The Ultimate Guide to the Best Zip Lines for Adventure Seekers

Unleash your inner explorer and soar high above stunning travel destinations across the globe. Zip lining offers a safe and exhilarating way to admire breathtaking scenery from a bird’s-eye view, while also getting your heart racing as you fly through the air. Whether you glide over lush jungle canopies or pristine beaches, zip lining will undoubtedly produce unforgettable memories during your travels.

From tropical zip lines in the Caribbean to treks above ancient forests in Alaska, this exciting pursuit promises to amaze you wherever you go. Discover some of the world’s most outstanding zip lines here.

Skull Canyon Ziplines

Skull Canyon Ziplines has gained a reputation as the premier zipline experience in California, offering a wide range of opportunities and amenities to its visitors. Guests of all ages can choose from a variety of zipline courses, including the Original, Extreme, Speed Run, and Monster courses, each tailored to their individual preferences and skill levels. Spanning heights ranging from 80ft to 300ft above the ground, Skull Canyon Ziplines’ courses feature over 9,100 feet of cable on the Monster course, making it the longest in California. The Original course is perfect for kids, with a height of only 80ft and 2,800 feet of cable. For an unforgettable zipline experience, the Monster course is the ultimate choice. Beginners should consider the Speed Run course, which is designed to be beginner-friendly and has only 1,700 feet of cable. Prior reservations are required for all courses, and guests are required to wear closed-toe shoes. In addition to its zipline offerings, the Sky gym is another amenity at Skull Canyon Ziplines. The address is 13540 Temescal Canyon Rd, Corona, California 92883, United States, and the website is Prices for the courses are: Original Course – $89.99, Extreme Course – $119.99, Monster Course – $159.99, Speed Run Course – $39.99, and the contact number is +1 951-471-0999.

ZipRider at Icy Strait Point – Icy Strait Point, Alaska

The world’s longest zip line ride is situated on a private island in Icy Point, designated for use exclusively by commercial cruise lines traveling along Alaska’s Inside Passage. Spanning close to 5,500 feet, riders can complete the ride in just 90 seconds, experiencing speeds of up to 65 miles per hour and feeling the chill in the air. This is made possible by the extreme verticality of the ride, with its top towering 1,320 feet above the base. While the ride offers incredible views 300 feet above the Alaskan tundra, it is designed more for exhilaration than for exploring nature. With three side-by-side cables, riders can race to the bottom. Upon completion, visitors can enjoy a variety of exciting excursions, including Native dance performances, bear viewing, and whale watching.

Table Mountain Zipline, Cape Town, South Africa

Experience the thrill of an unforgettable zip lining adventure in Cape Town, South Africa. With a harness securely fastened, soar through the picturesque landscape to witness the breathtaking views of Kogelberg Mountains or Table Mountains, both of which overlook the city. The mesmerizing Canopy Cape Town Tour ziplines are situated within the Kogelberg UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by the stunning Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve. Traverse through the Reserve’s peaks that reach elevations of 500 to 1590 meters, taking you about four hours to complete this enthralling journey. The cost for this adventure is 895 ZAR per person.

For those who prefer to stay close to the city center, the Silvermist Estate zipline adventure is perfect for you. This exhilarating experience includes the famous Table Mountain Park and the coastal beaches. Guides will take you on an off-road 4X4 up to the hills of Table Top mountain. You will then fly through a series of 12 zipline platforms, including one that is over 155 meters high! Check out this video of Ziplining in Cape Town to preview the beauty that awaits you. This adventure costs 600 ZAR per person.

New York Zipline Adventure Tours

The New York Zipline Adventure Tours at Hunter Mountain boasts that it is the most extensive, highest, and swiftest zipline canopy tour on the North American continent and the second-largest in the world. The SkyRider Tour, the world’s second-longest zipline, is a thrilling 4.6-mile ride that traverses the Catskill Mountains from peak to peak at breakneck speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, and the full adventure takes around three hours to complete. An alternative awe-inspiring option is the Night Zipping Tour, which is not as long but equally worth it: you’ll get to fly through the mountains under the magical light of the moon, and it is an excellent family-friendly activity that also takes three hours to complete.

Ecoquest Adventures & Tours – Campo Rico Ziplining Adventure

This excursion offers five zip lines, along with an equal number of canopy bridges and a 15-minute hike through the forest. At the end of the final zip line, there is a mojito bar where visitors can purchase adult beverages for an additional cost. Tour guides are known for their informative knowledge about the surrounding area and the spectacular views. The three-hour tours depart twice a day from Hacienda Campo Rico at 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. The morning session includes lunch and costs approximately $105, while the afternoon session without lunch starts at $95. Alternatively, there is a sunset zip line tour available, as well as one that combines three zip lines with cave rappelling.


When planning a zipline tour, the fine print is crucial, particularly the minimum and maximum weight requirements that differ from one course to another. All tours require a minimum weight to ensure that individuals make it to the end of the line. In the event that someone is too light, guides will assist in retrieval. However, if someone exceeds the maximum weight limit, it poses a threat to safety. These limits are strictly enforced, and those who fall outside of them will not be allowed to participate in the tour, without a refund. While it may seem harsh, enforcing the guidelines ensures the safety and enjoyment of all participants, as well as the reservation process. If someone in your group is borderline, it’s best to book the tour later in your vacation and have them weighed in advance. In this case, it’s essential to provide at least 48 hours notice for refunds.


How scary is ziplining?

Well, it’s pretty exhilarating, but you don’t need to worry about bringing a second pair of boxers (however, we do recommend not going “commando” your first time!) Unlike jumping out of an airplane or base jumping (or basically any sport with the word “jumping” in it), you are hooked to a weight-rated cable by a harness that’s inspected and approved by safety experts. At least two guides are with you every “step” of the way, controlling your speed and putting you at ease as you glide through the treetops from platform to platform. Many people with acrophobia find the thrill of flying through the air eliminates that fear. Seriously, we know what we’re doing. We will take care of you!

Is there a weight limit?

No judging here, but just because of the limitations of the industry equipment, we do have a maximum weight of 280 pounds. Because of the limitations of gravity, there is a minimum weight limit of 60 pounds for the Challenge Adventure Tour, and 80 pounds for the Aerial Excursion Tour. We have to make sure you have enough mass for gravity to pull you along.

Do I have to be in great shape to zipline?

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete or a finalist on American Ninja Warrior to enjoy the art of ziplining. Our beginner/intermediate-level course (The Flying V) is designed for those interested in ziplining but not ready to be in the tree canopies for long periods of time. Obviously, our most challenging course does require some skill. The Challenge Adventure Tour takes a couple of hours and utilizes an obstacle course where we throw wobbly logs, monkey vines, and a cargo net in your way. Our Aerial Excursion Tour is less challenging, but you need to be able to carry some weight, climb stairs, and generally handle rough terrain without too much trouble. We do have alternative tours for people with physical challenges!

What happens if ziplines stop in the middle?

The good news is you’re high enough off the ground, so the bears can’t get you and flying squirrels are more of an annoyance than a hazard! The bad news is that if you happen to get stuck at the end of a shift you might be there a while. Kidding! We have ways of helping you move along. If you come and inspect our ziplines, we firmly believe you will not find one adventurer who has been hanging out on a line for more than a few days! (Ooops! We mean moments ~ a few moments, not days!)

Are team building events available?

If you’ve always treasured the thought of your boss screaming for his or her mommy while zipping through the trees, a corporate team-building event is a great idea. We have team building events here all the time. There is nothing like helping a coworker overcome fear to build trust and camaraderie while creating memories that will last for years… “Hey Bob, remember that time you didn’t want to go ziplining, but then you did and now that stock you bought in Fruit-of-the-Loom boxers has gone up?” That’s the stuff of which memories are made!

Why am I doing this!?!?

While there’s lots of reasons (peer pressure, you lost/won a bet, it’s on your bucket list, your boss is making you), you are ultimately doing this because you want to and because you can. No matter what your fears, trepidations, or hesitations might be initially, you know that life is meant to be embraced and lived fully ~ without fear and regret!

Can I make a video of my ziplining adventure?

Absolutely! We have GoPros available for rent or you can bring your own camera, as long as we have a way of securing it to the harness. A video of your first zipline is a great memory you can show your children, grandchildren, and neighbors who won’t go home. Just remember that cameras have sound, so keep the wailing and screaming to a minimum.

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What should I wear for ziplining?

Clothes. We are big on that, since other people have to wear these harnesses when you’re done. Casual jeans or cargo shorts are a good choice, as are closed-toe shoes (just to protect your little toes when you land). We do not recommend going “commando”. Just be comfortable and able to move freely because swatting those flying squirrels isn’t easy.

Is your ziplining program safe or is it set up like an amateur backyard WWE wrestling match?

Our tours are registered with the PA Department of Agriculture Rides and Measurements Bureau, and our course designs rise above the standards of the Association for Climbing Course Technology. You’ve come for an exhilarating and safe ride, and our staff is sure to show you one. In fact, one of our favorite safety features is our upgraded braking system. With this newer version system, each line is set to allow gravity to slow you down and, as an extra precautionary measure, there is also a backup brake that is controlled by our highly-trained staff. This alleviates any worry you may have about needing to brake yourself. On our long and speedier ziplines, we use a patented breaking and retrieval system called ZIPKea. This ziplining brake system brings you in nice and smoothly based on what range of speed you’re coming in at.

What if I’m too nervous to finish the tour and didn’t get the memo about not going commando?

Hey, flying through the tops of trees isn’t for everyone. We can’t speak for the other people in your party, but we will be completely sympathetic to your nerves and help you make your exit as inconspicuously as possible. We aren’t able to offer refunds though, so we hope you’ll challenge your fears. We promise you’ll go home with all your body parts intact! You’ll also take home a great tale about how you flew through the skies of Pennsylvania and had the time of your life!

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