My Bovine Beast: Bringing Home the Tractor Supply Cow Skeleton

Getting the Bones for a Killer Halloween Display

As Halloween approaches, visions of ghosts and goblins dance through my head. I absolutely love decorating my home and yard with spooky scenes to welcome trick-or-treaters. This year, I wanted to really up my game and create a display that would be utterly unforgettable. That’s when I got the idea to order a life-sized cow skeleton online from Tractor Supply Co. and make it the centerpiece!

I’ll admit, at first I was a bit intimidated at the thought of assembling and displaying a massive cow skeleton. But the more I researched it, the more excited I became. I realized this ghostly bovine beast would be the perfect creature to capture the dark and playful spirit of Halloween.

So I decided to take the plunge and buy Tractor Supply’s poseable, life-sized cow skeleton online for my front yard haunted graveyard scene this year. Read on for my first-person account of picking out, assembling, and displaying this ghoulish work of art!

Selecting the Right Skeleton from Tractor Supply

Browsing through Tractor Supply’s website, they actually offer a few different poseable animal skeletons – everything from dogs and sheep to horses and cows. But for my yard, I realized the cow skeleton would provide the most dramatic impact. Standing nearly 5 feet tall and over 6 feet long, this huge skeleton immediately captures attention.

The product page describes the skeleton as made from “dense foam bones” that are durable for outdoor use. I appreciated that the material wouldn’t degrade or easily break, even standing outside for months. The bones connect with a wire frame to enable posing and shaping as desired.

At $199.99 plus tax, the cow skeleton isn’t cheap. But for the enormous size and quality, it seemed like a good value to me. Based on customer reviews, people generally felt satisfied with their creepy cow skeleton purchase from Tractor Supply.

I decided to have it shipped to my local Tractor Supply store to avoid hefty delivery fees. The shipping was free this way, though I’d have to make the drive myself to pick it up once it arrived. A small price to pay for this beastly beauty!

The Excitement and Challenge of Assembling a Cow

After excitedly driving to the store and loading the giant box into my car, I couldn’t wait to unpack all the pieces when I got home. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I tore open the packaging and began laying out the bundles of bones.

I quickly realized I was in for an afternoon project! The instruction booklet made the assembly look straight-forward, but it was definitely time consuming. Each leg alone had over 10 bones that needed to be carefully connected with wire and screws in the right order and position.

Truthfully, if you’re not patient and mechanically inclined, this could be a frustrating process. I’ll admit I scratched my head a few times wondering if I was putting the leg bones in the right place. But thankfully after a couple hours of focused work, I stepped back to see an actual cow shape emerging!

Seeing the animal form come together bone by bone was deeply satisfying. I realized that even if my yard display didn’t work out, I could keep the cow skeleton year-round as a decorative conversation piece in my home. The white bones create an elegantly eerie aesthetic that would work in many rooms.

Displaying My Macabre Masterpiece

Once fully assembled, it was time to unleash this beast in my front yard! For dramatic effect, I positioned the cow skeleton in a patch of dead bushes as if it had wandered there and died.

I aimed the head to be visible peeking through the branches, almost like it was trapped and trying to escape. The visual impact was instant – neighbors walking by immediately stopped in their tracks to stare in fascination and surprise.

To complete the scene, I added some distressed fencing, hay bales, and corn stalks around the area. Up close, people could admire the intricate bones and joints holding the massive frame together. From a distance, the shape was clearly recognizable as a cow.

Each night when the sun set, I had a spotlight on a motion detector that would suddenly illuminate the skeleton. The effect in the darkness was terrifying and awesome! I loved hearing yelps and shrieks from unsuspecting trick-or-treaters when the cow was triggered.

##Educational Opportunities with a Cow Skeleton

Beyond just seasonal fun, I realized this cow skeleton provided opportunities for learning. I actually invited my niece’s 3rd grade science class to do a field trip to see the skeleton up close. The students were able to identify features like the vertebrae, ribs, and femur.

One bright youngster even recognized the intricate shapes of the cow’s nasal passages and eye sockets! I was amazed at how much education this Halloween prop was able to provide.

A cow’s anatomy is quite intricate and interesting when studied bone by bone. Their massive skulls, complex joints, and overall frame support an amazing amount of weight and movement in a living cow. I gained new appreciation and respect for these gentle creatures.

Maintaining My Outdoor Skeleton

Purchasing a poseable cow skeleton is one thing, but keeping it in good shape is another when it lives outside year-round. Through winter ice and snow along with summer heat and sun, the bones need periodic maintenance.

I try to check my cow skeleton after major weather events for any needed repairs or touch-ups. One time the high winds knocked over a whole leg, which was a tricky bone puzzle to piece back together.

Another issue is squirrels or birds trying to nest or nibble on the foam bones. A flexible sealant spray helps protect vulnerable joints and crevices. Avoiding fade, I occasionally apply a fresh coat of white primer paint when the bones start yellowing.

It’s certainly more work than an ordinary Halloween prop, but I don’t mind since this cow skeleton is my pride and joy. When neighbors ask if all the effort is worth it, I joyfully declare that tending my macabre bovine beast is a true labor of love!

No Regrets on This Unique Halloween Investment

Looking back, I’m so glad I stepped out of my decor comfort zone and brought home this massive cow skeleton from Tractor Supply last Halloween. Despite the big upfront investment and demanding setup, the wow-factor results were well worth it.

Seeing the happy faces and hearing the delighted screams from neighborhood kids and families made every dollar and hour spent feel rewarding. I can honestly say this prop provided some of the best holiday memories I’ve ever had.

My cow skeleton has become a local legend, with people even driving over just to see it and take photos. He’s like a quirky community mascot welcoming visitors with his eerie charm. And the educational opportunities have been an unexpected bonus as well.

So if you want to take your Halloween decor up a notch this year, I wholeheartedly recommend getting your own poseable cow skeleton from Tractor Supply. Just make sure to budget plenty of time for assembly – you’ll be rewarded with a Halloween display that is utterly unforgettable!

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