The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Pool Noodles for Summer Fun

Discover the best pool noodles for any aquatic activity, whether you’re swimming, doing Aquafit, or simply floating around in the waves. Although commonly viewed as a recreational toy for slapping around in the pool, the pool noodle actually offers a wide range of benefits for various aquatic pursuits. It can provide increased resistance for a more challenging workout or serve as a buoyant support for a lazy day at the beach. Check out our list below for the top pool noodles suited to every aquatic pursuit, from swimming to stress-free lounging. Let’s dive in!

Oodles of Noodles Solid-Core Deluxe Foam Pool Noodles (3-Pack)

Looking for a reliable flotation device? Look no further than this three-pack of solid-core noodles from Oodles of Noodles. With a 4.4-star overall Amazon rating from over 200 reviews, these 55-inch noodles come in seven fun colors and offer a denser and sturdier alternative to hollow-core options. Despite their 2.5-inch diameter, they can support more weight and are perfect for both floatation and resistance training. One satisfied reviewer even noted that these noodles received many compliments at the pool and are made of high-quality foam that can be used in the lake as well.

AquaJogger Sqoodle

While AquaJogger is renowned for its aqua jogging belts and water dumbbells, their latest product, the Sqoodle, is a top pick for water fitness enthusiasts looking for a unique floatation aid. Unlike other pool noodles, the Sqoodle’s square-shaped closed-cell EVA foam material prevents it from getting water-logged and easily dries between exercise sessions. Its added buoyancy and durability make it more challenging to use and less likely to crumble and fall apart, making it an excellent choice for both exercise and play. Available in two lengths, 48″ and 64″, the Sqoodle can be found at Swim Outlet. Although the name may be a bit awkward, this innovative pool noodle leads the pack in terms of reliability and functionality.

Poza Inflatable Jumbo Pool Noodles Floats, Two-pack

With a length of 74 inches and a diameter of 6 inches, these pool noodles are extra-large and provide ample room for recreational water activities. Built of durable yet lightweight materials, the inflatable noodles offer an advanced valve closure. These products are available in three confetti designs.

Big Joe Mesh Noodle Sling

The primary purposes of pool noodles are flotation and relaxation. This exceptional pool noodle includes a sling seat, providing unparalleled comfort and ease for floating, drifting, and relaxing. You no longer need to struggle to maintain your balance on the noodle by yourself. The seat is crafted from high-quality mesh that is lightweight and dries quickly, making it simple to load into your car without drips.

The uniqueness of this pool noodle does not stop at its design. Unlike most pool noodles, it is filled with patented lightweight beans that have the same buoyancy level as classic foam models. You can say goodbye to the hassle of inflating it, and it moves effortlessly through the water while draining out rapidly when you are finished using it. If necessary, you can purchase refill beans. In addition, it features a cup holder, so you can relax with a refreshing beverage while floating. It is available in seven colors and can also be ordered in sets of two.

Swimline Doodles Inflatable Pool Noodles (6-Pack)

Swimline’s pack of inflatable noodles boasts six colorful, straight and squiggly designs that guarantee a pool filled with fun. If you’re seeking further imagination for your swim days, choose from five other playful shapes. With over 800 reviews on Amazon, these inflatable noodles have earned a 4.4-star overall rating. Many reviewers appreciate their travel-friendly and easy storage abilities. After use, simply deflate and store them in a drawer or bag. While the manufacturer doesn’t specify the noodle’s diameter, reviewers confirmed that both children and adults find them a blast. A satisfied customer exclaimed, “Foam noodles are great, but not ideal for flights due to length and inability to compress. These gems, however, survived a 2 1/2 week trip to Colombia with four adults ranging from 90-180lbs. Despite rigorous use in pools, rivers, and the ocean, they returned unscathed.”

How to Choose the Best Swim Pool Noodle for You

Despite its simplicity, pool noodles come in various types and shapes. When selecting the right one for your needs, consider the following:

– Pool noodles can have either a hollow or solid core. While hollow pool noodles float better and have more strength, solid ones provide additional buoyancy and are ideal for wrapping around your body.

– Quality pool noodles are typically made of polyethylene, which is durable and resistant to pool chemicals and UV rays. However, alternative materials such as heavy-duty rubber are also available.

– Pool noodles are available in an extensive range of colors to match your style.

– Standard pool noodle lengths range from 50-70 inches, but shorter and longer options are also available. Hollow core noodles are easier to customize for length with a serrated knife.

– Pool noodles are versatile and suitable for use in a variety of aquatic environments, including beaches, pools, and hot tubs.

– Pool noodles are typically inexpensive, with foam options being particularly affordable. Inflatable pool noodles can be more expensive but still fall within a price range of $10-20 for individual noodles or sets.


Q. Can all pool noodles be used with a mesh sling chair?

A. There are specially made mesh sling chairs that slide over the noodle to create a floating seat. Unfortunately, the slings have to be made for the specific brand and model of noodle. Variations in thickness and buoyancy (they’re usually made for solid-core pool noodles) may make it impossible to use the sling with certain models.

Q. Do inflatable noodles come with a pump?

A. They do not come with a pump, but the good news is — you really don’t need one. Inflatable noodles don’t have a large air capacity, which means you can inflate them manually without too much trouble.

Q. Can inflatable noodles get damaged by the sun?

A. Like all vinyl and plastics, inflatable noodles can be damaged by UV rays. For that reason, it’s best to store them deflated and under cover.

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