on leaves weekly. Remove plants from hangers occasionally to deep clean walls behind them.

The Sky’s the Limit with Vertical Gardening!

Wall-mounted plant hangers open up a whole new world of possibilities for showcasing your lovely plants. Select hangers wisely, experiment with fun plant arrangements, and care for your vertical gardens diligently. Soon you’ll have beautiful living artwork blossoming in spaces you never imagined!

Now that you know the basics for creating plant walls, it’s time to pick your wall space and get hanging. Start with just a few pots and see how they thrive. Then expand your green thumbs…err, walls from there.

Browse the excellent vertical plant hanger options featured here to find your favorites. Bring warmth, life and vibrant nature to your home by unleashing plants from the confines of floors and tables. Grow up and let your plants climb, cascade and flourish in fresh new ways. Your living wall garden awaits!

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