The Top 5 Best Volleyballs for Every Level of Play

As an avid indoor volleyball player, you understand the crucial role that specific elements play in the game. Among them is the volleyball ball, which is of utmost importance. While numerous brands of volleyball balls are available in the market, each brand specializes in a unique type of ball. Both indoor and outdoor volleyball balls are produced by these brands, and this page is dedicated to examining the indoor volleyball balls of each brand. It’s essential to note that only the top-performing volleyball brands are evaluated here, as a high-quality volleyball is critical to the game, and skimping on this essential item should be avoided at all costs.

Tachikara Leather Volleyball

Japanese brands are well-known for their quality, and this is particularly true for sports equipment, including volleyball. Tachikara, while not as well-known as other Japanese sports brands, is renowned for its professionalism and excellence, ensuring that you receive a top-quality volleyball that will endure for years. Although the ball is sold deflated (for obvious reasons), it can be inflated quickly, and the butyl bladder inside ensures that it maintains its air pressure for an extended period before deflating. The ball is available in a limited range of colors, but enough to distinguish different teams, which is beneficial for club or team training purposes. PROS Inexpensive Remarkably durable CONS Materials are not as high-end

Molten FLISTATEC V5M5000

For competitive male volleyball players, the Molten FLISTATEC V5M5000 is the most practical option. The Molten FLISTATEC USAV is the preferred volleyball for USAV boys’ club volleyball, while the Molten FLISTATEC NCAA is used for the NCAA Men’s volleyball championships, and the Molten FLISTATEC FIVB has the FIVB seal of approval. These three volleyball balls are identical, except for the stamp indicating the designated level of play (the FIVB volleyball ball also has a distinct color scheme). Similar to the Mikasa MVA200, the Molten engineering team continually adapts to the ever-changing volleyball technology landscape. Molten emphasizes the following features: FIVB Approved FLISTATEC/Flight Stability Technology – allows the ball to travel straighter Premium microfiber composite cover – improves grip and facilitates precise passes Nylon wound – Enhances durability, extending the life of the volleyball ball.

Mikasa MVA200 Volleyball

The Mikasa MVA200, the official volleyball of the Olympics and FIVB, has been designed in a specialized manner to maximize gameplay. Its swirl design, made up of eight panels, offers more contact area to enhance passing and control. This volleyball is intended for advanced players who are at the collegiate level or higher. It may take some time to adjust to, as it appears to be harder and more susceptible to shanking. Precise and experienced gameplay is required to achieve accurate results with this ball. However, once accustomed to it, your gameplay should improve due to its advanced aerodynamic engineering. This ball is only available in blue and yellow, which enables the player to react more quickly. The human eye is most responsive to this color pattern. Key Features: Easy grip for setters The dimpled exterior generates air turbulence for specialized serving Designed for advanced players May enhance overall gameplay

Wilson K1 Gold Volleyball

The Wilson K1 Gold is a top-tier indoor volleyball that is sure to improve player performance and gameplay. It has replaced the i-COR High Performance and has quickly become one of the best indoor volleyballs on the market. This premium volleyball employs a new power lining technology that helps players strike the ball with the perfect balance of power and control, resulting in stronger kills, commanding hits, and powerful strikes. The Wilson K1 Gold Volleyball features a new leather cover and lining that provides greater ball control. This allows for improved directional changes all over the court during both practice and play. In addition to its top-of-the-line features, superior design elements, and high durability, the Wilson K1 Gold Volleyball is specially designed to prevent players from holding back. This encourages enhanced levels of player performance and exceptional, powerful, and thrilling gameplay.

GlowCity Light Up LED Volleyball

This innovative volleyball features a built-in LED light that illuminates upon impact, producing a vibrant red glow that covers the entire ball. With no need for constant recharging, it can remain lit for several hours, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted playtime. When you’re finished, the ball automatically shuts off. Each ball includes pre-installed batteries that last approximately 30 hours, as well as an additional set, a tool, and instructions for battery replacement. These volleyball balls are constructed with robust materials, ensuring long-lasting durability. They’re also water-resistant, making them ideal for playing in various settings, such as the beach or pool. Suitable for team or league play, these volleyballs have the right size and weight, and the LED light adds a fun and unique element to the game.

What Factors Should You Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Volleyball?

Consider these factors when purchasing a volleyball:

Price is an important factor, but don’t compromise on quality for a discount. Accurately compare prices and consult reviews to make a wise choice.

Consider the purpose of the ball. Indoor and outdoor balls are different, and single-purpose balls can’t be used for other purposes. A multifunctional ball is more expensive but can save you money in the long run.

Frequency of use affects the ball’s wear and tear. Choose a durable ball with a microfiber leather cover if you plan to use it regularly. Using the ball moderately will also help it last longer.

Design is crucial and can affect performance. Soft-touch technology and a cushioned outer cover are important design elements that improve players’ engagement with the ball. Superior design elements come at a higher cost, but they’re worth it for better performance. A poorly designed ball can impact the user experience and impair players’ performance.


What type of balls is best to use in Volleyball?A. Spherical balls that are made using synthetic leather or genuine leather. Such balls are to be durable and of the proper coloration.

Are there more than one type of Volleyball?

A. Volleyballs are made in two distinct sizes, which are the adult and youth sizes. The youth ball is made with a circumference of between 25 and 26 inches, while the adult ball measures between 25.5 and 26.5 inches.

Which is softer between indoor Volleyball and beach volleyball?

A. Beach volleyballs are usually softer, and the reason for this is the inflation pressure and construction. Beach volleyballs generally come with a foam layer beneath the cover, and they are less inflated, which is why they do better on the sand.

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