The Top 5 Best Women’s Ice Skates for a Perfect Glide on the Ice

Many women in the US share the dream of gracefully skating on a frozen pond, whether in community ice palaces or their own backyard rinks, seeking both the health benefits and the joy of being outdoors. For those who have been skating for a season or longer, the Jackson Ultima Women’s Mystique Figure Skates are a great option. These skates are simple to fit and offer good ankle support for more advanced maneuvers.

Jackson Ultima Women’s Mystique Ice Skates

Key details: If you’re an intermediate or advanced beginner skater, the Jackson Ultima Women’s Mystique Figure Skates might be just what you need. Benefits: These skates have a stiff boot that fits true to size and offers excellent support for advanced spins and jumps. They also come with extra ankle padding and a foam-padded tongue for added comfort. Things to keep in mind: These skates may take some time to break in and may initially feel uncomfortable.


Risport, an Italian company that has been making high-performance figure skates since the 1970s, prioritizes style, craftsmanship, and technology. They have incorporated advanced techniques such as 3-D printing to enhance the fit and comfort of their skates.

One of their popular models, the Hamilton ice skate, features a sturdy synthetic upper and reinforced padding, which is ideal for prolonged figure skating sessions. The lightweight sole is designed to maximize speed.

These boots are also simple to break in, ensuring that they are a smart long-term investment.

American Athletic Ice Skates

The featured skate offers exceptional comfort and ankle support for peak performance. It is made of leather with a professional-style boot, suitable for both instructional and higher-level recreational skill levels. The blade is made of hollow ground nickel-plated steel, while the lining is also leather.

The skates are ideal for beginners or frequent skaters, providing comfort, multi-layered ankle support, and full-quarter padding. The form-fitting padded tongue adds extra protection and comfort, making your feet feel snug and secure. The skate is designed to resemble those worn by members of the U.S. Skating Team. However, be aware that they tend to run large. Additionally, the skate is available in men’s sizes.

CCM Super Tacks 9360

Why it made the cut: The CCM Super Tacks are known for their durability and comfort, making them a popular choice for hockey players of all skill levels. Specs Material: High-level plastic, felt Skill level: Beginner to intermediate Blade: Stainless steel CCM Speedblade Lining: Brushed microfiber Pros Durable and long-lasting Comfortable with a mold-to-your-foot design Offers the right amount of stiffness for solid skating performance Cons Sizing is 1.5 sizes lower than regular shoes Blade is non-replaceable The CCM Super Tacks are a favorite among hockey players for their high level of toughness and ability to conform to your foot for a personalized fit. They provide the ideal amount of stiffness to ensure a quality skating experience. The brushed microfiber lining ensures that these skates will endure even with long-term intense use. With their enduring design and tailored fit, they are a reliable option for hockey players at any level.

Riedell Recreational Youth Ice Skates (10 Opal)

Positive Features:

  • Provides comfort
  • Easy to clean Negative Features:
  • Weak lace hooks For 70 years, Riedell has been supplying a variety of skaters with gear. While these youth skates may not be suitable for executing advanced tricks, they offer the necessary support for your child to experiment with ice skating. When searching for ice skates for children, it’s important to remember not to buy a size too large. “Although it may save you money, oversized ice skates are more likely to cause painful blisters and increase the chances of falling,” advises Badore. These skates feature stainless steel blades, designed for smooth gliding and made with high-quality vinyl for easy maintenance. One more tip when purchasing ice skates for children: “Softech velcro skates for tots are a nightmare on ice, as the boots are soft and the straps are difficult to secure,” says Badore. “Stay away from skates that rely solely on ‘ratchet’ straps or are constructed from a single piece of molded plastic.”


Many people eagerly anticipate the arrival of winter each year so they can indulge in their passion for ice skating. For many women, watching the graceful movements of figure skaters during the Winter Olympics sparks their interest at a young age. Others begin their ice skating journey on a frozen pond or at a local skating rink, where they have fun while picking up a few skills. Some progress to more competitive skating, mastering jumps, spins, and twirls along the way.

Regardless of what inspires you to lace up your skates and take to the ice, you want a pair that is comfortable, supportive, and aesthetically pleasing to enhance your experience. Whether you’re seeking budget-friendly skates for casual, occasional skating or premium skates for competitive-level performance, there is a wide variety of stylish options to suit your skill level, fit preferences, and budget.


1. Can I skate with unsharpened skates?

It can be highly unsafe to skate with unsharpened blades as sharp blades help you turn and keep your balance. Sharpened ice skates also hold ice better and offer a good grip when you’re ice skating.

2. Can I lose weight by ice skating?

Ice skating is both an efficient and fun way of burning calories, and when you’re consistent at it, you can lose almost 300 to 650 calories per hour. Since ice skating works almost every muscle of the body, it is a great way to stay in shape.

3. Which ice skates are best for a beginner?

If quick mobility is your priority, hockey skates are often ideal for beginners since they bestow ample foot support and offer immense level of maneuverability.

4. Are figure skates better for beginners?

If practicing acrobatic moves is your priority, figure skates are good to go as their blades distribute the body’s weight more evenly.

5. Is it easier to learn to skate on hockey or figure skates?

As a learner, it might be better to learn on figure skates as they allow you to attain balance and stability more easily. They also glide more swiftly, facilitate long-curved turns, and help with single-foot glides.

6. How often should I ice skate?

Ice skating once or twice a week for at least an hour is ideal for beginners.

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