My Search for the Perfect Generator at Tractor Supply Co.

Finding Reliable Power for My Off-the-Grid Homestead

As someone living off-the-grid on a homestead in rural [State], having a reliable generator is absolutely essential. When the power goes out, which happens frequently here, I need a way to keep my fridge and freezer running, have some lights on at night, and charge electronics like my phone and laptop. That’s why I headed to my local Tractor Supply Co. store last week on a mission to find the perfect generator to meet my needs.

After browsing their wide selection of portable and standby generators in all different power outputs, fuel types, and from various top brands, I left with a heavy-duty, dual-fuel Champion generator that I think is going to be ideal for my situation. Here’s the full story of my generator shopping adventure at Tractor Supply!

Researching My Options Before Visiting the Store

As a savvy shopper, I never like to walk into a store without doing some research first. I went on Tractor Supply’s website to see what types of generators they carry and get an idea of the options. I could see they have everything from small portable inverter generators perfect for camping and tailgating to massive standby generators meant for home backup power.

The power output ratings ranged from under 1,000 watts for basic portable models up to 15,000 watts or more for commercial-grade standby units. They also had inverter generators specifically designed for safely running sensitive electronics. As far as fuel types, there were generators running on gasoline, propane, diesel, as well as dual-fuel options that can switch between gas and propane.

This gave me a good overview of what would be available when I visited the store. I also read through the product descriptions, highlights, and reviews to narrow down some specific models I wanted to take a closer look at.

Arriving at Tractor Supply and Browsing the Generator Selection

When I arrived at my local Tractor Supply store and headed straight for the generator displays, I was really impressed by the huge selection. There had to be at least 50 different models from brands like ChampionGeneracHondaWEN and more. They had entire aisles dedicated to various generator types and fuel options.

Some highlights that caught my eye were the mid-sized dual-fuel Champion inverter generator for $829, a compact WEN portable gas generator for $339, and the 15,000 watt Generac standby diesel generator for $2,899. However, I didn’t see price tags on most models, so I knew I’d have to talk to a salesperson to get quotes.

Consulting with a Tractor Supply Generator Expert

After perusing all the options, I flagged down one of the store employees with a “Generator Expert” tag and asked for some advice. I explained I needed a generator capable of running my well pump, fridge, some lights and small appliances simultaneously. But it also had to be portable enough to move around the property as needed.

He recommended the Champion model that first caught my eye, which could provide 7,500 running watts on gas or 6,750 on propane. He said for a bit more power in a portable size, I should consider their premium Dual Fuel 9,375 watt inverter generator for $1,099. Their largest dual-fuel could do up to 18,000 watts on gas or 16,500 on propane for $1,899.

I was leaning toward the mid-sized 7,500 watt Champion for my needs and budget. The salesperson gave me some tips on how to figure out what size I truly needed based on total starting wattage and running wattage of items I’d run simultaneously.

Making the Purchase and Arrange Delivery

After getting quotes on all models I was considering and weighing the options, I settled on that Champion 7,500 watt dual-fuel generator for $829 plus tax. This Tractor Supply location even offered free delivery for the heavy 220 lb unit – a big perk!

The salesperson took the time to explain the warranty, maintenance needs, and provided some accessories like a cover and extra power cords. I also opted for the 2-year extended service plan for just $99 to cover any potential repair costs. They offered financing options too, but I chose to pay in full upfront.

The Perfect Generator for My Off-the-Grid Homestead

As the salesperson helped load my new generator into the back of my truck, I was thrilled to have found the ideal model for my needs at Tractor Supply Co.. With its durable steel frame, electric start, intuitive controls, and dual-fuel capability, I know I’ll get years of reliable service from this Champion generator on my rural homestead.

The team at Tractor Supply made the shopping experience pleasant and informative. I got the power I was looking for at a fair price, plus free delivery – now that’s worth driving into town for! I’m glad I did my research beforehand so I could make the most of my time browsing the outstanding selection in store.

With storm season coming soon here in [State], there’s no doubt my new standby generator will provide some much-needed peace of mind. I know my fridge, water supply and other critical systems will stay powered no matter what weather heads our way. Thanks Tractor Supply for helping this homesteader find the perfect generator!

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