The Top Picks for Best Window Awnings to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

Are you seeking a durable awning that can withstand any weather condition, no matter the season?

Regardless of whether you want shelter from the intense, scorching sun in Arizona or require something that can successfully endure heavy snowstorms in Boston, polycarbonate awnings are an excellent choice.

After having examined more than 40 different polycarbonate awnings, we have selected our four favorites.

If time is of the essence, we highly recommend the mCombo 38″ x 116″ model as our number one pick.

Awntech 3-Feet Dallas Retro Window/Entry Awning

The Awntech Dallas Retro series offers a strong and durable fixed awning for windows or entranceways. Made of aluminum, it measures 3-3/8’W x 2-9/16’H x 2’D and features a timeless black and white color scheme. It’s the perfect addition for those seeking shade and protection. Our favorite features include its sturdy construction, classic color scheme, and ability to shield windows or an entranceway.

NuImage Awnings 48425 Series 2500

When considering an awning for your doors and windows, you may need to decide if you want sunlight to filter through. Opting for a non-transparent awning can prevent excessive sunlight from fading your carpet and furniture. For those seeking sun protection, the NuImage Awnings 48425 Series 2500 Aluminum Door Canopy with Support Arms is an ideal choice. This canopy functions like an awning, providing ample coverage from the sun and precipitation. Sporting a two-coat finish, this awning ensures durability and strength. Its front rain gutter makes it perfect for use in doorways as it diverts rainwater to the sides, keeping your entranceway dry. If you’re looking for wide-ranging protection for your front or back door, this door canopy is the perfect addition to your home.

AECOJOY Retractable Patio Awning

Our top pick for most yards is the AECOJOY Retractable Patio Awning due to its versatility and durability. It offers four size options to choose from, depending on the space you need to cover. It comes in a neutral beige color that can complement any decor and is also made from UV- and water-resistant polyester fabric. The frame is lightweight, made from powder-coated aluminum.

The manual hand crank mechanism is easy to operate, but you should consider where you plan to install the awning. If it is going up high, the hand-crank may be hard to access. This awning can be installed on various wall types, including solid brick, concrete, or wood, but you may need some installation knowledge. Fortunately, the company offers good customer service to help answer any questions during installation or use.

However, one downside is that it only comes in one color option. At a relatively affordable price of $299, the dimensions are 13 x 10 feet, with adjustable pitch positions, and mounting type is wall-mounted.

VIVOHOME Polycarbonate Window Door Awning Canopy Brown with Black Bracket 40 Inch x 80 Inch

These VIVOHOME window door awnings are a perfect outdoor decoration with a modern, neutral design that blends with any home or outdoor decor. Made of durable polycarbonate panel, ABS bracket, and aluminum stripe, these awnings are rust-resistant and will provide long-term protection for your entries, porches, or windows. The package includes all installation hardware and wall-mounting accessories for easy assembly, and the detailed instructions provide clear guidance for completing the setup. We recommend two people for installation to ensure efficient, quick, and safe installation. These subtle yet inviting awnings offer protection from rain, snow, sun, and harmful UV rays, making them ideal for both commercial and residential outdoor use. Please note that product colors may vary slightly due to photographic lighting sources or monitor settings. Regularly check fittings and connections to ensure they are secure. Get your VIVOHOME awnings today and keep your guests and family safe from the elements while creating a welcoming entrance to your home or business.

Palarm 1350 Awning (36″ x 48″ )

The Parlarm 1350 boasts 6mm thick panels that provide superior durability and resistance against harsh weather conditions.

Notably, it effectively blocks 100% of UV rays and is supported by reinforced ABS plastic arms.

Moreover, it presents an aesthetically appealing appearance and is notably simpler to install compared to its predecessors.

  • Advantages of the product include sturdy polycarbonate sheets, inclusive mounting brackets and hardware, and easy installation. However, painting the frame can prove to be cumbersome, and the product’s recent launch may result in a lack of customer reviews.

What to Look for in a Retractable Awning


Polyester is the most common fabric for awnings. To prevent fading and damage, look for models that have a coating designed to protect against UV rays, water, mildew, and stains. This will ensure that your maintenance is low. 

When selecting a frame material for your retractable awning, choose one that is durable enough to endure moderate winds and rain, yet light enough to be installed easily on the exterior of your home. Aluminum or stainless steel frames are good options that withstand the elements and provide the necessary structure.

Installing a retractable awning typically does not require specialized skills or knowledge; however, it is crucial to follow the provided installation instructions and recommendations to avoid damaging your home. It is important to pay attention to the need for wall anchors or other structural reinforcements. If you are unsure, it is best to consult a professional.


  • How do you install a retractable awning?
  • Wall-mounted retractable awnings can come already assembled or with some assembly required. The installation process usually involves wall anchors or mounting hardware, which must be secured with heavy-duty exterior wall screws. If you choose a motorized awning, you will also need to have access to a power source.
  • How do you care for a retractable awning?
  • Much like an outdoor umbrella, you should clean the awning’s fabric at least once per year, more often if you live in a harsher climate. You can also wipe it down, hose it off, or spot-treat stains between deep cleanings. The frame should be kept free from debris, and it is advisable to clean and inspect your awning once per season.
  • What materials should you look for in a retractable awning?
  • A top-quality retractable awning should be made of a heavy-duty fabric designed for outdoor use. The best fabric options are rain- and mildew-resistant and block harmful UV rays. Look for a metal frame—such as stainless steel or aluminum—that won’t rust or corrode over time.

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