Oinking Up a Storm: My Journey Building Hog Heaven with Tractor Supply

Hogs have always held a special place in my heart. Ever since I was a little girl visiting my grandparents’ farm, I was fascinated by those grunting, snorting, mud-loving beasts. As an adult, I dreamed of having my own small hobby farm, complete with a few friendly porkers to keep me company. When my husband and I finally bought some acreage, I knew my swine dreams could become reality. But I had a lot to learn about properly housing hogs before bringing home my bacon-to-be. That’s when I discovered the magical wonderland that is Tractor Supply. Let me tell you about my experience finding the perfect hog panels to construct a top-notch hog pen.

Shopping for My Swine Shelter

When I first stepped into the tractor supply store, I was overwhelmed. Corral panels, cattle panels, ventilation systems – it was a lot to take in for a novice farmer like myself. Thankfully the staff was super helpful in steering me toward the hog panels. They guided me to the large enclosure where a variety of panel options stood waiting.

I was immediately impressed by the selection. There were tall hog panels nearly 5 feet high, perfect for big breeds like Yorkshire or Duroc. Shorter, more affordable hog panels around 3 feet would suit a family of pygmy hogs. They even had extra heavy-duty hog panels reinforced for aggressive pigs. It was hog panel nirvana!

After measuring out my planned pen space at home, I decided the 16-foot long, 34-inch tall regular duty hog panels would do the trick nicely. The staff helped me load up the panels along with posts and clips onto my little pickup. I couldn’t wait to get home and start construction on my hog haven.

Hog Panel Field Notes

Now for the fun part: putting those Tractor Supply hog panels to use! I decided to chronicle my experiences constructing my swine abode. Here are some highlights from my hog panel field notes:

  • The 16 gauge steel panels felt incredibly sturdy in my hands. No worries about flimsy fencing with these babies!
  • I was impressed by the uniform 4-inch spacing between the horizontal wires. No gaps wide enough for a small pig to squeeze through.
  • The 1-inch vertical wire spacing also felt nicely secure. My piggies’ snouts won’t get stuck trying to root underneath.
  • The galvanized coating provided a smooth, protective barrier against rust and corrosion. Gotta make this pen last!
  • I easily cut the panels to size with a simple bolt cutter. Much easier than using a hacksaw!
  • The pre-drilled holes made connecting everything with metal t-posts and hog clips a breeze. Super sturdy with no sharp edges.
  • For added stability, I used 5-foot metal corner posts secured firmly in concrete. This thing is hog-proof!

My husband and I stepped back to admire our handiwork. The hog panels from Tractor Supply passed the test with flying colors! Now it was time to head to the livestock market and pick out the four-legged tenants for our new hog mansion. Squeal!

Meeting My Marvelous Swine

A few days later, we returned home with the most adorable trio of 6-week-old weaner pigs. Two little Hampshire gilts we named Nutmeg and Sage, and a boisterous Duroc barrow we jokingly call Sir Oinks-a-Lot (or Oink for short).

It was love at first sight. The pigs quickly settled into their new pen, happily snuffling around in the fresh straw bedding. With plenty of room to roam and forage, they appeared comfortable and content.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been impressed by how securely the Tractor Supply hog panels contain my lively pigs. Even when they run laps around their pen or scuffle with each other, the panels don’t budge. No weak points for these escape artists to exploit.

I also love being able to easily observe my pigs thanks to the open-spaced panel design. The 1-inch vertical wires give me a clear view inside the pen from all angles while preventing the piggies from squeezing out.

Overall, the panels have held up great despite the pigs’ best efforts to destroy and dig. The sturdy galvanized steel still looks brand new after power washing, with no signs of rust or corrosion. My Tractor Supply purchase was worth every penny!

Oink-Worthy Features and Benefits

After several weeks of firsthand experience, I’m ready to highlight the features and benefits that make Tractor Supply hog panels my top choice for safe, secure swine enclosures:

  • Durable 16 gauge galvanized steel stands up to tusks, hooves, and weather elements
  • 4-inch horizontal wire spacing prevents small pigs from escaping but allows adequate air flow
  • 1-inch vertical wire spacing provides open visibility while securing animals inside
  • Pre-galvanized coating prevents corrosion and rust for long-lasting use
  • Pre-drilled corner holes make assembly and reinforcement simple
  • Available in multiple heights to suit pigs from potbellies to boars
  • Easy to cut and join with basic tools for customized pens
  • Very affordable pricing, especially for the high quality compared to welded panels
  • In-stock at most locations makes pickup fast and convenient

For anyone looking to house hogs, I enthusiastically recommend picking up a stack of hog panels from your local Tractor Supply store. You won’t find a more cost-effective and hassle-free way to build a safe, sturdy pen for your swine. Just ask Sir Oink – he gives Tractor Supply hog panels five sloppy pig kisses!

Ode to My Tractor Supply Hog Panels

I leave you with this little ode I wrote in honor of the simple joy my Tractor Supply hog panels have brought me:

Oh hog panel from Tractor Supply
So sturdy and galvanized
Your wires neatly spaced
Keeping piggies in place

With posts and clips I built a pen
To house my porky little friends
No creaks, no breaks, no rust
This fence I can sure trust

Nutmeg, Sage and Oink reside
Within my panel pig palace so tidy
They root, nap and play
Happy all day

For any swine shelter I ever may need
I know right where I’m going, indeed
Back to my favorite supply
My Tractor Supply!

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