Revamp Your Deck with the Best Deck Scrub Brushes for a Deep Clean

Boats necessitate regular cleaning and upkeep, akin to other vehicles. To maintain the shine and newness of the exterior, a combination of boat wash and wax works wonders. However, the interior of the boat demands different cleaning methods. Depending on the size of the boat, bespoke tools and equipment are required to clean the deck and other ship parts. The deck can get increasingly wet and mucky, and a dependable brush can come in handy. Although the shape and size of brushes may vary, almost all deck brushes simplify boat cleaning. With the aid of durable deck brushes in 2023, all boat surfaces can be cleaned effortlessly and with certainty.

Top deck scrub brush for the money

Our opinion: This deck scrub brush comes in three sizes and is very reasonably priced, but you will have to purchase a handle separately.

Pros: It gives you the choice of three types of bristles. It includes two handle holes, one for tapered handles and one for threaded handles. Additionally, it can be used for general sweeping.

Cons: There have been reports of bristle shedding.

Where to purchase: Available for purchase on Amazon.

Deck Brushes with A Built-In Pole

In order to clean your deck effectively, it’s important to choose a tool that can cover a large area with minimal effort. Opt for a wide, flat-headed brush that comes equipped with a pole to prevent strain on your back. Brushes with a tilted angle, such as the Ettore option, tend to work best for providing leverage during cleaning. The cost of these brushes can vary anywhere from $9 to $70. For the ultimate cleaning experience, we recommend using the “EVERSPROUT Built-in Rubber Bumper, Lightweight Pole Handle” brush.

Star Brite Extending Handle Boat Cleaning Brush

Star Brite has been a leading player in the vehicle maintenance industry since its establishment in 1973. The company has created and sold countless high-quality detailing products for the automotive and marine industries, making them experts on brushes. One of their stand-out products is the extending cleaning brush, especially designed for boats. Available in two strengths, medium bristles for moderate cleaning and soft bristles for light tasks, we recommend the medium option.

Featuring an 8-inch brush head with a rubber bumper and specialized Star Prene fibers, this brush is made with Star Brite’s unique lightweight polymer that resists staining, discoloration, and breakdown. It also withstands most cleaning chemicals and high temperatures while avoiding rot and odors, ensuring long-term use.

The extendable handle is another great feature of this brush. Made with triple anodized aluminum and equipped with an intuitive lock system, it can be extended from 3 to 6 feet. The aluminum construction prevents rust, while the brush is both strong enough to tackle stubborn dirt spots and gentle enough not to damage the boat’s finish, making it an all-rounder.


– Available in Medium and Soft strengths

– Extendable handle from 3 ft to 6 ft

– Compatible with Gel coat, deck cleaning, and all-purpose

– Special Star-prene bristles that can handle almost anything!

Carrand 93062 10” Dip Brush

If you’re seeking a boat wash brush with milder bristles, this is an excellent option. Its softer materials provide gentle cleaning, avoiding scuffs and scratches. Slippery poles are a common issue boat owners face when using brushes, but this product features a foam handle to ensure your hand doesn’t slip. Furthermore, its maximum stretch of 65 inches makes it perfect for hard-to-reach areas that shorter poles can’t clean. It’s also adjustable, giving you the ability to customize its length according to the task at hand. Lastly, rubber bumpers protect your boat from any harm that might be caused by the brush head’s edges.

Shurhold 970 Deck Brush

Shurhold’s 6-inch deck brush with extra soft blue nylon bristles is the top-rated brand according to our review. It is specifically designed for boat surfaces, ensuring that no marks, scratches, or damages will occur during use.

The brush has a sturdy wood block that is wrapped with rubber around its bumper, making it easy to use and allowing it to lock onto any handle for hassle-free scrubbing or brushing at any angle. I find that any stick can be used as a handle, saving space and allowing for more convenient cleaning. Its flared bristles can hold more cleaning solutions in a single pass, saving time and effort.

What I like most about this boat deck brush is its extra soft, soft, medium, and extra stiff bristle textures. The brush can bend without breaking through the surface’s paint, making it a better option than using wool or non-microfiber mitts for safe and effective scrubbing. The exceptional quality and protection of the brush make it worth the price for thorough cleaning on boats and vehicles.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Boat Cleaning Brush

When selecting the ideal boat cleaning brush, there are several factors to consider. It’s important to assess the materials of the boat surface to determine the appropriate brush quality needed to effectively clean those surfaces. Additionally, it’s important to review the features of each brush, especially in terms of the practical reasons for using them. Aspects such as length, size, comfortable grip, adaptability, mobility, and ease of use should also be considered.

By following these steps, one can make a wise selection based on necessary brush quality, followed by considerations of durability and price. Our reviews have narrowed down the most important factors and unbiased tips for making the right purchasing decision.

Below is a guide covering various types of boat brushes, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to care for them.

Types of Boat Cleaning Brushes

Boat cleaning brushes come in various types, and it’s crucial to know which type is best suited for one’s needs.

Soft Boat Cleaning Brush

Soft fiber bristles are utilized in these brushes, which are perfect for longer cleaning periods. It’s unnecessary to exert excessive force or pressure when using these brushes, particularly on delicate surfaces. These soft brushes are gentle and will not cause any harm, but they are ineffective against heavy dirt and stains.

Medium Boat Cleaning Brush

The most widely used and popular type of boat cleaning brush is medium. While it is gentle, like the soft type, it is sufficiently strong to prevent scratching and scuffing. With less effort and time, it is still effective and semi-stiff at removing dirt, grime, and stains.

Stiff or Hard Boat Cleaning Brush

These brushes are perfect for dealing with tough and stubborn grime or stains with their hard fiber bristles. The hard bristles make it easy to remove hardened dirt or stains over time. These brushes are excellent for cleaning the bottom of the boat, ensuring that the parts exposed to the water are appropriately cleaned.

There are also combo sets that are suitable for almost all surfaces. However, one must carefully check the respective functionalities of these cleaning brush combinations to maximize the desired benefits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Boat Cleaning Brush

To guide one’s independent selection process, one should be aware of the key advantages and disadvantages of using a boat cleaning brush.


Effectively eliminates dirt, stains, and grime

Features safe and protective boat cleaning tools

Best value when investing in general or specialized function brushes

Convenient use with easy and extended reach to all corners of the boat

Adjustable or collapsible handles for various scrubbing or sweeping angles

Wider and deeper coverage with strong and sturdy fiber bristles

Lasts long when properly cared and properly used for its intended purpose


Can cause damage to delicate surfaces if not selected correctly

Requires manual application, thus, requires effort for better results

Regular maintenance is crucial compared to other boat cleaning tools

Care and Maintenance

To ensure durability and a long lifespan, these boat cleaning brushes require consistent care and maintenance. A quick and thorough cleaning, washing, and rinsing should be done after every use, and the brushes should be stored in a cool place. Regular care, checking, rinsing, and wiping of each brush can help prolong its lifespan.


Q. What makes a deck scrub brush different from other brushes?

A. A deck scrub brush is a wide, durable cleaning tool that has stiff, rugged bristles. Unlike brushes with softer bristles that are used to sweep up dirt and debris, a deck scrub brush is designed for heavy-duty work like loosening ground-in grime from wood and cement. It’s manufactured to be used with liquids, including detergents and some solvents, and won’t easily lose its shape even under extreme cleaning conditions. Additionally, most deck scrub brushes are used with a long, durable handle so you can clean from a standing position.

Q. Should I use a pressure washer or a deck scrub brush on my deck?

A. We live in a society that tends to place more on speed than quality. It can be hard to argue against using a pressure washer when it can get the job done in a fraction of the time with minimal effort. But at what cost? Each time you use a pressure washer on your deck, even if you’re holding it at the proper distance and using the best tip for the job, you’re eroding the surface of your wooden deck a little more. Don’t worry — your deck won’t collapse from being pressure washed, but each homeowner must decide which is greater: saving time or doing a quality job.

Q. I’ve heard that vinegar can damage hardwood floors. Is it safe to use on decks?

A. The reason it isn’t advisable to use vinegar on hardwood floors and furniture is because it is acidic and can destroy a wax finish and leave the wood vulnerable to water damage. A deck is protected with stains and oils, so a diluted vinegar solution is safe to use. It’s important to know that vinegar does kill plants. If you splash vinegar off your deck while cleaning, it could do some damage to your lawn and garden.

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