The Top 5 Women’s Fairway Woods for Maximum Distance and Accuracy

It is crucial for women, regardless of their skill level and other variables, to obtain the best fairway wood available in order to bridge the gap between the driver and the irons. If they struggle to make good contact and get the ball airborne, which is usually due to poor clubhead speed, they may easily become disenchanted with a fairway wood. Fortunately, the latest technology in modern fairway woods means that the overall weight of the club is lighter, and the face has a larger impact area. This not only makes the club more forgiving, but more importantly, it helps women to generate effortless club and ball speed for high-launching long shots.

The low-profile shallower head shapes of these fairway woods instill confidence in women, allowing them to make a nice sweeping swing to pick the ball cleanly off the grass, rather than digging into the turf and taking an unwanted divot. Keeping all of this in mind, here are some of the best fairway woods for women. Additionally, we suggest checking out our guides on the best fairway woods for high-handicappers and the best fairway woods for mid-handicappers.


The Paradym fairway woods are an impressive set of clubs that are sure to appeal to many female golfers. One of the first things that stands out is the club’s striking visual appeal. The glossy black clubhead features pops of gold and silver on the sole, making it one of the most attractive clubs on the market.

When it comes to performance, these fairway woods are a step up from the Rogue ST Max. The clubhead has been redesigned to increase the MOI and improve stability, resulting in increased ball speeds upon impact. The Paradym fairway woods are also forgiving across the face, delivering fast ball speeds even on off-center hits or shots struck low on the toe.

At address, the club’s matte black topline is marked with Callaway’s traditional V alignment aid, which is an excellent tool for those who struggle with accuracy. The club’s profile inspires confidence, and the sensation upon striking the ball feels soft yet responsive, even on shots that aren’t quite centered. Overall, the Paradym fairway woods are a top choice for female golfers seeking a visually appealing, high-performing club.

Wilson Staff D9 | Best Budget Fairway Woods For Senior Ladies


  • Affordable price
  • Promotes high ball speed
  • Increases accuracy of shots
  • Forgiving club
  • Resistant to glare


  • Limited options for the shaft
  • No adjustable hosel

In today’s environment of increasing costs, an affordable fairway wood is essential, and the Wilson Staff D9 Fairway Wood provides exceptional value. It is priced lower than any other option on this list and promotes quick swing and ball velocity, a high launch, and improved MOI. That’s why it’s our top pick for the best fairway wood for the money.

The Wilson engineers have precisely weighted the clubhead to increase MOI, which helps reduce twisting during the swing, keeping the clubface square at contact and promoting straighter shots for improved long-game accuracy. The Variable Face Technology has proven useful in maintaining ball speed on mishits, allowing for ample carry distance. Additionally, the milled face design enhances the feel and acoustics while springing the ball off the clubface.

Finally, Wilson offers the Staff D9 ladies’ fairway wood in the standard 3, 5, and 7 wood variations.

TaylorMade SIM2 MAX Women’s

PRICE: £645 (Check for offers) OPTIONS: 16.5° / 18° / 21° / 24° STOCK SHAFT: Aldila NV Ladies 45 STOCK GRIP: Lamkin Ladies Sonar

Since TaylorMade introduced metal woods to the golfing world in 1979, they have come a long way. Fast forward over four decades, and the company continues to set new industry standards. Their latest SIM2 woods are highly sophisticated and use V-Steel technology as the foundation for their power and precision.

The repositioned centre of gravity position, a mere 12 millimetres from the ground, makes the SIM2 woods more forgiving than the previous year’s model. A lower CG enables you to hit it higher, with greater ease. The compact pear-shaped head provides the best of both worlds – the precision and shot-making creativity of a better player’s wood with the forgiveness and ease of use you’d expect from a much larger fairway club.

The sole shape is designed to allow the wood to slide smoothly across the turf, preventing any unpleasant digging. Overall, the TaylorMade SIM2 woods are a top-of-the-line choice for golfers seeking both power and precision from their fairway woods.

Cobra F8 Fairway Wood

Once again, this is not the latest model, but the Cobra F8 Women’s Fairway Wood is an exceptional option in terms of price and quality. In our opinion, the F8 is better than its successor, the F9. Although the newly released Speedzone woods also offer good distance and ball speed, the F8 remains a winner that we wish Cobra never stopped producing.

Featuring the Baffler rail system, the F8 women’s fairway woods help players cut through any kind of grass and send the ball flying. The rail system handles turn interaction exceptionally well, especially out of challenging lies.

Initially available in three different adjustable lofts, 3/4 wood, 5/6 wood, and a 7/8 wood, the F8 is an excellent option for those who want to carry more than one wood in their bag and perhaps even replace hybrids with fairway woods.

The ball jumps off the clubface of the F8, although not as much as it will with the new Mavrik. Nevertheless, Cobra provides reliable distance and a lot of forgiveness with this club. Even on awkward lies, you will have confidence in pulling this club out of your bag.

Despite featuring lightweight graphite shafts, the F8 may not offer the same distance as some of the newer models. Initially retailing for a high price, you can now find some deals on the F8 Fairways for less than other comparable options. Given the level of technology that you would be putting into your bag, the expense is pretty easy to justify.


Selling Points:

  • Provides a premium feel
  • Elegant gold accent and trim
  • Choose between 2, 3, and 4-star options

Key Features: The Honma Beres fairway wood is a top-of-the-line option for golfers who prioritize the feel of their equipment. If you’re not satisfied with the feel of your current fairway wood, the Honma Beres is a great addition to your bag.


  • Crafted from premium materials
  • Features high-end finishes
  • Equipped with high-performing shafts
  • Honma Beres Shafts for shaft type, flex, and grips
  • Not adjustable
  • Available in a 19-degree loft

Performance & Accuracy: The Honma Beres is perfect for golfers who want to hit precise approach shots with their fairway wood. Its premium feel and performance will support your game and help you get closer to the pin.

Who Should Buy: Mid-handicap golfers with a generous budget will appreciate the Honma Beres fairway wood.


Golfers typically have favorite clubs in their bag, such as a reliable 7-iron or driver. Fairway woods, which have a rounded club head and weigh more than hybrids, can provide better accuracy than a driver and better distance than a typical hybrid. They can help players overcome a poor tee shot and replace a driver when struggling to hit the ball straight off the tee. Fairway woods are numbered from 2 to 15 based on the loft of the club face, with lower numbers delivering more distance and less loft and higher numbers delivering less distance and greater loft. Materials used to make fairway woods include stainless steel, graphite, titanium, and fiberglass, with graphite and titanium being the most lightweight and durable but more expensive. Some fairway woods have adjustable features, such as adjustable loft angles and movable weights, that make a single club more versatile. Prices for women’s fairway woods range from $40 to $400, with high-end models costing more and offering outstanding materials and construction. Proper lie, ball alignment, and stance are essential to hitting fairway woods accurately.


What Is The Major Difference Between Women’s And Men’s Fairway Woods?

Well, the major difference is the golf club shaft’s length. Looking at the structure, you will find that the clubhead on fairway woods created for men will be a little heavier than the best fairway woods for ladiesHowever, ladies can also use a longer shaft and men’s fairway woods.

Does A Golf Player Need To Carry Fairway Wood?

Well, not necessarily. In general, fairway woods are designed and developed to attain longer shots from the tee and the fairway’s shorter grass. But, according to the experts, if you are playing a par-3 course, you can take the shot without using a fairway wood.

Why? A fairway wood can be challenging for average ladies golfers to achieve good control. It has also been seen that some prefer to use a long iron or a hybrid club. But they will not offer the distance that a fairway wood can offer.

Do You Need A Fairway Wood Club To Hit Off The Tee?

If the fairway wood you use has a better loft, you will find it easier to hit than the drivers. They may not travel well, but the ball can attain a better speed and distance when hit properly. You can even cover more than 200 yards. If you are looking for a better driver alternative, you can opt for a 2, 3, or 4 fairway wood club.

Is It Important To Buy An Adjustable Fairway Wood?

Well, this is something that varies from one golf player to another. With adjustable wood, you can easily alter the loft, face angle, and lie without using a club fitter’s help. However, some players still prefer to use non-adjustable woods.

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