The Top 5 Best Flag Football Sets for Ultimate Fun and Fitness

Looking for a fun and safe way to play football without contact? Look no further than flag football! With specially designed belts that feature removable flags, this non-contact sport is great for players of all ages. If you’re in the market for flag football equipment, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for the best flag football kits of 2023. These sets include everything you need to play and are built to last, with sturdy and reliable belts that can withstand even the most intense games. Whether you’re playing with friends or with your kids, these high-quality flag football sets are sure to provide hours of fun and excitement!

SKLZ 10-Man Flag Football Deluxe Set with Flags and Cones

Review of the SKLZ 10-Man Flag Football Deluxe Set with Flags and Cones: This deluxe flag football set by SKLZ is a popular choice among adults. The set includes 10 flag football belts – five yellow and five blue, with velcro-attached flags of corresponding colors. Each flag is attached to the hip of each player. The set also includes four goal line cones that serve as pylons, and a storage bag to keep everything organized. If you’re new to flag football, the set includes a set of rules to get you started. However, the set is suitable for players of all levels, thanks to its durable material and detachable nylon flags that are built to last. The set is designed for physical play and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee from SKLZ. At a reasonable price, this set provides everything you need for hours of fun on the field.

14 Player Flag Football Set

This 14-player flag football set is sure to bring excitement to any game. The kit includes 14 belts, 42 flags (21 red & 21 blue), and 4 cones. The materials used in the belt and flag are not only safe but also durable, withstanding rough games and strong grips. The adjustable D-ring and 3 flags make it suitable for players of all ages and waist circumferences. The easy tear-away belts are perfect for youth league and recreational play, allowing players to safely tackle or stop play just by tearing away the belt. This set can be used for various sports, games, and activities, making it a versatile addition to your collection. Pros:

  • Durable materials
  • Adjustable D-ring and 3 flags
  • Easy tear-away belts
  • Suitable for players of all ages and waist circumferences
  • Versatile use

Trained Flag Football Set

The Trained Sports Flag Football Set is made with durable nylon materials, ensuring that the flags and belts won’t rip or tear even during tackles. With a 46-piece set, you can easily equip two full flag football teams with each belt holding three adjustable flags, perfect for 5-on-5 matches and endless hours of fun. The set is great for backyard playtime or competitive games on a real football field, catering to both fun and competitive play. It’s also designed to be adjustable for both kids and adults, and the entire set is easily portable. Although the flags seem to be durable, people with waist sizes over 36 inches might find the belt too tight. Additionally, the Velcro pads on the flags are glued, which isn’t as durable as sewn-on pads. The carrying case quality could also be improved. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund, and an eBook will be delivered by email.

What we like:

  • Durable materials for flags and belts
  • Customizable for both kids and adults
  • Easily portable
  • Suitable for fun or competitive play

What we don’t like:

  • Belts might be too tight for people with waist sizes over 36 inches
  • Glued-on Velcro pads on the flags might not be as durable as sewn-on pads
  • Quality of the carrying case could be better

Franklin Sports NFL Flag Football Sets – Also Consider

Looking to show your NFL team spirit while playing flag football? These flag football sets feature your favorite official NFL team designs, making them perfect for kids’ games or even a game with some adult friends.


  • The belts fit waists up to 36 inches
  • The fabric is durable enough to withstand rowdy games
  • The team designs are bright and easy to see


  • The set only includes eight belts.

WYZworks 36 Flags & 12 Belts

Looking for a fun flag football set for friends and family? The WYZworks 36 Flags & 12 Belts Velcro Flag Football Set might be just what you need. With 18 red and 18 green flags, this set offers three detachable heavy-duty flags per belt, making it suitable for both league games and recreational play. The one-size-fits-all belt works well for all ages. While this set is not complete for a full game and does not come with cones to mark the field, it can still provide plenty of entertainment for those who have access to a football. This kit is best for recreational use and may require additional purchases for a full game.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Flag Football Kit?

When choosing a flag football kit, there are several factors to consider. One important factor is the quantity of belts and flags needed, which depends on the number of players on each team. Durability is also important, as high-quality equipment lasts longer. It’s important to know the game and search online for how it’s played before purchasing a kit. The cost of a flag football kit can vary from $20 to $200, depending on the number of equipment, brand, and additional features. It’s recommended to look for a kit in the middle price range.

To choose the best flag football kit, customer ratings, quality, and brand are considered. It’s important to know the essential equipment needed, including flags, football, jerseys, and mouthguards. The flag belts are the most crucial piece of equipment in the kit, and the football size should depend on the age of the players. Jersey and mouthguard are also important for the game.

In conclusion, this guide has highlighted the most important factors to consider when choosing a flag football kit. It’s recommended to carefully review the product and read customer reviews before making a purchase. Understanding the necessary equipment for the game will help you make an informed decision and enjoy playing flag football.


Do I need a flag football set to play the game?A. To play by the rules in league play, you need a set. If you want to play a similar game but without the flags, you can play touch football. However, playing with flags tends to be safer than playing touch football.

What equipment does a child need to play flag football?

A. Kids don’t need padding like they do to play tackle football. They can simply wear comfortable workout clothes. Some kids wear running shoes and others wear football cleats. A mouthguard is a good idea in case of a collision with another player.

How can I prepare my child to play flag football?

A. Using a football that’s appropriately sized for your child’s age, simply playing catch is a good way to start. Playing a game like tag can also be good preparation for playing flag football because the child learns how to avoid other players. If you have a flag football set, you can also practice the best ways to grab the flags.

Can I alter the belt that comes with the flag football set?

A. No, it’s against the rules in most leagues to alter the belt other than to shorten it or to tuck in the end of a long belt. Some players might try to alter the belt by wrapping the flags around it so they don’t pull loose as easily, but this is illegal and can get a player ejected from the game.

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