The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Bug Zapper Rackets for a Bug-Free Summer

By using a dependable bug zapper racket, you can effectively eliminate flying insects in close proximity. These rackets are typically sturdy and designed to kill on contact, making them a convenient tool for dealing with minor pest problems in your home. Moreover, unlike other insect control solutions that rely on potentially hazardous chemicals, zapper rackets often operate without the use of harmful substances. This means they offer a safer in-house approach to pest management.

Voltage, measured in volts, is a crucial factor in determining the effectiveness of a bug zapper racket in killing various types of insects. Most rackets have a voltage range of 500 to 3,000, but the most dependable models possess at least 2,000 volts. If you require a stronger insect killer or intend to target multiple pests simultaneously, it is advisable to select a bug zapper that is suitable for outdoor use.

Take care when handling rackets with higher voltages, as they may overheat with regular usage. If you observe your racket beginning to overheat, turn it off and allow it to cool down outside. Alternatively, consider choosing a racket with an external layer to avoid unintentional shocks to your fingers.

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer

The Flowtron BK-40D electronic insect killer is an excellent choice for outdoor use, offering a wide coverage area, an octenol attractant cartridge, a high-intensity UV light, and multiple placement options. The insect killer effectively eliminates mosquitoes, biting flies, and other annoying bugs by zapping them on the electrified grid, which is capable of attracting pests from an acre away.

Our team tested this zapper in our backyard and found that it performed exceptionally well in eliminating flying pests. However, it took about 30 minutes for the bugs to find the light attractive once we turned it on. The device comes with an octenol attractant cartridge that lasts for 30 days, but replacement cartridges are readily available. We discovered that the bug zapping was more effective with the cartridge, although the lantern still functions without it.

This polycarbonate, lantern-style bug zapper is durable and must be plugged into an outlet to operate. We suggest hanging it at a distance from your outdoor seating area to attract nearby bugs away, although you may require an extension cord as the power cord is short. Although it is louder and brighter than some other models, we believe that its coverage area and effectiveness make it an excellent choice for most outdoor spaces.

Black+Decker Bug Zapper

The Black+Decker bug zapper has received high praise from hundreds of reviewers for its removable tray, which makes cleaning a breeze. One reviewer writes that this bug zapper has been a lifesaver for their back patio at night, where their kids are constantly being attacked by mosquitoes and bugs. Having this bug zapper has made their evenings on the patio much more enjoyable, and cleaning up is just as easy as catching the insects. All that is needed is to remove the large tray at the bottom, where everything is collected, and dispose of it.

Another reviewer had a severe infestation of gnats until the Black+Decker bug zapper arrived and found that while the exterior is not the easiest to clean with the included brush, it can be sprayed off with an air hose quite quickly. Additionally, the lantern-inspired design adds to the overall ambiance of their backyard patio area and blends in well with any décor, as noted by another reviewer.

Overall, the Black+Decker bug zapper is a great investment for those who want to keep their outdoor spaces bug-free without having to spend too much time cleaning up. The removable tray is a game-changer and sets it apart from other bug zappers on the market.

Pic Fly Swatter

Having tested eight flyswatters and consulted with Caltech’s Michael Dickinson, an expert in bioengineering and aeronautics who has studied the flight behavior of flies for over 15 years, we recommend the Pic Fly Swatter as the best option. With the longest handle among the ones we tested, the swatter’s head moves faster, and it has a slightly better reach. The wire handle has the right amount of flexibility, creating a satisfying whip when it makes contact with a fly. However, the Pic swatter’s durability is not outstanding, and it lasts for only about one summer of hard use. Nonetheless, it is still the best option because it is inexpensive and costs only a few dollars, usually coming in a pack of two.

Other flyswatters we tested were shorter, flimsier, or more expensive and did not perform any better. According to Dickinson, the technique used to swat flies is more important than the swatter’s design. If you already have a flyswatter that you like, it is best to stick with it. Flies rely heavily on sight and have a nervous system that is much faster than humans. Dickinson explained that to swat flies successfully, you need to be invisible and as fast as possible. Using a flyswatter with a longer handle can help you gain a slight speed advantage. However, the key is to get as close to the fly as possible before swatting it to minimize the distance between the fly and the swatter.

Dickinson believes that most flyswatters are visually conspicuous, which is foolish because flies rely so heavily on sight. His ideal swatter would be clear and non-reflective, but we did not find any clear flyswatters on the market.

Electric Tennis Racket Fly Swatter

Upon first glance, this product may seem like a mere novelty item with a catchy brand name, but it’s more than that. This tool has all the necessary features for eliminating pesky insects both indoors and outdoors.

Constructed from durable, eco-friendly plastic, this product is capable of withstanding moderate to heavy impacts and frequent transportation. Shaped like a genuine tennis racket, it’s easy to aim and use effectively.

One minor drawback is that the LED activation indicator is located on the side of the grip and not very bright, making it difficult to see in sunny outdoor conditions. Additionally, there are no safety layers to protect against accidental electric shocks. However, it gets the job done effectively and at a reasonable price.

Powered by two AA batteries, this product has a large screen size for delivering shocks and a flexible frame for added convenience. It’s also passed safety standards in both the EU and US.


  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
  • Large screen size for delivering shocks
  • Flexible frame for added convenience
  • Simple to use
  • Passed EU and US safety standards


  • No safety coating
  • Dim LED indicator

YISSVIC Electric Fly Swatter and Bug Zapper

The YISSVIC Electric Fly Swatter and Bug Zapper is an effective and user-friendly solution for pest control. It boasts a standalone mode that automatically attracts and kills pests, as well as a 4000V electric fly swatter racket that ensures a clean and safe elimination of bugs. With a long-lasting and fast-charging battery, there’s no need for frequent battery replacements. The lightweight and easy-to-use racket provides a satisfying experience as users hear the zap of gnats being eliminated. Additionally, the swatter’s all-white design is aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to any setting.

Features We Like:

  • Hands-free standalone mode for easy operation
  • Powerful 4000V fly swatter racket for a safe and clean bug elimination
  • Convenient long-lasting and fast-charging battery for environmental friendliness
  • User-friendly and lightweight design, providing stress relief
  • Versatile and attractive all-white aesthetic

Some key considerations when shopping for a bug zapper include

When choosing a bug zapper, consider the following factors:

Bait: While a UV light is enough to lure most flying insects, you may need to use additional mosquito attractants to effectively combat mosquitos. If a zapper doesn’t come with a mosquito attractant, you can add your own. Check out the last slide for two recommended bait products.

Clean-up: Determine whether the zapper lets bug debris fall to the ground or collects it in a tray for easy disposal.

Noise: Look for a zapper that operates quietly or at least provides a decibel (dB) rating. This can be especially important when a bug hits the zapper.

Power source: While most zappers use AC power, there are now battery-operated, rechargeable, and solar-powered models available.

Usage: There are various options for placing and using a bug zapper, from tabletop models to overhead hanging models. Some zappers even double as mini-tennis racquets for swatting bugs.


How Do Electric Fly Swatters Work?

The operative word with these products is zapper. They kill flies and other insects by delivering a jolt of power that varies with the item. If you hit them, you will get rid of them instantly. When looking for one, make sure to check on the power source. Some manufacturers include the batteries. It’s a factor in the overall cost of using an electric fly swatter.

You’ll also see rechargeable ones too which certainly adds to their overall value. The jolt the fly swatter delivers depends on the power behind it. The more that it has, the bigger the bug it can kill.

Are They Effective?

These products will work as described. You’ll notice common themes with them, but they work on the same principle of a quick kill. Pay attention to the size of the surface area since it can help improve your aim if it’s larger.

Most are about the size of a badminton racket with a truncated shaft. They are lightweight and easy to grip. These are often selling points that a manufacturer will tout. You’ll find products with alternating positive and negatively charged wires. Some also include one or more layers of mesh to protect the user. Therein lies the rub.

Some think that the latter option makes it harder to kill the bugs because it acts as an additional barrier. However, there exists a risk of getting shocked yourself without it. We prefer the ones with mesh, especially if there are children in your household.

Are They Worth Buying?

Electric fly swatters offer a non-toxic solution to an annoying problem. That point alone makes them worth a look. Your alternatives are repellents or insecticides, both of which have disadvantages. The other thing to remember is the type of pest.

You won’t deter deer or horse flies with a bug spray, even one with DEET in it. They won’t respond to it. Your only choice is to kill them. These products get the job done without having to use pesticides in your home.

Some individuals might consider them fun to use too. They certainly make light of a vexing problem which we can appreciate. One could even make a case that offers a way to get in some exercise and perhaps even stress relief from taking the issue into your own hands. They are a novelty, but they also work.

How Can I Prevent a Problem With Flies?

Unfortunately, flies are most active at the temperatures that are most pleasant, usually between 68 and 77℉. And the times when they’re not buzzing you are over 113℉ or below 50℉. It’s hard to avoid them since they share our preferences for the ideal conditions to be outdoors.

However, you can take some measures to control them. An excellent way to manage a problem is to eliminate the areas where they breed and deposit their eggs. Likely spots include:

  • Trash Bins
  • Manure
  • Other Animal Waste
  • Compost Heaps
  • Pet Food

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