Keeping Parasites at Bay: My Experience Deworming Livestock at Tractor Supply

As someone who owns horses, goats, chickens, and dogs on my small farm, controlling parasites is a constant battle. These nasty little critters can quickly multiply and make your animals sick if you don’t stay on top of deworming. I’ve relied on the products at my local Tractor Supply store for years to keep my livestock and pets protected. Let me tell you about my experiences using their wide selection of dewormers!

A One-Stop Shop for Deworming Solutions

Tractor Supply offers deworming products for all of my animals, which is so convenient. For my horses, they carry name-brand dewormers like Quest, Strongid, and Zimecterin inPaste and gel forms. The equine dewormers run anywhere from $10 to $60 depending on the brand, package size, and dosage. I’ve had great success using the Quest dewormers on my two geldings – the products are affordable and easy to administer.

For my goats, I choose between the lifecycle dewormers like Cydectin and Ivermectin. Both liquid and injectable forms are available. I try to deworm the whole herd twice a year, which can get expensive, so I watch for sales. Recently Tractor Supply had a Buy One, Get One Free discount on the Ivermectin dewormer, so I stocked up!

Keeping my chickens worm-free requires regular deworming too. Poultry supplies at Tractor Supply include Wazine, Valbazen, and horse dewormer in doses formulated for birds. I use Wazine in their water about once per month. A bottle lasts ages and only costs around $25.

Finally, you can find all the top oral dog and cat dewormers at Tractor Supply, like Droncit, Nemex, and Panacur. A three pack of Droncit tablets runs around $15, which will treat my Lab mix’s tapeworms for a few months. So convenient and reasonably priced across the board!

Active Ingredients That Pack a Parasite-Killing Punch

Having trusted, quality active ingredients in dewormers is a must, and Tractor Supply carries products with proven parasite killers. For equine tapeworms, double-strength praziquantel in Zimecterin Gold was the only thing that eradicated my gelding’s stubborn infestation after two treatments.

Many dewormers for goats and other ruminants contain ivermectin or moxidectin. These ingredients are safe, wide-spectrum, and highly effective against stomach worms, intestinal worms, lung worms, and mites. The Cydectin sheep drench I use has .1% moxidectin, perfect for controlling parasite larvae on my pastures.

When it comes to poultry, piperazine is the active ingredient of choice for roundworms. Brands like Wazine contain between 20-40% piperazine, which kicks those gross worms’ butts in no time. And for dogs, febantel, praziquantel, and pyrantel pamoate in Drontal tablets kill everything from hooks to whips and tapes. Tractor Supply definitely carries dewormers with the ideal actives for each species.

Advice from Trusted Experts

Beyond quality products, I appreciate that I can get trusted guidance on deworming at Tractor Supply. The folks who work there own farms themselves or grew up in agriculture, so they know their stuff. When I was new to goats, an employee helped me put together a whole parasite prevention kit with a CDT vaccine, wormer, and fly control mineral mix.

I also love reading the product reviews online and in store from fellow animal owners. It’s so helpful to hear how the dewormers worked for their livestock or pets. Between the knowledgable staff and other customers’ experiences, I can find a deworming solution tailored to my situation. For example, a woman commented that mixing apple juice with the Valbazen poultry dewormer really helped mask the taste and made it easier to dose her chickens – good to know!

Deworming Reminders and Multi-Pack Savings

Keeping a deworming schedule can be challenging, so I appreciate that Tractor Supply offers email reminders on re-dosing. They have my purchase history, so about a month before it’s time to deworm again, I get an email so I remember. I can easily customize the reminders for each animal too.

When you need to deworm multiple animals, they offer combo packs that save money. For my dogs, I can buy a 3-pack of Droncit with tiered pricing, so I get each dose a bit cheaper. On the livestock side, Cydectin has a goat dewormer kit with 3 ready-to-use syringes at a bundled price. Makes keeping the whole herd on schedule so much easier!

Convenience of Online Ordering and Curbside Pickup

When you need dewormers ASAP, Tractor Supply makes grabbing supplies a cinch. I often order my go-to dewormers online for speedy curbside pickup. I love that I can have the Quest horse paste and Drontal tablets sitting in my trunk within a couple hours of realizing I’m out!

For super common dewormers like Ivermectin sheep drench, they offer free next day delivery to my local store. Getting a fresh supply rushed over has saved me when I discover a parasite bloom. Of course, you can have orders shipped directly too, but I prefer picking up curbside so I can get the meds into my animals quicker.

The Occasional Let Down

While I’m overwhelmingly satisfied using Tractor Supply’s dewormers, I do have a couple nitpicks. First, the products do tend to be pricier than what my vet carries, but the convenience outweighs the small premium for me. I also wish there was a loyalty program that rewards frequent buyers – maybe someday!

The other minor annoyance is inconsistent stock of some dewormers. One month they’ll have plenty of Panacur for dogs, the next it’s out. Supply chain issues seem to impact availability, though I can always ask them to order me more. Not a huge problem, but it has resulted in an emergency trip to the vet once or twice when I couldn’t get what I needed in store.

Deworming Done Right

In the decade I’ve relied on Tractor Supply for dewormers, they have saved me so much time and stress in keeping my animals healthy. The awesome variety of trusted brands, knowledgeable staff, and perks like multi-packs and reminders make parasite control easy. I don’t mind paying a few extra dollars knowing I have an entire pharmacy of dewormers for all species at my fingertips. Thanks to Tractor Supply, I can breathe easier knowing those nasty worms are not getting the upper hand on my farm!

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