My Experience Buying a Wood Splitter from Tractor Supply

When we moved to our new place last year, one of the first projects I wanted to tackle was starting a wood pile for our fireplace. As a long-time city dweller, I didn’t know much about splitting wood, but I was eager to learn. My neighbor suggested I check out the selection of wood splitters at our local Tractor Supply store, so I headed over to see what they had available.

I’ll be honest, I felt pretty overwhelmed when I first walked down the wood splitter aisle. There were so many options with different features and capacities. As a newbie, I had a lot of questions. How do I know what size wood splitter I need? What’s the difference between a manual, electric and gas-powered splitter? Luckily, the staff at Tractor Supply were super knowledgeable and able to explain the pros and cons of the different models.

Types of Wood Splitters at Tractor Supply

The three main types of wood splitters I saw at Tractor Supply were:

  • Manual – These compact splitters don’t require any power source. You lift the splitting maul and bring it down using your own muscle power. Great for occasional smaller jobs.
  • Electric – Electric splitters plug into an outlet and use an electric motor to drive the splitting wedge. No motor maintenance required. Good for light to medium splitting tasks.
  • Gas-powered – Gas splitters have a small engine, so you don’t need an external power source. Ideal for frequent heavy-duty splitting. More power than electric but requires engine maintenance.

They also had a couple gas/electric combo models that could run off either a gas engine or electric power. This gives you flexibility depending on the splitting job.

Top Wood Splitter Brands at Tractor Supply

I was impressed by the wide range of reputable wood splitter brands available:

  • Champion – Known for durable, high-quality log splitters. I saw 5-25 ton gas and electric Champion models.
  • PowerKing – Offered manual, gas and electric splitters up to 40 tons. PowerKing is a Tractor Supply private brand.
  • Dirty Hand Tools – Had compact electric and manual splitters good for homeowners. Also a Tractor Supply private label.
  • Yard Machines – Carried mostly entry-level 5-ton electric and gas splitters. Part of the MTD family of brands.
  • WEN – Provided a budget-friendly 6.5-ton electric model. WEN specializes in power tools and equipment.
  • Blue Max – Had a 5-ton dual-mode gas/electric splitter perfect for my needs. Known for outdoor power equipment.

There were also some countyline and Huskee brand splitters which are made for Tractor Supply specifically.

Wood Splitter Price Ranges

Here’s an overview of the price ranges I found for new wood splitters:

  • Manual – $100 to $300
  • Electric – $200 to $1,000
  • Gas-powered – $800 to $3,000

Of course, the larger capacity machines were more expensive. But Tractor Supply had plenty of affordable options under $500 if you just need a simple splitter for personal use.

I was thrilled to find they offered layaway plans on the pricier wood splitters over $1,000. This made it easier for me to take home a heavy-duty gas splitter that will last for years.

Tonnage Capacities

The tonnage rating indicates the splitting force – higher tonnage means the splitter can handle bigger logs. The models I saw ranged from:

  • 5-ton – Good for easy-to-split woods up to 16 inches diameter
  • 15-ton – Can tackle medium to large logs up to 24 inches
  • 20-ton & 25-ton – Ideal for extremely dense hardwoods like hickory or oak
  • 30-ton & 40-ton – Commercial-grade for massive logs
  • 55-ton – Top of the line – splits anything!

I wanted something mid-range that could handle moderate splitting jobs, so I went with a 15-ton unit. It gives me enough power for my needs without going overboard.

Special Wood Splitter Features

Here are some of the useful features that caught my eye:

  • 2-Stage Operation – Has both vertical and horizontal splitting modes in one unit. More versatility.
  • Log Cradle – Holds logs in place for easier splitting and increased safety.
  • Swivel Wheels – Allow you to maneuver the splitter around your workspace with less effort.
  • Auto-Return – Wedge automatically retracts after each split for faster operation.
  • Ergonomic Controls – Comfortable handles or buttons designed to reduce fatigue.
  • Tree Pusher/Roller – For splitting logs directly off the ground without extra handling.

Having the log cradle setup seemed like a major perk for both safety and efficiency.

Current Sales and Discounts

I found some great seasonal sales running on wood splitters at my store:

  • Red, white & blue savings event – 20% off all Champion brand models
  • Summer sizzler sale – Extra 10% discount on already reduced prices
  • Additional manufacturer mail-in rebates up to $100 on select gas-powered splitters

The staff said November is also a great month to buy as they run big Black Friday promotions on outdoor power equipment. Signing up for Tractor Supply emails is the best way to stay on top of all their splitter specials.

Order Online Pickup In-Store

This was one of my favorite services! Most of the wood splitters were available for online purchase with free in-store pickup.

I loved being able to browse splitters on their website, read reviews, and buy at my convenience instead of wandering the aisles. The local store called me promptly when my splitter arrived so I could come pick it up.

They even wheeled it out to my truck for me and helped me strap it down since these machines are heavy. Super handy not to have to haul it from the back of the store myself!

Wood Splitter Warranties

Warranty coverage gave me peace of mind on such a big purchase:

  • Most had at least 1 year limited warranties against manufacturer defects.
  • Top brands like Champion offered 3 year warranties – this was a major selling point for me!
  • PowerKing models had 5 years on the beam, 2 years on other parts.
  • WEN electric splitter had the best coverage at 6 years for the frame, mechanical parts and motor.

I was really impressed by the multi-year warranties from reputable brands like PowerKing and Champion. This shows the companies stand behind their splitters.

Financing Options

Paying $1,000 or more up front for a wood splitter is hard for many, so Tractor Supply provides financing:

  • 12 months same as cash – No interest if splitter is paid off within 12 months
  • Tractor Supply credit card – 6 months deferred interest plus cardholder savings
  • Layaway program – Put down a deposit and make payments over 90 days until paid off

I chose to put my splitter on their 12 month same as cash plan. It’s helping me afford this workhorse without paying interest fees. Just have to be sure I pay it off in time!

Fuel Requirements

Most gas-powered splitters at Tractor Supply ran on unleaded 87 octane gasoline just like your car. Some larger models recommended 89 octane fuel for maximum performance.

I’d recommend using a fuel stabilizer if you won’t use up the gas within a month or two. Ethanol-free gas also helps prevent gumming up the engine.

For the dual-mode gas/electric models, I could use an extension cord for electric power or fill up the tank when I want to go gas. Nice flexibility.

Replacement Parts

Tractor Supply has an impressive selection of replacement parts and maintenance items for brands they carry in-store and online:

  • Belts, tires, filters – Stocked commonly replaced wear parts
  • Pump seals, valve kits – Had hydraulic components for repairs
  • Cylinder seals, gaskets – Offered engine rebuild parts
  • Blades, wedge – Carried steel splitting edges to keep my machine sharp
  • Guards, handles – Had safety shields and controls for freshening up old splitters

Being able to grab parts right in store is really convenient. I also love that I can order specialty items online and pick up at my store.

Customer Reviews

Reading candid feedback from other buyers helped me feel confident in my choice. Each splitter listing on their website shows detailed reviews including pros/cons and ratings for:

  • Overall performance and power
  • Ease of assembly
  • Durability over years of use
  • Noise level
  • Safety features
  • Price vs. value

Seeing how a machine held up over 5+ years for other owners told me a lot about real-world quality. The staff also said I could come test out display models before purchasing.

Delivery Services

Tractor Supply does not currently offer delivery services for wood splitters or other heavy equipment.

However, they do have free in-store pickup when you order online. The store staff also assisted me in getting my large splitter out the door and into my truck bed.

If you need full white glove delivery to your home, the staff can recommend local moving companies with lift gate services that will transport your splitter at an additional fee.

Return and Exchange Policies

For major items like wood splitters, Tractor Supply offers 90 day returns in new/unused condition with receipt and original packaging.

Exchanges are also allowed within the 90 day window if you want to swap out your splitter for a different model. Exchanged items must be unassembled.

There is a restocking fee of 20% deducted from refunds. No returns or exchanges for hydraulic oil, gasoline, DEF or other hazardous products.

I found the 90 day window to be very reasonable – it gave me plenty of time to test my splitter and make sure I was fully happy with it.

Useful Wood Splitter Accessories

To get the most from my new machine, I picked up a few must-have accessories:

  • Log loading ramp – Lets me easily roll logs onto the splitter
  • Weather protection cover – Keeps splitter from sun/snow damage
  • Extra splitting wedges – In various sizes for tough logs
  • Bar & chain oil – Lubricates the log cradle mechanism
  • Funnel with fuel filter – Clean pouring spout eliminates spills
  • Leather gloves – Crucial hand protection when operating

Little touches like the wheel chocks, magnetic tool holder, and LED work light also enhanced my splitting station.

Assembly Out of the Box

The store staff assured me that all the wood splitters sold at Tractor Supply come fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box.

The only steps required are adding oil to the engine on gas-powered models, lining up and pinning the log cradle, then gassing up & starting the engine if applicable. Minimal tools needed.

This was a big perk over some competitors where you have to do extensive assembly. I was able to start splitting wood the same day my new machine was delivered.

In-Store Demonstrations

Before making my final splitter decision, I asked if I could get a personal demonstration. The sales associate was more than happy to take me out back and show me a live splitter in action.

Seeing how easily the machine picked up and split a huge log really gave me confidence in its power. I was also able to test out the controls and safety features myself with guidance from the staff.

Operating the real-life machine sealed the deal on my purchase! I highly recommend asking for a demo.

New Inventory Arrivals

I learned that Tractor Supply receives deliveries from their equipment suppliers at various points each month. This keeps the wood splitter displays freshly stocked with all the newest models.

The store manager said the peak seasons for receiving next year’s wood splitter lineup are:

  • February-March – Get first look at new season models
  • July – Ramps up supply for fall wood splitting rush
  • October-November – Winter inventory lands before holiday sales

So for the widest selection of the latest wood splitters, he recommended shopping their stores in early spring and fall. Exciting new features are often introduced!

Key Wood Splitter Safety Features

Safety was my top concern as a first-time user, so I really valued the protective elements built into the Tractor Supply wood splitters:

  • Guards cover moving parts like flywheels and wedge blades
  • Retractable rollers prevent accidental hand contact with logs
  • Shutoff levers instantly stop operation if needed
  • Sturdy base frames prevent tipping or shifting during use
  • Log dislodgers safely free stuck wood from the wedge
  • Emergency braking brings the splitter to a quick halt
  • Warning decals alert users to potential risks or dangers

Having so many safety shields and cut-off options gave me great peace of mind. I knew I could stop the machine instantly if any issue arose.

Expert Guidance from Store Staff

The Tractor Supply sales team was incredibly knowledgeable about selecting the ideal wood splitter. They asked me:

  • How often will you use it?
  • What size logs do you need to split?
  • Is it just for personal use or will you sell firewood?
  • Do you have a power source available or need a gas engine?
  • What is your budget? Do you need financing?

Based on my needs as a DIY homeowner, they recommended the perfect splitter model and add-ons to make my wood splitting experience smooth, efficient and safe.

I left feeling totally confident I walked out with the right machine for the job. Their expertise was invaluable for a novice like me!

In the end, I am beyond thrilled with my wood splitter purchase from Tractor Supply. I scored an incredible 15-ton dual-mode gas/electric splitter with all the bells and whistles for an affordable price. It’s been a game changer for keeping up with firewood demand this winter!

If you’re in the market for a new wood splitter yourself, I can’t recommend Tractor Supply enough. Stop by your local store or browse their website to see the top brands and latest models they have to offer. And be sure to ask the staff for advice – their guidance will ensure you get the perfect splitter to tackle your wood splitting tasks with ease. Happy splitting!

Hello, everyone! I'm David Henry, a dedicated customer and enthusiastic reviewer of Tractor Supply Company. As a farmer and agriculture enthusiast, I frequently visit Tractor Supply Company to explore and purchase a wide range of agricultural supplies, tools, and equipment. Over the years, I have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in shopping at Tractor Supply Company, and I aim to help others make wiser choices through my sharing. I understand the importance of selecting the right products for farmers, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. That's why I enjoy sharing my insights and recommendations to assist individuals in finding the best-suited products for their needs. Join me as we embark on a journey of discovering quality products and making informed decisions at Tractor Supply Company. Together, let's enhance our farming and outdoor experiences through valuable insights and practical advice.