The Best Trailer Tires You Can Buy at Tractor Supply

A Complete Guide to Finding the Perfect Tires for Your Trailer at Tractor Supply

As someone who owns a trailer, I know that having quality, durable tires is absolutely essential. I rely on my trailer for so many things, from hauling equipment for work to taking my boat out on weekends. The last thing I want is for a tire to go flat and ruin my plans! That’s why I always turn to Tractor Supply when it’s time to replace the tires on my trailer. They have an incredible selection of trailer tires for any type of use. If you’re in the market for new trailer tires, read on for my complete guide to finding the perfect ones at Tractor Supply!

The Many Types of Trailer Tires at Tractor Supply

The first thing you’ll notice at Tractor Supply is the wide variety of trailer tire types and styles. Whether you need tires for a utility trailer, livestock trailer, RV, boat trailer, or one of the many other types, you’ll find what you need here. Some of the main types of trailer tires they carry include:

  • Bias Ply Trailer Tires: These are ideal for boat trailers and other small utility trailers. They have a bias-ply design with crisscrossing cords that make them durable and long-lasting.
  • Radial Trailer Tires: Radial trailer tires are recommended for RV trailers, horse trailers, and cargo trailers. They provide better fuel economy and a smoother ride than bias ply tires.
  • All-Steel Trailer Tires: As the name suggests, these tires have steel cords that extremely puncture resistant. They’re ideal for utility trailers used on jobsites with debris.
  • All-Season Trailer Tires: These trailer tires can be used year-round, even in rain or light snow. They’re common on RV and boat trailers.
  • Specialty Tires: At Tractor Supply, you can also find specialty tires for golf carts, lawn mowers, spreaders, and more.

No matter what type of trailer you need tires for, you’ll find them in stock at Tractor Supply.

Find the Right Size Trailer Tires with Ease

In addition to different types, Tractor Supply stocks trailer tires in all the most common sizes. Their selection ranges from small 12-inch trailer tires for utility trailers up to large 15 and 16-inch tires used on travel trailers and horse trailers. Some of the most common sizes you’ll find include:

  • 12″ Tires: For boat trailers, small utility trailers, and single jet-ski trailers.
  • 13″ Tires: Fit some utility trailers and are also used as spare tires on RVs.
  • 14″ Tires: Common on small boat trailers as well as some utility trailers.
  • 15″ Tires: Standard for most travel trailers as well as some horse and livestock trailers.
  • 16″ Tires: Used on large travel trailers and on tandem axle livestock/horse trailers.

Tractor Supply makes it easy to find the precise tire size you need. Their website has a tire size finder tool, and their in-store experts can look up exactly what tires fit your trailer. It takes the guesswork out of finding trailer tires!

Affordably Priced Trailer Tires for Every Budget

Another thing I appreciate about Tractor Supply is the affordable pricing on all their trailer tires. Depending on the size and type, prices typically range from $50 – $250 per tire. Here are some examples of their pricing:

  • Basic 12″ bias ply tires start at around $50 each.
  • 15″ radial trailer tires run from $80 – $150 each.
  • Heavy duty 16″ ST trailer tires cost $150 – $250 per tire.

Keep an eye out for their promotions too. I once bought a set of trailer tires when they were having a buy 3 get 1 free sale – the savings added up quickly! Regardless of your budget, you can find great deals on the trailer tires you need at Tractor Supply.

Tires for Light and Heavy Trailer Loads

Tractor Supply stocks trailer tires suitable for both light and heavy trailer loads. This includes:

  • Light duty tires for small utility trailers, jet ski trailers, small boat trailers, and motorcycle trailers. These typically have a weight capacity around 1,500 lbs per tire.
  • Medium duty tires for cargo, livestock, and some RV trailers. These have a weight rating of approximately 2,000-3,300 lbs per tire.
  • Heavy duty tires for horse trailers, large cargo and livestock trailers, landscape equipment trailers, and big travel trailers. Load capacities reach up to 3,700 lbs per tire.

Make sure to check the load index rating when selecting tires. The friendly staff at Tractor Supply can recommend the right weight capacity for the trailer you’re putting them on.

Bias Ply and Radial Trailer Tires Available

Tractor Supply has an extensive selection of both bias ply and radial trailer tires. Here’s an overview comparing the two:

  • Bias Ply Trailer Tires: Have crisscross inner cords that make them robust and stable. They provide good suppleness for shock absorption too. Ideal for utility and small boat trailers.
  • Radial Trailer Tires: Made with side-by-side inner cords for better handling, lower rolling resistance, and increased mileage. Recommended for RV and cargo trailers.

Both types are available at Tractor Supply in a wide range of sizes. Talk to their experts about whether bias or radial tires are the best match for your trailer and driving needs.

Convenient Wheel & Tire Assemblies

Forget about having to mount new tires – at Tractor Supply you can purchase complete wheel and tire assemblies ready to bolt on your trailer!

These assemblies come with your choice of tire already mounted and balanced on durable steel or aluminum trailer wheels. Just pick the size, lug pattern, and wheel style you need. With wheel & tire assemblies, you can upgrade your trailer’s wheels and tires in one easy step.

They have these convenient wheel and tire combos available for all common trailer sizes, taking the hassle out of replacing your trailer tires.

Top Trailer Tire Brands Available

You can find all the major trailer tire brands stocked at Tractor Supply stores. Some of the top names include:

  • Goodyear: Known for making quality tires for all types of trailers and RVs. A trusted brand.
  • Carlisle: Produces durable and reliable trailer tires for boats, utility trailers, and cargo trailers since 1917.
  • Kenda: Budget-friendly trailer tires made with advanced compounds for longevity and strength.
  • Deestone: Excellent all-season radial trailer tires with advanced tread patterns.
  • Titan: Produces sturdy bias-ply and specialty trailer tires at affordable prices.

With tires from all the biggest tire manufacturers, you’re sure to find ones tailored to your trailer.

Professional Tire Installation Services

While you can certainly do it yourself, Tractor Supply offers professional trailer tire installation if you don’t want the hassle. Their certified technicians will expertly mount, balance, and install your new trailer tires.

They’ll make sure the wheels are properly torqued and tires inflated before you hit the road. Installation services are affordably priced too.

Let the pros handle it – then you can have peace of mind knowing your new tires are ready to roll safely.

Trailer Tires for Boats, RVs, and Utilities

Tractor Supply really does have specialized trailer tires for all trailer types. Some examples:

  • Boat Trailer Tires: Made with water-resistant compounds and sturdy sidewalls. Available in bias ply or radial designs.
  • RV Trailer Tires: Designed for heavy loads and smooth freeway driving. Radials provide lower rolling resistance.
  • Utility Trailer Tires: Durable bias ply tires with thick tread for outdoor job site use. Goodyear Endurance and Carlisle brands are popular.

No matter if you have a boat, RV, or utility trailer, you can find tires engineered for that specific trailer at Tractor Supply.

Save with Regular Tire Promotions & Sales

Like any savvy shopper, I try to buy my trailer tires when Tractor Supply is offering special promotions or sales. They run deals on tires frequently throughout the year, both online and in stores.

Some of the popular sales I like to shop include:

  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free: As mentioned already, this is a great way to stock up and save.
  • Instant Rebate Offers: $20, $30, or $50 rebates that subtract instantly from your tire purchase.
  • Package Deals: When you buy 4 or more tires, you get an extra discount or freebie like a spare tire.
  • Percentage Off Sales: Look for regular weekend sales taking 10-15% off all trailer tires.

By picking the right promotion, you can easily save $100+ on your trailer tire purchase!

Order Online for In-Store Pickup

Tractor Supply makes it convenient to shop for tires online and pick them up locally. Just order your trailer tires on their website, then select free in-store pickup.

Your tires will be waiting and ready for install. This is super handy for anyone who needs their trailer back on the road ASAP.

Even if a store doesn’t show your tires in stock online, the staff can quickly order and receive a shipment within a few days. Online ordering with in-store pickup saves time and headaches!

Peace of Mind with the Tractor Supply Tire Warranty

When you buy tires from Tractor Supply, they come with the manufacturer’s tire warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. This protects against premature wear or manufacturing flaws.

They also provide their own standard 30-day warranty on every tire. If you have any issues in the first month, you’re covered to exchange for a new tire free of charge.

Between the tire maker’s warranty and their own store warranty, you can feel reassured your new trailer tires are backed by protection.

Proper Tire Pressure Made Simple

Finding the recommended tire pressure for your new trailer tires is easy at Tractor Supply. The tire pressure for each tire is molded into the sidewall, so you know the exact PSI to inflate to.

Their tire experts can also look up the recommended pressures for you based on your axle load. They have charts covering tire pressures for all trailer types.

Properly inflated tires will last longer and perform better – be sure to utilize their tire knowledge.

Read Customer Reviews Before You Buy

If you want feedback on any of the trailer tires for sale, I suggest reading reviews on Tractor Supply’s website. They have customer-submitted reviews for all the tires they carry.

You can check how the different brands and models rate for issues like treadwear, handling, noise levels, and durability. Fellow customers provide honest opinions.

The customer reviews offer great insight to help you choose the most suitable tires for your trailer and driving needs.

All the Common Trailer Tire Load Ratings

When buying new trailer tires, one of the most important specs to consider is the tire’s load range rating. This indicates how much weight each tire is designed to carry.

At Tractor Supply you’ll find trailer tires with these load ratings:

  • Load Range B: Light duty with capacities of 1,653 lbs per tire. For small utility and boat trailers.
  • Load Range C: Medium duty rated for 2,267 lbs per tire. For cargo and some RV trailers.
  • Load Range D: Heavy duty designed for loads up to 3,197 lbs per tire. Used on horse & large RV trailers.
  • Load Range E: Extra heavy duty rated at 3,660 lbs per tire. For tandem axle equipment trailers.

Consult the experts to select the right load range for your trailer’s weight and usage.

Tire Care Products for Maintenance & Repairs

Once you’ve gotten new trailer tires installed, be sure to pick up some tire care essentials too while at Tractor Supply. This includes:

  • Tire Sealants: Liquid sealants that permanently seal tire punctures as you drive. A great emergency repair solution while on the road.
  • Tire Pressure Gauges: Vital for keeping your tires inflated to the proper PSI. Tractor Supply has auto-calibrated digital gauges for accuracy.
  • Tire Covers: Protect your trailer tires from sun damage and weathering when parked. A wise long-term investment for UV protection.

Proper maintenance is crucial to maximize the lifespan of your tires. Take advantage of Tractor Supply’s wide selection of tire care products.

Find the Right Tire Design: Tubeless or Tubed

Tractor Supply offers both tubeless and tubed trailer tire designs:

  • Tubeless Trailer Tires: Modern standard with an inner liner that seals against the rim. Easier to repair and maintain.
  • Tubed Trailer Tires: Have an inner tube inside for inflation. Provide more puncture resistance. Common on utility trailers used off-road.

Tubeless tires are compatible with tubed wheels, so you can go either way. Again, their tire pros can recommend the best option.

Helpful Accessories for Mounting & Transport

Once you’ve picked out your new trailer tires, check out Tractor Supply’s selection of handy tire accessories:

  • Spare Tire Mounts: Let you securely transport a spare trailer tire. Fold-down and tongue mounts available.
  • Wheel Chocks: Keep your trailer firmly in place when parked. A must-have accessory.
  • Tire Balancing Beads: Add these to the tires to dynamically balance and smooth out vibration.
  • Valve Stem Covers: Protect valve stems from damage and leaks. Cheap insurance!

With the right accessories, you’ll be fully equipped to roll down the highway safely on your new Tractor Supply tires.

Know When It’s Time for New Tires

Here are some signs indicating it’s time to replace your old, worn trailer tires:

  • You can see cord showing through cracked tread.
  • Tread depth is less than 2/32″.
  • Sidewalls are dried, cracked, or damaged.
  • You frequently have to re-inflate tires that leak air.
  • Tires are more than 5-7 years old.
  • Trailer tires wear unevenly due to alignment issues.

Don’t take chances with unsafe, worn-out tires. Use these indicators as your cue to buy fresh new trailer tires from Tractor Supply.

Worry-Free Shopping with Tractor Supply’s Tire Return Policy

Tractor Supply offers a straightforward tire return policy if you need to exchange your purchase for any reason:

  • 30 Days for Returns: Unmounted tires can be returned within 30 days.
  • 60 Days if Defective: Get a free replacement if any manufacturing defect is found within 60 days.
  • Prorated Warranty: Partial credit if a tire has a defect down the road.

Knowing they stand behind their tires makes shopping at Tractor Supply worry-free.

Let Tractor Supply Get You Rolling Again

As you can see, Tractor Supply really does offer an incredible selection of trailer tires to suit any need. Whether you have a boat, cargo, livestock, utility, or RV trailer, they have specialized tires to handle the job. And at affordable prices backed by great warranties and service, you can feel confident outfitting your trailer with new tires from Tractor Supply.

So next time your trailer needs new rubber, make the smart choice — get your trailer tires from Tractor Supply! With the right tires from Tractor Supply, you’ll be back on the road and rolling smoothly again in no time.

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