Haul It All With Tractor Supply Trailers

Trailers are an invaluable tool for tackling big jobs or transporting large loads, and Tractor Supply has a massive selection to choose from. As both a hobby farmer and weekend DIY warrior, I rely on my trusty Tractor Supply trailer for all kinds of projects around the homestead. Let’s dive into the versatile lineup of rugged and affordable Tractor Supply trailers that can get the job done.

An Overview of Tractor Supply’s Trailer Selection

From livestock trailers to utility models, Tractor Supply carries trailers suitable for just about any task. Here’s a quick rundown of the types available:

  • Enclosed Cargo Trailers – Fully enclosed with lockable doors, these protect your gear from the elements and prevent theft. I use my enclosed Tractor Supply trailer as a mobile workshop for larger woodworking projects.
  • Open Flatbed Utility Trailers – The open design is perfect for hauling bulky items like landscaping materials, furniture or farming equipment. I use my flatbed to tow hay bales, straw and manure around the property.
  • Dump Trailers – Equipped with a hydraulic lift, these trailers make quick work of unloading loose materials like dirt, gravel or mulch. Dump trailers are a must for major landscaping jobs.
  • Livestock Trailers – From basic livestock models to deluxe trailers with living quarters, Tractor Supply has you covered for transporting horses, cattle, sheep and other farm animals.
  • ATV & UTV Trailers – Lightweight and compact trailers designed for off-road use with ATVs and UTVs. I use my ATV trailer for hauling tools, gear and small loads on the trails.
  • Motorcycle & Snowmobile Trailers – For securely transporting your bike or sled from point A to point B. Tractor Supply has open and enclosed options to choose from.
  • Car Hauler Trailers – Safely tow your car, truck or SUV on Tractor Supply’s car hauler trailers. They come in sizes to handle anything from small sedans to heavy equipment.
  • Concession Trailers – Mobile food vendors will appreciate Tractor Supply’s selection of concession trailers perfect for starting a food truck business.

So whether you need to move hay bales or construction materials, Tractor Supply has you covered with heavy-duty, commercial-grade trailers ready for any challenge.

Built Tough for Heavy Use

From my experience, Tractor Supply trailers are workhorses that can handle repetitive heavy use. They’re not designed for just occasional light jobs like some cheaper models.

The main reasons Tractor Supply trailers stand up to heavy duty work:

  • Thick steel construction – From the frame to the decking, Tractor Supply trailers use thick, high-tensile steel. This provides maximum durability.
  • Coated/galvanized finishes – Many Tractor Supply trailers have a galvanized finish and others feature a powder coated paint. This protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Durable axles and suspensions – Whether leaf spring, torsion or rubber axles, Tractor Supply trailers have robust suspension systems able to bear heavy loads.
  • Long-lasting components – From the wheels and tires to the winch and wiring, every component is durable and designed for frequent use.
  • Reinforced stress points – Critical joints and structural areas are reinforced for enhanced strength right where it’s needed most.
  • Premium fasteners – Tractor Supply uses high-grade fasteners and hardware designed to stay tight, even under heavy use.

So while Tractor Supply trailers may cost a little more upfront, they save you money in the long run by standing up to years of hard work without the need for constant repairs or replacement.

Key Specs to Look For

Tractor Supply provides detailed specs for each trailer so you can choose the right model for your needs. Here are some of the key specs to consider:

  • Carrying capacity – This measures the maximum weight a trailer can safely support. Make sure to choose a capacity that fits your heaviest intended loads.
  • Deck size – The dimensions of usable loading space on the trailer. Pick a deck size that will fit your cargo.
  • Gross vehicle weight – The maximum allowable weight of the fully loaded trailer itself. A higher GVW provides durability.
  • Axle rating – The weight rating for the axle(s). Higher ratings equate to higher weight capacities.
  • Tire size – Larger tires can better handle the demands of heavy loads and rugged conditions.
  • Brake type – Electric and hydraulic surge brakes provide the best stopping power for heavier trailers.
  • Ramp/gate type – Fold-down ramps offer easier loading access than lift gates. Consider dual fold-down ramps for equipment trailers.

Paying attention to these vital specs helps ensure you get the right Tractor Supply trailer for the types of loads you need to tow.

Open and Enclosed Designs

Tractor Supply provides both open flatbed trailers and enclosed cargo trailers. Which is better for you?

Open flatbed trailers offer:

  • Better visibility – You can easily see your load.
  • More loading flexibility – Easily load oddly-shaped or oversized items.
  • Better ventilation – Lets rainwater drain and materials breathe.
  • Lower cost – Open flatbeds are cheaper than enclosed models.

Enclosed cargo trailers provide:

  • Protection from weather – Keep your cargo clean and dry.
  • Theft protection – Enclosed trailer contents are not visible.
  • Climate control – Easier to control temperature and airflow.
  • Versatility – Use an enclosed trailer as a workshop, concession stand or living quarters.

I use both open and enclosed Tractor Supply trailers depending on the task at hand. Enclosed for weather-sensitive loads, open for heavy materials I’m not worried about getting wet. Think about when you’ll need open access versus enclosed security to decide which is better for your needs.

Outfit Your Trailer at Tractor Supply

Not only does Tractor Supply sell trailers, but their stores are also one-stop-shops for all your trailer accessories and parts. I can outfit my trailers with everything needed, including:

  • Tires & wheels – Tractor Supply has load-range trailer tires to handle heavy weights.
  • Lights & wiring – Pick up wiring kits, connectors, lights and accessories.
  • Jacks & levels – Scissor jacks, swivel jacks and other leveling devices.
  • Ramps – Additional ramps for easier loading and unloading.
  • Tie downs – Straps, hooks, anchors and chains keep cargo secure.
  • Couplers & hitches – Standard and adjustable couplers plus heavy-duty hitches and balls.
  • Doors & vents – Replacement doors, locks, hinges and ventilation upgrades.
  • Winches & cranes – Manual or electric winches help load heavy gear.
  • Fenders – Protect trailer sides from road debris with bolt-on fenders.

Outfitting your Tractor Supply trailer is a breeze thanks to their expansive inventory of towing upgrades and accessories.

Finding Trailers at Tractor Supply Stores and Online

Wondering where you can get your hands on a Tractor Supply trailer? You’ve got plenty of options:


Many Tractor Supply stores dedicate an entire section to trailers, making it easy browse available models. Stores also stock common replacement parts and accessories. Visit your local store to see trailers first-hand.


The Tractor Supply website has their full trailer selection available to view. Browse trailers by type or brand and see detailed descriptions and specifications for each model. You can purchase trailers online for delivery or in-store pickup.

Website Comparison Tool

Use Tractor Supply’s online comparison tool to directly compare different trailers across various specs, features and prices to help inform your buying decision. It’s a handy way to virtually “test drive” trailers.

Downloadable Catalog

Tractor Supply has downloadable catalogs with detailed information on trailer brands, models, features and specifications. These serve as handy offline references while trailer shopping.

So whether online or in person, Tractor Supply provides multiple ways to research trailers before making your ideal match. And their knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions!

Trailer Financing Options With Tractor Supply

Once you’ve picked out the perfect Tractor Supply trailer, they offer flexible financing options to help make ownership affordable:

Tractor Supply Credit Card

Get 6 months special financing on trailer purchases of $199 or more when you open and use a Tractor Supply Credit Card. This card also provides discounts and bonus points for purchases.

Tractor Supply Visa Card

This Visa card provides a low APR and up to 12 months special financing on trailer purchases of $999 or more. Plus, get 5% off your first Tractor Supply purchase. Ongoing rewards and discounts too.

Gift Cards

Gift cards make great birthday or holiday gifts that can be used to purchase a Tractor Supply trailer. Buy online or in-store.


Tractor Supply offers a lease-to-own program for trailers and other big purchases. Make manageable monthly payments until the trailer is paid off.

Bank Financing

Tractor Supply can connect you with lending partners that provide installment loans for trailer purchases. This allows flexible repayment terms.

With programs for every budget, Tractor Supply makes it easy to finance the trailer you need to get big jobs done.

Reserving Online for In-Store Pickup

Once I’ve researched trailers online and selected the right model, Tractor Supply makes it easy to handle the entire purchase process online – even picking up in-store.

Online Reservation Process

  • Browse trailers on their website and select the specific model you want.
  • Pick your preferred Tractor Supply location for in-store pickup.
  • Complete the online reservation form and submit payment.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email with your pickup details.

Benefits of Online Reservation

  • Ensures the trailer is held and ready for you to pickup.
  • Fast in-store pickup with prepaid order. No need to stand in checkout lines!
  • You can inspect the trailer thoroughly before taking it home.
  • Staff will assist with hitching it up to your vehicle.

Reserving a Tractor Supply trailer online for in-store pickup is super convenient. I love having my new trailer ready to roll as soon as I arrive.

Registering Your New Trailer Purchase

Purchasing a trailer is exciting, but remember – you’ll need to register it before hitting the road! Here’s how to get your new Tractor Supply trailer street legal:

  • Inspect VIN – Locate the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number. This will be needed for registration.
  • Insure Trailer – Purchase insurance to cover your trailer before taking it on public roads.
  • DMV Registration – Visit your local DMV office with your completed paperwork and fees to register the trailer.
  • Transfer Title – The previous owner will need to properly transfer ownership for the registration.
  • License Plate – You’ll receive a plate and registration sticker from the DMV for your trailer once registered.
  • Display Plate – Mount the license plate on the rear of the trailer so it is clearly visible.
  • Annual Renewal – Trailer registrations require annual renewal along with payment of yearly fees.

Take the time to properly register your new Tractor Supply trailer – you’ll avoid headaches and legal issues down the road!

How Tractor Supply Trailers Compare to Other Brands

With so many trailer brands on the market, you may be wondering how Tractor Supply models stack up against competitors. Here are some key comparisons:


Tractor Supply trailers are competitively priced with models that have similar build quality and features. You get excellent value for a durable, heavy-duty trailer.

Quality & Durability

Tractor Supply emphasizes quality components and construction to match trailers from leading brands. Their trailers are made to work hard season after season.

In-House Brands

Unique in-house brands like Trailermade provide high value. Comparable models from big names can cost much more.


Tractor Supply matches most brands for diversity of trailer types and sizes. From motorcycle trailers to livestock models, they have every category covered.

Features & Performance

Standard features and performance capabilities like cargo capacity, suspension ratings, brake systems, etc. are in line with top brands. You don’t sacrifice anything going with a Tractor Supply trailer.

Customer Support

Tractor Supply provides comparable support through warranty service, manuals/guides, knowledgeable staff and store facilities.

For a balance of quality, capabilities and value, Tractor Supply trailers exceed expectations and stack up nicely against the major brands.

Finding Used Tractor Supply Trailers For Sale

When buying used, Tractor Supply trailers have some key advantages:

Proven Durability

Well-built Tractor Supply trailers hold up to heavy use for years. Expect decades of service life from a used model.

Easy to Maintain

Simple, rugged construction with standard components make DIY repairs and maintenance easy.

Good Value

Used Tractor Supply trailers offer excellent value. You get serious capability without the premium price of other brands.

**Parts Availability **

Tractor Supply stores stock a wide range of trailer parts and accessories for any repair needs.

Selection of Styles

Tractor Supply’s diverse trailer selection means you can find a used model for any purpose – from livestock to concessions and more.

Where to find used Tractor Supply trailers:

  • Local classified ads – Check Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, newspaper ads, etc.
  • Auctions & estate sales – You can find well-cared for Tractor Supply trailers.
  • Consignment shops – Some consignment lots specialize in trailers and RVs.
  • Tractor Supply locations – Stores will sometimes sell used trade-in trailers onsite.
  • Trailer dealers – Dealers receive trade-ins that they resell as certified pre-owned units.

For an affordable used trailer with proven durability, it’s hard to beat a classic Tractor Supply model. Keep an eye out for deals on pre-owned units in your area.

Renting Tractor Supply Trailers For Short-Term Use

Tractor Supply doesn’t offer trailer rentals themselves, but you can often find their models at rental yards:


Many U-Haul locations rent open and enclosed Tractor Supply trailers by the day, week or month. Convenient for short-term needs.

Independent Rental Yards

Some independent trailer and RV rental companies have Tractor Supply models in their rental fleets. Search locally for availability.

Equipment Rental Yards

Construction and landscaping rental yards sometimes stock Tractor Supply utility trailers for rent. Perfect for DIY projects.

Livestock Traders

For hauling animals, livestock traders may rent out Tractor Supply livestock trailers including models with living quarters.

Peer-to-Peer Rentals

Check peer-to-peer rental platforms like RVShare where owners list their Tractor Supply trailers for rent. Affordable option.

While Tractor Supply doesn’t directly offer trailer rentals, their wide availability at rental companies makes it easy to find a Tractor Supply model for almost any short-term need.

Troubleshooting Common Tractor Supply Trailer Issues

Here are some troubleshooting tips for common trailer headaches:

Lights Not Working

  • Check connections for any loose wiring.
  • Inspect for broken lamps/LEDs and replace if needed.
  • Test with a circuit tester and replace bad wires.
  • Verify proper grounding and power supply from the tow vehicle.

Axle Alignment Problems

  • Check if spring hangers are broken or have slipped. Repair as needed.
  • Make sure leaf spring shackles are in place. Replace any missing ones.
  • Inspect axle for any damage or bending. Straighten or replace axle.

Rust Spots

  • Sand any surface rust and prime/paint to prevent spreading.
  • For deeper rust, cut out sections and weld in fresh steel sheet metal.

Fenders Rubbing on Tires

  • Loosen fender mounting bolts and adjust positioning to increase clearance.
  • Add a spacer between fender and mount to push out the fender.

Brake Issues

  • Low power – Bleed brakes and check brake fluid supply and lines.
  • Locking up – Adjust, lubricate or replace caliper slides as needed.
  • Noisy – Replace worn brake pads or lubricate pad backing plates.

With proper care and maintenance, Tractor Supply’s durable trailers will provide many years of reliable service. But when issues crop up, these troubleshooting tips can get you back on the road.

In Summary

With their rugged builds and competitive pricing, Tractor Supply trailers are ideal for tackling big hauling jobs. Their diverse selection offers open and enclosed models tailored for everything from moving livestock to transporting dirt. And Tractor Supply stores make it easy to accessorize and care for your trailer. For a heavy-duty workhorse that provides years of service, Tractor Supply trailers are a top choice. Let me know if you have any other questions about selecting the perfect trailer for your needs!

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