The Ultimate Tractor Supply Tool Box Guide

Finding the Perfect Tool Box for Your Needs

As a diehard DIYer and truck owner, I rely on my tool box to keep all my gear secure and organized. Whether I’m tackling projects around the house or out on a job site, having the right storage for my tools is essential. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for high-quality tool boxes and storage solutions. Luckily, my go-to retailer Tractor Supply offers an awesome selection of tool boxes for every budget and need.

In this blog post, I’ll go through everything you need to know about Tractor Supply’s tool box selection. We’ll look at sizes, prices, features, installation, and reviews, so you can find your perfect match! As a long-time TSC shopper and tool box owner, I’ll share my insight and advice to help you make the right choice. Let’s dive in!

Tool Box Dimensions – Finding the Right Size

The first thing to consider when choosing a tool box is what size you need. Tractor Supply offers tool boxes in a range of dimensions, so measure your truck bed or workspace and think about how you’ll use the box. A larger single lid box allows access to everything at once, while narrower low profile versions can fit against a truck cab. Here are some of the most common Tractor Supply tool box sizes:

  • 48 inch boxes are a popular large size for full-size truck beds
  • 24 – 26 inch narrow boxes are good for compact truck beds
  • Under-seat size boxes like 12″ x 24″ are perfect for ATVs or small spaces
  • Low profile boxes less than 8 inches high can mount under tonneau covers
  • Extra deep 24 – 26 inch boxes provide ample storage front to back

They also carry huge 60+ inch job site boxes that can hold full sheets of plywood or drywall. Think about your storage needs both now and in the future when choosing size. Having room to grow into a tool box is important.

Truck Bed Tool Boxes – Finding the Right Fit

One of the main uses for tool boxes is mounting them in the bed of a pickup truck. Tractor Supply has durable truck bed tool boxes made specifically to fit different truck models. They carry truck tool boxes made for:

  • Full-size trucks like Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, etc.
  • Compact/mid-size trucks including Toyota, Nissan, Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, etc.
  • Commercial trucks such as Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, etc.

Make sure to double check the exact dimensions and truck compatibility before purchasing. Measure the width and depth of your truck bed and account for any wheel wells or other items like bedliners. A tool box that perfectly fits your make and model will install securely and maximize storage.

Affordable Prices for Any Budget

A major perk of shopping at Tractor Supply for tool boxes is the affordable pricing. Depending on size and features, you can find high-quality tool boxes for as low as $99 all the way up to $600+. This makes them accessible for any budget. Here are some example price points:

  • Under $150 – Plastic or steel boxes in smaller sizes
  • $150 – $300 – Medium sized steel tool chests and aluminum boxes
  • $300 – $600 – Extra large single lid chests or double lid combos
  • Over $600 – Big rolling job site boxes or stainless steel chests

They also frequently run sales and deals that allow you to score a tool box at an even lower price. The pricing combined with durable materials means Tractor Supply tool boxes offer excellent value for money.

Waterproof & Weather Resistant Options

Since tool boxes are often kept outside exposed to the elements, you’ll want one with weatherproof features. Tractor Supply carries tool boxes in waterproof materials like heavy duty rotomolded polyethylene plastic. Look for ones with rubber sealed lids and reinforced/gasketed hinges. These help keep the interior dry in wet conditions.

For extreme durability, they have stainless steel tool boxes that resist corrosion. Some boxes also have drainage holes so water doesn’t pool inside. Keep an eye out for IP65 ratings which indicate complete water/dust-proofing. With the right protective toolbox, you don’t have to worry about moisture damage to your expensive tools and equipment.

Best Sellers & Customer Favorites

With Tractor Supply’s wide selection, it can be hard to narrow down your choice. To help, here are some of their top rated and bestselling tool boxes:

  • Better Built Heavy Duty Toolbox – Made of 16 gauge steel, comes in gloss black or gray finish. Single lid with reinforced full length piano hinge.
  • DeWalt ToughSystem Toolbox – Durable polypropylene plastic toolbox with IP65 seal rating and structural foam dividers.
  • Weather Guard Chest Boxes – Made in the USA with thick 18 gauge steel. Offered in single or double lid combo.
  • Vault by Tuff Box Heavy Wall Tool Box – Rotomolded polyethylene with sturdy walls. Airtight rubber seal lid and stainless steel hardware.
  • Napa Jobmaster Tool Chest – Gray powder coated steel construction. Upper and lower chest combo ideal for mechanics.

These popular options combine rugged builds with thoughtful storage features. Based on the glowing customer reviews, you really can’t go wrong with any of these top sellers.

Compact Truck Compatible Sizes

If you drive a compact or mid-size truck, finding a tool box that fits can be tricky. Luckily, Tractor Supply has narrower streamlined tool boxes designed specifically for smaller truck beds. Here are some of the best options for compact trucks:

  • Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage Box – Low profile modular boxes can be mounted in various configurations
  • Better Built – Low Profile Crossover Tool Box – Textured black powder coat finish, sized for compact trucks
  • Vault by Tuff Box ATV Under Seat Tool Box – Weatherproof plastic case fits perfectly under compact truck seats
  • Dee Zee Red Label Chest Box – Narrow single lid toolbox available in 24 inch width
  • Black Boar Undercover Low Profile Truck Box – Unique design mounts between wheel wells to maximize storage

With manufacturers like Better Built and Dee Zee that specialize in compact truck tool storage, you can be sure to find the right fit. Don’t settle for a bulky toolbox that takes up your whole truck bed – find one tailored to your mid-size pickup.

Built-In Locks for Security

One important feature to look for in a tool box is a built-in locking mechanism. This helps keep your tools and gear secured against theft. Many Tractor Supply tool boxes come with locks pre-installed or lock rod kits included.

For example, the Arksen aluminium tool box has double padlock tabs located on each side. Weather Guard chests use high quality carbide tipped self-drilling locks. Stainless steel job boxes come with a full steel piano hinged lid and padlock hasps. Make sure to look at lock placement and ease of access when choosing your ideal toolbox.

Smooth Installation in Your Vehicle

Of course a tool box does you no good if you can’t get it properly installed in your truck or trailer. The good news is that Tractor Supply tool boxes are designed for quick DIY mounting. Most include pre-drilled holes or hardware for simple bolt-on installation. There are also installer kits available if you need help.

Low profile truck bed boxes can be mounted flush on the truck floor. Chest boxes sit on and slide into your truck bed. ATV/UTV tool boxes attach via straps or brackets. Go for a toolbox made specifically for your vehicle like a Jeep, ATV, or trailer to ensure it fits right and installs securely. The instructions are easy to follow so you can get your toolbox mounted hassle-free.

Product Warranties

You want your tool box to last, so it’s important to consider the warranty coverage. Many of the brands sold at Tractor Supply offer strong warranties against defects and workmanship issues. This ensures you’re covered in case of any manufacturing problems down the road.

For example, Better Built tool boxes have a limited lifetime warranty. Tuff Box covers defects for 5 years after purchase. Truck Hero boxes like Delta and Black Boar have a 1 year warranty. Compare warranties when shopping to find a toolbox that will stand behind their product.

Tool Boxes with Video Reviews

Reading product descriptions is helpful, but it’s also nice to see tool boxes in detail through video reviews. Tractor Supply makes it easy to find video overviews showcasing popular tool box models from brands like Weather Guard, Better Built, and Tuff Box.

Watching installation videos lets you see how the toolbox mounts in real truck beds. Storage overviews give a close up look at drawer layouts, interior capacity, and locking features. Seeing the toolbox in use helps assess its durability too. Video reviews through Tractor Supply provide that extra visual detail to determine if a toolbox is right for you.

Comparing Tractor Supply vs. Other Brands

Tractor Supply carries exclusive toolbox brands as well as options from well-known manufacturers. This variety gives you plenty of choices. When comparing, Tractor Supply models often offer better quality and features for the money.

For example, TSC’s Better Built steel toolboxes are thicker and heavier duty than comparably priced Husky or Craftsmen boxes. Their exclusive heavy duty Vault tool chests also exceed the quality of entry level Wangs, Yaheetech or Floamax boxes. While you can likely find cheaper toolboxes elsewhere, TSC provides the best balance of affordability and durability.

Customizing Your Tool Box

Another nice perk of Tractor Supply tool boxes is that many are customizable to suit your storage needs. Interior tray configurations, drawer dividers, and side cabinet options allow you to modify the layout.

For example, the Tuff Box Enforcer toolbox has a removable center tray and divider walls that can be rearranged. Better Built allows you to add side mount locking cabinets to expand storage. You can choose drawer liners and tray mats in different materials too. Look for custom options when shopping at Tractor Supply to create the perfect toolbox setup.

Organizing Tools in Your Box

Of course, a tool box is only helpful if you keep it organized so you can easily find what you need. Invest in trays, cups, and holders to give everything its place. Use drawer dividers and bins to group related items. Adhesive foam can be cut to size to hold irregular tools in place.

Marking drawer labels and outlining tool silhouettes makes it easy to put items back where they belong. Invest in quality tool storage inserts to maximize usable space. Keep an inventory list of your toolbox contents as well. Developingorganization habits will ensure your Tractor Supply toolbox keeps you efficient and productive.

Durable Construction Materials

From heavy duty steel to lasting polyethylene plastics, Tractor Supply tool boxes are made from rugged materials built to last. Here are some of the most common toolbox construction materials they offer:

  • 16, 18, and 20 gauge steel – Strong and dent/corrosion resistant powder coated steel. Heavier gauges indicate thicker metal.
  • Stainless steel – Ultimate corrosion resistance even in harsh conditions. More expensive but very durable.
  • Aluminum – Resists rust and is lighter weight than steel. Not as sturdy for heavy use.
  • Polyethylene plastic – Waterproof thermoplastic that won’t rust or corrode. Cheaper but still strong.
  • ABS plastic – Lightweight and affordable but not as durable as metal. Good for low use.

Look for thick, heavy duty materials or protective coatings like powder or enamel paint. The construction directly affects the toolbox’s longevity and performance. Choose materials suited for your use and budget.

LED Interior Lighting Options

Trying to find a specific tool in a dark toolbox can be frustrating. That’s why built-in LED interior lighting is a worthwhile feature to look for. Many Tractor Supply tool chests have LED strips installed to illuminate the contents.

For example, the Arksen 48″ aluminium box has LEDs pre-installed in the lid to shine down into the box. Tuff Box tool chests come with battery powered magnetic LED lamps you can stick anywhere. Interior lighting makes late night repairs or work in dark settings much easier. No more blind rummaging to find what you need!

Advanced Security for Locking Up

For truck owners, securing your toolboxes against theft is a major concern. Luckily there are many ways to lock down and protect your Tractor Supply tool storage. Look for built-in locks, security cables, padlock tabs, locking drawers, and reinforced steel.

Topsider double and triple lid job site boxes have heavy duty padlockable T-handles for keeping the box shut tight. Pick boxes with locking side cabinets and drawers to control access. Backseat/rear seat tool boxes come with steel locking bars behind the lid. Choose heavy, pry-resistant builds like 1/4 inch diamond plate steel. Advanced security gives peace of mind your tools are safe.

Maintenance Tips for a Long-Lasting Toolbox

A quality tool box can last decades with proper care. Here are my top tips for keeping your Tractor Supply toolbox looking and performing like new:

  • Keep the interior clean and dry to avoid rust
  • Lubricate hinges and locks with WD-40
  • Reseal any weather stripping if it becomes loose
  • Touch up paint scratches to avoid exposed metal
  • Cover with a tarp to protect from sun and rain
  • Clean with mild soap and water only
  • Check mounting hardware regularly for tightness

Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives. By following basic maintenance best practices, your toolbox will stand the test of time.

Display-Worthy Tool Boxes

For hobbyists and collectors, a tool box can also double as a display case. Tractor Supply has stainless steel toolboxes that work great for presenting prized tools or miniature models. The gleaming stainless polish looks fantastic in a garage or den.

Some also have glass windows or LED backlighting to beautifully highlight contents. Use foam backdrops and acrylic risers to stage the interior. Locking mechanisms keep your displayed items secure. With some customization, a heavy duty tool chest doubles as secure display storage.

Weight Bearing Load Capacity

To make sure your tool box doesn’t buckle under a heavy load, pay attention to the weight bearing load capacity. This indicates how much weight the box can structurally hold. Most full-size steel tool chests at Tractor Supply handle 300 – 500+ lbs when properly installed.

Larger job site boxes may be rated for over 1,000 lbs. Be sure to check the manufacturer specs for weight limits. Remember to account for tools, drawers, and accessories in addition to base interior space. Proper mounting is also crucial for maximum weight capacity. Never exceed the recommended limit to avoid damage.

Glowing Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to evaluate a product is through customer reviews. Tractor Supply tool boxes have hundreds of 4 and 5 star ratings praising their quality. Here are just a few of the glowing feedback examples:

“Sturdy box, well built. Finish is top notch. Couldn’t be happier with this toolbox.”

“All the features I wanted and fits perfectly in my trailer tool storage area. Great value for the price.”

“Was really impressed by the heavy duty diamond tread steel used. Should last forever! Five stars.”

“Installation was super easy with pre-drilled holes and hardware.”

“Keeps all my tools organized and secure. Would definitely recommend for the price.”

The consistent positive feedback shows Tractor Supply toolboxes deliver on performance, construction, value, and ease of use. You can trust the customer community’s experience.

The Takeaway

As you can see, Tractor Supply offers an awesome range of heavy duty tool boxes with the quality and features DIYers need. Now that you know what to look for, you can shop their selection with confidence to find the perfect toolbox for your truck, garage, or jobsite. With Tractor Supply’s affordable prices, variety of sizes, durable materials, and stellar customer rating, you’re sure to be satisfied with your new tool storage solution. Thanks for reading – now go get that tool box!

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