My Adventures in Propane Refills at Tractor Supply

Filling Up on Fuel and Savings at My Local TSC Store

As a homesteader living off the grid, I rely on propane to power many aspects of my self-sufficient lifestyle. From cooking meals on my gas stove to heating my water for showers, propane allows me to have modern conveniences while living off the land. One of my key sources for propane refills is my local Tractor Supply store. With over 1800 locations across 49 states, Tractor Supply provides us homesteaders and farmers with the equipment, tools, and resources we need for our unique way of life.

Over the years, I’ve made countless trips to Tractor Supply stores for propane refills. Through trial and error, I’ve learned the ins and outs of getting my propane tanks refilled affordably and efficiently. Today, I’d like to share what I’ve learned during my adventures in propane refills at Tractor Supply!

Locating Tractor Supply Stores Offering Propane

The first step in getting a propane refill at Tractor Supply is actually finding a store that offers propane services. While most Tractor Supply locations have propane refill stations onsite, some smaller stores do not. To locate a Tractor Supply near me with propane, I head to the store finder on their website. There you can filter locations based on services offered, like propane refilling.

You can also call your local store directly or speak with an employee once you arrive to confirm they refill propane tanks before waiting in line. The employees at my Tractor Supply are always friendly and knowledgeable when I have questions about their propane services. Their familiarity puts me at ease when getting a refill.

Cost Savings on Propane Refills

One of the key reasons I choose to refill my propane at Tractor Supply is the cost savings. Propane at Tractor Supply is very affordable compared to other suppliers like gas stations, RV dealers, and hardware stores. My 20 lb grill tank usually costs around $15 to top off at Tractor Supply. For my larger 100 lb and 500 lb tanks, I’ve paid between $25-$60 depending on the quantity.

The price per gallon at Tractor Supply is hard to beat. I’ve found their propane prices to consistently be among the lowest in my area. As someone who goes through a lot of propane living on my homestead, those savings really add up! Tractor Supply offers discounted propane as a perk of their free MyTS loyalty program, so I always make sure to take advantage of that added savings.

Convenient Hours for Propane Refill Service

Another perk of getting propane at Tractor Supply is their convenient hours. As a farmer, my schedule can be unpredictable. Tractor Supply recognizes most of their customers have responsibilities outside 9-to-5 jobs. That’s why many locations are open until 8:00pm or later on weekdays and have shorter Sunday hours.

I’ve refilled propane tanks at Tractor Supply early in the morning before the summer heat hits, late at night after my harvest, and even on most holidays when emergencies pop up. The flexibility of hours and availability after typical workdays allows this service to fit seamlessly into my rural lifestyle. Depending on your location, you may also have the option for 24/7 outdoor propane access via self-serve kiosks.

Is Tractor Supply Propane Different from Other Suppliers?

Over the years, some folks have asked me if the propane at Tractor Supply is lower quality than other name brand suppliers. I have found this not to be true at all. Tractor Supply partners with reputable providers like AmeriGas and Ferrellgas to source their propane. So even though Tractor Supply brands their tanks, it’s the same professional grade propane inside.

I’ve used propane from Tractor Supply for years with no issues in any of my equipment or appliances. My stove burns just as hot, the flame on my propane lantern is just as bright, and my propane-powered water heater functions just as it should. Don’t let the Tractor Supply brand name fool you – their propane offers the same reliability and performance you’d expect from the big companies, just at a lower price point.

Purchasing Tanks While Refilling

When I first started living off the grid, I had to slowly build up my collection of propane tanks and accessories. Tractor Supply made this easy by allowing me to purchase propane tanks right at the refill station. This was so convenient when setting up my homestead.

If you’re also looking to purchase a new tank, you can buy directly from Tractor Supply right as they are refilling your existing tanks. They have all size tanks in stock from small 1 lb cylinders up to large 500 gallon tanks. I really appreciated the one-stop-shop aspect when I was starting out. Nowadays I have my tank fleet, but Tractor Supply still makes the refill process seamless.

Required Items for a Tractor Supply Propane Refill

To get a propane refill at Tractor Supply, you’ll need to bring a few important things with you for a smooth experience:

  • Propane Tank – Obviously you need the actual tank you want refilled. Make sure it is less than 12 years old and still within inspection guidelines.
  • Cash/Card for Payment – Tractor Supply accepts all major credit cards and cash for propane refill payment. Checks are not accepted.
  • Safety Cap – Your propane tank must have a proper safety cap installed for the refill process. This is a requirement for all refills.
  • ID Card – To refill tanks over 42 lbs, Tractor Supply requires a valid photo ID like a driver’s license as an added safety measure.

As long as you have these items, the team at Tractor Supply can quickly get your propane refilled so you can get back to your homestead.

Deals and Discounts on Propane

To maximize my savings on propane refills at Tractor Supply, I always keep an eye out for current promotions. Signing up for the free MyTS loyalty program gets you discounts on propane plus alerts on any seasonal deals.

Around major holidays like Independence Day or Labor Day, I’ve seen Tractor Supply offer $1 off per gallon of propane or similar promotions. Combined with the already low prices, this makes their propane an even greater value. Tractor Supply also has weekly coupons released each Wednesday for added savings in store.

Selecting the Best Tractor Supply for Propane

With so many Tractor Supply locations to choose from, how do I pick the best store for propane refills? Over time, I’ve narrowed it down based on a few key factors:

  • Wait Times – Some locations are much busier than others for propane refilling. I call around or visit stores at peak times to see which have the fastest service.
  • Tank Capacity – Certain Tractor Supply stores have higher capacity propane tanks which allows them to refill large volumes quickly. I refill my 500 gallon tanks at these spots.
  • Reviews – Checking reviews and ratings from other customers provides insight on the propane service quality at each store.
  • Staff Friendliness – The attitude of the staff matters when frequently refilling propane. I go to locations where they know me by name.

By evaluating stores on these criteria, I’ve found the perfect Tractor Supply location for my propane refill needs.

Refilling All Shapes and Sizes of Tanks

Whether I’m refilling small 5-gallon cylinders for my camp stove or large 500-gallon tanks to heat my greenhouse, Tractor Supply can handle them all. Their propane stations are equipped to refill any DOT-approved propane cylinder from 1 lb up to 500 lbs.

I love the flexibility of being able to refill my awkwardly-shaped propane bottles along with my standard 20 lb grill tanks. Tractor Supply techs are skilled at safely refueling any cylinder I bring them. Their expertise gives me confidence pulling up with tanks of all sizes.

Speedy Propane Refill Service

Refilling my propane tanks at Tractor Supply is a quick and streamlined process. Once in line, it only takes a few minutes for the attendant to inspect my tank, weigh it, fill it up, and get me back on my way. Their large capacity storage tanks allow for fast refueling even on my bigger 100 lb cylinders.

I haven’t encountered many long waits at my Tractor Supply, but peak times can be in the morning or during holidays when demand spikes. My advice is to avoid the 11am-2pm rush if you’re in a hurry. Tank levels permitting, I’ll even return another day or time if the propane line is too long that day. A little planning goes a long way to minimize time spent refueling.

Why I Choose Tractor Supply for Propane

With so many propane suppliers to choose from, Tractor Supply is my go-to for several reasons:

  • Cost – As discussed earlier, Tractor Supply offers the best propane prices in my area, saving me significant money each year.
  • Convenience – With long hours, flexible locations, and fast service, Tractor Supply makes refueling easy and accessible for my rural lifestyle.
  • Reliability – I’ve never had any issues with running out of propane or tanks not filling properly at Tractor Supply. Peace of mind is invaluable.
  • Familiarity – The friendly staff at my local Tractor Supply store knows me and my homesteading needs.
  • One-Stop Shopping – I can purchase tanks and parts alongside refueling without making multiple trips to different stores.

For the simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and tailored service Tractor Supply offers, they’ll remain my #1 for propane needs as a homesteader.

Safety First When Refilling Propane

One last critical aspect of propane I prioritize at Tractor Supply is safety. Propane is highly flammable if handled improperly. I follow all posted safety guidelines when refueling:

  • Turn off engines and avoid open flames while refilling
  • Leave tanks upright and avoid dropping or impact damage
  • Check for damage or rust to valves before refueling
  • Don’t overfill tanks beyond recommended capacity
  • Always use propane in ventilated outdoor areas

The Tractor Supply propane technicians also take safety very seriously. They will inspect tanks and valves, keeping a watchful eye during the entirety of the filling process. I appreciate that they look out for my safety and only refill tanks in good condition. By making safety the top priority, Tractor Supply makes the refueling experience worry-free.

Monitoring Propane Levels

Since propane is my sole fuel source living off the grid, running out is not an option. To avoid emergencies, I keep a close watch on all my propane tanks’ levels. Each tank has a float gauge that shows roughly how full it is. When tanks reach 30%, it’s time for me to make a refill trip.

For larger tanks, Tractor Supply technicians can also help check your propane levels upon arrival. This assists me in determining exactly how many gallons I need for a refill. By continually monitoring tank levels, I can proactively plan my propane refueling trips. The last thing I want is to run out of propane for heating, cooking, or electricity generation. Staying on top of my propane supply keeps my homestead running smoothly.

Payment and Billing for Propane Refills

Paying for propane refills at Tractor Supply is quick and convenient. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards both in store and at the propane station. Cash payments are also accepted. One payment method they don’t take is checks, so I never have to worry about that.

The credit card machines at the propane station make payment easy even when refilling after hours via the self-serve kiosks. Tractor Supply also offers propane delivery and tank monitoring services which can be billed to your account monthly. For my needs, I find it easiest to pay via credit card at the time of each refill. The process is seamless and automated with no hassle.

Refilling RV and Portable Tanks

Whether you need propane for a motorhome, travel trailer, popup camper, food truck, or other vehicle, Tractor Supply has you covered. Their propane stations can refill DOT-approved portable tanks from small 1 lb cylinders up to 100 lb RV tanks.

I often refill propane for both my RV living needs and my portable emergency generators. The Tractor Supply techs are experts at identifying tank types and connectors to ensure a safe refill. Just be sure your RV or portable tank is recertified within the last 12 years for a refill. The propane pros at Tractor Supply handle the rest!

Drive-Through Refueling

Select Tractor Supply locations offer the convenience of drive-through propane refilling stations. For customers with larger motorhomes or trucks hauling trailers, this saves the hassle of maneuvering through the parking lot. The drive-through lanes can easily accommodate big rigs.

If you have an oversized vehicle and tank for refilling, I recommend searching the store finder for locations with drive-through propane. This feature makes refueling these larger tanks much simpler. The drive-through also improves accessibility for any customers with disabilities affecting mobility. Check with your store on propane lane accessibility.

Well-Trained Propane Refill Staff

Ensuring my propane tanks are filled safely by qualified individuals gives me peace of mind using Tractor Supply. The propane technicians at my local store have always demonstrated extensive training in propane handling and refueling protocols.

Their expertise is evident in how adeptly they operate the propane equipment, inspect my tanks, and monitor the refill process. I’ve also observed them conducting additional on-the-job training for any new propane personnel. The hands-on instruction ensures consistency across staff members in following safety best practices.

Seeking Help for Any Propane Refill Issues

On the very rare occasion I’ve experienced any issue with my propane refill at Tractor Supply, the staff has been incredibly helpful resolving it. Once a valve connection wasn’t properly tightened after a refill. When I noted the leakage and returned promptly, they rapidly replaced the defective tank free of charge.

Their stellar customer service kept a bad situation from spiraling. I recommend checking your propane equipment closely after refills and notifying the store immediately with any problems. At Tractor Supply, they stand behind their propane service and make things right for their customers.

Regular Reminders to Refuel

To keep my numerous tanks maintained with Tractor Supply propane, I rely on regular reminders to refuel. I keep a running list of all my propane tank sizes, refill dates, and usage notes. When any tank hits 30%, I schedule a reminder on my calendar to get a refill within the next week.

You can also enroll in Tractor Supply’s tank monitoring service. This allows propane levels in your qualifying tanks to be monitored remotely. When the tank dips below a certain threshold, Tractor Supply can automatically contact you to schedule delivery or a refill. This ensures you never get stranded without fuel.

Keeping notes on tank usage and setting reminders is my simple system to make sure I refuel before my propane runs out. Tractor Supply has the tools to make monitoring even easier.

Reflecting on Lessons Learned Refilling Propane

Looking back on years of propane refill trips to Tractor Supply, I’ve gleaned so much useful knowledge about safely and affordably powering my off-grid homestead. Through trial and error, I’ve found the best locations, most convenient times, cost-saving tips, and safety habits for propane refueling. What began as a chore has now become a streamlined system.

Sharing my experiences today, I hope this inside look at refilling propane tanks through Tractor Supply was helpful. Whether you’re a homesteader like me or have propane needs of your own, use this advice to save money, time, and hassle on your next refill. The friendly professionals at Tractor Supply can support your fuel independence.

Now if you’ll excuse me, this trip down propane memory lane tells me it’s about time for me to make another visit to my local Tractor Supply store to fill ‘er up. My propane tanks aren’t going to refuel themselves!

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