Sprucing Up My Garden with Mulch from Tractor Supply

Finding the Perfect Mulch for My Outdoor Oasis

As spring rolls around once again, I’m filled with excitement to revive my garden after a long winter. There’s nothing I love more than tending to my outdoor space, watching new sprouts emerge and breathing in the fresh floral scents. One of my favorite parts of the yearly garden refresh is laying down mulch. A fresh coat of mulch instantly revitalizes flowerbeds, trees, shrubs and pathways while also providing major benefits for the soil and plants.

This year, I headed to my local Tractor Supply store to pick out the perfect mulch for my space. With so many options to choose from, I wanted to make sure I found a mulch that checked all the boxes – weed suppression, moisture retention, affordability and an attractive natural appearance that complements my garden style.

In this post, I’ll share a behind-the-scenes look at the impressive selection of mulches available at Tractor Supply and how I ultimately decided which was right for my needs. From costs and colors to textures and bonus features, I’ll cover it all so you can make the most informed choice for your own outdoor area. Let’s dig in!

Evaluating the Mulch Selection at My Local Tractor Supply

The gardening section at my Tractor Supply store did not disappoint! I was immediately impressed by the massive stacks of mulch bags and bulk mulch piles occupying several aisles. There were way more options than I expected. Tractor Supply offers a diverse range of mulch types including cypress, pine bark, hardwood, cedar, pine straw, rubber and more. They also carry mulch made from recycled materials like pallets and tires for eco-friendly gardens.

In terms of colors, there were lots of rich natural wood-toned mulches in hues like black, brown, red and gold. But I also saw brightly-colored mulches in crimson, blue and even rainbow varieties! The textures ranged from fine shreds to chunky nuggets. And as for materials, the selection covered everything from shredded wood to pine needles.

I went up and down each aisle multiple times assessing my choices. I wanted to consider every option before making my final mulch purchase. Here were the most important factors I evaluated:

  • Cost: Mulch prices ranged from $2/bag for basic mulches to $8/bag for premium options. I budgeted about $100 total for my small front and backyard beds.
  • Color: I preferred natural wood-colored mulches to match my garden’s earthy vibe. Black, brown and red mulch caught my eye.
  • Texture: I liked the look of shredded/fine mulches rather than chunky types. Finer mulch has a treelike appearance.
  • Material: Wood-based mulches like cedar and cypress are popular. I also saw coconut husk and recycled rubber as unique choices.
  • Organic/Eco-Friendly: I hoped to find a sustainable mulch without dyes or chemicals. The recycled options intrigued me here.
  • Bulk Options: Bulk mulch is more affordable for large gardens. I only needed ~20 bags but it was nice that bulk delivery was available.
  • Odor/Pest Control: Natural cedar and cypress repel bugs on their own. Other mulches had insect/mold treatments. I preferred the natural route.

After thoroughly investigating the diverse mulch selection, I finally decided on the perfect match for my garden…

The Winning Mulch – Natural Cedar Mulch from Tractor Supply

The clear winner for my garden was the Premium Natural Cedar Mulch. Here’s why I chose this quintessential reddish-brown cedar mulch from Tractor Supply’s options:

  • Material – Cedar has a beautiful, natural look that enriches garden beds without being overpowering. It has an earthy reddish-brown color true to real cedar trees.
  • Texture – The cedar strands were finely shredded into natural-looking pieces that imitate leaves/needles on the ground. This fine texture provides a clean, finished look.
  • Scent – Cedar has a light, pleasant fragrance. This is a bonus, as cedar’s scent naturally deters pests like moths and mosquitos without chemicals.
  • Weed Prevention – The dense cedar mulch forms a protective barrier that blocks weed growth and reduces the need to pull weeds manually.
  • Moisture Retention – Cedar mulch retains moisture well to keep plants hydrated longer between waterings. My garden will require less frequent watering.
  • Affordability – At $3.99/2 cu ft bag, this premium mulch was still reasonably priced, especially purchased in bulk.
  • Availability – As a popular go-to mulch, Tractor Supply keeps cedar mulch well stocked so I can buy more anytime.
  • Eco-Friendly – Cedar is a sustainable choice as a natural, unaltered product free of dyes and additives. It’s also locally sourced.

Beyond its versatile benefits, the rich cedar mulch simply looked the best against the colors of my garden plants and landscaping materials. For all these reasons, Tractor Supply’s Premium Natural Cedar Mulch proved to be the perfect product to give my garden a refreshed new look and improved functionality.

Purchasing and Transporting 20 Bags of Mulch from Tractor Supply

With my mulch choice made, it was go time! I grabbed a flatbed cart and wheeled it over to the towering cedar mulch display. My plan was to purchase 20 2-cubic foot bags which would give me 40 cubic ft total to cover all my landscaping beds without being overburdened.

The packaged bags were light enough for me to lift each one onto my cart solo. I started piling them on, taking care to evenly distribute the weight. In no time at all, I had loaded up 20 full bags covering my cart.

The great thing about Tractor Supply is they allow customers to transport bulk purchases using their supply carts. This saved me the hassle of loading bag after bag into my vehicle’s trunk. I simply pushed the loaded cart right out to my SUV, positioned the rear door, and started transferring the stacked bags into my car.

With some strategic arrangement to optimize space, I managed to fit all 20 mulch bags completely filling up my trunk and backseat. Now came the fun part – driving home for mulching!

Mulching My Garden with Tractor Supply Cedar Mulch

Ready to get my hands dirty, I backed my SUV up near my garden and unloaded the 20 bags so they’d be within easy reach. I put on gloves and grabbed my shovel, wheelbarrow, and gardening shears for any preparatory trimming.

Laying the mulch was quick, easy and satisfying work. Starting with the front garden, I used the shovel to level out the soil surface and remove any weeds or debris. For my trees, I cleared any grass/weeds several inches out from the base all around. Once prepped, I cut open my first bag and poured the fragrant cedar mulch into the wheelbarrow, using the shovel to spread it evenly across the bed.

The cedar flowed beautifully off the shovel in a flawless layer, covering the soil. I continued bag-by-bag until the entire front garden bed was blanketed in a plush 2-inch layer of rich cedar mulch. It looked absolutely perfect accenting the colors of the plants that now boldly popped against the fresh earthy backdrop. I snapped some pictures to remember this year’s mulching day.

Working my way to the backyard, I used the same technique for encircling the trees, framing the patio, and finishing up the back flowerbeds. The 20 bags of Tractor Supply cedar mulch proved just the right amount to complete my entire small property.

Appreciating the Benefits in My Revitalized Mulched Garden

Admiring my finished handiwork, I was thrilled with how quickly and easily Tractor Supply’s cedar mulch transformed the look of my outdoor space. But beyond the improved aesthetics, I knew my garden would also reap major functional benefits from its nourishing mulch layer.

  • Moisture retention – Mulch prevents rapid water evaporation keeping plants happily hydrated longer.
  • Weed blocking – Unwanted weeds won’t grow readily through the suppressing mulch barrier.
  • Insulation – Mulch protects plant roots and soil, shielding them from extreme temperatures.
  • Nutrients – As the cedar mulch naturally decomposes, it releases organic matter that fertilizes the soil.
  • Pest protection – Cedar’s aromatic scent naturally deters bugs without any chemicals.

Finally, the rich color and tidy texture just give my whole garden a feeling of abundance and life. I’ll definitely be returning to my local Tractor Supply for all my mulching needs in the years ahead! Their cedar mulch was affordable, easy to use and made an incredible impact revitalizing the look and health of my outdoor space.

Helpful Tips for Getting the Most from Tractor Supply Mulch

If you’re considering purchasing mulch this season either from Tractor Supply or another supplier, here are my top tips for selecting and using it like a pro:

  • Measure your space carefully so you buy the right amount. Too little and you’ll have exposed patches. Too much causes waste.
  • For trees/shrubs, keep mulch several inches away from the trunks to prevent rotting.
  • Choose mulch color to complement your garden’s color palette. Try samples to test the look.
  • Opt for shredded/fine mulch rather than chunky for the most polished finish.
  • Mulch odor fades quickly but allow a day or two before appreciating any delicate aromas.
  • Reapply mulch yearly as needed since it decomposes. 2-3 inches is ideal.
  • If buying bagged, break up and fluff compressed mulch with your fingers for better spreading.
  • For cost savings, purchase bulk mulch loose and use your own wheelbarrow and tools.
  • Wetting mulch helps compact it and reduces drifting for a tighter application.

Follow these tips and you’ll become a mulch master in no time! Proper mulching techniques keep plants vibrant and landscapes looking their best. Let your garden shine with a little help from the pros at Tractor Supply.

Discovering Tractor Supply’s Gardening Expertise

Beyond simply providing premium gardening supplies like my new go-to cedar mulch, I learned Tractor Supply also offers educational resources so customers like me can get the most from our yards and gardens.

I love that their website has detailed guides on selecting, applying and maintaining different types of mulch along with other landscaping materials. It really shows their passion for sharing gardening knowledge. Tractor Supply’s online Planting & Gardening Advice Hub offers insights into:

  • Mulching 101 – Top techniques for mulching flowerbeds, trees and more
  • The Best Mulches for Vegetable Gardens – Tips to nourish edible plants
  • Calculating How Much Mulch You Need – No more guessing how many bags to buy
  • Annual vs. Perennial Gardening Guides – Get the most blooms every year
  • Tractor Supply Gardening Services – Let the pros handle full installs & maintenance

With topics ranging from raised garden bed inspiration to safely controlling garden pests, Tractor Supply’s advice hub encouraged me to think beyond mulch to become a better gardener. I’ll definitely be returning regularly to continue expanding my knowledge.

While Tractor Supply has everything I could need equipment-wise in their stores, I love that they also empower beginners like myself with practical wisdom to create and care for beautiful outdoor spaces. It’s expertise from pros that gives home gardeners the confidence to let our yards thrive!

Why I’ll Always Rely on Tractor Supply for My Mulch & Garden Needs

As a relatively novice gardener still learning the ropes, I sincerely appreciated finding a go-to resource like Tractor Supply that offers both top-quality products and educational guidance. Their outstanding selection and expertise have made tending my garden so much more enjoyable and fruitful.

Thanks to Tractor Supply, this was my most successful mulching season yet. Their natural cedar mulch was the ideal finishing touch to give my garden a refreshed new look while enhancing the soil and plant health. And Tractor Supply’s online landscaping tips empowered me to make informed mulch decisions tailored to my specific needs.

Beyond my positive mulching experience, I know I can rely on Tractor Supply year-round for top brands and knowledgeable service across all gardening categories – from fertilizers to power tools and everything in between. They’ve more than earned my loyalty and business going forward.

If you’re seeking to upgrade your own outdoor space this season, I highly recommend stopping by your local Tractor Supply store or visiting their website for top-notch products and guiding advice. Happy gardening!

Hello, everyone! I'm David Henry, a dedicated customer and enthusiastic reviewer of Tractor Supply Company. As a farmer and agriculture enthusiast, I frequently visit Tractor Supply Company to explore and purchase a wide range of agricultural supplies, tools, and equipment. Over the years, I have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in shopping at Tractor Supply Company, and I aim to help others make wiser choices through my sharing. I understand the importance of selecting the right products for farmers, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. That's why I enjoy sharing my insights and recommendations to assist individuals in finding the best-suited products for their needs. Join me as we embark on a journey of discovering quality products and making informed decisions at Tractor Supply Company. Together, let's enhance our farming and outdoor experiences through valuable insights and practical advice.