Top 5 Best Swimming Pool Volleyball Sets for Fun in the Sun

Swimming pools are not just for swimming; they offer a fun recreational space for family and friends to enjoy. Pool volleyball is a thrilling and inclusive game that can be played by all ages, making it perfect for an enjoyable summer day while staying cool in the water. Not only is it a fun way to spend time with loved ones, but it also provides an opportunity to stay active and build teamwork skills. However, to play pool volleyball, you need proper equipment, and investing in a high-quality net is essential. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top pool volleyball nets available in 2023, accompanied by a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you choose the ideal net for your pool.

GoSports Pool Volleyball Net

If you’re looking for a complete pool volleyball set that will elevate your family gatherings or backyard parties, consider the GoSports Pool Volleyball Net. This set includes a fixed net, two side posts, two water volleyballs, and a pump, providing everything you need for a complete volleyball experience. The net’s adjustable straps make it compatible with almost every pool size and shape, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the game. This pool volleyball net’s water-filled posts add to its portability and durability. You can effortlessly place them on the edges of the pool, and they’ll keep the net upright for hours without moving an inch. We highly recommend this volleyball net as our top pick because it’s not only affordable but also portable and complete. PROS Comes as a complete set Posts don’t require installation Features adjustable net width CONS Straps could be more durable


The Park & Sun Sports is a well-known brand that offers high-quality volleyball equipment. Their Portable Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool Volleyball Net System is an excellent choice to add some excitement to your pool activities during hot summer days. It’s easy to set up and perfect for in-ground pools. The 24-foot net set comes with everything you need to play fun family games or competitive games with friends. It features an Aqua sports level volleyball net, support bases that can be filled with sand or water, durable 1 5/8 two-piece telescopic PVC poles, and ground stakes for additional net tensioning. Give your pool a competitive edge by putting up this volleyball net!

A happy customer left a very positive review for the Park & Sun Sports Portable Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool Volleyball Net System: “We love the net! It’s perfect for our pool. We used cinder blocks to hold the bases in place so that we can move the net easily and not have anything permanently in the ground. Also, we have concrete pool decking around the perimeter of the pool, so nothing soft to anchor the net too. It works great for us. I would recommend it and buy it again. We’ve been playing volleyball in the pool every weekend. Nice durable net.”

SwimWays Poolside Volleyball Set for Inground Swimming Pools

The SwimWays brand is renowned for its quality swimming products. You can’t go wrong with their heavy-duty net, which is priced at an affordable $46 and has received almost 600 positive ratings. This net spans 24 feet and comes with two durable stands that you can fill with sand or water to provide added stability. Weighing only seven pounds, it’s easy for kids to set up.

S.R. Smith SR Smith 20′ Volleyball Kit

Experience a new level of fun and competition in your swimming pool with S.R. Smith’s Salt Pool Friendly Water Volleyball Game. This game set includes two top-quality SealedSteel posts, a professional-grade net, a competitive water volleyball, and a needle for inflation. What sets this volleyball game apart is its two plastic anchors with caps that blend well with your deck when not in use. This preserves the beauty of your backyard and ensures that the game set won’t detract from it. With S.R. Smith’s Salt Pool Friendly Water Volleyball Game, you and your loved ones can enjoy hours of entertainment and create memories that will last a lifetime. Check out the S.R. Smith SR Smith 20′ VollEyeball Kit today!

 Poolmaster Across In-Ground Pool Volleyball


  • Suitable for larger pools
  • Comes with a deluxe water volleyball
  • Features tall side poles (30 inches each)
  • Compatible with all kinds of settings


  • Setting up the volleyball net may be time-consuming

Since 1958, Poolmaster has been a reputable brand known for producing durable, high-quality pool and spa products. One of their offerings is this pool volleyball set that includes a volleyball net, sturdy side posts, a ball, and an inflating needle. It’s perfect for playing across-pool volleyball sports and can be set up in any location, including your swimming pool, backyard, or any other surface.

The set’s pole is 30 inches in height, and the net size extends up to 38 feet, making it suitable for almost every kind of pool with perimeter decking. It’s recommended for pool parties, picnics, beach outings, or any other getaway. The side posts can be filled with sand or water for stability, ensuring that it won’t tip over during the game.

Overall, this pool volleyball set is perfect for children and adults who want to enjoy a fun summer afternoon playing volleyball in their swimming pool. However, we did notice that the caps for the poles were a bit too small and difficult to fit, making the assembly process relatively time-consuming.


you’ll need to consider the type of swimming pool volleyball set that suits your pool. There are several options available, including inflatable sets, standalone or mounted net systems, built-in net systems, and nets that can be purchased separately.

Inflatable volleyball sets come with an inflatable base and poles that hold up the net. While these sets are easy to store and set up, they may not be as stable as other options. They float on top of the water and are held in place by weights on either side of the base.

Standalone or mounted volleyball net systems have weighted bases made of metal or heavy plastic, and the net is suspended between the poles. The poles of a mounted system have clamps that attach to the side of the pool. These designs are sturdier than an inflatable net but can still fall or come off the side of the pool if too much pressure is applied to the net.

Built-in volleyball net systems are the most permanent and stable option. These sets usually have PVC or aluminum powder-coated poles designed to fit into inserts. They are durable, sturdy, and the best option for competitive water play.

If you already have poles, you can purchase a net separately that is designed for outdoor play and can be mounted to poles on either side of your pool.

When researching swimming pool volleyball sets, you should consider factors such as net size, pole materials, pole stability, durability, price, ease of setup and storage, resistance to sun damage and tearing, and whether the net dries quickly to prevent mold and mildew growth.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose a swimming pool volleyball set that fits your needs and budget while providing a fun and competitive activity for your family and friends.


Q: How tall should a pool volleyball net be?

A: A pool volleyball net is roughly 2 to 3 feet high. Keep in mind that while this might seem shorter than a traditional volleyball net, a pool volleyball net is already about 4 feet above the water, giving the net a total height of around 6 to 7 feet.

Q: How deep should the pool be for water volleyball?

A: This depends on how tall the players are. The best place to play pool volleyball is a sports pool which is usually 3.5 to 4 feet deep. Some may argue that this is not very deep, but jumping up and down in the water is difficult as is, and a deeper water level makes the sport more difficult.

Q: Can I use a regular volleyball net in the pool?

A: While some volleyball nets are designed to be used interchangeably, that’s not always the case. In most cases, a pool volleyball net is designed to withstand water exposure. Water is a corrosive element and a regular volleyball net may not survive extended contact with water.

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