Keep It Flexible: A Pet Owner’s Guide to the Best Collapsible Silicone Pet Bowls

If you’re a pet owner who often travels with your furry companion or wants an easy-to-store feeding solution at home, a collapsible silicone pet bowl may be the perfect option for you. These innovative bowls bend and fold down into compact discs, making them ultra-portable and space-saving.

Collapsible bowls are usually made of durable food-grade silicone that springs back into shape for hassle-free use. Compared to traditional stainless steel or plastic bowls, collapsibles offer some great advantages like being lightweight, stain-resistant, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top collapsible silicone pet bowl products on the market. You’ll discover the ideal picks for your own pet based on breed size, eating habits, travel frequency, and other factors. We’ll also dive into the key features to compare and expert tips for choosing the best collapsible bowl for your needs. Let’s get started!

Showcasing the Top 5 Collapsible Silicone Pet Bowls

With collapsible pet bowls growing in popularity, there are now many brands and models to consider. To help narrow down the options, here are our top 5 recommended collapsible silicone bowls that offer convenience and versatility for pet owners:

1. ZIPTOP Pet Bowl by Pawfect Pets

This colorful zip-top bowl earns top marks for its clever collapsible design. It flattens down into a petite 1-inch disc that you can stash in a bag or drawer. The rounded square shape also makes it very stable and spill-proof.


  • BPA-free silicone
  • Vibrant color options
  • Zip-top lid for storage and travel
  • Non-slip silicone base
  • 4 cup capacity
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

Pros: Very compact and portable. Fun, eye-catching colors. Lid keeps contents secure. Generous capacity for pets.

Cons: Lid can be tricky for some pets to access independently. Limited color selection.

Best for: Pet owners who frequently travel or camp with pets. The secure lid and tiny storage size make this pick ideal for on-the-go use.

2. Collapsible Dog Bowl by Aoso

This budget-friendly pick offers impressive quality and convenience. The simple push-button collapse mechanism allows it to fold completely flat. We love the ergonomic design with its wide, stable base and anti-splash edges.


  • Food-safe silicone
  • Push button for easy collapsing
  • Non-slip base and rim
  • 2 cup capacity
  • Carry handle and ring
  • Multiple sizes and colors

Pros: Very easy to collapse and set up. Affordable price point. Generous capacity and smart anti-splash shape.

Cons: Lacks lid or carrying case. Hand wash only.

Best for: Pet owners seeking an intuitively designed, affordable collapsible bowl. Great for medium or large breed dogs.

3. Flexible Travel Pet Bowl by Milkay

If maximum portability is your priority, this super packable bowl delivers. It rolls up when collapsed to fit in pockets or clips onto bags. The food-grade silicone is durable yet soft enough to squeeze.


  • Food-safe, flexible silicone
  • Rolls up tightly when collapsed
  • Attached grommet for clipping
  • Lid with snap closure
  • 1 cup capacity
  • Optional carrying case

Pros: Extremely compact and packable. Lid and case allow for mess-free transport. Soft material easy to collapse.

Cons: Small capacity unsuitable for large pets. Can tip over if set on uneven surfaces.

Best for: Pet owners who need a portable feeding solution for short trips and small pets. Excellent for storing in purses or backpacks.

4. Pop Up Pet Bowl by Hike Crew

Both stylish and smartly designed, this bowl stands out for its popsicle-shaped silhouette and smooth setup. Silicone tabs on the bottom allow it to fold flat or pop up in a snap. The wide, stable base prevents tipping.


  • BPA-free silicone
  • Pops up from collapsed to expanded
  • Non-slip base and rim
  • 2 cup capacity
  • Includes carabiner and drawstring bag
  • Vibrant colors and modern design

Pros: Unique pop-up design for quick access. Wide base provides stability. Includes handy carry case and clip.

Cons: Slightly awkward shape to collapse. Lid not included.

Best for: Urban pet owners and those with an eye for sleek, modern style. Excellent for small spaces.

5. FlexiBowl Collapsible Bowl by URPOWER

If you want versatility, this adjustable bowl is the most adaptable option. Silicone allows it to transform from flat to low profile to full 2.5 inch height. This lets you fine tune based on your pet’s needs.


  • Food-safe silicone
  • Adjustable bowl heights
  • Non-slip base
  • 1.5 cup capacity
  • Optional lid available
  • Foldable design

Pros: Ability to adjust bowl height is unique and accommodating. Generous capacity for pets. Stable non-slip base.

Cons: Most expensive option. Bowl shape may limit accessibility for pets with short snouts.

Best for: Adaptable option allowing you to customize feeding height for your pet. Great for short or long snout dogs.

Those are our top recommended picks for collapsible silicone pet bowls that offer the ideal blend of portability, convenience, and everyday functionality. From zip-top security to adjustable designs, you’re sure to find the perfect travel-friendly feeding solution.

Key Factors in Choosing a Collapsible Silicone Pet Bowl

Beyond the top products, what features should factor into choosing your collapsible pet bowl? Here are the key criteria to keep in mind:

Your Pet’s Needs

Consider attributes like your pet’s breed size, eating habits, and how often they’ll need to use the bowl while traveling or out of the house.

  • Breed size – Select a bowl capacity suitable for your pet. Small or short snout breeds do well with smaller 1 cup bowls, while large or giant breeds require larger 2-4 cup bowls.
  • Eating habits – Messy drinkers and eager eaters benefit from bowls with non-slip bases and anti-splash rims to minimize messes. Slow poke pets do fine with basic models.
  • Travel frequency – If you take frequent trips with your pet look for a secure lid, carrying case, and a bowl that collapses as flat as possible for portability. Low-maintenance pets who travel less often simply need a collapsible design.

Key Features to Compare

Focus on collapsible bowls made of food-grade, non-toxic materials that offer convenience features tailored to your needs:

  • Materials – Opt for bowls made of 100% silicone which are safe, durable, and flexible. Ensure any plastic components are BPA-free and non-toxic.
  • Collapsibility – Look for bowls that fold completely flat or nearly flat for storage. Easy, one-handed mechanisms allow for quick setup.
  • Non-slip base – A wide, high-friction base prevents spills and sliding. Essential for active pets and unsteady surfaces.
  • Dishwasher safe – Bowls that can be tossed right in the dishwasher allow for quick, sanitary cleaning.
  • Carrying case – Cases or lids provide security during transportation and keep bowls protected in storage. Useful for frequent travelers.
  • Color options – Vibrant colors and modern designs suit different pet owner preferences.

Portability Perks

Collapsible bowls expressly cater to portability needs, but convenience factors vary:

  • Compact size – Ability to collapse down small enough to stash in purses, bags, or drawers when not in use. Discs under 3 inches in diameter are most portable.
  • Travel lids/cases – Lids with secure closures prevent spilling. Carrying cases provide storage on-the-go. For travel-savvy pet owners.
  • Lightweight – Under 1 pound when collapsed, so as not to add excessive weight to your load.
  • Easy to carry – Thoughtful handles or rings make transporting and hanging bowls a cinch.

User-Friendly Designs

You want a fuss-free bowl your pet can access independently:

  • Simple mechanisms – Push-button collapsing offers quick, one-handed setup from flat to expanded. Automated designs are ideal.
  • Stable, wide bases prevent tipping and sliding. Low center of gravity improves stability.
  • Non-slip bases provide traction on smooth floors. Essential for rambunctious pets.
  • Large handles make lifting and carrying full bowls simple. Concave shapes naturally fit your fingers.


A collapsible bowl still needs to stand the test of daily wear and tear:

  • Thick, flexible silicone – This bendable yet tough material holds up to frequent use. Avoid thin plastic-like materials prone to cracks.
  • Resists damage – Quality silicone shouldn’t warp, puncture, or rip under normal use. Withstands falls and fumbling.
  • Stain and odor resistant – Unlike porous plastic, silicone repels residue, stains, and odors. Easier to keep surfaces clean.
  • Indestructible design – Sturdy construction prevents damage from drops, weather, or actively chewing pets.

Easy Cleaning

Between drinks and mealtimes, bowls get grimy fast. Prioritize non-porous materials safe for the dishwasher:

  • Dishwasher safe – Save time and sanitize bowls along with dishes. Heat and pressure kill germs a hand wash can’t.
  • Smooth, non-porous surfaces – Silicone resists sticking, buildup, and grime compared to plastic alternatives.
  • Quick hand washing – When needed, silicone bowls can be easily cleaned with soap and hot water.

Special Features

Unique features allow you to customize picks to your pet’s preferences:

  • Multiple size options – Suit the needs of pets big and small with small, medium and large capacity bowls.
  • Built-in pour spouts – For neater pouring of food and water. Reduces splashing and messes.
  • Travel lids – Flip-top lids and secure closures keep contents in and bugs out.
  • Integrated food trays – Built-in trays allow for easy scooping and mixing of wet and dry foods.

Budget-Friendly Price

You don’t have to overspend to get a durable, well-designed collapsible bowl:

  • Set a budget – Expect to spend $10-$30 for a quality bowl, with more premium designs running $30+. Only splurge if a bowl has special features you need.
  • Compare prices – Look at cost differences between similar bowl capacities and designs across brands.
  • Focus on value – Don’t choose the cheapest flimsy bowl or most expensive one. Find the best combination of price, performance and design.

Collapsible Bowl FAQs

If it’s your first time purchasing a collapsible pet bowl, you may still have some questions. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked queries:

Are collapsible silicone bowls durable?

Yes, silicone is extremely flexible but also durable. It holds up to folding, traveling, drops, and chew-happy pets. Avoid thin or flimsy plastic bowls prone to cracking. Quality silicone also resists stains and odors.

Are collapsible bowls easy to clean?

Yes, the smooth non-porous silicone prevents residue buildup and allows for quick cleaning. Most are dishwasher safe for added convenience. Avoid bowls with hard to reach crevices.

How do you keep collapsible bowls from moving?

Many collapsible bowls have integrated non-slip silicone bases to prevent sliding. Opt for a wide, low center of gravity design. Use bowls on flat, even surfaces and never place on edges where they could tip over.

Can you put hot foods/liquids in silicone bowls?

Yes, food-grade silicone is heat-resistant up to 400°F. Let bowls fully cool before handling to prevent burns. Not recommended for direct stovetop heating.

Are collapsible bowls suitable for all pets?

Bowls with 1 cup capacity or more work for most dogs and cats based on breed size. Not ideal for smaller pets like guinea pigs or hamsters who require shallow, stable bowls.

What are collapsible bowls made of?

Most are made from 100% food-grade silicone which is flexible, durable, and non-toxic. Some lids and bases may be plastic but should be BPA-free.

Should I get a collapsible bowl with a lid?

Lids minimize spills during travel and outdoor use. Not strictly necessary for pets who are tidy eaters and drinkers when used at home indoors.

How do I clean silicone pet bowls?

Hand wash or dishwasher. Use mild soap and warm water. For thorough cleaning, occasionally sanitize bowls by boiling, using pet-safe cleaners, or popping in the dishwasher.

How much water/food can collapsible bowls hold?

Depends on size – small bowls hold 1 cup, medium 1.5-2 cups, and large bowls 2.5+ cups. Measure your pet’s typical portion sizes to determine the right capacity.

Can pets chew or damage silicone bowls?

Silicone is quite tough, but aggressive chewing pets may be able to puncture or tear bowls over time. Pick sturdy models. Supervise pets who are known chewers.

We hope these commonly asked questions offer more insight into choosing and using collapsible silicone pet bowls. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other specific queries!

The Takeaway: Why Collapsible Bowls Are a Versatile Feeding Option

In the end, collapsible silicone pet bowls offer major advantages over traditional feeding options thanks to their convenience, portability, and customizable features.

Compared to stainless steel or plastic bowls, collapsibles are lightweight and compact yet still sturdy and easy to clean. Their bendable design enables them to shrink down for hassle-free storage and transport without sacrificing everyday utility.

Based on your pet’s needs – whether for travel or everyday home use – you’re sure to find the perfect pick from the top collapsible bowl models we covered. Focus on critical features like generous capacity, non-slip bases, secure lids, and dishwasher-safe materials to suit your pet care requirements.

We hope this detailed collapsible bowl guide gave you the key factors to consider and top product recommendations to choose a feeding essential with maximum versatility. Please share any feedback or questions in the comments below! Let us know if you decide to try out a collapsible bowl and how your pet likes it.

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