Stop Nuisance Barking with the Best Ultrasonic Devices

Neighborhood dogs barking excessively can be a real nuisance. The shrill, sudden sounds disrupt peace and quiet, creating an unpleasant environment. Fortunately, there’s a humane solution to help control unwanted barking – ultrasonic deterrents. These clever devices use high-frequency sound waves to curb excessive vocalization from dogs.

Ultrasonic bark controllers provide a safe, effective approach to tackle bothersome barking issues. They detect barks and emit an unpleasant sound only audible to canines. This deters dogs from barking unnecessarily, without causing any pain or harm.

Curious how ultrasonic bark control works and what the top devices are? Read on for a detailed guide on choosing the best ultrasonic bark deterrent for your needs.

How Ultrasonic Bark Control Works

Ultrasonic controllers utilize high-frequency sound waves to deter dog barking. The devices produce sounds at 20,000 Hz to 50,000 Hz, which is above the range of human hearing. However, dogs can detect sounds up to 45,000 Hz, making these high-pitched tones unpleasant for them.

When activated by barking, the ultrasonic waves emit an irritating, high-pitched sound directed specifically at the vocalizing canine. This doesn’t hurt their ears but should deter nuisance barking. Most dogs associate the unpleasant sound with barking and learn to curb the behavior.

Ultrasonic bark deterrents come in indoor and outdoor versions. Indoor models are smaller and designed for using in a single room. Outdoor ultrasonic devices have a longer range and are weatherproof for placing around your yard.

Top 5 Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Devices

I’ve rounded up the top-rated ultrasonic bark control products to help you find the right solution. Here are the best ultrasonic bark deterrents:

1. Modus Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent

  • Battery or plugin powered
  • Auto detect barking up to 25ft range
  • Adjustable sensitivity and volume
  • Good for indoors and outdoors
  • Pros: very effective for most dogs, adjustable settings, easy to use
  • Cons: more expensive than competitors

With rave reviews and adjustable settings, the Modus device is a top choice for controlling nuisance barking at home or in your yard. It deters barking up to 25 feet away.

2. Zelers Ultrasonic Barking Deterrent

  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Auto detect barking up to 50ft range
  • Touch controls with LED display
  • Weatherproof for outdoor use
  • Pros: long battery life, great range, affordable price
  • Cons: some dogs don’t respond to higher frequencies

This weatherproof model by Zelers provides automated ultrasonic control across a large 50 foot radius. It’s easy to operate and great value.

3. First Alert Bark Genie

  • Battery operated for indoor use
  • Automatic bark detection
  • Pivoting nozzle targets sound
  • Low battery indicator
  • Pros: very affordable, compact size for home use
  • Cons: limited range of 15 feet

The Bark Genie from First Alert is a cost-effective indoor bark deterrent. While the range is limited, it’s ideal for using in a single room.

4. PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control

  • Water-resistant with 25ft range
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Automatic and manual activation
  • Durable outdoor model
  • Pros: weatherproof, can also deter other animals
  • Cons: must be careful not to use near other homes

This ultrasonic device from the trusted PetSafe brand is specially designed for outdoor use. It automatically emits unpleasant sounds when triggered by barking.

5. Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Deterrent

  • Keychain design for portability
  • Emit ultrasonic waves at the push of a button
  • Battery powered
  • Pros: portable and affordable
  • Cons: limited range and must be activated manually

The Dog Dazer II is a unique ultrasonic device you can take anywhere to control barking on-the-go. It’s lightweight, compact, and budget-friendly.

How to Choose an Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Device

Consider the following when shopping for an ultrasonic bark control solution:

  • Intended use – Indoor vs outdoor. Outdoor models must be weatherproof.
  • Automatic vs manual activation – Auto-detect models are convenient but manual works if the barking is consistent.
  • Range – Measure the space you need to cover. Long 25-50ft ranges are ideal for yards.
  • Power source – Battery operated, plugin, or rechargeable. Rechargeable lithium batteries last the longest.
  • Special features – Adjustable settings, digital displays, and pivoting nozzles provide added functionality.
  • Budget – Prices range from $20 for small indoor devices to $80+ for those with the latest features and widest range.
  • Effectiveness – Check product reviews and consumer reports for real-world feedback.

Choosing an ultrasonic deterrent matched to your needs and budget will provide the best results for stopping nuisance barking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ultrasonic Bark Control

People considering ultrasonic bark deterrents often have many questions about how they work and their effectiveness. Here are answers to the most common FAQs.

How do ultrasonic bark control devices work?

They emit high-frequency sound waves around 20,000 – 50,000 Hz that only dogs can hear. The unpleasant and surprising sound gets associated with barking and deters them from vocalizing unnecessarily.

Are ultrasonic bark deterrents safe for dogs?

Yes, ultrasonic devices are humane when used properly. The sounds are unpleasant but won’t cause pain or lasting stress. However, don’t use near very old dogs or those with hearing loss.

How effective are ultrasonic bark deterrents?

Most are able to curb barking 50-80% of the time. Effectiveness depends on the dog’s disposition, training, age, and hearing. Be sure to purchase a quality device matched to your needs.

What’s the recommended coverage area for ultrasonic devices?

Indoor models can control barking up to 15 feet away. Outdoor models have ranges of 25 to 50 feet for covering large yards. Measure your space and choose a range sufficient to cover it.

How loud are the high frequency ultrasonic sounds?

The sounds are not loud like a dog whistle. They are high-pitched frequencies only audible to dogs. Most humans can’t hear ultrasonic sounds but some may notice a very faint buzzing.

Can ultrasonic sounds bother other animals like cats?

Cats can also hear high frequency sounds so ultrasonic devices may annoy them. It’s best not to use the deterrents if you have both dogs and cats at home.

How long does the battery last in ultrasonic bark collars?

Battery life varies but lithium rechargeable batteries generally last a few weeks with regular use before needing a recharge. Battery operated models take AAs which provide about 30 days of use.

Can ultrasonic bark control devices be used indoors and outdoors?

There are versions made specifically for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor models are weatherproof but indoor versions could get damaged outside. Choose the right one for your intended setting.

What factors influence the effectiveness of ultrasonic deterrents?

The dog’s age, breed, temperament, hearing ability and more play a role. Also proper placement and settings of the device impact performance. Choose a reliable brand and adjust as needed.

What’s the difference between automatic and manual activation?

Automatic devices detect barks and emit ultrasonic frequencies without intervention. Manual models must be activated by pushing a button when barking occurs.

What maintenance is required for ultrasonic anti-bark devices?

Rechargeable batteries need regular charging. Battery operated models need new AAs every 1-2 months. Occasional cleaning of the unit may also be required depending on the environment.

How should I introduce the ultrasonic device to my dog?

Start at low settings or at a distance from the dog. Slowly increase the intensity over 2-4 weeks so they can adjust and associate it with their barking. Never startle or torment the dog intentionally with the unpleasant sounds.

What results can I expect from consistent use of an ultrasonic deterrent?

It may take 2-4 weeks, but most owners see at least a 50% or better reduction in nuisance barking with consistent use. However, results vary based on your individual dog and environment.

What should I do if my dog keeps barking after introducing the ultrasonic device?

First ensure the device is placed properly and has adequate range. Adjust to higher intensity settings gradually if needed. If barking continues consistently, consult your vet or a professional trainer for advice.

Are there any risks or side effects I should watch out for with ultrasonic devices?

Use caution with very old dogs or those with known hearing loss, as they may not respond well. Supervise your pet closely when first using ultrasonic deterrents in case they show signs of stress or discomfort.

What do customers have to say about popular ultrasonic anti-barking devices in reviews?

The majority of ultrasonic devices receive positive reviews on effectiveness and ease of use. Models by Modus, PetSafe, and Dog Dazer rate well for quelling nuisance barking based on customer feedback. Check reviews to determine the best product for your situation.


Nuisance barking can drive homeowners and neighbors crazy. But ultrasonic bark control provides a safe, humane solution without causing your dog any pain.

If you’re fed up with excessive barking, consider one of the top ultrasonic deterrents like the Modus, Zelers, or PetSafe models. Pick an automatic or manual device designed for indoor or outdoor use based on your needs.

With consistent use of the right ultrasonic bark deterrent, you’ll be able to curb this annoying behavior and restore peace and quiet. Your neighbors will thank you!

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