My Journey to Find the Perfect Dog Crate at Tractor Supply

When I first brought home my adorable golden retriever puppy Luna, I knew I needed to get her set up with a proper dog crate right away. As a responsible pet owner, I wanted to be sure I had the right containment and training tool to help potty train Luna and give her a comfortable, safe space of her own. That’s when I embarked on a mission to find the perfect crate for my pup at our local Tractor Supply.

After browsing their wide selection both in-store and online, I realized Tractor Supply offers an amazing variety of dog crates to suit pets of all shapes, sizes and needs. From heavy duty models built for powerful pups to lightweight, collapsible options perfect for travel, they have everything you could possibly need when it comes to crating your canine. Keep reading for the full scoop on the many dog crate options available from Tractor Supply!

Plastic Dog Crates

One of the most popular and affordable dog crate options at Tractor Supply is their selection of plastic crates. These durable plastic kennels come in a range of sizes from tiny to XXL, so you’re sure to find one to accommodate dogs from tiny Chihuahuas to massive Mastiffs and everything in between. The hard plastic shell on these crates makes them sturdy and secure for safe confinement and travel. They’re also super easy to clean if your pooch has an accident, since you can just wipe down the plastic pan.

I ultimately decided on a large plastic crate for my Luna. At around $49.99-$69.99, these Tractor Supply plastic kennels aren’t cheap, but they’re built to last. The price varies a bit depending on size. I liked that the plastic provided good ventilation and visibility for Luna while also keeping her safely contained when I’m not home. These crates come with a removable steel grated door for added security. Some even include a free dividing panel, so you can adjust the space as your puppy grows.

Wire Dog Crates

In addition to plastic, Tractor Supply also offers an assortment of wire dog crates. These metal kennels have panels made from durable steel wire mesh. Like the plastic crates, wire kennels come in sizes ranging from tiny to XXL to suit any dog breed. I like that the open wire design of these crates allows for lots of great ventilation and visibility. However, they do not provide quite as much containment and seclusion as a solid plastic crate.

Wire crates are also generally collapsible, making them easier to transport and store when not in use. Tractor Supply carries convenient foldable and portable wire crate options for those needing a crate on-the-go. Their wire kennels start at around $29.99 for smaller sizes and go up to $149.99 for extra large. While the wire crates may be slightly less expensive than plastic, the tradeoff is they are less secure and may not stand up to serious chewing from destructive dogs. Still, for puppies and calmer dogs, a wire crate is a lightweight and airy containment option.

Extra Large Dog Crates

Of course, Tractor Supply hasn’t forgotten about owners of larger breed dogs like Great Danes, Mastiffs, and St. Bernards who need an XXL crate. They offer several reinforced plastic and steel wire dog crates designed specially to accommodate big dogs. Their XXL Giant metal dog crate provides a 51-inch length to give giant breed dogs plenty of room to stand up and stretch out. It runs around $159.99 depending on the model. They also have an XXL plastic crate which provides extra tall height and depth for max comfort. those extra giant plastic kennels cost around $199.99. It’s so nice they offer containment options scaled up in size for huge hounds!

Heavy Duty Dog Crates

In addition to extra large kennels, Tractor Supply understands that some super powerful and muscular four-legged friends need an especially durable crate built to withstand serious chewing, scratching and roughhousing. That’s why they offer several reinforced heavy duty dog crate options designed with the most mischievous and destructive dogs in mind.

Their ProSelect Empire dog cage has 20-gauge steel tubes and dual door locks to keep Houdini dogs securely contained. For additional chewing resistance, their SmithBuilt Heavy Duty dog crate has 14-gauge steel wires with protective resin coating. These ultra-sturdy heavy duty crates cost $129.99 to $299.99, but provide unbeatable strength and security. I considered a heavy duty crate for my Luna since golden retrievers are known for their chewing habits, but so far a standard plastic kennel has done the trick!

Soft Dog Crates

In addition to hard plastic and steel crates, Tractor Supply stocks a selection of soft-sided dog crates perfect for travel and portability. Their collapsible canvas mesh crates provide ventilation and visibility just like wire crates, but come with the added benefit of being lightweight, easy to set up/take down, and simple to transport. They’re ideal for bringing to motels, grandma’s house, camping trips, or anywhere you and your pooch may roam.

These soft crates range from $29.99 for petite sizes all the way up to $149.99 for XXL. While they do offer great portability, soft crates provide less structure and security than solid plastic or steel kennels. Still, they make a great containment option for well-behaved dogs on-the-go. I sometimes bring Luna along in a soft crate when I visit my parents’ house since it doesn’t take up much space in the car.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Dog Crates

Dog crates are certainly not one-size-fits-all when it comes to location. So Tractor Supply offers crates suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Their indoor dog crates have features like compact plastic construction, slide-out trays for easy cleaning, folding wires, and quiet sliding doors perfect for close living quarters. I chose an indoor-friendly crate for Luna since she spends nights and days inside while I’m at work.

But they also carry heavy duty outdoor dog crates optimized for all sorts of weather and suitable for garage, patio or even backyard placement. Their outdoor options have thick steel gauge wires that resist rusting and coated panels that won’t absorb outdoor odors. If your pooch will spend time outside, an outdoor crate built to withstand the elements is a must.

Dog Crate Furnishings & Accessories

To make a crate feel more like home for your pup, Tractor Supply stocks a variety of handy furnishings and accessories. You can pick up crate mats and pads for extra comfort and warmth as well as crate covers to help your dog feel more relaxed and secure in their space. They also offer crate divider panels if you need to adjust the interior size as your puppy grows.

And to aid with cleanliness, you can find replacement crate pans and trays if accidents happen. I always keep an extra crate tray on hand for quick swap outs when needed. They provide everything you need to optimize your dog’s crate living experience!

Crate Training Tips from Tractor Supply

Of course, simply purchasing a crate doesn’t mean your dog will take to it right away. Proper crate training is so important to acclimate your pup to their new enclosure and avoid problems like barking and accidents. That’s why Tractor Supply offers tons of free crate training resources right on their website.

Their crate training guide covers introducing your dog to their crate slowly, establishing a positive association with treats and toys, managing confinement times, and troubleshooting issues like separation anxiety. Thanks to their tips, I was able to get Luna comfy with her crate in no time! Always be sure to utilize their training guides when getting a new crate.

Order Online, Pick Up In Store

While browsing dog crates in-person at my local Tractor Supply store was helpful, I also appreciated the ability to order crates and accessories online for easy pick up. Their website makes it simple to select your desired crate style, size and features and either have it shipped to your home or retrieve it directly from a nearby store.

I opted to order Luna’s crate online since it allowed me to read reviews and take more time making my decision. And I could conveniently swing by to grab it as soon as it arrived at the shop closest to me. Don’t be afraid to use their online crate selection and in-store retrieval option.

Returns & Warranties Provide Peace of Mind

As a caring pet parent, I of course want to ensure I’m investing in a dog crate built to last. The good news is all Tractor Supply crates and accessories come with a satisfaction guarantee. Their products must meet your standards — and your pup’s — or you can return them for a refund. Most crates also include at minimum a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

It’s reassuring to know Tractor Supply stands behind the products they sell. After doing my homework, I felt confident choosing Luna’s crate knowing returns and warranties offered protection in case anything went wrong. Make sure to review return policies and warranty details before making any big crate purchase!

Shop Sales and Save on Dog Crates

Finally, I can’t forget to mention that Tractor Supply periodically offers some amazing sales and deals on select dog crates and accessories. It definitely pays to get on their email list so you’re notified right away when discounts hit. Or you can watch for holiday sales events for opportunities to save.

For example, I noticed they were running a 10% off President’s Day promo, so I stocked up on some spare crate mats and covers for Luna at a discounted price. From flash sales to free shipping offers and percent-off deals, make sure to take advantage of any promotions when outfitting your pup’s crate space.

The Perfect Crate for My Pup

Well, there you have it — the full scoop on the myriad dog crate options available from Tractor Supply for pets of all shapes and sizes. After plenty of research, I’m happy to report I found the ideal crate solution for my Luna through their wide selection of products. She’s taken to her new plastic kennel wonderfully and feels right at home in her cozy, ventilated enclosure.

And I have peace of mind knowing she’s comfortable, secure and safe when I can’t be there to supervise directly. If you’re on the hunt for a quality crate for your new pup or longtime companion canine, I highly recommend checking out the assortment at your local Tractor Supply store or online. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect match! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy crate shopping!

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