Quenching My Thirst for a Reliable Water Tank from Tractor Supply

Finding the Right Tank to Meet My Off-Grid Water Needs

Sitting on my front porch on a hot summer day, gazing out at the five acres of land I call home, I’m reminded of just how grateful I am. Grateful for the peace and quiet, grateful for the opportunity to live a simplified life, and grateful for the chance to be a little more self-sustainable.

One thing I’m learning however, is that living off the grid comes with its fair share of challenges. I’ve got my lovely little home powered by solar panels, and I’m able to grow a good amount of my own food, but one necessity I haven’t quite figured out yet is a reliable water supply.

I rely on rainwater collection to meet most of my water needs. My roof collects precious water that I store in tanks. I use this for everything from drinking water to showering to watering my garden. Up until now, I’ve been getting by with a hodgepodge system of old recycled tanks. But with the dry summer we’ve been having, my limited storage just isn’t cutting it anymore. My current tanks are bone dry, and I need to upgrade my system with something higher quality and larger capacity.

That’s what brings me to Tractor Supply, seeking durable new water tanks that will truly meet my off-grid lifestyle needs and allow me to stop worrying about whether I’ll have enough water to thrive. In this blog post, I’ll share my experiences researching the water tanks available at Tractor Supply, ultimately selecting and installing the right tank for my self-sufficient homestead.

Assessing My Water Storage Needs

When I started looking into new water tanks for my land, I had to get clear on precisely what I was looking for. As an off-grid homesteader, my needs aren’t the same as someone looking for a simple rain barrel or a tank for recreational usage. For me, this tank is a lifeline, relied upon for my most basic needs.

I had to consider factors like:

  • Tank size – I need substantial storage capacity, at least 500 gallons and ideally much more, to get through dry periods.
  • Water quality – The tank needs to safely store drinking water, so food-grade plastic construction without any lead or BPA is a must.
  • Durability – Long-lasting and rugged enough to handle the elements through seasons of rain and sun exposure. Steel construction would be ideal.
  • Shape and portability – Since I’ll be collecting from my roof, a slim horizontal tank is best. But I also may need to relocate it, so at least some portability is important.
  • Affordability – As much as I’d love a gigantic, state-of-the-art stainless steel tank, it’s simply out of my budget. I need something reasonably affordable but still well-made.

With those requirements in mind, I was ready to see what Tractor Supply could offer me. I headed online to start my research.

Browsing the Tractor Supply Site for Water Tank Options

The first thing I discovered is that Tractor Supply has a whole Water Storage category, so I was able to dive right in to browsing water tanks and accessories. I could instantly see they offer quite a variety of tanks, which gave me confidence I’d find one to suit my off-grid lifestyle.

I started by looking through the different types of tanks available from Tractor Supply:

  • Polyethylene horizontal tanks – These slim horizontal tanks are perfect for roof water collection. Made from food-safe polyethylene plastic. Offered in sizes ranging from 55 gallon capacity up to 1,000+ gallons.
  • Vertical tanks – Round vertical tanks from 55 to 1,085 gallons. Includes both open-top and closed-top versions. Made from polyethylene or galvanized steel.
  • Poly tanks – Molded polyethylene tanks shaped like rounded stock tanks. Capacities from 110 to 525 gallons. Can double as a watering trough.
  • Steel tanks – Round or oblong galvanized steel tanks. Range from 150 to 1,100 gallon capacity. Some can ship fully assembled.
  • Transport tanks – Small 15 to 100 gallon tanks designed to be portable. Great for transferring water. Made from polyethylene or steel.
  • Tank stands – Steel stands to safely elevate large tanks off the ground for gravity flow.

I was thrilled to see this robust selection of tank styles and materials available. It seemed likely I’d be able to dial in on the perfect tank for my needs if I kept researching.

Next I explored the available tank capacities offered by Tractor Supply, since increased storage is one of my prime requirements. I found sizes ranging from:

  • 15 to 55 gallons – Transport tanks and smaller vertical tanks.
  • 110 to 300 gallons – Poly trough tanks and mid-range vertical and horizontal tanks.
  • 500 to 1,100 gallons – Larger vertical and horizontal tanks.
  • 1,100+ gallon mega tanks – Giant horizontal tanks offering over 1,000 gallons of storage.

The mega tanks over 1,000 gallons caught my eye. That would be a huge boost to my rainwater reserves. But I hesitated given their higher price tags. I decided I’d dig into my budget later to see if I could swing one.

I also looked at tank material options from Tractor Supply:

  • Polyethylene – Durable, UV-stabilized plastic. Food safe and BPA free. Most affordable option but can be brittle over time.
  • Galvanized steel – Very strong and long lasting. But needs additional protection from corrosion. A bit pricier.
  • Stainless steel – Extremely durable, corrosion resistant steel. More expensive but can last a lifetime. Not currently offered at Tractor Supply.

For my budget, I knew polyethylene or galvanized steel would be the best fit. I’d just have to weigh longevity vs. price when choosing between the two.

Selecting the Right Water Tank for My Needs

After spending time researching the available selections, I finally felt ready to narrow in on the specific Tractor Supply water tank that would best meet my off-grid water system needs:

  • Tank Type – I decided a horizontal polyethylene tank would be ideal for roof water collection. The slim horizontal shape takes up minimal space and can fit in tight areas. Polyethylene keeps the cost down while still being food-safe and durable.
  • Capacity – I opted for the 1,100 gallon Ace Roto-Mold PE Horizontal Tank. This provides substantial storage capacity for dry spells, giving me peace of mind. The 1,100 gallon size still fits in my budget.
  • Brand – I chose an Ace brand tank made in the USA. Ace has a reputation for quality polyethylene water tanks that last. Their tanks are made from UV-stabilized, food-safe polyethylene.
  • Fittings – My tank comes standard with a 3⁄4 inch outlet pipe fitting. I chose to add a drain valve to easily empty and clean the tank when needed.

I was so glad to finally settle on the perfect water tank for my off-grid homestead! The Ace 1100 gallon horizontal tank will allow me to store plenty of roof rainwater for the dry times ahead. And I found it for an affordable price at Tractor Supply.

Anticipating the Delivery and Installation Process

With my ideal Tractor Supply tank selected, I eagerly placed my order and prepared for delivery. I chose Tractor Supply’s standard Ground Shipping to keep costs down. The product page said I could expect delivery within 1-2 weeks.

While waiting for my tank to arrive, I started planning out the installation process. I know I’ll need to properly prepare a level, stable, reinforced area to serve as the tank foundation. And I’ll need to safely elevate the tank on blocks to allow for gravity flow water discharge.

I’m also thinking through how I’ll pipe the inlet and outlet to integrate the tank into my existing rainwater harvesting system. Having the right fittings and adapters on hand will be key.

The tank I ordered does not include a pump, so I’ll need to purchase one separately if I want to pressurize the water. I’m still deciding whether to go that route, or just rely on gravity flow for garden irrigation.

I expect installing a tank of this size will be at least a 2-3 person job. Luckily I’ve got a few close friends who are always happy to help out and will make the process more enjoyable. I’ll be sure to repay the favor!

Taking Delivery of My New Water Tank

Right on schedule two weeks later, I got notice that my Tractor Supply tank was arriving today! I took a short break from tending the fields to await the delivery driver. I couldn’t wait to finally see my new 1,100 gallon tank in person.

Soon enough a large delivery truck pulled into my long gravel driveway. The driver introduced himself as Paul and we got chatting as he surveyed the property to plan his approach. He was used to delivering to rural DIY properties like mine.

Paul adeptly backed his truck into position and we worked together to safely unload the giant polyethylene tank using the truck’s lift gate. I was relieved to see it arrived in perfect condition. Paul was kind enough to help me loosely position the tank near its eventual installation area before he headed out.

I did a quick inspection of the tank itself and all looked good. The sturdy polyethylene construction seems very durable. The 3⁄4” outlet fitting was pre-installed as expected. My additional drain valve was shrink wrapped to the tank, ready for me to add during installation.

Overall I’m thrilled with the quality and can’t wait to get it hooked up! But first comes the hard work of installing this behemoth of a tank.

Muscling Through the Tank Installation Process

Today was installation day! My friends Mark and Luis came over bright and early to help me get the tank settled into place and connected to my rainwater system.

The first order of business was preparing a proper foundation. We carefully leveled an area of packed gravel and added some extra support blocks.

Next came the grueling effort of moving the 1,100 gallon tank into position. Even with three grown men, it took some serious maneuvering to lift, slide, and angle the tank onto the prepared foundation. After much huffing and puffing, we finally had it in place and level.

I went ahead and added the drain valve, using plumber’s tape to get a snug, watertight fit. Then came the fun part – connecting the water lines! Under Mark’s guidance, we attached flexible PVC hose to route water from the gutter downspout into the tank inlet. The outlet hose was connected to pipe water over to my garden irrigation system.

After a full day of intense physical labor, we finally had my mega tank fully installed and ready for action! We celebrated with a few cold ones while admiring our handiwork. I can’t thank Mark and Luis enough for their invaluable help.

Filling and Utilizing My New Rainwater Storage Tank

Over the next few weeks, Mother Nature did her part by bringing nice steady rains to begin filling my tank. Every day I excitedly checked the tank sight gauge to monitor the water level rising higher and higher.

Soon enough, I had over 1,000 gallons of crystal clear rainwater ready for use! I made sure to run an initial flush through the tank and water lines before drinking or cooking with the water. Don’t want any debris or roof sediment in my system.

I’m thrilled to report the tank has been performing flawlessly so far. With our frequent summer storms, I’ve yet to see the tank drop below half full. And during drier weeks, it reliably provides ample water for all my needs.

Whether I’m cooking, cleaning, showering or watering my garden, it’s incredibly reassuring to know I have over 1,000 gallons in reserve. It’s given me true water security.

I absolutely made the right choice going with this Ace polyethylene horizontal tank from Tractor Supply. The 1,100 gallon capacity provides more than enough storage to get through drought periods when rainwater is scarce.

I’m sure this durable tank will be supplying me with pristine rainwater for many years to come! It was definitely a worthwhile investment in self-sufficiency for my off-grid homestead.

Reflecting on the Benefits of My Tractor Supply Water Tank

As I reflect back on the process of selecting, purchasing and installing my new Tractor Supply water tank, I’m reminded of the key benefits that make it the perfect choice for my needs:

  • Abundant supply – With 1,100 gallons of storage capacity, I have ample water reserves even during dry spells and drought.
  • Durable and reliable – The rugged Ace polyethylene construction will hold up well for years of outdoor exposure to the elements.
  • Affordable – For the quality, this horizontal tank from Tractor Supply was a great value to fit my budget.
  • Easy integration – The tank seamlessly integrated into my existing rainwater harvesting setup thanks to the built-in pipe fittings.
  • Gravity flow operation – No need for a pump with the elevated installation. Water flows out smoothly due to gravity.
  • Space-saving shape – The horizontal orientation with slim profile takes up minimal space.
  • Roof water harvesting – Ideal for collecting and storing roof runoff, keeping my rainwater reserves stocked.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Tractor Supply tank purchase. It was definitely the right choice for my off-grid water needs!

Looking Forward to a Water-Secure Future

With my new Tractor Supply mega tank reliably supplying an abundance of fresh rainwater, I finally feel fully equipped to thrive in my self-sufficient lifestyle. No more worrying about running out of water!

I can focus on enjoying and expanding my fruitful garden, nurturing my small-scale livestock herd, exploring sustainable living techniques, and finding harmony with the natural world right outside my door.

This tank has given me true water independence. The freedom, security, and peace of mind it provides are invaluable. I’m deeply grateful to Tractor Supply for offering high-quality, affordable water storage solutions for rural homeowners like myself.

Going forward, I’ll continue sharing my off-grid journey, including how this tank helps me live more sustainably through rainwater harvesting. The water security it brings allows me to focus on my dreams of a fuller, greener, more connected life.

And if I ever need another tank, I know exactly where I’ll go – right back to the dependable selection at my local Tractor Supply store. Thanks for supporting self-reliant rural living!

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