Store Laundry in Style: Top 5 Woven Seagrass Laundry Hampers to Match Your Decor

Seagrass laundry hampers are having a major moment right now when it comes to home storage and organization. Known for their natural, earthy aesthetic and durability, woven seagrass baskets make excellent laundry containers. The neutral tones and textures seamlessly fit into any decor from modern farmhouse to coastal cottage.

Beyond looks, the breathable and moisture-wicking properties of seagrass make it ideal for holding wet or damp clothes without getting musty. Large hampers neatly corral piles of dirty clothes while smaller baskets fit perfectly in tight spaces like bathrooms.

With so many sizes, shapes, and styles of seagrass hampers out there, how do you choose the right one for your needs? Read on as we share our top 5 favorite woven seagrass laundry hampers along with tips for choosing the perfect basket to suit your space and lifestyle. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about these natural fiber hampers.

Best Woven Seagrass Laundry Baskets and Hampers

Based on quality, aesthetics, price, and overall performance, here are our can’t-miss picks for seagrass laundry baskets:

Lidded Seagrass Laundry Hamper

The Lidded Seagrass Laundry Hamper from The Basket Lady checks all the boxes. This generously sized hamper stands 26” tall and has a 20” diameter, providing ample space for heaps of dirty clothes. The neutral tan color works with any color scheme from bold colors to pastels.

It features a domed lid that neatly conceals the contents inside while allowing airflow. Little cutouts on the sides make it easy to lift the lid. The seagrass has a tight weave and reinforced bottom for additional durability with heavy loads. A removable cloth liner nests neatly inside.

Other winning features include stability feet on the bottom to prevent tipping and integrated handles for moving the hamper from room to room. Overall, this hamper combines style, quality construction, and functionality. The Lidded Seagrass Laundry Hamper is available on Amazon for around $75.

Collapsible Seagrass Laundry Hamper

For those short on space, this Collapsible Seagrass Laundry Hamper is the perfect pick. Made by The Best Hamper Company, this basket pops up to a 21” height when open but can fold completely flat for storage when not in use.

The collapsible hamper has a classic tapered basket shape with sturdy seagrass weave. It works great in small bathrooms or as a portable option for trips. A cloth liner is included that attaches via Velcro to keep laundry contained.

Reviewers praise how the lightweight hamper holds its shape when full of clothes but compresses neatly when empty. Available in natural and dark brown seagrass with cream or gray liners, this versatile hamper sells for $55-$65 on Wayfair and other sites.

WaterHyacinth Laundry Basket

For a budget-friendly hamper under $30, we recommend this WaterHyacinth Laundry Basket from HomeEssentials. The spherical shape provides ample room for dirty clothes and the small holes allow for airflow to prevent odor.

Intricately woven strands of seagrass form a pattern of squares on the outside that adds visual interest. The handle arches gently across the top for easy carrying. This basket comes in three neutral colors: natural, brown, and gray.

While not as sturdy as higher priced options, reviewers say it works great as an inexpensive bathroom or bedroom hamper. The water hyacinth laundry basket is 20” high with a 16” diameter and can be purchased online at Target or Amazon.

Seagrass Hamper with Rattan Frame

If you want a hamper that doubles as a decor piece, this Seagrass Hamper with Rattan Frame is just the thing. The basket portion is tightly woven black seagrass while the outer frame is made from natural rattan wood.

The round basket fits neatly inside the rectangular frame, giving it a very chic, put-together look. Skinny handles also made of rattan wood attach at the sides. Standing 25” high but only 15” wide, this narrow hamper is perfect for compact spaces.

For those concerned about odors, the lid ensures clothes stay concealed. The black color eloquently disguises lint and dust so the hamper maintains its beauty. Find this hamper with rattan frame on various sites like Etsy and Overstock for approximately $70.

Two-Tone Seagrass Wicker Hamper

If you like the look of the previous hamper but want something lighter, check out this Two-Tone Seagrass Wicker Hamper. The lidded design features a gray and white striped seagrass basket inserted into a rounded white rattan frame.

The contrasting colors give it a modern, elegant vibe. Skinny rattan handles attach to the sides. The gray woven lid includes an opening for tossing in clothes easily. Standing 20” high and 16” wide, this is another narrow hamper great for closets or bathrooms.

The two-tone color scheme allows it to blend in with cool grays or bright whites equally well. Find it on sites like Overstock and eBay for around $55-$65. The unique style makes it worth the price.

How to Select the Best Seagrass Laundry Hamper for Your Home

With so many options, choosing the seagrass hamper that’s right for you may feel overwhelming initially. Keep these tips in mind as you shop:


Consider how much dirty laundry you generate in a week and select a hamper large enough to accommodate at least 1-2 loads. Standard hampers are around 20-25” tall with 16-20” diameter. Get a jumbo 30” hamper if you do mega loads of family laundry. Or choose a slim 15” wide one for fitting small bathrooms.


Round hampers allow clothes to fall freely to the bottom. Square or rectangular baskets maximize space efficiency. Collapsible hampers are great for tight spaces while lidded versions contain odors and lint.


If you need to move the hamper frequently, choose one with side handles or consider a lightweight collapsible style. Stability feet help prevent tipping of larger hampers.


Lids make it fast and easy to toss clothes in without removing the lid entirely. Some lids have cutout openings or lift off so you can access inside when needed.


Removable cloth liners protect your seagrass hamper from stains and are machine washable. Built-in liners also work but aren’t removable. Without a liner, an insert tray catches dirt at the bottom.

Stylish Yet Functional

While you want a hamper that looks good with your decor, don’t sacrifice on quality and functionality. Seek tightly woven seagrass that will last along with features like sturdy handles that make using the basket easier in your space.


Seagrass hampers range from $25 on the low end to $100+ for higher end versions with lids, frames, or extra large sizes. Set a budget and stick with it as you shop.

With the right hamper, you can organize laundry in a stylish way that enhances your room decor as it helps keep your home clutter-free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Seagrass Laundry Baskets

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about seagrass hampers:

Are seagrass hampers durable?

Yes, seagrass is extremely durable, long-lasting, and can withstand a lot of weight when tightly woven. Quality hampers should last for many years with proper care.

Do seagrass hampers have an odor?

Seagrass has natural odor resistance properties. As long as dirty clothes don’t sit too long before washing, seagrass hampers shouldn’t retain odors or create mustiness.

How heavy is a full seagrass hamper?

It depends on size, but a standard 20” diameter hamper can weigh 30 pounds or more when filled with wet laundry. Large hampers may exceed 50 pounds full. Wheels can help move overloaded hampers.

How does seagrass compare to other hamper materials?

Seagrass is more durable, attractive, and odor-resistant than plastic hampers. It’s also lighter weight, more breathable, and less prone to mildew than cloth hampers.

What’s the best way to clean a seagrass hamper?

Use a damp cloth to spot clean. To deep clean, wipe it down with mild soap and water. Let it air dry completely before using again. Avoid submerging seagrass in water.

How much weight can a seagrass hamper support?

It varies but most quality hampers can handle 100-150 pounds before collapsing or breaking. Do not overload large hampers as excess weight can damage the seagrass fibers.

Do seagrass hampers come in different colors?

Most are neutral shades of tan, brown, black, gray, and natural straw color. Occasional two-tone varieties feature color combinations like black and white or gray and brown.

Can you use seagrass hampers outside or in bathrooms?

Seagrass is prone to mold and mildew if exposed to excessive moisture. Store hampers in well-ventilated areas out of direct sunlight and away from damp environments.

How much do seagrass hampers cost?

Inexpensive options are $25-$35. Most quality hampers with good capacity run $50 to $75. Ornate styles with lids, frames, or oversized designs can cost $100 and beyond.

Are extra large seagrass hampers available?

Yes, many manufacturers offer oversized hampers up to 32 inches high and 24 inches wide for large laundry loads and families. Jumbo hampers are a smart investment for frequent laundry needs.

Whether you need a petite bathroom hamper or giant laundry room model, seagrass baskets add natural style as they efficiently corral dirty clothes. Follow the guidance in this article to discover the ideal woven hamper for your home. Happy laundry organizing!

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