My Experience Buying Grass Seed at Tractor Supply

Discovering the Best Types of Grass Seed for My Lawn

As a new homeowner eager to start my first landscaping project, I decided to head to my local Tractor Supply store to buy grass seed. With aisles of different grass seed varieties available, I wasn’t sure where to begin or what would work best for my lawn. Being a novice gardener, I wanted to document my experience and share what I learned about buying the right grass seed at Tractor Supply.

What Types of Grass Seed Are Available at Tractor Supply?

I was surprised by the huge selection of grass seed available at my local Tractor Supply store. They had different types of cool season grasses like fescues, ryegrass, and bluegrass as well as warm season varieties like Bermuda grass, zoysia, buffalo grass, and St. Augustine grass. They even had more unique grasses I hadn’t heard of before like centipede grass and carpet grass.

The most common types I saw were tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass seeds. Tractor Supply had several brand name varieties from Scotts, Pennington, and Barenbrug as well as their own Southern States branded grass seeds. The tall fescue mixes promised deep green color and excellent heat and drought tolerance while the bluegrass blends touted good cold tolerance and a fine lush texture.

For shady yards, I found special shade tolerant grass seed mixes containing fine fescues and ryegrasses. I also saw more eco-friendly organic and non-GMO grass seed options for gardeners concerned about sustainability. Groundcover and pasture grass mixes were available as well for covering large areas.

Where in the Store Can I Find Grass Seed at Tractor Supply?

At my store, the grass seed was easy to locate in the large lawn and garden section towards the back. I just had to walk past the tractors and mowers to get there! The grass seed selections took up several aisles with signs overhead clearly labeling the different cool season and warm season varieties.

Smaller seed packets were displayed on shelves while larger bags of seed could be found on the floor. The Tractor Supply team did a nice job keeping all the seed organized by type of grass. I was able to easily compare similar products.

For example, one aisle had all the Kentucky bluegrass options while another aisle showcased the many tall fescue and ryegrass mixes. The pasture seed was in a special farm and ranch aisle. I appreciated how user-friendly the seed displays were, making my shopping trip smooth.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Grass Seed at Tractor Supply?

According to the Tractor Supply team, the ideal times to buy grass seed are in the spring and fall when temperatures are moderate. This ensures the grass has the best chance to establish before harsh cold or heat sets in.

They recommended spring planting take place after the last frost when soil temperatures reach at least 55°F. For fall seeding, aim for 8-10 weeks before the first frost so the new grass can develop deep roots.

I visited in early spring and the store seemed pretty well stocked. But the staff warned me that inventory tends to be more limited in the peak spring rush. They advised visiting early in the season for the best selection.

The fall supply also moves quickly, so shopping early in autumn is again ideal. Off-season, Tractor Supply keeps a decent stock but expanded choices can be found during prime planting windows.

How Much Does Grass Seed Cost at Tractor Supply?

I found grass seed prices to be very reasonable at Tractor Supply. Simple grass seed blends started around $20 for a 10 lb bag, covering roughly 2,500 sq ft. More advanced varieties with specialized coatings and mixtures cost closer to $40 for 10 lbs.

Their exclusive Southern States grass seed was even more budget friendly, with 10 lb bags priced from $15 to $25. I saw premium brands like Scotts and Pennington selling for $50 or more for a 10 lb bag.

For large projects, I could get bulk bags up to 50 lbs for an even better value per pound. The Tractor Supply team was running spring sales on grass seed too, so I made sure to scan for deals and promotions. Signing up for their rewards program got me additional discounts.

Overall, Tractor Supply provided affordable seed options compared to big box stores. I was able to get quality seed well suited for my yard within my budget. Buying in bulk bags offered the best savings for covering large areas.

Why Should I Buy My Grass Seed from Tractor Supply?

There were several key reasons why I felt confident about purchasing my grass seed from Tractor Supply:

  • Knowledgeable staff – Employees were trained experts who helped me select the right grass species and mixes for my needs and growing conditions.
  • Wide selection – With aisles of grass seed, I could find exactly what I needed from shade to sun varieties. Brand name and store brand choices offered variety.
  • Quality products – I recognized quality brand names like Scotts and Pennington that underwent rigorous testing and trials.
  • Good prices – Grasses were affordable, especially the store brand Southern States line. Bulk bags provided additional savings opportunities.
  • Convenience – One stop shopping for grass seed, fertilizer, tools, and lawn care supplies saved me time.
  • Great return policy – Unopened seed could be returned for a full refund within 90 days if my project plans changed.

For both selection and value, Tractor Supply became my go-to source for quality grass seed. Their staff guidance gave me confidence I chose seed well suited for my needs.

Who Can Help Me Choose the Right Grass Seed at Tractor Supply?

The knowledgeable sales associates at Tractor Supply were a huge help in guiding me to the ideal grass species and mixtures for my yard. When I explained I was an overwhelmed new homeowner with mostly sunny space needing durable grass, they asked insightful questions about my lawn’s size, soil type, drainage, and intended usage.

After getting a sense of my landscaping project, the salesperson made several specific recommendations and even grabbed options to show me first-hand. I was provided guidance on sowing rates for the square footage I needed to cover. Their expertise gave me confidence I was choosing the right seed for my goals.

Beyond store staff, Tractor Supply offers a Lawn Care Academy online with advice from lawn experts on selecting grass seed. I found lots of useful articles on their site about cool season vs. warm season grasses and performing soil tests. For deeper questions, customers can call their customer solutions center to receive individualized seed picking assistance from advisers.

Which Grass Seed is Best for Shady Areas from Tractor Supply?

Since part of my yard is shaded by trees, I needed a grass variety able to thrive in low light. As I browsed the seed selection, I kept my eye out for shady mix options.

Tractor Supply has a few seed blends specially formulated for partial to full shade:

  • Southern States Dense Shade Mix – Fescues, ryegrass, bluegrass blend with strong shade tolerance
  • Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Mix – Improved fine fescue and ryegrass varieties tested for deep shade
  • Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Dense Shade Mix – Mix of fine fescue, ryegrass, and bluegrass with Thrive technology

The Tractor Supply experts pointed me towards the Pennington Smart Seed as their top shade recommendation. The dense creeping red fescue and perennial ryegrass varieties underwent years of trials under heavy shade conditions, plus the formula helps reduce dead spots in my lawn.

For the best shady results, the staff suggested also testing my soil’s pH and nutrients to boost the seeding success. Following their shade grass guidance will help ensure my yard thrives, even in low light.

How Does Tractor Supply Grass Seed Compare to Other Brands?

During my seed search, I compared the Tractor Supply lineup to other big brands I see advertised, like Scotts and Pennington.

My takeaway is Tractor Supply’s exclusive Southern States grass seed is extremely comparable in germination rates and quality to the national brands, but available at more affordable pricing. I saw similar soil preparation directions and sowing rates per square footage across all the major brands too.

The Tractor Supply staff explained their Southern States seed meets strict quality assurance standards on purity, germination, and noxious weed seed content. Rigorous lab testing ensures the seed lives up to its claims.

Compared to other retailers, Tractor Supply also offers a much wider range of grass seed options across both cool and warm season varieties. Their lineup includes unique grasses I haven’t found elsewhere. Between the selection and value, Tractor Supply grass seed definitely stands up against the big names.

What Is the Quality of Tractor Supply Grass Seed?

Overall, I was really pleased with the seed quality at Tractor Supply. According to their website, all Tractor Supply grass seed must pass strict purity and germination tests. This ensures high germination rates for successful turf establishment.

Their exclusive Southern States line also undergoes rigorous lab testing to meet federal and state seed laws. Allowable percentages for other crop seed, inert matter, and noxious weed seed are tightly controlled.

Beyond basic quality measures, I saw the seed incorporated helpful coatings and ingredients to boost performance. Some selections had water absorbing gels and fertilizers mixed right in. Special shady and heat tolerant varieties went through additional testing under difficult growing conditions.

Seeing how seriously Tractor Supply takes testing and formulation gave me confidence in the quality of their grass seed. I could find a variety tailored for my specific growing needs among their selections.

How Should I Care for My Lawn After Planting Tractor Supply Grass Seed?

The employees gave me some great tips for caring for my new grass after seeding:

  • Keep seeds consistently moist for 2-3 weeks for good germination, watering up to 3 times a day
  • Once sprouted, water 1 inch per week as needed, avoiding run off
  • Mow once new grass reaches 3-4 inches, cutting no more than 1/3 of blade height
  • Apply starter fertilizer at 4-6 weeks to encourage root development
  • Overseed bare or thin spots for full coverage
  • Adjust pH if needed to keep soil optimal
  • Monitor for pests and treat promptly to avoid damage to tender grass

Following their recommendations for watering, mowing, fertilizing, and troubleshooting will help my new grass establish a deep root system and achieve a lush carpet-like texture.

How Much Area Does a Bag of Tractor Supply Grass Seed Cover?

One important consideration when buying grass seed is coverage since lawns vary so much in size. The seed bags helpfully listed recommended sowing rates in pounds per 1000 sq ft. A good general rule I learned is 1 lb of grass seed covers 250 sq ft when planted correctly.

So for my roughly 5,000 sq ft lawn, I purchased 4 lbs of Kentucky bluegrass and 6 lbs of a tall fescue sunny mix. Buying a bit extra gives me a buffer in case I need to reseed thin patches.

I suggest measuring your lawn size and dividing by 250 sq ft to figure the approximate pounds of seed needed. And for larger landscape projects, don’t forget Tractor Supply has bulk bags up to 50 lbs! Their seed calculator online can provide custom recommendations by entering your square footage.

Are There Any New Types of Grass Seed Available at Tractor Supply?

I noticed some exciting new varieties during my Tractor Supply visit that aren’t available everywhere. One innovative product was Pennington’s Smart Seed line using plant-probiotic technology and UV coating for better germination. They also had Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed with exclusive Thrive technology.

Some of their new warm season offerings also caught my eye, like SeaStar Seashore Paspalum which tolerates salt spray and TifTuf Bermuda which needs less mowing. I give Tractor Supply credit for bringing in the latest high-tech grass seed products on the market.

Even their classic varieties have been recently updated with new formulations, enhanced ingredients, and better stress tolerance. Trying out new varieties like these improved grasses allows me to find the ideal seed for my specific growing conditions.

Does Tractor Supply Have Any Exclusive Brands or Types of Grass Seed?

In addition to major national brands, I found Tractor Supply’s own Southern States grass seed varieties to be an excellent exclusive option. These blends are custom formulated by their in-house experts.

According to the bag, their Southern States Sunny Mix contains a specialized drought-resistant tall fescue perfect for hot, sunny yards like mine. It was bred in-house to thrive in Southern climates.

They also create custom mixtures ideal for the transition zone, like their Southern States Fescue Bluegrass Mix with heat tolerant bluegrass. I can’t find these exclusive blends formulated for local growing conditions anywhere else.

Trying these Tractor Supply exclusive varieties is a great way to see if they perform better than name brand seed. With the lower cost, their Southern States seed ended up being the best value.

What Is the Return Policy for Grass Seed at Tractor Supply?

Before making my purchase, I made sure to double check Tractor Supply’s return policy for grass seed. Their policy is quite generous.

As long as the grass seed is unopened in its original packaging, it can be returned for a full refund up to 90 days after purchase. So even though I had to buy seed months before optimal spring planting time, I can still get my money back if plans change.

They recommended keeping the original receipt to make any returns quick and easy. This takes the pressure off having to guess exactly how much seed to buy in advance.

The 90 day window gives me plenty of time to tweak my planting projects for full refunds on any extra seed. Tractor Supply’s risk-free guarantees make seed buying stress free.

Where Can I Find Reviews on Tractor Supply Grass Seed?

To get feedback from fellow gardeners, I searched for grass seed reviews on the Tractor Supply app and website under the product listings. I also checked third party sites like Consumer Reports.

The Southern States Sunny Mix had lots of 5 star ratings praising the quick germinationvibrant color, and great value. A few reviews mentioned needing to overseed the shady mix but overall customers seemed very happy.

Site reviews highlighted how the Tractor Supply team will work with you to find the ideal grass variety and even make returns or exchanges easy if the seed doesn’t meet expectations. I felt confident I would be satisfied from the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Are There Any Promotions or Discounts on Grass Seed at Tractor Supply?

To my delight, Tractor Supply was running some great springtime promotions on grass seed during my visit. Select varieties were 25% off with even bigger discounts in bulk sizes. This made their everyday low pricing even more affordable.

They also had buy one, get one 50% off deals on popular grass brands with instant rebates at checkout. I saved an extra 15% by using a new member coupon from their rewards program too.

The store associate mentioned spring and fall are prime times to find seed sales. Signing up for Tractor Supply emails or texts can help keep me in the loop on current coupon codes and discounts. Their app also shows instant mobile savings I can unlock.

Thanks to well-timed sales and storewide promos, I was able to keep my seed costs low while still choosing top-performing blends. Checkout deals added up to big savings.

Can I Order Grass Seed From Tractor Supply Online?

Beyond in-store shopping, Tractor Supply makes it easy to buy grass seed online through their website. They offer free shipping on orders over $49, so hitting this minimum with a few bags of seed is simple.

I liked that I could filter selections online by brand, grass type, sunlight needs, and specialty features. Their website also shows real images of the actual grass seed products which makes identifying the right mixes simpler.

Once I add seed to my online cart, fast 1-3 day shipping has my order promptly delivered. Their knowledgeable customer solutions team is available by phone or chat if any questions come up during the ordering process too.

With the convenience of home delivery in just a few days, I’ll definitely consider ordering seed online along with fertilizer and tools for easy one-stop lawn improvement.

Is There Any Guarantee on the Performance of Grass Seed from Tractor Supply?

I know grass seed performance depends heavily on proper planting techniques and care. But I was relieved to see satisfaction guarantees offered by some brands at Tractor Supply as an added peace of mind.

For example, Pennington offers a 100% No Quibble Guarantee to replace any unsatisfactory seed for up to 2 years after purchase. They want customers fully happy with the end results.

Tractor Supply’s own Southern States line guarantees their seed will perform as expected to customer satisfaction when their planting guidelines are followed. They work to back up their products.

While these guarantees won’t compensate for avoidable issues like poor soil prep or overseeding, they provide assurance the seed itself will sprout and establish as promised when planted correctly.

What Are Some Seasonal Tips for Planting Grass Seed from Tractor Supply?

The store staff provided some extremely helpful season-specific tips for getting the most out of my Tractor Supply grass seed:


  • Aerate compacted soil
  • Test and amend pH/nutrients
  • Wait until 6-8 weeks after last frost
  • Water lightly 3x daily until sprouted


  • Focus on warm season grasses
  • Prep area by solarizing weeds
  • Seek shade tolerant varieties
  • Water even more frequently for establishment


  • Overseed bare spots
  • Use dormant seeding techniques
  • Mix in starter fertilizer when planting
  • Continue watering until ground freezes


  • No seeding recommended
  • Cover existing grass with layer of compost
  • Avoid foot traffic on frozen turf

Using their seasonal pointers along with my new Tractor Supply seed ensures my lawn thrives through the seasons.

What Other Lawn Care Products Should I Consider When Buying Grass Seed at Tractor Supply?

The employees pointed out some useful lawn products to use when planting my Tractor Supply grass seed:

  • Matting/Erosion Control Fabrics: Helps new grass take root, especially on slopes
  • Lawn Fertilizers and Soil Amendments: Get soil in ideal shape before seeding
  • Seed Starting Mix: Improves germination rates for tender new sprouts
  • Watersaver Granules: Absorbs water then slowly releases moisture to seeds
  • Seed Spreader: Ensures even distribution for best coverage

I added a bag of starter fertilizer, soil test kit, and biodegradable erosion matting to provide the best care for my new grass. Tractor Supply offers convenient one-stop seeding with these handy lawn products.

Starting my lawn makeover project was easier thanks to the outstanding selection and expertise I found at my local Tractor Supply store. From shade blends to seasonal tips, they provided the ideal grass seed for my needs along with helpful guidance to ensure planting success. I look forward to watching my beautiful new Tractor Supply lawn thrive this year!

Hello, everyone! I'm David Henry, a dedicated customer and enthusiastic reviewer of Tractor Supply Company. As a farmer and agriculture enthusiast, I frequently visit Tractor Supply Company to explore and purchase a wide range of agricultural supplies, tools, and equipment. Over the years, I have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in shopping at Tractor Supply Company, and I aim to help others make wiser choices through my sharing. I understand the importance of selecting the right products for farmers, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. That's why I enjoy sharing my insights and recommendations to assist individuals in finding the best-suited products for their needs. Join me as we embark on a journey of discovering quality products and making informed decisions at Tractor Supply Company. Together, let's enhance our farming and outdoor experiences through valuable insights and practical advice.