The Ultimate Guide to the Best Leather Conditioners for Optimal Care and Maintenance

For months and months, I have been inundating the internet with my intricately detailed and meticulously crafted assessments of leather conditioners. However, as a consequence, my YouTube views have experienced a significant decline. Nevertheless, if you are currently perusing this piece, consider yourself fortunate. You need not delve into other reviews, for this, my dear reader, marks the concluding passage—an exhibition of utmost importance.

Presented here are the finest conditioners available in the market. My endeavors have encompassed testing the five foremost conditioners obtainable on Amazon, experimenting with emerging brands in the industry, and even exploring some lesser-known favorites that cater to specific niches. I dare assert that my conditioner collection stands among the most extensive ever amassed.

Cobbler’s Choice Leather Conditioner

When it comes to boot care, Cobbler’s Choice reigns supreme as the ultimate leather conditioner. In my extensive review, I put it to the test on a pair of Viberg boots worth a hefty $700—boots you definitely want to handle with care. Needless to say, I was delighted with the remarkable outcome. But what sets Cobbler’s Choice apart from the rest?

While many conditioners excel at moisturizing leather, enhancing weather resistance, or concealing scuffs individually, Cobbler’s Choice effortlessly accomplishes all three. Its unrivaled formula comprises triple filtered beeswax for superior water resistance, a meticulously blended combination of seed oils to nourish and soften the leather, and naturally occurring lipids that work synergistically to facilitate the penetration of the seed oils into the leather. Notably, Cobbler’s Choice stands out as the only leather conditioner that fully discloses its ingredients. Moreover, it prides itself on being entirely natural, devoid of any silicone, petroleum, alcohol, or other undesirable additives.

I put this remarkable conditioner to the test on Chromexcel leather, widely acclaimed as the premier leather choice for high-quality men’s boots. The results were phenomenal—it flawlessly concealed scuffs, moisturized the leather, and significantly enhanced water resistance, all while preserving the original color to a remarkable extent. Additionally, its ability to soften the leather makes it an invaluable tool for effortlessly breaking in even the most stubborn boots. For this reason, I wholeheartedly recommend Cobbler’s Choice for any pair of Red Wing Heritage boots, which are notorious for their challenging break-in period.

Lexol All Leather Spray Cleaner and Conditioner

Lexol boasts a premium formula that effectively removes dirt while ensuring optimal moisture without leaving an excessively oily residue. Although it may come with a higher price tag, devotees of classic cars, particularly Jaguar owners, have sworn by the company’s products for countless years. The inclusion of spray bottles in this kit sets it apart, making the application process remarkably convenient compared to the traditional squeeze bottles.

Pros & Cons:

  • Effortless application with the aid of spray bottles
  • Suitable for use on various leather products, including vehicles, shoes, purses, and furniture
  • Requires only a small amount of conditioner for satisfactory results
  • Some users prefer all-in-one cleaners and find the two-step process inconvenient
  • Applicator and towels need to be purchased separately
  • Cream application may be more time-consuming in comparison to sprays

Weiman Leather Wipes

Why You Should Consider It: This convenient package of 30 wipes offers a dual function of cleaning and conditioning for a variety of leather goods.

Keep in Mind: The disposable nature of the wipes contributes to waste, and a follow-up buffing with a clean cloth is necessary after using them.

The Weiman Leather Conditioning Wipes are the ultimate solution for quick touch-ups, making them the ideal leather cleaner. With a generous 30 wipes in each pack, they can be effectively used on multiple items such as your car’s interior, your living room couch, leather boots, and even your purse.

What sets these wipes apart is their inclusion of UVX-15 sunscreen. This valuable addition ensures that leather exposed to direct sunlight benefits from protection against fading and cracking.

These wipes are perfect for spot-cleaning your shoes or quickly refreshing your car’s interior. Their disposability adds to their convenience, allowing for easy disposal after use. However, it’s important to note that this disposability comes at the cost of generating additional waste, making them less environmentally friendly. Additionally, keep in mind that a second step of buffing with a cloth is necessary to complete the cleaning process.

Armor All Car Interior Cleaner Leather Wipes

What We Like:

  • Travel-friendly and convenient
  • No additional application materials required
  • Effective in removing most surface dirt

What We Don’t Like:

  • Relatively expensive
  • Easy to waste extra wipes
  • Shorter lifespan compared to liquid or spray products

While Armor All is renowned for its automotive care products, their leather cleaner wipes prove versatile for various leather items, ranging from car seats to couches. The practical wipe dispenser enhances their suitability for travel and on-the-go car applications, yet they can also be used effectively within your home. Simply wipe down your leather surface without the need for any additional application materials.

It’s worth noting that these Armor All Leather Wipes are priced higher compared to other liquid or spray products on the market. Additionally, they have a shorter lifespan. Depending on the frequency of your leather cleaning needs, it’s easy to unintentionally waste wipes by using them for smaller areas only.

Price at the time of publication: $39.

Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Preservative

Obenauf’s Heavy-Duty Leather Preservative is a highly reliable product from a trusted brand. Its exceptional formulation incorporates genuine beeswax and plant oils, resulting in a delightfully creamy consistency that makes application effortless. As you apply this natural leather conditioner to your leather belongings, you will witness the cream melting and spreading evenly across the surface, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

This remarkable leather preservative not only prepares your leather boots but also equips them to withstand chemicals, salts, petroleum, and acids, rendering them highly resistant. Additionally, it provides a reliable waterproofing effect, safeguarding your boots from moisture. Moreover, it proves to be a blessing for sun-faded saddles, holsters, chaps, and other leather items, effectively restoring their appearance. By using this conditioner on your leather bags and boots, you will experience enhanced resistance against stitch tears, premature cracking, and unsightly scuffing.


  • Provides effective waterproofing for leather
  • Resists acids and chemicals, offering long-lasting protection
  • Restores the appearance of sun-faded leather items
  • Helps leather resist scuffing, maintaining its pristine condition
  • Prevents premature cracking of leather, ensuring durability


  • May not be suitable for use on perforated leather seats, as its formulation may affect the breathability or integrity of such surfaces.

What to Know About Leather Cleaners Before Shopping

Types of leather cleaners vary, including sprays, liquids, balms, and wipes. Debbie Sardone, the owner of, suggests that the best choice depends on your intended usage and the specific areas you want to clean.

Sprays are convenient for coating larger leather surfaces, but caution must be exercised to avoid accidentally spraying other items or using excessive cleaner. Liquid cleaners are also easy to apply but can be messy and may require more time to work into the leather. Sardone’s team recommends pouring liquid cleaner onto a microfiber cloth to control the amount used, ensuring the leather is not saturated.

On the other hand, balms offer precise application, but for larger areas, it requires time to thoroughly work the balm into the leather to avoid sticky residue or a whitish film. Leather cleaning wipes are another option, providing quick touch-ups and convenient storage, especially for on-the-go use, such as in vehicles.

It is crucial to consider the specific items you need to clean and determine whether they are genuine leather or faux leather before selecting a suitable leather cleaner. Sardone advises reading the product label of any cleaner you are considering to ensure compatibility and proper usage.


What is the best way to condition leather boots?

The best way to condition leather boots is to first clean them with a horsehair brush and add then add a small amount of leather conditioner and, add more if the leather seems very dry.

How often should I condition my boots?

How often you should condition your boots depends on how often you wear them, the environment you live in, and the type of leather your boots are made of. For example, a forest firefighter will condition their leather boots more often than someone who only wears their boots once a year. We recommend conditioning your boots 1 – 2 times per year unless you live in a dry environment or wear your boots frequently.

What do you condition boots with?

We recommend using a boot conditioner such as Cobbler’s Choice, Venetian Shoe Cream, Saphir Renovateur, Huberd’s Shoe Grease, or Bickmore Bick 4. Each conditioner is different and they work best for different leathers and outcomes like water resistance.

Is it OK to put hair conditioner on boots?

While boot conditioner and leather conditioner are similar we cannot recommend using hair conditioner on boots because there may be ingredients that damage the boots. We recommend using a boot conditioner.

What is the best thing to put on leather boots?

The best thing to put on leather boots is a boot conditioner. Other products may damage your boots.

What do you put on leather boots to condition them?

You can put leather conditioner on your boots to conditioner them such as Cobbler’s Choice, Venetian Shoe Cream, Saphir Renovateur, Huberd’s Shoe Grease, or Bickmore Bick 4.

What is the best thing to condition leather with?

The best thing to condition leather is boot leather conditioners like Saphir, Cobbler’s Choice, or Bickmore.

When should you condition leather boots?

You should condition most boots at least once a year. If the leather feels dry you should condition your boots. How often depends on how often you wear your boots and the environment. Be Careful not to over-condition your boots because it can rot the leather and stitching.

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