My Search for the Perfect Dog Kennel at Tractor Supply

When I brought home my new puppy Cleo last month, I knew I needed to find her a safe and comfortable place to stay when I couldn’t be around to supervise her. As a first-time dog owner, I wasn’t sure where to begin my search for the perfect dog kennel. But then a friend suggested I check out the selection at my local Tractor Supply store.

The Kennel Hunt Begins

I’ll admit, I didn’t even realize Tractor Supply sold dog kennels. I assumed I’d have to go to a pet store or look on Amazon. But since Tractor Supply was just down the road, I decided it was worth a trip to browse their kennel options in person.

Stepping into the store, I was immediately overwhelmed by the huge assortment of kennels. There were plastic kennels, wire kennels, indoor kennels, outdoor kennels – you name it, they had it.

Luckily, a super helpful sales associate named Jenny saw the confused look on my face and came over to assist. When I explained I was looking for my first ever puppy kennel, Jenny was happy to walk me through the process of finding the perfect fit.

Kennel Materials: Plastic vs. Wire

The first decision Jenny had me make was whether I preferred a plastic or wire crate material.

Plastic kennels are generally better for indoor use since they keep in warmth and give your dog a more den-like, enclosed space. However, the plastic can get scratched up if used outside.

On the other hand, wire kennels have mesh sides that allow for better air flow. This makes them ideal for outdoor use or in hot climates. I decided to get one of each so I could use plastic inside and wire outside.

Sizing Your Kennel

Next, Jenny explained that properly sizing your kennel is crucial – you don’t want too much extra room, but you need to leave space for your puppy to grow. She recommended measuring Cleo when I got home to ensure accurate sizing.

Some key factors in choosing a kennel size:

  • Allow your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably
  • Measure your puppy’s height, length, and weight
  • Consider expected adult size of your pup’s breed
  • Size up if unsure between two options

They had kennels specially made for smaller breeds like Frenchies up to extra large kennels for bigger dogs like Great Danes.

Extra Kennel Features

Beyond material and size, Tractor Supply kennels include a variety of additional features to look for, depending on your needs:

  • Dividers allow you to section off part of the crate for housetraining puppies.
  • Locking doors add extra security and prevent escape artist pups.
  • Composite plastic kennels resist weather damage better than basic plastic.
  • Fold flat wire kennels are great for travel or storage when not in use.
  • Rubber feet on some kennels protect floors from scratches.

There were also accessories like kennel mats, travel bags, locks, and even decorative kennel covers! Who knew kennels could be so stylish?

Test Drive Time

After going over all the options, it was time to take a few kennels for a test drive with Cleo. I brought my tape measure and had Cleo try out a few different sizes.

It was so helpful to see her in the kennels in person rather than just guessing online. The 36-inch wire kennel ended up being the perfect size for her to move around while still being cozy.

One Happy Puppy

I am thrilled with my kennel purchases from Tractor Supply (though my wallet is a little less thrilled!). The quality is fantastic, and they were much more affordable than some other stores.

But the best part is seeing how content Cleo is in her new kennels. She happily goes into her indoor plastic kennel for naps and settles right in when I put her in the outdoor wire one while I’m doing yard work.

Kennels for Every Dog

After my great experience, I tell all new dog parents to check out the massive selection of kennels at their Tractor Supply. No matter your pup’s size, age, or temperament, they truly have a kennel for every dog.

Next on my list? Decking out Cleo’s kennels with some fun new accessories! Maybe I’ll even get her a custom kennel cover in her favorite color – purple! The opportunities are endless.

Thanks, Tractor Supply, for having everything this first-time dog mom needed to get my puppy settled into her new home. Cleo and I will be back soon for all our future pet supply needs!

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