The Ultimate Guide to the Best Shepherd’s Hooks for Your Garden and Home Décor Needs

For centuries, shepherds have relied on long rods called shepherd’s crooks to manage their herds. These crooks, named for the hook on the end used to catch and guide sheep, can also serve as a means of self-defense against predators to protect both the shepherd and their flocks. 

Inspired by the design of the shepherd’s crook, a trend has emerged in gardens worldwide: the shepherd’s hook. These stakes mimic the shape of a shepherd’s crook and can support hanging baskets, bird feeders, and decorative globes. With no restrictions on what they can hold as long as weight limits are not exceeded, shepherd’s hooks offer many possibilities for outdoor decoration. 

However, if you plan to invest in a shepherd’s hook, durability must be a top priority, especially if it will spend most of its time outdoors. This means it must be able to withstand the elements, including rain, snow, sleet, and sun 24/7 while remaining anchored firmly in the ground even during extreme wind conditions. When choosing a shepherd’s hook, ensure that it is made of a sturdy material that can withstand these conditions without showing signs of wear.

Whonline Double Shepherds Hooks for Outdoor 76 Inches (2 Pack)

The Whonline Double Shepherds Hooks are a durable and stable option for outdoor use. Constructed from high-quality iron with a double-arm design, they provide reliable support for various items such as bird feeders, flower pots, solar lights, lanterns, baskets, and candle holders. Assembly is simple with a 5-pronged base, and the hooks can be used for multiple purposes. In the event of any quality or installation issues, the manufacturer offers a commitment to promptly resolve them.

Derkniel Shepherd Hook 108 Inch Tall Heavy-Duty Metal Garden Hanging Pole Stake for Bird Feeder Pole Plant Baskets, Black (2 Packs)


[Innovative Design] – The shepherd’s hook holder boasts a unique five-pronged base which ensures a stable and sturdy stance, making it more secure than regular two or three-pronged options that tend to wobble. It stays firmly planted to the ground and resists bending and toppling over.

[Universal Usage] – The adjustable bird feeder hook is versatile enough to fit any setting, whether it’s sprucing up your garden, lawn, or even a special occasion like a wedding. With a maximum weight capacity of 11 LBS and adjustable height options of 44″, 60″, 75″, 91″, and 107″, you can hang anything you like – birdhouses, planters, garden lights, candle holders, and more.

[Premium Quality] – Made of high-grade steel with a rust-resistant and durable powder-coated surface, our bird feeder stand is built to last. The extension tube is removable, adding to its flexibility and longevity.

[Easy to Set up] – The installation process for the bird feeder pole is quick and easy. Just ensure all parts are tightened to 100% and you’re good to go. When not in use, the hook can be easily disassembled and stored away neatly. We advise against hitting the five-pronged base with hard objects and sticking it into soggy soil, which may cause it to tip over or bend.

[Satisfaction Guarantee] – Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we are committed to delivering high-quality products and a positive shopping experience. If there are any issues with our plant hanger stand, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime support. Buy with confidence!

Best Choice Products 6-Hook Shepherds Hook

Every aspect of COCONUT’s shepherd’s hook has been redesigned by Best Choice Products, and we couldn’t be happier with the result! If you’re willing to spend a little extra, this bird feeding station offers an abundance of features.

Measuring at approximately 90 inches tall, including the base, and 23 inches wide, this shepherd’s hook comes equipped with a comprehensive range of bird feeding accessories. Including a water bowl, food tray, wire feeder, tube feeder, peanut feeder, and suet feeder, it offers incredible value for money.

Boasting six hooks, with four at the top and two smaller hooks that can be adjusted via a wingnut across the pole, this bird feeding station also features two wingnuts that support a tray and a bowl in the middle of the pole.

With a base that has five prongs digging deep into the ground, it is highly stable and does not wobble even when fully loaded. After inserting the base, the pole measured exactly 80.5 inches. The stainless steel construction looks durable, and the black coating adds an elegant touch.


– Complete all-in-one multi-feeder package

– Two adjustable hooks for smaller birds

– Exceptionally durable steel construction


– Slightly expensive

Shepherd’s Hook Bird Feeder Pole

The Beau Jardin Shepherd’s Hook Bird Feeder Pole is our top choice for effortless installation, boasting an elegant spiral design. Fashioned from a single, robust steel piece, the shaft boasts twofold, forked base prongs that you can plant firmly in the soil with your foot. It’s a sturdy hook capable of firmly supporting your most substantial bird feeders, birdhouses, or flower pots, so don’t hesitate to put it to the test.

The Best Budget-Friendly Bird Feeder Pole: Feed Garden Deluxe

For those who are just starting out with bird feeding or have budget constraints, investing in the best can be a challenge. However, the Feed Garden Deluxe offers a solution to this problem. After purchasing and testing three other budget-priced models, I found that the Feed Garden Deluxe was the best option available.

Despite being a budget model, the Feed Garden Deluxe is made of iron and comes with four shepherd’s hooks, as well as a fork-style base which ensures greater stability. The model’s 4 forks, rather than the typical 3, offer additional stability. What sets the Feed Garden Deluxe apart is the top 2 hook ends, which are positioned 10 inches away from the center pole allowing more space to hang larger bird feeders and for birds to congregate. While the lower hooks are only 7.5 inches from the center pole and are more suitable for tube feeders, they offer flexibility to arrange them at a desired level and angle.

Assembly is simple and takes only five minutes to assemble and install. The 13/16 inch standard center pole consists of only three poles, providing further strength and stability. The Feed Garden Deluxe is also visually appealing, with a twisted finial at the top adding a lovely design element.

However, as the Feed Garden Deluxe does not come with a squirrel preventer, it may not be suitable for those who have problems with squirrels. Additionally, the lower hooks may be too close to the center pole to hang bird feeders effectively.

In summary, if you are new to backyard birding, on a budget, or do not have a squirrel problem, the Feed Garden Deluxe may be the ideal choice for you.

Our Shepherd’s Hook Buying Guide

For centuries, shepherds have relied on long rods known as shepherd’s crooks to manage their flocks. These crooks feature a hooked end that enables the shepherd to catch and guide sheep as needed, and can also serve as a tool for self-defense against predators. Recently, the design of the shepherd’s crook has inspired a new trend in gardening, with shepherd’s hooks being used as stakes to hold all sorts of hanging items, from bird feeders to decorative globes. While these hooks can be incredibly versatile, it’s important to choose a durable option if you plan to use it outdoors. Shepherd’s hooks will be exposed to the elements 24/7, including harsh weather conditions and storms, and must be able to anchor securely in the ground without swaying or showing signs of wear. Selecting a hook made from a sturdy material is essential to ensure longevity and reliable performance.


Do I need to do anything special to the ground before inserting a shepherd’s hook?

A bit of ground preparation will help when you’re trying to install your shepherd’s hook. To do this, remove any stones, mulch, or other debris that can impede the hook. Once clear, simply push the hook in fully and you’re all set. For harder ground, use a rubber mallet to gently tap the hook in.

Will shepherd’s hooks work in sand?

 Yes, they will, although you might find that the shepherd’s hook will not be able to support as much weight in looser material such as sand. You can compensate for this by making sure the hook is inserted as straight as possible into the sand and that it does not lean in any direction. Use a level to check that the shepherd’s hook is straight and check back several times over a few days to verify that the hook is not leaning or settling.

Can I use a squirrel baffle with shepherd’s hooks?

You can, but height is a big factor. Cone-shaped squirrel baffles can be an effective way to keep squirrels from your bird feeders. A baffle should work with a taller shepherd’s hook, but it may be less effective with shorter ones, as a squirrel may be able to leap over the baffle.

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