The Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Waterproof Furniture Covers

Outdoor furniture provides the perfect space to relax and enjoy the fresh air in your own backyard. But weather elements like rain, snow, and harsh sun can quickly damage your precious patio sets and backyard seating if left unprotected. Investing in durable waterproof furniture covers is the best way to extend the life of your outdoor furniture while saving on costly future replacements.

But with so many options on the market, how do you determine which outdoor furniture covers will get the job done right while fitting your style and budget? This comprehensive guide takes the guesswork out of picking the ideal waterproof covers to safeguard your outdoor furniture investments. We’ll explore the benefits of waterproofing, provide tips for selecting the perfect fabric and fit, review the top-rated cover sets, and answer frequently asked questions.

Let’s start from the top and uncover everything you need to know to choose the best waterproof covers for your deck, patio or backyard furniture!

Why You Need Waterproof Covers

Outdoor lounge sets, dining tables, deep seating sofas, chaises, benches – all are prime targets for damage without waterproof protection. Here are the key benefits of investing in waterproof furniture covers:

  • Safeguard against rain, snow and moisture damage – Water seeping into cushions and wood causes permanent stains, warping, cracking, mold, and mildew. Waterproof barriers prevent this deterioration.
  • Prevent fading and sun damage to upholstery and wood finishes – Harmful UV rays from the sun break down fabric and wood fibers over time. Covers limit this exposure to keep your furniture looking vibrant.
  • Keep away dirt, leaves, pollen and other debris – These can embed into fabric or discolor wood. Waterproof covers provide a clean layer of protection.
  • Allow furniture to stay outdoors year-round without hauling it in and out – Convenient access without seasonal storage hassles.
  • Extend the usable lifespan of your outdoor furniture by protecting it from the elements – Reduce costs of replacing damaged furniture every few years.
  • Save money compared to the expense of frequently replacing damaged outdoor furniture – A value protecting your investment.

With so many clear benefits, waterproof furniture covers are a no-brainer for shielding your outdoor seating and tables from the elements. The key is picking the right cover sets tailored for your needs.

Choosing the Ideal Waterproof Covers for Your Furniture

With so many fabrics, sizes, and designs to select from, it can get overwhelming determining which waterproof covers will work best for your space. Here are some key factors to consider for picking the perfect covers to protect your outdoor furniture:

Take Precise Measurements

Like choosing any well-fitted garment, accurately measuring your furniture is crucial for finding waterproof covers that contour correctly.

  • Carefully measure length, width, and height precisely. Rounding won’t cut it.
  • Pay special attention to unusual shapes like chaise lounge chairs.
  • Have these exact furniture dimensions on hand when browsing cover options to match sizing charts.

Taking the time to get detailed measurements will ensure a better fit and the intended water protection.

Select Fabric Suited for Your Climate

Fabric material impacts durability, water repellency, breathability and aesthetics. Consider your regional climate and weather when choosing fabric:

  • Polyester – Affordable, durable, and breathable. Ideal for humid regions.
  • Vinyl – Waterproof, inexpensive, and mildew resistant. Best for very wet climates.
  • Canvas – Stylish, breathable, and fade-resistant. Great for sunny & dry regions.
  • Acrylic – Water-resistant, soft, breathable fabric. Ideal for moderate climates.

Select the material that makes sense for the weather conditions your covers will endure to optimize performance.

Choose Color Wisely

Color choice impacts fading potential, sun protection, and how dirty the covers look over time. Some tips:

  • Opt for light colors if intense sun exposure – they better reflect sunlight.
  • Lean towards darker colors for the highest UV ray protection from sun damage.
  • Try to match cover color to furniture color for a cohesive look.

Take color elements like outdoor sunlight intensity and furniture fabric into account when selecting the right hue.

Decide on Snug vs. Loose Fit

Do you prefer covers to fit snug like a glove or have some slack? Pros of a tighter fit:

  • Prevents blowing off in windstorms.
  • Keeps out smaller debris like leaves and pollen.

Some benefits of looser-fitting covers:

  • Makes it easier to fluff cushions.
  • Reduces fabric wear and tear from tugging on and off.

If wind is a major concern, lean snug. But allow some wiggle room if you’ll need to access cushions regularly.

Compare Attachment Methods

From straps to zippers, closure design impacts security and convenience:

  • Straps – Easy to put on and remove, often adjustable for tightness preference.
  • Buckles – Secure from wind, form a tight seal, prevent slippage.
  • Zippers – Fully enclose to protect from pests, wind, and weather.

Assess how secure from wind you need the covers to be when opting for straps, buckles or convenient zipper closure.

Now that you know how to select the ideal waterproof covers tailored to your furniture and climate, let’s look at some of the highest rated and reviewed options on the market this year.

The Best Waterproof Furniture Cover Sets

Based on ratings, buyer reviews and overall performance, here are five top-rated waterproof cover sets to protect your patio, deck and backyard furniture investments:

1. Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant Furniture Cover Set

  • Ratings: 4.5 stars, Amazon’s Choice recommended set
  • Durable 100% woven polyester fabric with water repellent PVC backing
  • Rust-proof brass vents allow airflow and prevent mold/mildew
  • Convenient click-close straps for adjustable secure fit
  • 5-year warranty demonstrates quality and durability
  • Available in stylish espresso, charcoal, slate grey and taupe colors

This cover set includes pieces for a sofa/loveseat, club chair, and ottoman or small table. The reinforced seams and padded handles make these covers easy to get on and off your furniture.

Reviewers love the quality construction, attractive color selection and adjustable straps to get that perfect custom fit. The polyester stands up well to outdoor elements while resisting fading. One of the few drawbacks is the covers can appear a bit baggy if you don’t tightly secure the straps. But that’s easily remedied by really tightening them down.

  • Pros: Very durable construction, attractive color options, adjustable straps to customize fit
  • Cons: Can be baggy if straps not tightened

Based on the stellar reviews and reasonable price given the quality, the Classic Accessories Veranda set is a terrific choice for waterproof protection of your outdoor furniture investments.

2. Duck Covers Ultimate Square Patio Table and Chair Set

  • Ratings: 4.7 stars
  • Polyester top provides protection from elements while vinyl bottom offers optimal water resistance
  • Built-in loops allow you to secure covers tightly with bungee cords or rope
  • Special UV treatment provides excellent sun protection to prevent fading
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Range of sizes available from 3 to 11 pieces

This quality patio cover set includes pieces for your table, sofa, and armchairs. Customers consistently rave about the level of waterproofing the vinyl backing provides compared to other polyester-only covers. The UV resistance also keeps your furniture looking vibrant despite intense sunlight. While color selection is limited to grey, brown and ivory, reviewers find Duck Covers well worth the investment for long-lasting performance shielding furniture from rain, sun fading, and mildew growth.

  • Pros: Very waterproof, ability to customize fit, built-in UV sun protection
  • Cons: Limited color options, some complaints vinyl cracks over time

For superior waterproofing and UV resistance, the Duck Covers Ultimate Square set is an excellent choice. The initial investment pays off with years of reliable protection.

3. AmazonBasics Waterproof Patio Chair Covers

  • Ratings: 4.5 stars, Amazon’s #1 Best Seller
  • Durable polyester with water-resistant PVC lining
  • Reinforced padded handles and secure click-close straps
  • Light beige color provides UV protection
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Set of 2 chair covers

As the overall top-selling polyester chair cover set on Amazon, these affordable covers make protecting your standard patio seating a breeze. The polyester stands up well to the elements while the PVC lining provides an extra water barrier compared to unlined covers.

Reviewers love the simple design, snug fit, and UV resistance. The main complaints involve the thinner polyester fabric being prone to tearing faster than some pricier brands. But given the budget-friendly price and solid performance, these are a great choice for anyone looking for inexpensive waterproof chair covers.

  • Pros: Very affordable pricing, good UV sun protection, secure closure straps
  • Cons: Thin fabric tears more easily, limited size options

If you need basic waterproof covers on a budget, the AmazonBasics set is a great choice for protecting patio chairs without breaking the bank.

4. Pure Garden Heavy-Duty Waterproof Chair Covers

  • Ratings: 4.6 stars
  • Made of 100% polyester with a polyurethane coating for excellent waterproofing
  • Built-in fabric flaps shield chair cushions from getting wet
  • Buckle and clip connectors keep covers securely on in wind
  • Available in versatile tan, brown, grey and navy colors
  • Set of 4 covers fits standard outdoor/lawn chair sizes

For superior heavy-duty chair protection, these rugged Pure Garden covers deliver. The polyurethane coating offers excellent water resistance. And the convenient built-in cushion flaps prevent rain or melted snow from seeping into the fabric.

Reviewers love the quality and confirm these covers stand up to harsh weather extremely well. It may take some effort to get the ideal custom fit based on your chair style. But once configured properly, the buckle connectors keep the covers snuggly on. If you need above-average waterproofing for your lawn or deck chairs, these durable Pure Garden covers make an excellent choice.

  • Pros: Very heavy-duty and waterproof, built-in cushion flaps, adjustable for secure custom fit
  • Cons: Can take some time to get ideal tight fit

When you need robust chair covers that can handle intense outdoor conditions, these Pure Garden covers deliver quality protection.

5. Leader Accessories Extra-Large Waterproof Chair Cover

  • Ratings: 4.3 stars
  • Durable 600D polyester fabric coated in waterproof polyurethane (PU)
  • Oversized to accommodate chairs up to 40” wide
  • Adjustable drawstring closure for tightening as needed
  • Color options include mocha, grey, navy, and olive
  • Set of 2 oversized chair covers

Finding waterproof covers for extra large, wide or zero gravity outdoor chairs can be a challenge. But these spacious Leader Accessories covers were designed to generously fit oversized seating up to 40 inches wide.

The adjustable drawstring closure allows you to cinch the covers down nice and snug. And the durable polyester lined in PU offers reliable water resistance against the elements. Just take care not to overtighten the drawstrings which can tear. Overall these extra-roomy covers accommodate outdoor seating that won’t fit conventional sizes.

  • Pros: Fits oversized chairs up to 40” wide, provides good sun protection
  • Cons: Drawstrings prone to tearing, fit can be loose if not tightened

For shielding plus-sized chairs, chaise lounges and zero gravity seating, the Leader Accessories oversized covers are a smart solution.

This covers the top-rated waterproof cover sets available to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. Keep reading to learn more about smart shopping considerations.

Key Factors When Buying Waterproof Furniture Covers

Beyond comparing ratings and features on various cover sets, keep these additional tips in mind while shopping:

  • The type of outdoor furniture you need to cover – specific sets for tables, lounge chairs, sofas, etc.
  • How many pieces you need to cover – buy accordingly
  • Your regional climate and weather reality – rainfall, sun exposure, humidity, etc that the covers will face
  • The level of UV sun protection needed based on sunlight intensity
  • How tight or loose of a fit you prefer for your usage
  • The durability required – light, medium or heavy-duty based on weather
  • Desired color/pattern to match your outdoor furniture style
  • Your budget – how much you’re willing to spend on cover quality
  • Ease of removal for seasonal storage – if you’ll be taking covers on and off frequently
  • Any specialty sizes and shapes needed – oversized, sectionals, chaises, etc

Taking these practical factors into consideration will ensure you select long-lasting waterproof covers ideally suited to your outdoor furniture and climate conditions.

Caring for your Covers

The right covers safeguard your furniture for years. Follow these tips to keep them in top condition:

  • Regularly check for rips, holes or broken straps requiring repair
  • Only wash gently with mild soap and water when needed to remove dirt
  • Always allow covers to completely air dry before putting back on furniture
  • Use a fabric guard spray occasionally to improve water repellency
  • Check vents and clear any debris clogging airflow
  • Keep covers on furniture whenever possible, even when not in use
  • Store covers indoors during off-season winter months
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach that may damage fabric
  • Consult manufacturer washing instructions for specific care guidance

Proper maintenance keeps your covers in the best shape for handling the outdoor elements year after year.

Parting Thoughts

Well there you have it – everything you need to know to pick the ideal waterproof cover sets to extend the life of your cherished outdoor furniture. The bottom line:

Taking time to accurately measure your furniture, assess your climate conditions, and match cover features to your needs ensures you choose long-lasting waterproof protection.

Investing in quality covers suited for your patio, deck or poolside seating allows you to enjoy your furniture for many years while eliminating the cost and hassle of frequent replacements.

Now get ready to relax outside in any weather knowing your outdoor furniture is shielded by the perfect waterproof covers! Browse the top options and use this guide to make the ideal choice for your space. Here’s to many seasons of unwinding outdoors comfortably protected from the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are expensive waterproof covers really worth the cost?

A: Higher priced waterproof covers made of durable fabrics like polyester or vinyl generally provide excellent protection, often lasting over 5 years with proper care. The long-term use and reduced need to replace damaged furniture make premium covers a wise investment for the quality.

Q: Should I get custom-fit or generic waterproof covers?

A: Custom covers tailored exactly to your measurements prevent issues with poor fit and offer maximum protection. But many quality generic covers with adjustable straps can still conform very well to different furniture sizes and allow for cushion plumping or flex room needs too. Just be sure to check sizing charts carefully.

Q: How do I wash waterproof furniture covers?

A: It’s best to follow the specific care instructions provided by the cover manufacturer. But in general, most waterproof covers can be gently washed with mild detergent and cold water, then air dried fully. Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals that may degrade the fabric over time. And inspect covers closely each wash cycle for any new rips, holes, mold or damage needing repair.

Q: Are light or dark waterproof covers better?

A: Light colored covers provide more UV ray and heat protection by reflecting sunlight rather than absorbing it. But dark covers are better at concealing dirt, pollen and other debris. So consider your specific climate and furniture material when choosing light or dark. Light colors make the most sense for regions with intense sun exposure to prevent fading. But dark colors suit rainy climates where covers won’t fade as quickly.

Q: Should waterproof covers be put on tight or loose?

A: A tighter fit helps prevent blowing off in windstorms and keeps out smaller debris like leaves and pollen. But allowing some slack makes it easier to fluff cushions and reduces pulling that can wear out fabric faster. Find the right close-but-not-too-tight balance based on your wind exposure, furniture accessibility needs, and personal preference. Covers with adjustable straps make it easier to customize the tightness as needed.

Q: How do I stop waterproof covers from developing mildew?

A: Proper airflow is key for mildew prevention. Allow covers to completely dry out after getting wet before putting back on furniture. Check under covers regularly for any trapped moisture against surfaces that needs drying. Use covers with integrated air vents to increase airflow. And lightly sprinkle baking soda or a mildew-inhibiting powder under the cover which will absorb excess moisture and prevent mold and mildew growth.

Q: Can I leave waterproof covers on all year long?

A: Yes, outdoor waterproof furniture covers that are designed for year-round use can safely be left on furniture 365 days a year without causing damage. The waterproof, UV-resistant and breathable materials are made to withstand sun, rain, snow and wind when left outdoors permanently. Just be sure to periodically check that vents, fabric flaps or other openings haven’t become damaged allowing water intrusion.

Q: What’s the best waterproof cover for intense sun regions?

A: For furniture in regions with very intense sunlight, look for covers made of solution-dyed fabrics specifically treated for UV resistance or microfiber polyester.

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