Plug and Play Hot Tubs: Enjoy Effortless Relaxation in Your Own Backyard

We have a diverse selection of 44 Plug & Play Hot Tubs available in all of our stores. With the help of our team of experienced home décor experts, we carefully analyzed 1132 customer reviews from the past year to create a list of the top-performing hot tubs based on size and price, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your home. 

Don’t let the variety of options overwhelm you; Wayfair offers a vast range of plug and play hot tubs that can fit almost anywhere, crafted from high-quality materials that guarantee longevity. The selection may fluctuate in features such as primary materials, voltage, and product type. Selecting the ideal Plug & Play Hot Tub for your space entails assessing elements like size and cost.

Essential Plug and Play Hot Tub

With the capacity to hold 6 people at once, the Essential Hot Tub 2021 is one of the largest options available in the Plug and Play Hot Tub category. Equipped with 20 stainless steel jets, a digital control panel, and 2 speed pumps, this tub can heat up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The powerful 2HP pump ensures that each individual gets a relaxing and enjoyable massage experience. The hot tub is compatible with all standard 120V/15 A outlets and comes with a GFCI cord, although a professional is recommended for installation of the optional 240V unit. 

The Essential Hot Tub 2021 is known for its quiet and efficient operation, as well as its heavy-duty insulated covers and locking clips. The reinforced resin construction and superior insulation also contribute to the tub’s ability to retain heat, allowing for maximum relaxation time. Although it takes longer to fill, the quality of the hot tub and its heat retention capacity are worth the wait. At 104 degrees Celsius, the tub takes approximately 12 hours to heat fully, depending on external factors. Furthermore, the hot tub can be placed on various surfaces including a deck, pavers, concrete, dirt, and mud. 

Overall, the Essential Hot Tub 2021 offers excellent value for money, with its spacious seating capacity, rapid heating, and ease of assembly. In addition, the side ridges can serve as convenient cup holders, adding to the overall convenience of the hot tub. The only downside is that the jet nozzles are not adjustable.

AquaRest Spas 45 Jet Plug n Play with Ozonator

The AquaRest Spa can accommodate up to six adults and boasts a water capacity of 318 gallons. With 45 stainless steel jets, this spa offers a relaxing and invigorating experience. The rhombus ridge paneling makes it not only affordable but also sturdy enough to withstand any backyard setup.

One of the standout features of this plug n play spa is its performance-enhanced LED lighting system, which provides soothing visuals without the need for additional lighting. Additionally, the tub’s efficient filtration system ensures that the water remains fresh for at least 90 days before needing to be changed.

If you require more power, you can upgrade to a 240-volt hot tub, but this will require professional installation. Overall, the AquaRest Spa is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, affordable spa experience.

Lifesmart LS100 Bermuda 4-Person 13-Jet 110V Plug-and-Play Spa



– Comfortable bucket seats

– Color-changing LEDs

– Includes pump and filter


– Only 13 jets

– Steps must be purchased separately

Lifesmart is renowned for producing exceptional hot tubs and spas, and the Bermuda is no exception. This four-person hot tub is constructed from durable molded polyethylene, a thermoplastic that is weather-resistant and built to last.

In addition, the plug-and-play design is user-friendly, with a thermal-friction heating system that can warm the water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Notable features of the hot tub include comfortable bucket seats, a waterfall, a color-changing underwater lighting system, and 13 strategically-positioned jets for optimal relaxation.

The hot tub also comes equipped with its own pump, filtration system, and cover, although steps will need to be purchased separately or constructed custom-made. While the relatively low number of jets is a minor drawback, we still consider this hot tub a fantastic choice overall.

As of the date of this publication, the hot tub retails for $3,300 and has dimensions of 71 x 62 x 32 inches. The shape is square, and the water capacity is 200 gallons.

Bestway SaluSpa St. Lucia AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

The Bestway SaluSpa St. Lucia AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Spa offers an affordable way to enjoy a hot tub experience in the comfort of your own home. While the pump and spa liner only come with a 1-year and 6-month warranty, respectively, this portable inflatable option is made from durable, UV-, stretch-, and puncture-resistant material designed to maintain its shape even after multiple inflations. 

With 110 bubble jets and a maximum temperature of 140°F, this hot tub can provide a soothing and relaxing hydromassage experience for up to three people. The kit includes a pump with a control panel, a hot tub cover, a filter cartridge, and a chemical dispenser that evenly disperses the correct level of chlorine for optimal cleanliness. 

Additionally, the Freeze Shield feature ensures that the hot tub automatically heats up in chilly weather to safeguard the machine from potential damage. The installation process is simple, with no tools required. 

At a current price of $520, this hot tub provides impressive features and accessories without causing financial strain. Its dimensions are 67 x 67 x 26 inches, and its water capacity is 160 gallons.



This luxury hot tub is a hard-shell plug-and-play option that comfortably seats four people. Its dimensions of 63” x 29” and 185-gallon water capacity offer ample space for relaxation. 

The Canadian Spa Company Saskatoon spa boasts easy installation as it runs on a standard 110v plug, and its high-density foam insulation and heat reclamation system make it energy-efficient. It also features 12 hydrotherapy jets with adjustable pressure controls for tailored massages and LED lighting in several colors for a personalized experience. 

Despite being more expensive than inflatable hot tubs, this classic-design spa offers excellent durability and fun features, making it a worthwhile investment. Although it takes longer to heat up, it can be used year-round and is perfect for those who prefer a hard-shell option without permanent installation.


When deciding on a hot tub, the first choice is between a plug-and-play or standard model. Plug-and-play hot tubs are cheaper and easier to set up, made of high-impact polyethylene and widely available online. Standard hot tubs are more expensive, made of acrylic, require advance planning for installation and sometimes need 220-volt service. Picking the right size also matters, depending on how many people will be regularly using the hot tub. You should also consider the seat depth and jet placement. Finally, prioritize your budget and spend on special features like LED lighting, waterfalls, padded headrests, and built-in Bluetooth speakers. Our selection process involved consulting expert sources and considering customer feedback. All hot tubs covered here have ratings of four stars or more and come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. Additional features were weighed against price to highlight the most notable ones for each hot tub.


Q: What advantages come with owning a plug-and-play hot tub?

A: Owning a plug-and-play hot tub offers two key advantages, namely the ability to save money on upfront costs and the flexibility to easily move or install it yourself.

Q: What sort of upkeep is necessary for a plug-and-play hot tub?

A: Routine maintenance for a plug-and-play hot tub is similar to that of a traditional hot tub, including tasks like skimming, scrubbing, vacuuming, sanitizing, maintaining appropriate pH levels, and performing water tests.

Q: Can I use my plug-and-play hot tub all year long?

A: Certainly, though it may take longer to heat up during colder months.

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