My Journey to Finding the Perfect Tractor Supply Shed for My Backyard

Finding the right shed for my backyard has been quite the journey. As a new homeowner with a lot of hobbies and outdoor gear, I was in desperate need of a quality storage shed, but wasn’t sure where to begin. After doing some research online and getting recommendations from friends, I decided to check out the selection of sheds at my local Tractor Supply store.

The main thing that drew me to Tractor Supply was the wide variety of sheds they offer. From small resin sheds to large barn-style buildings, they really do have something for everyone. Tractor Supply carries sheds made from different materials like metal, wood, and heavy-duty resin/plastic. This gives customers like me a lot of options to choose from.

Browsing the Different Tractor Supply Shed Options

During my first trip to Tractor Supply, I was really impressed by the different types of sheds on display. They had various metal sheds in silver, gray, and red colors. The metal sheds come in different sizes, some as small as 6×3 ft and up to 12×20 ft. What I liked about the metal sheds is that they seem really durable, sturdy, and weather-resistant.

In addition to metal sheds, Tractor Supply has a nice selection of wooden sheds. The wooden sheds have a more traditional look, with options like asphalt shingled roofs and barn-style doors. The wood sheds range from smaller 6×6 ft units up to huge 12×16 ft buildings. Some even have cute windows and decorative elements. The downside is that wood requires more maintenance to keep it looking nice.

Finally, Tractor Supply offers heavy-duty resin sheds made from a durable plastic material. These sheds come in grey or tan colors and seem to offer great weather resistance. The resin sheds range from medium-sized 7×7 ft sheds up to big 12×20 ft units. I liked how the resin seems really low maintenance.

Comparing Tractor Supply Shed Prices to Other Retailers

As I compared shed prices at Tractor Supply to other retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart, I found Tractor Supply to be very competitively priced. They seem to offer consistently lower prices versus the big box stores.

For example, a popular 8×8 ft barn-style wood shed costs around $1,399 at Tractor Supply. The same size and style of shed is $1,599 at Home Depot and $1,849 at Lowes. That’s a savings of $200 to $450 just by purchasing through Tractor Supply instead.

I also compared prices on some of the metal shed models. A nice 10×10 ft silver metal shed is $1,199 at my local Tractor Supply store. At Lowes, the closest equivalent is $1,349. Again, Tractor Supply has the cheapest price points.

Based on my research, you can expect to pay 10-20% less overall on sheds by shopping at Tractor Supply versus other major retailers. The prices are very appealing, especially for the high quality sheds they offer.

Choosing the Right Size Shed for My Needs

With so many size options to choose from, it took me some time to decide what size shed would work best for my backyard. The sizes available at my Tractor Supply location ranged from smaller 6×3 ft sheds up to huge 12×20 ft sheds. I measured out my yard and thought about my storage needs to narrow it down.

I have a lot of lawn tools and equipment like mowers, trimmers, and rakes that I need to store. Plus I have pools toys, bicycles, and some larger outdoor games I’d like to keep protected. Given all those items, I decided a mid-size 8×10 ft or 8×12 ft shed would give me enough room.

I was pleased that Tractor Supply has multiple shed models available in those more medium sizes. I didn’t need something gigantic, but I definitely required more than just a tiny 6×6 ft shed. The 8×10 and 8×12 sizes seem to be that “just right” amount of space for my yard.

One tip if you’re unsure on size – go bigger rather than smaller. You don’t want to cram things into a shed or outgrow it quickly. Leaving some growing room in your shed is smart.

Selecting the Right Material: Metal vs Wood vs Resin

With so many material choices these days – wood, metal, resin and more – it took me some time to decide what type of shed would be the best fit.

The metal sheds from Tractor Supply are very appealing because they seem indestructible and maintenance free. I don’t have to worry about painting them or protecting them from weather and critters. However, the downside is that metal sheds can dent and don’t offer the charming curb appeal of other options.

On the other end of the spectrum, the wooden sheds have a much more classic and attractive look in my opinion. I love the shingled roofs and barn-style doors which feel nostalgic. But I’d have to be diligent with upkeep and maintenance on a wood shed to prevent rotting, cracking, or insect damage.

That led me to take a closer look at the resin sheds which seem to offer the best of both worlds. The resin won’t rot, dent, or require paint like metal and wood sheds. But it has a slightly more pleasing aesthetic than basic metal. The resin sheds also come in some nice neutral colors like grey and tan to match any yard.

Weighing the pros and cons, I decided to go with one of the durable, low-maintenance resin sheds. The resin shed I chose has great customer reviews and seems like the ideal combination of strength, weather-resistance, and visual appeal for my backyard.

Finding the Right Accessories and Add-Ons

One of the things that impressed me about Tractor Supply was the great selection of accessories and add-ons available for their sheds. For example, they offer various shelving units you can mount inside the shed for optimal storage.

They also have shed windows in various sizes that can be installed to add natural light. Skylights are another option for bringing light into a shed from Tractor Supply. For added ventilation, they offer shed vents, roof vents, and cupolas.

To make the shed more secure, Tractor Supply has keyed door locks, padlock hasps, and anchors you can install. They also have ramps to improve accessibility and ventilation fans to circulate fresh air inside the shed.

I opted to get a nice window, some shelving units, and an electrical kit for my shed. Tractor Supply made it really easy to customize and accessorize my shed.

Preparing the Site for my New Shed

Once I finally made my decision on which Tractor Supply shed to purchase, the next step was preparing my site for delivery and installation.

First on the checklist was clearing the spot where I wanted to place the shed. I had to cut back some overgrown bushes and relocate a few stepping stones and lawn ornaments. Having a flat, level site is key for proper shed installation.

Next was laying down gravel and paver stones as a foundation. Tractor Supply recommends a base of gravel that is at least 4 inches deep. The solid foundation helps prevent settling or shifting of the shed once it’s in place.

I also built a treated wood platform on top of the gravel to fully level out the site. The platform provides additional reinforcement for the shed and brings it up out of the dirt a bit. Always best to avoid direct shed-to-ground contact.

Finally, I installed the shed anchoring kit which secures the shed into the ground for extra stability. Some areas also require sheds to be bolted down as wind or seismic precautions.

Preparing the site took time but it will provide the ideal stable, long-lasting foundation for my new Tractor Supply shed for years to come.

Taking Advantage of Tractor Supply’s Shed Discounts and Warranties

As I was getting ready to purchase my Tractor Supply shed, I asked about any current promotions or ways to save money. They actually have some nice discount options which helped offset the cost.

First, I took advantage of a 10% off coupon that they emailed members of their My TSC Rewards loyalty program. If you shop at Tractor Supply with any regularity, it pays to join the free rewards program.

They also mentioned that Tractor Supply runs periodic “sales events” where certain sheds will be 10-15% off for a short time. It’s smart to try and time your shed purchase around these special savings events.

Finally, I was able to get an additional 5% discount for signing up for a Tractor Supply credit card to finance my shed purchase. This helped lower my monthly payments.

One other thing I liked was that their sheds come with a 10-year limited warranty. So that provides some nice peace of mind on my investment with the product quality guarantee.

By stacking a coupon code, sale price, credit card perk and warranty, I was able to get my dream shed from Tractor Supply for much less than I expected.

Overall Impressions of My Shed Purchase Experience

After going through the full process of researching, choosing, and buying my Tractor Supply shed, I could not be happier with the results. This shed really does have everything I was looking for.

The shed buying experience at my local store was excellent from start to finish. The sales associates were very knowledgeable and took time to ensure I selected the right shed. Their delivery team brought the shed out and assembled it efficiently.

Now that my new resin shed is fully setup, I’m excited to start loading it up with all my bikes, pools toys, and equipment. No more having stuff cluttering up the garage and yard.

I would certainly recommend Tractor Supply’s sheds to anyone looking for a high-quality storage solution. They really do have superb sheds at very affordable price points compared to other major brands.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about my Tractor Supply shed buying experience! I’m happy to provide any insight that might help as you shop for the perfect backyard shed.

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