Keep Your Closet Organized and Wrinkle-Free with Velvet Hangers

Do you constantly find yourself re-hanging fallen clothes or ironing wrinkled shirts that have slipped off cheap plastic hangers? It’s time to say goodbye to disorganized closets and upgrade your hangers to non-slip velvet!

Velvet hangers have become a popular storage solution for good reason – their plush velvet coating firmly grips clothing and prevents it from sliding off onto the floor. Not only do velvet hangers keep your closet neat and organized, they also help maintain the shape and structure of garments thanks to their smooth, non-deforming design.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the top 5 best-selling velvet non-slip hanger sets on the market and provide tips on how to choose the perfect set for your closet and clothing needs. Read on to transform your closet with the magic of velvet!

Top 5 Velvet Non-Slip Hanger Sets

Hanger Set 1: Zober Premium Velvet Hangers – 30 Pack

Zober’s velvet hangers have gained a cult following for their ultra-plush velvet flocking and sturdy, wardrobe-friendly design. The hangers feature metal hooks and shoulders wrapped in 0.6″ of velvet that provides non-slip grip without snagging delicate fabrics.


  • Thick velvet coating prevents clothes from slipping
  • Contoured design respects shape of garments
  • Strong steel hooks don’t bend out of shape
  • 30 pack ideal for large wardrobes


  • Hand wash recommendation could be inconvenient
  • Only available in black

Ideal For: Savvy shoppers wanting a large set of high-quality black velvet hangers.

Price/Value: Reasonably priced given the number of hangers andquality. Excellent value for money.

In summary, Zober’s 30-pack hits the sweet spot between quality, quantity, and affordability.

Hanger Set 2: Amazon Basics Velvet Suit Hangers – 50 Pack

As an Amazon brand, Amazon Basics offers no-frills velvet hangers at budget bulk pricing. Each set includes 50 slim black velvet hangers with metal hooks and looped ends.


  • Large quantity for low price
  • Slim profile saves closet space
  • Sturdy metal hooks


  • Thin velvet fabric
  • Prone to wrinkling at shoulders
  • Not ideal for heavy clothing

Ideal For: Shoppers wanting maximum velvet hangers for minimum spend.

Price/Value: Very affordable given the 50 pack quantity. Great value for budget buyers.

In summary, this Amazon Basics pack provides decent hangers on a tight budget.

Hanger Set 3: Houboos Velvet Hangers -20 Pack

The Houboos velvet hanger set combines quality craftsmanship with a range of modern colors. The set includes 10 hangers each in 2 colors – black, grey, navy, pink, purple, light blue.


  • Variety of color options
  • Thick 0.6″ velvet flocking
  • Strong steel hooks
  • Smooth shoulder contour


  • Hand wash requirement
  • Limited color choice per pack

Ideal For: Fashionistas wanting to brighten up their closet with colorful hangers.

Price/Value: Very reasonably priced given the quality and color options. Great value.

In short, this set offers a fun pop of color while maintaining functionality.

Hanger Set 4: DOIOWN Velvet Hangers – Set of 100

For those with extra large wardrobes, this 100 pack from DOIOWN delivers numbers without sacrificing quality. The slim black hangers have sturdy metal hooks and full velvet flocking.


  • Huge pack size
  • Ribbed velvet texture for non-slip grip
  • Slim space-saving profile
  • Sturdy chrome hooks


  • Only available in black
  • Hand wash requirement

Ideal For: Families or individuals with massive closets to organize on a budget.

Price/Value: Very low cost per hanger given 100 pack size. Great bulk value.

In summary, DOIOWN offers incredible closet-organizing value in bulk.

Hanger Set 5: disciplinary Non Slip Hangers – Set of 50

disciplinary makes a quality velvet hanger set that doubles as a storage rack system. The set includes hangers plus stackable plastic racks for hanging and folding.


  • Bonus folding racks for shelves
  • Prong hooks prevent slipping
  • Ribbed velvet texture
  • Can purchase racks separately


  • Rack system is bulky
  • Hangers can only be used with racks

Ideal For: Those wanting a clothing storage system with matching hangers.

Price/Value: Excellent value with the rack add-ons. Racks also sold separately.

In summary, this set pairs velvet hangers with a modular storage system.

How to Choose a Velvet Non-Slip Hanger Set

Ready to trade your old slippery hangers for luxurious non-slip velvet? Here are tips for choosing the perfect velvet hanger set:

Estimate How Many Hangers You Need

Take stock of your current wardrobe and estimate how many hangers you require. About 50 standard hangers can comfortably accommodate most full wardrobes. If you have an extra large closet or lots of heavy coats, go for a 100+ hanger set.

Inspect Construction Quality

Look for thick, tightly woven velvet coating that won’t tear or shed. Check that hook joints are sturdy and reinforced to avoid bending. Quality hangers should feel solid in your hands without sagging under garment weight.

Ensure Adequate Shoulder Space

Your hangers need enough shoulder room so straps don’t slip off. Opt for contoured, convex shapes that follow the natural curve of tops and dresses. Shoulders should measure 17″ across or more.

Choose A Color That Matches Your Decor

Basic black velvet suits most closets, but you can find sets in fun colors like pink, blue and purple. For a seamless look, select a hue that coordinates with your existing closet storage decor.

Consider Convenient Extra Features

Some velvet hanger sets include space-saving extras like clip-on pant bars, built-in lingerie hooks, and cap racks. If you’ll use them, these add-ons provide more bang for your buck.

Compare Slim vs. Wide Profile Options

Slim hangers maximize limited closet rod space while wide hangers offer more grip. Choose slim for crammed closets or wide for heavy coats and slippery fabrics.

Check One-Sided vs. Double Sided Velvet

Some budget hangers only have velvet on the “gripping” side. For the most non-slip coverage, look for plush velvet flocking on front and back.

Evaluate Different Velvet Textures

Thick, ribbed velvet textures provide the most traction to avoid slipping. But smoother, tightly woven velvet glides easily along the rod without snagging clothes.

Match Hanger Shape to Garments

Look for standard, contoured, notch shoulder and multi-form hangers to suit different clothing types. Contoured is best for keeping shape.

Weigh Convenience of Ordering Sets

It’s easiest to buy color-coordinated velvet hanger sets. But mixing single hangers lets you customize your collection. Consider your organizing style.

Read Reviews for Quality and Durability

Check reviews to verify hangers stand the test of time and don’t bend out of shape with repeated use. High quality materials are key.

Compare Prices Between Similar Sets

Browse pricing on same sized packs with equivalent features. Buy the set that offers you the most quality, convenience and reliability for the price.

Compliment With Matching Accessories

For a cohesive closet look, buy velvet accessories like drawer dividers, shelving units and shoe racks in matching hues.

FAQs About Velvet Hangers

Do velvet hangers leave lint or fuzz on clothes?

Quality thick velvet should not shed or leave any lint residue on garments. Look for tightly woven, dense pile that stays put.

Are velvet hangers really better than regular plastic or wooden ones?

Yes, the velvet coating prevents garments from sliding off onto the floor. The smooth surface also avoids creases that wired hangers can imprint.

How many velvet hangers should I get for my closet?

A general rule of thumb is 50 hangers can hold a full wardrobe for 1 person. But measure your closet space and existing items to customize your ideal number.

Should I choose thick velvet hangers or slim ones?

If space is limited, slim hangers allow you to squeeze more onto the rod. But thick, plush hangers grip better and are ideal for heavy coats.

Can I use velvet hangers for all my different clothing types?

Yes, velvet hangers are safe for delicate fabrics like silk and lace. Look for contoured designs to best maintain shirt and dress shape.

How should I clean velvet hangers?

Spot clean velvet hangers by hand wiping with a gentle soap and water solution. Avoid submerging them or using harsh chemicals that could damage the velvet.

Can I use velvet hangers with a closet organizer system?

Absolutely. As long as the hanger dimensions fit the organizer space, open-ended velvet hangers will work perfectly on the rods or shelves.

Are velvet hangers really better than non-slip plastic hangers?

Velvet generally provides more non-slip grip. Plus, the soft texture is less likely to snag delicate clothing compared to rubbery plastic grips.

Do I need matching velvet accessories to go with velvet hangers?

Matching your hangers and accessories creates a unified, upscale look. But coordinating accessories aren’t mandatory for functionality if you prefer to mix and match.

Say Goodbye to Messy Closets!

Velvet hangers prevent closet chaos by keeping clothes neatly hung instead of ending up in a wrinkled pile on the floor. With this guide’s tips for choosing the ideal velvet hanger set, you can finally maintain closet order and keep your garments looking fresh.

The five featured options provide quality velvet hangers to meet any budget or wardrobe size needs. For most shoppers, the Zober Premium Velvet Hangers 30-pack strikes the best balance of quality materials, reliable performance and affordable value.

Whatever set you choose, embrace the magic of velvet hangers and simplify your closet organization routine today! Your clothes will thank you.

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